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Engineering Services Personality Test Questionsin Mechanical Engineering
MECHANICAL ENGINEERING - ME (Memory based question of ESE-2013)
All the questions have been collected from students who appeared for ESE-2013 Personality Test
Panel members : IMG Khan, P. Agrawal, Vijay Singh, Dr. Reddy, P.K. Mishra, KK Paul, Alka sirohi, Rajni
razdhan , S. Tripathi (Chairperson Dr. D.P. Agarwal)

1. What is the difference between lathe & milling machine?

2.Types of refrigeration and where they are used ?
3. Working & advantage of four stroke IC engine?
4. Which operation converts the square block into circular shaft?
5.Difference between refrigerator and a air conditioner?
6. What is the significance of line of action in gear?
7. Interpret a Stress vs. Strain Curve.
8. What is Hook`s Law ? Tell us difference between ductile and brittle material.
9. What are the different types of couplings and its applications?
10. Where cavitation occurs in hydraulic machines?
11. Why centrifugal casting is developed for manufacturing hollow casting?
12. What is water hammer?
13. During the design of a friction clutch what are the considerations that should be made?
14. What is the difference between thin and thick cylinder?
15. What are the rules that must be kept in mind while designing castings?
16.Is cast iron is weld able? If so how can you weld it ?
17. What are the different theories of failure under static load, explain briefly?
18. On what basis can sliding contact bearings be classified?
19. Why should a chain drive be used over a belt or rope driven drive? State pro`s and con`s?
20. What is the calorific value of CNG, ethylene?
21. Explain two stroke and four stroke engine.
22. What is stress concentration factor?
23. What is an arc welding and tell its different types?
24. What is shot peening?
25. Difference between bending moment and twisting moment?
26. Draw the Merchant circle diagram and explain it?
27. Which type of brake used in railway?
28. How screw jack works?
29. Which type of springs used in railway wagons?
30. Who invented a four stroke engine? According to you which one is more efficient Four stroke
engine and a two stoke engine and why?
31.Why heavy vehicles are made by diesel engine?
32.Explain, why re-heater is used in gas turbine?
33.What is meant by gear ratio?
34.How can a square section cut in lathe?
35. What is the difference between a Shaper machine and a Planner machine?
36. What is the difference between drilling and boring?
37. Why there is concern for setting nuclear power plant?


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Engineering Services Personality Test Questionsin Mechanical Engineering
38. Where did nuclear disaster take place?
39. Explain difference between hot rolling and cold rolling?
40. What is heat treatment process?
41. Hownozzle work?
42. What is FMS? Tool signature?
43. Difference between induced draft cooling tower& natural draft cooling tower?
44. What is process capability?
45. Which type of coaches ICF manufactured
46. According to you which one is stronger thick steel wire or thick steel wire and why?
47. What are the safety devices in railway?
48. What is the engineering?
49. Among steel, copper and brass, which conduct faster heat.
50. What is the mechanical?
51. What are the different types of bearings?
52. What is CMM?
53. Why carbon is added to iron?
54. What are packing factor of HCP, BCC &FCC?
55. For what purpose venturimeter is used?
56. What is primary and secondary balancing?
57. What are the order of firing in 4-cylnder ergine?
58. If a body critically damped, what will happen to its motion?
59. Which type of flow when the water falls from a tap?
60. What are different failure theories of solid material and what is distortion energy failure?
61. Tell us different types of hardness testing method.
62. Difference between stress and pressure?
63. What is the process flow diagram?
64. Draw the diagram of diesel cycle?
65. Tell any four properties of steel?
66. What is critical damping ratio? What is the physical significance?
67. Explain the difference between projectile motion and rocket motion?
68. What is Mach Number and its importance?
69. What is pure shear and pure bending?
70. What is meant by vibration isolation in machines?
71. Which is hard material Cast Iron or Mild Steel?
72. Why the rail in form of I-beam?
73. Where half nut is used?
74. Explain the difference between projectile motion and rocket motion?
75. What kind of materials should be used for shafts manufacturing?
76. Difference between PERT and CPM.
77. What is value engineering?
78. Tell us boiler thickness formulaes


28B/7, JIASARAI HAUZ-KHAS NEW DELHI-110016 PH. 011-26514888
Engineering Services Personality Test Questionsin Mechanical Engineering
79. What are the effects of boiler scale formation?
80. How pressure cookers works?
81. What is inventory? How it can be maintained?
82. Tell us forecasting models? Explain Delphi method.
83. What are the different welding defects?
84. What is damper?
85. What is six sigma concept?
86. Explain fluid coupling, fluid torque converter?
87. Draw the p-v diagram of Rankine cycle?
88. Why Throttle valve is used in stream engine?
89. What will happen if the speed of the centrifugal pump is doubled?
90. What is the shape of bending moment of the UDL?
91. What is the effect of reheater in the gas turbine?
92. What is specific gravity of a fluid?
93. What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of using LPG in Car?
94. Why Entropy decreases with increase in temperature?
95. When Crude Oil is Heated, Which Hydro Carbon comes first?
96. Difference between Flywheel and Governor
97. What is the difference between Fan and Blower?
98. What is Hydrodynamic Cavitation?
99. How to measure temperature of Bearing?
100. Difference between Performance and Efficiency?
101. What is Hydrostatic System?
102. What is Cotter joint?
103. What is the position of Piston Ring?
104. Which is heavier 1kg Cotton or 1kg Iron?
105. What is Operating Pressure?
106. Poissons Ratio is Higher in, Rubber/Steel/Wood?
107. Why the Centrifugal Pump is called High Discharge pump?
108. How a Diesel Engine Works as Generator?
109. Compare Brayton Cycle and Otto Cycle?
110. Difference between AnitiFriction Bearing and Journal Bearing?
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