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SET- The objective paper of Mathematics

For the objective paper of Mathematics of SET the follwing books are helpful:
1. Introduction to Algebra
Author- Donald Lewis
Publishur- Harper and Row, New York.
(This is a MUST MUST have book).
You just need to go through all the statements and results in this book.
By doing so you will have Complete, Concise, Clear collection of all the results in Group
Theory, Ring Theory, Field Theory, Linear Algebra (Vector Spaces). This collection will help you
to solve any question on these topics. Great Book!!!
2. Linear Algebra
Author- Lipschitz
Publisher- Schaum Series
(This is a MUST have book).
Just going through the solved examples in this book will acquaint you with various methods of
solving the problems in Linear Algebra. Note that there are many questions on Linear Algebra
in the II paper of SET
3. Real Analysis
Author- N. L. Carothers
Publisher- Cambridge University Press
This book may be called as "Encyclopedia of Real Analysis" and I used in that manner only
rather than using it as a text book. The information is power packed in concise manner in this
Here is example: Suppose you wish to prepare the topic " Sequence of Functions".
First, read introduction (this is the part of concept clearing).
Secondly read the statement of theorems (this will suffice, no need to see the proofs.)
Finally go through all the examples given in the text to clear the ideas further.
4. Complex Variable
Author- M. L. Khanna
Publisher- Jai Prakash Nath & Co.,
Prepare only First Chapter from this book.
Sometimes the basic questions on the complex numbers are asked in SET exam (e.g. Find
numer of solutions of |z|=1 & |z-1|=1). The above chapter is useful for that.
5. Complex Variables and Applications
Authors- Churchil and Brown
Publisher- McGraw Hill
Prepare only the first Seven Chapters of this book. This book is written in simple language and
is very useful for objective paper.
These books will suffice to clear the objective paper
Must Do topics for Descriptive paper of SET
These are the most important topics for the descriptive paper of SET:
1. Sylow Theorems and examples based on their appllications.

Prepare this topic from:

Book: A First Course in Abstract Algebra
Author: J.B. Fraleigh
Publisher: Narosa Publishing House
Chapter18: Sylow Theorems
Chapter 19: Applications of Sylow Theory
Do everything from these chapters.
2. Harmonic conjugate (How to find Harmonic conjugate).
Prepare this topic from:
Book: Complex Variable
Author: M. L. Khanna
Publisher: Jay Prakash Nath & Co..
Chapter III- Analytic Functions
Do everything from this chapter.
3. Finite Fields.
Prepare this topic from:
Book: Topics in Algebra
Author: I. N. Herstein
Do from topics covered under "Selected Topics" in this book
4. Chain Rule , Inverse Function Theorem , Implicit Function Theorem.
Prepare this topic from:
Book: Analysis on Manifolds
Author: J. R. Munkres
Publisher: Addison Wesley Publishing Company.
Do the chapter II Differentiation. Also Solve the Exercise Completely