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Jenis-jenis Teks

1.REPORTS : 1.REPORTS text dalam bentuk reports menyajikan detail fakta tentang subyek yang spesifik. Reports haruslah
berdasar pada fakta-fakta Report dapat didasarkan pada penelitian terhadap sebuah topic. Tujuannya : memberikan informasi
Susunan :1. Identification (identifikasi) : pernyataan pembuka untuk mengenalkan topic.2. Description (deskripsi) : Susunan :
1. Identification (identifikasi) : pernyataan pembuka untuk mengenalkan topic.2. Description (deskripsi) Ciri Bahasa : Gunakan pola
simple present tense Penggunaan kata benda (noun) sifatnya umum Penggunaan relating verbs, e,g reptiles are scaly animals (every
reptile is scaly) Penggunaan action verbs, e.g lizards cannot fly Penggunaan istilah-istilah khusus, e.g water contains of oxygens and
hydrogen Penggunaan noun phrases and clauses untuk memberikan deskripsi yang detail dari topic tersebut
Slide 3 : Identification : Tsunami is a Japanese word from a seismic sea wave generated by an undersea earthquake or possibly an
undersea landslide or volcanic eruption Description: Most tsunamis originate along the Ring of Fire. It is a zone of volcanoes and
sesmic activity, 32.500 (24.000 mi) long. The zone encircles the Pacific Ocean Historically, tsunamis caused much property
destruction and loss of life. Since 1819, about 40 tsunamis have struck the Hawaiian island and since 1883, about 20 tsunamis have
struck Indonesia. The last one was on December 26,2004 and cause over 100.000 dead tolls. A Tsunami can have the width of 100 to
200 km and may travel hundreds of kilometers a cross the deep ocean. The speed is at about 50 to 1000 km per hour (it is as fast as jet
plane). When the wave reach the land, it can be very high, which is about 15 m high or more.
2. Narrative : 2. Narrative Tujuannya untuk memberikan hiburan atau kesenangan pada para pembacanya. Susunan : Orientation :
memperkenalkan pembaca pada karakter, setting serta conflict Evaluation : menampilkan konflik Complication : memberikan
pembaca tentang krisis (puncak) dari konflik Resolution : menceritakan bagaimana masalah dipecahkan & bagaimana efeknya
terhadap para tokoh. Ciri Bahasa : dalam bentuk past tense
The Day a Tiger Attack My Friend : The Day a Tiger Attack My Friend Orientation : Last year I went to visit my friend, Rozi in
North Sumatra. We decided to go into the jungle for a little adventure. Evaluation : We left Rozis house ar six in the morning with two
friends of him, Ahmad and Saiful. It was hot, but Rozi told me to wear shoes and trousers to protect me from snakes. In the jungle
there was a lot wildlife, but we were trying to find big cats, especially tigers. However, it is unusual to find tiger in the afternoon
because they sleep in the heat of the day.
Slide 6 : Complication : Then, in the distance we saw a tiger, and Rozi told me to be a very quite. We crept nearer and found a dead
deer, still bleeding. This was the tigers lunch. Suddenly, I started to feel very frightened. Complication & Resolution : We heard the
tiger a second before we saw it. It jumped out like a flash of lightning, one hundred kilos plus in weigh and two meters long. I looked
into its eyes and face, and saw right down the animals throat. It grabbed Rozis leg between its teeth, but I managed to pull Rozi
away. Ahmad shouted at the tiger and made it go back into the grass by throwing the branch he was holding, so we quickly escaped to
let the tiger eat its lunch. That night it was impossible to sleep.
3.Procedure : 3.Procedure Tujuan : menjelaskan bagaimana suatu hal diselesaikan melalui beberapa langkah Susunan : Tujuan (Goal)
Bahan dan alat (Material / ingredients) Langkah langkah pelaksanaan (steps) Ciri Bahasa : Simple Present Tense Kalimat perintah :
cut, mix, etc Action verbs : put, mix, pour, etc Penghubung : then, while, after that, etc Keterangan : for five minutes, 2 cm from the
top, etc
CONTOH : CONTOH Home Made Fried Chicken Goal Ingredients : Fresh and cleaned chicken, cut into some pieces Spices :
turmeric, pepper, garlic Salt Vegeteble oil Steps : First, grind the species until they mixed and soft Next, put the chicken in the bowl
and pour fresh water into it And then put the grinded spices into it, stir well Then, after they stir well, boil the chicken until the flesh
cooked and the color becomes brownish. Finally, served your chicken with warm rice and chili. You can also garnish it with
4.Descriptive : 4.Descriptive Text Descriptive adalah tulisan yang menggambarkan orang, tempat atau benda Susunan: Identification :
mengidentifikasi objek yang akan di gambarkan Description : menggambarkan bagian, jumlah, kualitas, sifat dan ciri - ciri Ciri
Bahasa : Fokus pada bagian bagian detail Gunakan proses pengidentifikasian dan penggambaran Gunakan pola simple present Tense
(eg.) Sangihe and Talaud : (eg.) Sangihe and Talaud Identification & Description The island on the very northern coast of Manado
are Sangihe and Talaud. They seems to form a kind of bridge with the most southern islands of the Philippines. An Archipelago of 77
islands, Sangihe and Talaud, is not easy to reach, but a speedboat makes the journey from Manado in around six hours. Stay overnight
and go back the next day. The administrative capital is Thuna located on the islands of Sangihe Besar. There are several hotels offering
accommodations to travelers. There is also an old house of Dutch design with unknown age. Descriptions : To the south of Sangihe
Besar, there is island of Siau which has a glorious 1800 meter volcanic peak known as Gunung Api Siau. This volcano offers the
visitor good views but there arent any land transports to get to the peak. Visitors who are eager to reach its summit must have extra
energy because is very challenging. The regions other main attractions are its completely virgin beaches. Unfortunately there are no
scheduled boats to those northern island. The only option is chartering a boat. Of course its cost is rather expensive.
5. RECOUNT : 5. RECOUNT Adalah Menghubungkan kejadian-kejadian untuk memberikan informasi atau hiburan kepada pembaca
Susunan : Orientation (pemahaman tentang siapa, dimana, kapan & mengapa) Event ( menceritakan yang terjadi secara kronologis)
Re Orientation ( ringkasan dan penutup kejadian ) Ciri Bahasa : Menggunakan past tense Fokus pada personal : I, you, we, They, he,
she Penghubung waktu, untuk tetap menjaga alur : the, after, next, meanwhile,

Slide 12 : Orientation : Our school sent its table team to the city to take part in the city champion ship recently. The players consist of
mens and womens singles and doubles. Event : We went to the city by car. When we arrived there, other teams. Were waiting for the
competition began Event : The first I played a single match. I knew I was an underdog so I played more relaxed. I could play ail my
ability. That was the key to the victory. Event : Then, my friends, the double players Mova & Dina, defeated their rival 20-6, 20-10. It
completed our victory. Reorientation : After the ceremony, our car arrived to take us home. We went home so happy that we didnt feel
6. EXPLANATION : 6. EXPLANATION Tujuan : menjelaskan suatu proses, menyangkut pembentukan dan berjalannya fenomena
alam atau sosiokultural. Susunan : 1. General Statement (pernyataan umum/ pernyataan masalah) 2. A nsequenced explanation of why
or how something occurs (urutan penjelasan mengenai mengapa atau bagaimana sesuatu terjadi) 3. Closing (Penutup) Ciri Bahasa : 1.
Gunakan bentuk simple present tense 2. Keterangan keterngan penjelas
Making Paper From Woodchip : Making Paper From Woodchip General Statement Woodchipping is a process used to obtain pulp
and paper products from forest trees. The woodchipping process begins when the trees are cut down in selected area of the forest
called a coupe. A sequenced explanation of why or how something occurs Next the tops and branches of the trees are cut out and then
the logs are taken to the mill. At the mill the barks of the logs is removed and the logs are taken to a chipper which cuts them into
small pieces called woodchips Closing Finally the pulp is rolled out to make paper.
7. News Item : 7. News Item Tujuan : Memberitakan kepada pembaca, pendengar atau penonton tentang peristiwa-peristiwa atau
kejadian-kejadian yang dipandang penting atau layak diberitakan. Susunan teks : 1. News worthy event(s) : Kejadian inti 2.
Background events elaborasi kejadian, orang yang terlibat, tempat kejadian dst 3. Sources Komentar saksi kejadian, pendapat para
ahli, dsb
Town Contaminated : Town Contaminated News worthy Moscow A Russian journalist has uncovered evidence of another
Soviet nuclear catastrophe, which killed 10 sailors and contaminated an entire town. Background events Yelena Vazrshavskya is the
first journalist to speak to people who witnessed the explosion of a nuclear submarine at the naval base of shkotovo 22 near
Vladivostock. The accident, which occurred 13 month before the Chernobyl disaster, spread radioactive fall-out over the base and
nearby town, but was covered up by officials of the then Soviet Union. Residents were told the explosion in the reactor of the Victorclass submarine during a refit had been a thermal and not a nuclear explosion. And those involved in the clean up operation to
remove more than 600 tonnes of contaminated material were sworn to secrecy. Sources A board of investigators was later to describe it
is the worst accident in th history of the Soviet Navy
8.Discussion : 8.Discussion Tujuan : - Menggali berbagai perspektif yang berbeda-beda sebelum sampai kepada keputusan atau
kesimpulan yang hendak disampaikan - Menyajikan lebih dari satu informasi dan opini mengenai sebuah isu Susunan Teks : - Issue :
Pernyataan pembuka yang menyajikan satu isu - Elaborasi argumen atau bukti setiap sudut yang berbeda (pro dan kontra) - Conlusion
of recomdation (kesimpulan atau rekomendasi)
The controversy of Harmessing Solar Energy : The controversy of Harmessing Solar Energy Issue: We often hear about solar cars,
solar heating and solar batteries. But will solar energy ever be a major source of energy society? Argument for point Solar energy is
cheaper than other fossil because we can get an abundant source from the sun Elaboration In sunny desert areas, 50% of the suns
radiation that reach the ground could be used to produce electricity for business and industry, to provide heat, light and hot water for
homes. Experimental solar ponds can also produce hot water to drive generators. Argumen against point Unfortunately , we cant yet
power our homes entirely on sunlight Elaboration Solar energy can only be used effectively in bright light. Its greatest potential.
Therefore is in hot countries that have clear skies for most of the year. But, unfortunately most homes are nor always in the sunniest
part of the world. Moreover, in order to harness solar power solar cells are needed to convert sunlight directly into electricity. Solar
cells are very cheap to run, but relatively expensive to buy and many people cant afford them Conclusion Needless to say, solar energy
is useful and non-pollution source of energy. Unfortunately, solar cells, the main device to harness the suns energy are still very