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Sure Power


Dedicated to
Oil & Gas Modernization

925 North Point Parkway, Suite 140

Alpharetta, Georgia 30005
Phone : 770.670.4300


About Us

100% Focused to Energy, Utility, Oil and Gas


Founded in 2008
Named one of Atlantas Fastest Growing Private Companies for 2013
100% Focused on Energy, Utilities, Oil, and Gas
Headquarters: Alpharetta, GA
Service Territory Includes Canada
Average Consultant Utility Industry Experience: 10+ Year
Consultant Network and Availability: 8,000+ Utility Professionals
ISO 9001 Program Underway


Extensive Implementation Consulting Services / Staff Augmentation

Sure Power Consulting, LLC

Arthur Andersen / Andersen Consulting

Deloitte & Touche / Deloitte Consulting
SAP America / B2B Workforce / Spearhead

Large Enterprise Executive / Sales Leadership

Information Technology
Finance & Operations
Merger & Acquisition Integration

Background Investigation and Process Discipline

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
United States Marine Corps

Our Success
Sure Power Consulting named one of Atlantas Fastest-Growing Private Companies
100% Focused to Energy, Utility, Oil and Gas

March 19, 2013

Sure Power Consulting, LLC, named Atlantas 8th fastest growing privately-held company, has been
awarded the Atlanta Business Chronicles Pacesetters Award for 2013.

A highly disciplined, solution-centric staff and project augmentation firm exclusively focused on meeting
the critical demands of Energy, Utility, Oil and Gas clientele, Sure Powers expanding client base and
sustained growth can be attributed to uniquely stringent hiring practices, consistent execution of internal
operating disciplines, and an enterprise-wide commitment to service quality.
To qualify for the 2013 Pacesetter Award, the Atlanta Business Chronicle requires that the company be
privately held; based in the 20-county metro Atlanta area; be established by the first quarter 2010 or
earlier; and has experienced a two-year growth in sales of more than 50%; and 2012 revenues
between $1 million and $300 million. Rankings are based upon revenue growth from full-year 2010 to
full-year 2012.

Sure Power Consulting, LLC

Our Focus

100% Focused to Energy, Utility, Oil and Gas


We are passionate about Quality, and committed to Power, Utility, and Oil and Gas
modernization. We are driven by a fundamental desire to favorably impact the
environmental footprint of energy production and transmission, and proud of our
partnerships with some of North Americas most innovative Energy and Utility


With access to Energy and Utility professionals throughout North America, Sure
Power is presently providing subject matter expertise and project leadership to
prominent Energy Companies, Utilities, and Oil and Gas exploration and
distributors throughout the United States and Canada. As a direct result, Sure
Power is quickly becoming the partner of choice for visionary organizations
throughout our industry.
Practice Areas

Advanced Metering Infrastructure

Meter Data Management
EAM, Work Management Systems, SCADA and GIS
Enterprise Mobility
T&D Engineering
Distribution, Outage, and Energy Management Systems

Smart Grid Management & Automation

Utilities Applications Implementation & Integration
Customer Information Systems
Cyber Security Architecture
Data Governance & Architecture
Data Effectiveness and Real-Time Analytics
Sure Power Consulting, LLC

SAP Offerings - SAP Service Excellence

100% Focused to Energy, Utility, Oil and Gas
Sure Power Consulting, LLC

SAP Utilities Solutions Implementation and Integration

SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions
SAP Program and Project Management
SAP Requirements Analysis and Assessments
SAP Business Case Development and POCs

SAP HANA/Analytics
SAP Mobility
SAP Utilities Application Support
SAP Utilities Staffing Services flexible SME access
SAP VAR Solutions (planned for 2013)

Our Clients

100% Focused to Energy, Utility, Oil and Gas

Sure Power Consulting, LLC

Alliant Energy
Baltimore Gas & Electric
British Columbia Hydro
City of Austin
Consumers Energy
Duquesne Light
El Paso Electric
Glendale Water & Power
Hydro Ottawa

Laclede Gas
Los Angeles Department of Water & Power
NE Utilities
NV Energy
Orange County Utilities
Pacific Gas & Electric
Exelon / PECO
PEPCO Holdings
Puget Sound Energy
Seattle City Light
Southern California Gas Company
South Jersey Gas
Tervita Corporation

Select Engagements
British Columbia

100% Focused to Energy, Utility, Oil and Gas

Vancouver, BC

Sure Power Consulting, LLC

1.9 million customers, 18,500 miles of transmission and 57,648 miles of distribution
lines, 300 substations and 325,000 individual transformers.
The utility solicited a RFP aiming to successfully install a safe, reliable, and cost-efficient
SMI solution and other key infrastructure upgrades. Goals were to deliver operational
efficiencies, enhance reliability for customers, provide customers with tools to use
energy more efficiently, and help enable the integration of new clean sources of
electricity. The aim is to also protect customers by reducing revenue loss from
tampering and theft and deliver over $1.5 billion in benefits over a 20-year period.
Total authorized program expenditure was $930 million.
Sure Power Consulting has provided broad support for this program as a specialized
partner to both the lead integrator partner and directly to the utility. To date, SPC has
been involved with this customers Business Transformation Office, Meter Data
Management System (MDMS), Infrastructure and Environment, Automated Data
Collection System (ADCS), Performance Testing, SMI Meters and their Smart Grid

Select Engagements
Pacific Gas &

100% Focused to Energy, Utility, Oil and Gas

San Francisco, CA

9.4 million electric and gas customers, 141,215 circuit miles of electric distribution lines and
18,616 circuit miles of interconnected transmission lines, 42,141 miles of natural gas distribution
pipelines and 6,438 miles of transportation pipelines.
With almost all AMI deployed, focus for 2013 will be on T&D and Grid Operations to the tune of
over $200 million in both electric and gas.
Sure Power has been identified as a niche partner vendor for specific Smart Grid and technology
services. Currently have engagements in GIS, MWM, RF/WiFi Communications, Program/Project
Management, and Systems/Performance Testing.

NV Energy
Las Vegas, NV

Sure Power Consulting, LLC

2.4 million customers, received $138 million in ARRA funding to develop a smarter energy grid.
Implementing a commercial Demand Response product for the retail utility market. The product
integrates with software head-ends to keep data synchronized between systems, monitors
Demand Response communications and provides reports back to the utility, and provides
forecasts and near-real-time displays to system operators. It also manages the activities of the
Demand Response CSRs and field service contractors using service request queues and work
Sure Power has been involved in this customers Business Process, Planning and Testing

Select Engagements

100% Focused to Energy, Utility, Oil and Gas

Glendale Water
& Power

85,000 electric and water customers, installed 120,000 electric and water smart meters
becoming first U.S. utility to automate both systems.

Glendale, CA

Solicited formal proposals to implement and support specialized Smart Grid infrastructure and
Sure Power was selected as the sole-source provider for Smart Grid consulting services.
Engagements thus far include Infrastructure Support (inc. Avamar), Smart Grid Application
Support, Data Analyses AMI Reporting/Exports & Extracts, Cyber Security Analyses, ESB
Middleware Support, and AMI Application Support.

Baltimore Gas
& Electric
Baltimore, MD

Sure Power Consulting, LLC

More than 1.2 million electric customers and 650,000 gas customers. Awarded $200M in SGIG
funds ($452M total project value) to deploy 1.1M smart meters and implement dynamic pricing.
One of the caveats of ARRA SGIG funding has been an unprecedented amount of transparency
and accountability, along with a stringent reporting model to track how the federal funds are
utilized. Sophisticated internal structures are required to adhere to the stringent requirements
for reimbursement and the 30-day reporting cycle set in place by the federal government.
Sure Power was called upon to provide specialized PMO services to handle the cross-functional
reporting and controls for the DOE - as well as the State PUC and various interested third-party
organizations over the length of the AMI program.

Contact Us

100% Focused to Energy, Utility, Oil and Gas

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Derek J. Somerville

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Sure Power Consulting, LLC

Sure Power Consulting, LLC

925 North Point Parkway, Suite 140
Alpharetta, Georgia 30005