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P o r t f o El mii loy K e l l e t t

Emily I. Kellett

Autumn Winds Apt. 307

160 W. 5th S. St.
Rexburg, ID 83440

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Business Card
Web Page

Description: This is a Duplex (two-sided) print Brochure.
Programs: Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign
Date: Saturday, March 28, 2015
Course: Comm. 130
Instructor: Ben Pingel
Objectives: Learn how to use text wrap and create a compelling
To do this I first sketched out the logo and then used the paint too in Adobe
Illustrator. I also made the footprints in separate document in Illustrator. I went to
Adobe InDesign and put some ruler guides on both pages where I wanted my folds
to be (which was at 3.625 in. and 7.376 in. for page 1 and 3.688 in. and 7.376 in. for
page 2).
For the images I downloaded them from Shutter stock and used the stamp tool to
get rid of the shutter stock logo. for the photo of the couple with the girl doing the
high kick I got rid of the background by using the direct selection tool and the refine
edge tool. To get the background out from between their arms I used the eraser tool.
It took me two times to get the folds on the final draft just right. I used a straight
edge and slid a pen across where I wanted my folds. It turned out great.

Event Ad
Description: This for a mock benefit dinner
Programs: Microsoft Office Word
Date: Thursday, January 29, 2015
Course: Comm. 130
Instructor: Ben Pingel
Objectives: Learn how to use Microsoft Office Word to create something
I used Microsoft Office Word on an Apple Mac computer and scanned the picture
from an old People Magazine. To make the effect on the picture I went to Format
Picture>Filters>Pastels smooth.
Getting the opacity just right was difficult. I had to put the brick color at an 18%
transparency to get is just right.


All proceeds will go to help treat injuries of

women who have been wrongfully abused.

Tickets will be sold for $15 per person. You

can order them online at or purchase them
at the door.

Come to the Womens Recovery Associations

Benefit Dinner on Saturday, Feb. 14 at 7p.m.
in the MC Ballroom.

Want to help women recovering

from abusive relationships?

For Womens Recovery

Benefit Dinner

Description: This is a spiritually themed montage of pictures
Programs: Photoshop
Date: Thursday, February 12, 2015
Course: Comm. 130
Instructor: Ben Pingel
Objectives: Learn how to blend pictures together and let the world know that
Families Are Forever.
For the picture of the temple I walked up to it from the BYU-Idaho campus
at about 11p.m. on a Thursday in January. The sun was sitting just right behind
the spire. I took this picture with my smart phone. The other three pictures I
got from I uploaded them into Photoshop. I used the masking tool and
also tool to put the pictures on the main background. I used the brush at about
a 45% opacity to make the images fade in and out. For the text I created a new
layer and brushed a little bit of white with a 3% opacity so Forever would stand
out a little more.

Description: A personally designed letterhead.
Programs: Adobe Illustrator and InDesign
Date: Friday, February 27, 2015
Course: Comm. 130
Instructor: Ben Pingel
Objectives: To create a fun looking letterhead for a fake business.
I used Adobe Illustrator for the first part. I used the eclipse, rectangle, and the
rounded rectangle tool to make the cake. For the wings I used both the pen tool
and the paintbrush tool. I used the eclipse tool for the halo. I had to draw the
decorations for the cake myself, then I copied and pasted the individual bits of
cream all around the cake. For the second half I grouped the angel cake together
and placed it in InDesign. I used the Rectangle tool to make the cards made the
picture smaller so it would fit inside. For the back of the card I put the opacity at
15%. For the letterhead I did the same thing except I made the cake larger and put
the little creams across the top.
The hardes part was getting the opacity on the wing just right. First, I had to
group the wings seperate from the cake. Then, I had to go into Illustrator several
times and play around with the opacity. I finally settled for a 50% opacity.

Bu sin ess C a rd
Description: Business Cards for Angel Cakes Bakery
Programs: Adobe Illustrator and InDesign.
Date: Friday, February 27, 2015
Course: Comm. 130
Instructor: Ben Pingel
Objectives: To make business cards that would match the letterhead.
For this I used took the logo I had made for the letter head and just put it on a
smaller piece of paper. Getting the logo positioned just right was a little hard.

Description: These are 3 different logos made for the same society
Programs: Adobe Illustrator
Date: Wednesday, February 18, 2015
Course: Comm. 130
Instructor: Ben Pingel
Objectives: Make a logo for a Motion Picture Society
For the first logo I went into Adobe Illustrator and used the eclipse tool to
create the circle. I then used the rectangle tools for the squares. I used the brush
tool to make the squares look kind of like an old film real and added the text in the
middle of the circle. For the second logo I put one circle inside the other and used
the Type On a Path Tool to make the words curve inside the outer circle. I then
placed the letters in the middle. For the last logo I made it out of various sizes of
circles and rectangles to make it look like an old movie camera and Put the text

Motion Picture Society

Motion Picture Society






Motion Picture Society

We b P a g e
Description: Web page for the Angel Cakes Bakery logo
Programs: Adobe Illustrator, CSS, HTML
Date: Wednesday, March 11, 2015
Course: Comm. 130
Instructor: Ben Pingel
Objectives: To show that I can make a web page.
I created this design in Adobe Illustrator and used the used the eclipse,
rectangle, pen, and paint tool to make the cake. For the webpage I used Text
Wrangler. I had learned HTML a while back using Code Academy but, CSS was
quite new to me. It was fun learning how cool you can make something look. To
get the colors for the page just right I went into Adobe Illustrator and opened up
my logo file. From there I used the eyedropper tool to get the code for the colors
in my webpage and put them in my CSS. I had to play around with the padding to
get the yellow stripe to go all the way across.

Description: This is a demonstration of image editing.
Programs: Photoshop
Date: Thursday, February 05, 2015
Course: Comm. 130
Instructor: Ben Pingel
Objectives: To show I can edit photos using photoshop.
I took a picture that had a complimentary color scheme while I was in the Romney
building. I uploaded it into photoshop. I made the background on the left a little
darker and added some squares and text.
To get rid of the background I used the direct selection tool and selected the
planets. I then made a new layer and layer mask out of them and used the paintbrush
tool to make make the black background.

Description: Black and white flier for a graduate leadership conference.
Programs: Adobe InDesign
Date: Wednesday, January 21, 2015
Course: Comm. 130
Instructor: Ben Pingel
Objectives: Make a flier that advertises a Graduate Leadership Conference
First I planned out my design. I sketched it in a few different ways. I showed the
designs to a few friends and asked which they liked best. I then put it into Adobe
InDesign and made it to where the text and the picture were lined up.
Getting the picture to cooperate was one of the hardest things I had to deal with. At
first it looked a little stretched or squished. To fix that I deleted it and then put it back
in and used command+ shift to make it look better.