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Bus 401
Barrister Afroz Imtiaz




The basic concepts and fundamental principles of decent human conduct is called ethics. It
includes study of universal values such as the essential equality of all men and women,
human or natural rights, obedience to the law of land, concern for health and safety and,
increasingly, also for the natural environment. Ethics commonly refers to justice or right
standards of behavior between parties in a given situation., fair, and just dealing with people
that, although pragmatically flexible according to the situation and times, conforms to selfimposed high standards of public conduct is called ethical conduct.
Acting in ways consistent with what society and individuals typically think are good values is
called ethical behavior. Ethical behavior tends to be good for business and involves
demonstrating respect for key moral principles that include honesty, fairness, equality,
dignity, diversity and individual rights. Ethics is important for any kind of business to protect
the assets, for productivity and teamwork, for decision-making and for better corporate and
public image. By following ethics, employees in these shops can learn some new things and
feel encouraged to maintain liaison between customer and employees as they communicate
with customers face to face.
The main purpose of this case study is to explore 5 shops (Anjans, Artisan, Fit Elegance,
Raymond, Yellow) ethics and how they pursue that ethics as it should be. Well, all group
members had visited these shops but as a group and then divided to visit different shops.
Visited on different day and time within a week. It was 11 a.m., no rush was there. So they
gave us enough time and talked with us very openly. We were impressed by their friendly
behavior which reflected the reason of their successive situation. They were not
uncomfortable for providing us their information and their sophisticated behavior made us
comfortable. Overall, it was nice experience to visit those shops.


Yellow, the trendiest fashion brand from Bangladesh, is mostly distinguished for its true
international quality designs and fabrics. As a retailer of their parent brand BEXIMCO, they
started their journey in 2004 and now we have 14 outlets across Bangladesh and Pakistan
including a 24/7 online store. Bextex Ltd was incorporated in Bangladesh as a Public Limited
Company with limited liability. Bextex Ltd, an export division of Beximco Group, has started
Yellow, setting up a new chain of exclusive fashion shops in Bangladesh and Pakistan to
sell the high quality garments that it produces for exports.

There are a variety of garments available in these outlets which come in an affordable price
range for Mens womens Yellow is committed to building long lasting partnerships with its
customers by offering quality, service, up-to-date market information and superior garments.
With this philosophy in mind, we know we must bring the right product at the right time and
of course at the right price. Bangladeshi people and also the vast ex-pat population can now
access world class garments on their doorstep.
They are continuing their efforts to ensure, that they do not loose responsibilities built up
over the years during those difficult times of the society. Social commitment of Yellow, they
believe in their responsibilities towards the society they operate in. All their activities are
therefore directed to the well-being of the society in general. As part of the social
commitment, the company sponsors news supplements on important social occasions. They
also provide active cooperation and support to different organizations and professional
institutions in their sociocultural development programs.

Fit Elegance

Fit Elegance is a well-known clothing company in Bangladesh and they sell their products
through showroom located at different places. The company wants to satisfy its customer
through huge collection of cloths. The company offers different types of clothing for the kids,
men and women. Fit Elegance manages their ethics in their workplaces by establishing an
ethics management program. This concept has come to mean various things to various
people, but generally it's coming to know what it right or wrong in the workplace and doing
what's right this is in regard to effects of products/services and in relationships with
stakeholders It includes often using codes and policies to guide decisions and behavior, and
can include extensive training and evaluating of their employees, as Fit Elegance is a quite
large company in Bangladesh, they include several large programs or departments, they
develop an overall corporate code of ethics and then a separate code to guide each of their
programs or departments. In Fit Elegance, all staff must see the ethics program being driven
by top management. But the staffs of Fit Elegance are sometime failing to follow their code
of ethics. They have ethics programs, but most of them do not know that they do. They are
trying to solve these problems as soon as possible. For this action, they are resolving conflicts
in which one option appears to be the clear choice.
The company always is trying to develop their relations with customers as well as maintain
their business ethics .As the company has to face rat race in the clothing market, based on
two strategies the company sustains in the market: employees motivation and better
customer service. These two strategies are interrelated. The company believes that if the
employees are motivated well, they can provide better service to the customer. Besides that,
every year the company offers discount on their cloth for a specific time period. This also
helps the company to attract and retain the new customer.

Artisan is well known clothing brand in Bangladesh that sells its product through showroom
located at different places. This brand offers different types of clothing for the men women
and kids in every season. Their selling behavior is manually ethical with the consumer. They
act to the consumer with Care, respect which directly impact on them and the consumers are
interested in their ethical behavior. It was found that consumers were more likely to support
positive actions than punish unethical actions. Artisan gives different offer or discount for
their customers in different period of time which attract their customer and retain the new
customer. They sell their product at an affordable price range.
Employee is another main part for business. Employees satisfaction and motivation have
some impact for the business and every company or organization should maintain these thing.
Because, employees motivation and better customer service, these two are interrelated. If the
employees are motivated and satisfied well, they provide better service to customer which is
really important for company. For that, Artisan motivate their employees very well. They
give well payment to their employees and also they maintain the government rules for
employees salary which motivate the employee to provide better service and engaged with
work. They follow the working hour (8 hours) duty, and if employees work more than 8
hours, than they count these hours as overtime and pay for that. They give their employees
bonus occasionally and also give them offer if the buy something from their showroom.
Environmental condition also concern in every business because it also attract the customer
to visit their showroom. They always maintain good environment in their showroom. Their
environment condition not only satisfied the customer also motivated their employees. It is a
well decorated showroom and workable place for their employees. They can freely work
there and enjoy the environment.

Anjans is a famous fashion house, included in deshi dosh brand. At the field survey the Asst.
Branch in-charge, Al-Mahbub Chowdhury told about their ethical issue and policy. First of
all he told us that they think creatively to make their product more attractive for their beloved
customers. Their product is only exchangeable within a particular time to their any branches.
They adopt good changes in their working environment.
They have trade license and they are legally protected. The products descriptions are 100%
authentic and they are not cheating with their customer. He also told that, they are very much
concern about their customer because their employees are well trained to serve. Customer
complaints are being taken seriously and customers are treated fairly and honestly, to create
an image in the customer mind reliability and trustworthiness. In short, they assume complete
accountability for actions.
They treat everyone fairly and equally without discrimination. Employees are well paid
which ranges from 8000-10000 BDT. This company treats its staff ethically because they pay
more than minimum wages and follow code of conduct of their own. Employees solve any
sort of problems regarding their work very constructively and give importance to their
So, I think Anjans is doing well in their work and if they follow their ethics like now, they
can make profit in all season.


The Raymond Shop is a premium retail store offering complete wardrobe solutions to the
discerning man through its range of fine fabrics for suits, jackets, trousers, shirts & finely
crafted garments from Raymond. This chain of shops has over the years become a yardstick
by which other retail stores are judged. The retail chain constantly sets new standards and
creates environments that make shopping a pleasure. The chain has been customer driven
right from the start providing excellent service and merchandise.
The Raymond Shops prime five values tightly woven into a cohesive whole are Trust,
Excellence, Quality, Leadership and Service. The Raymond Shop customer walks into the
shop confident of finding merchandise for all occasions, whether it is for office, party, travel
or just casual weekend wear. The Raymond Shops offer complete wardrobe solutions to its
customers with a fine range of fabric and ready to wear collection from Raymond.
The Raymond Shop has been customer oriented right from the beginning. The Raymond
Shop has always taken great care to build excellent customer experience and ensures that it
stays contemporary and fresh to its customers. The interiors are designed appropriately for
various and different categories keeping it customer friendly.
The Raymond shop are environment friendly not only for the customer but also for their
employees. Their employees are happily work in their environment.
The Raymond shop is ethically maintain the employees right. They treat everyone fairly and
equally without discrimination. They are fairly pay employees salary. They pay salary on
time to the employees. To motivate the employees, they offer bonus occasionally.

Business ethics seems easy to understand but when we get to the real one, we could find our
self in a confusing situation. Since the term ethics can pose many definitions in a broad
context and it can be difficult to find a common understanding of the term, hence, most
companies refer the concept of the term ethics as integrity, business practices or responsible
business conduct. After knowing the basic definition of business ethics, we would now begin
to know the business ethics of a chosen company. This paper aims to give some views on
how all the selected company imposes their generally-established business ethics which
means to say that it is enforced to their branches all over the country. All the company has
business ethics which is driven and guided by enduring values that reflect fundamental ideas
about who they really are and those values leave a unique mark which make them stand out
to other competitors. Perhaps, their business ethics could be the reason why they were able to
establish a reputable name in the market and eventually succeed especially in the field of
technology. The ideas which probably helped them to be succeed.