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Lovers (1991 film)

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Spanish theatrical release poster

Directed by
Vicente Aranda
Pedro Costa,
Produced by
Televisin Espaola (TVE)
Carlos Prez Marinero
Written by
Alvaro del Amo
Vicente Aranda
Victoria Abril,
Jorge Sanz,
Maribel Verd
Music by
Jos Nieto
Cinematography Jos Luis Alcaine
Aries Films (1992) (USA) (subtitled),
Distributed by
Columbia TriStar
12 April 1991 (Spain)
Release dates
25 March 1992 (United States)
Running time
103 minutes

Lovers (Spanish: Amantes) is a 1991 Spanish film noir written and directed by Vicente Aranda, starring
Victoria Abril, Jorge Sanz and Maribel Verd. The film brought Aranda to widespread attention in the
English-speaking world. It won two Goya Awards (Best Film and Best Director) and is considered one
of the best Spanish films of the 90s.


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In Madrid, in the mid-1950s, Paco, a handsome young man from the provinces serving the last days of
his military service, is in search of both a steady job and lodging. He is engaged to be married to Trini,
his commandants maid. Trini is not only sweet and pretty, but also has saved a sizable amount of
money through years of hard work and frugal living, which will enable her and Paco to start their lives
together comfortably. With a factory job lined up, Paco moves out of his barracks and look for
somewhere to live until the wedding. Trini unwittingly refers him to Luisa, a beautiful widow who
periodically takes in boarders and rents him a spare bedroom.
Besides supplementing her income with boarders, Luisa engages in swindles with underworld
contracts, and is not above cheating her partners by skimming money off her illicit earnings. Instantly
smitten by Paco, the attractive Luisa quickly seduces her new tenant. Paco, frustrated by his unfruitful
job hunt and by Trini's refusal to sleep with him until they are married, offers little resistance when
Luisa seduces him, initiating an affair. He is dazzled with the sexual delight to which she introduces
him. So intense is Pacos attraction for Luisa, that he abandons Trini for long periods, finally showing
up at the commanders house to spend Christmas Eve with her. Trini feels a distance between herself
and Paco, and while the couple is strolling in the street, she is surprised to see the old widow and
immediately guesses that she and Paco are having a relationship.

Trini seeks the advice of the commandants wife, who tells her that she should use her own sexual
powers to win Paco back. Waiting for Luisa to leave the apartment, Trini goes to Pacos room and gives
herself to him, making sure that Luisa later sees her leaving. At first, her tactic works and Paco
reaffirms his love for her and they leave to visit Trinis mother in her village. However, Trini is no
match for her rival as a lover and Paco cannot get Luisa out of his mind.
When they come back to Madrid, Paco is willing to continue his twin relationship, but Luisa, who
knows of Trinis existence, is wildly jealous of her rival. Things become more complicated for Paco by
Luisas shady business dealings with Minuta and Gordo, members of a gang of swindlers whom she
owes money. They have threatened her life, and Paco, attempting to aid his lover, suggests that he get
the money by swindling Trini of her savings. Luisa would prefer that they simply kill Trini, but
proposes that Paco should marry Trini, then steal her savings and run away with Luisa. Paco uneasily
The plan is for Paco to propose marriage to Trini and bring her to the provincial city of Aranda del
Duero where they have planned to purchase a bar. Under that pretense, Paco and Trini leave Madrid.
Luisa follows them, unsure of Pacos resolve. While Trini is asleep, Paco steals the money from her
handbag. He offers it to Luisa but pulls out of their plan to flee together. Luisa, very upset, tells him
he's botched the plan, and when he tells her to wait and, "Things will be okay," she excitedly utters,
"Kill her!", and walks away, tossing the money at her feet it is Paco she wants. Paco retrieves the
money, and, driven by guilt, he returns to Trini to explain the situation. After the disappearance of the
money, Trini realized the fraud and understands that her love for Paco is doomed. When Paco comes
back to the hotel room and confesses the plan, Trini tells him she prefers death to abandonment.
Thwarted in her attempt to cut her own wrist with Pacos razor, she begs him to kill her since that is
what he really wants. Later, as the two sit in the rain on a bench in front of the cathedral of the town,
Trini hands Paco the razor. In despair, she asks Paco to kill her. He does so, then rushes to the train
station to prevent Luisa from leaving. Placing his bloody hands on her compartment window, signaling
to Luisa that the mission has been accomplished, she gets off the moving train. The couple embraces
passionately on the platform as the train pulls out. A title informs viewers that the police captured the
pair three days later.