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Look at the command terms. Let them guide

compare or contrast
to what extent

Simple Essay Outline

Topic of Essay ____________________________________
Major Assertions (make as many of these as you need)
1. _____________________________________________________________
Supporting Evidence / Argument
2. ____________________________________________________________
Supporting Evidence / Argument

These words help you to structure your

} You have two hand-outs

In conclusion, furthermore,
Yet another, in contrast,
as a result, in addition,
another, for instance

There are 5 components that you need to aware when

writing your essay:
1 Introduction
3Thesis statement
4 topic sentence
5 Conclusion

The main point of a longer paper is found in the

- The functions of introduction are:
1- attract and holds the readers attention
2-introduce the general paper topic
3- indicates the writer purpose
4-presents the writers opinion or attitude about the
limited subject in a thesis statement

Not discussing about the topic discuss in the essay

- Just an idea that writer relate with their writing
- There are 5 types of hooks which are
1- the question hook
2- the quotation hook
3- the dramatic hook
4- the funnel hook
5- the refutation hook

-asking a question will cause the reader to think about

the topic. However, limit your hook to one question. If
you ask too many questions, the hook is not effective
How many decision do people make in their lives? There
could be thousands of decisions in one person life.
However, only a few of them will have a great

Quoting an expert will give the discussion

credibility. Make sure to cite the source
The lindisfarne illuminator combined
traditional hiberno-saxon motifs with
imported elements from the continent,
creating a beautiful and sophisticated whole.
Hence, the lindisfarne gospel are not just
important in themselves, but as Janet
Backhouse affirms .

-describing a scene or telling a story provides

a dramatic invitation to the readers
Hari raya 2009 is the best celebration that I
had. As the member of family we gathered
together to celebrate this festive. I always
have warm feeling when I with my parents
along with my younger sister and brother

Stating general points as background for your limited subject

presents a funnel-like progression from general to specific. Be
careful not to start at a level which is too general

Love is a wonderful thing with all the happiness, dreams, and
future plans that it brings to us. In books, movies, and songs,
the most important thing for a happy marriage is great love.
However life is very different from the movies, books and songs.
Even the biggest love in the world is not sufficient for a good
marriage. There are a lot of other qualities necessary for a man
to be a good husband. Of course, my ideal should love me.
However, he should also share my ideas dreams, and future
plans, and have good personality.

In this kind of hook, summarize on opponents points of

view, or opinion. In the thesis, however, state your
point of view. This approach sets up your argument in a
diplomatic way.
Loitering is a lifestyle that fun, relaxing and entertaining
however it also waste ones time, energy and money

Just a single paragraph has a topic sentence which

introduce the paragraph topic and the writers opinion
and method. Thesis statement is the most important
element of an essay. It contain the writer limited
subject, opinion or attitude ,and possibly a MAP, which
will be discussed in the body of the essay.
There are 3 ways to stop from smoking which are self
own discipline, avoid smokers, and drink a lot of water

It is the final paragraph that the writer will summarize all

the points in order to make the ending or closure
- In some points the writer will restatement of the thesis,
summary of the map points and do some closing
remarks (final comments)

-thesis statement (x,y, and z)

2 topic sentence 1 (x point)

A subtopic sentence 1
1 support
3topic sentence 2 (y point)
A subtopic sentence 1 (support)
B subtopic sentence 2 (support)

4topic sentence 3 (z point)

A subtopic sentence 1 (support)
B subtopic sentence 2 (support)
5 conclusion
-Restatement of the thesis
-Summary of the map points
-closing remarks (final comments)