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Personal Learning Paper

Organizational Behavior
Kshamta Sharma

Life is not easy and it should not be easy. Stability in life leads to status quo. This status quo may
bring passivity in life. An active person makes things; a passive person waits for things to be
made. An active person works, plays, walks, runs, dances, travels, speaks, loves, laughs, and
cries. A passive person doesnt do anything but damning that boring empty life. Having a clear
idea of what you want from life has a different kind of joy which I was enjoying during my
graduation. I believe that whatever happens with me, its because of my action and efforts.
Having human life is the best thing that can happen to anyone on this earth. Brain and the power
to analyze and think before taking any action make human being the most powerful creature on
this planet. But then, there was a period when I was aimless. Failing after so many attempts
brought me to a crossroad, where the only question I asked to myself was, Why am I on this
earth. I was definitely not cursing myself or others for this failure but I was almost lost. I had so
many unwanted advices from my well-wishers. They were actually my well-wishers who loved
me in my bad times. But I could not just follow their advices. I needed some reason to do
anything in my life. It was my life which is larger than anything even today. Happiness is the
most important thing in my life which I can easily drive by spending times with my family,
playing with street animals, sitting in the diamond jubilee park or spending time on the terrace of
IC at XLRI. The only thing about life which I know is that if I am not happy, how can I make
other person happy? I wanted to know what my identity is. I respect freedom and this is
something I need in my life. There is a good reason for such liking. Suppose I am on my death
bed, I would definitely be worried about my loved ones. But the only question I would be asking
to myself will be that Did I try my best to be whatever I could be? Life should have a meaning
and the only aim of person should be to identify it. Theories of organizational behavior says that
every person has a unique personality which leads to a unique style of thinking and seeing things
around him or her. This is the reason I respect freedom. Every person on this earth is free to live
his life in his own way. He is the hero of his life and hero never hurts any one. I am a follower of
the theory Y given by Douglas McGregor. Having more experience does not give a person any

right to direct or guide any other persons life. But this experience brings moral and social
obligations on the experienced person to protect those who are going in a wrong direction. I
believe in becoming a partner rather than becoming an instructor.
Being here in XLRI was never my aim. The reason is that XLRI runs the management
programme not happiness programme. As I have already mentioned, I can drive happiness from
anything and everything. I believe that the concept of appreciative intelligence forms the
foundation of a happy persons life. Appreciative Intelligence is about seeing almighty in the oak,
seeing light in the darkness and believing that its you who defines who you are, not others. Why
should I let others to define me?? Pain gives pain, stress brings bad feeling but there is something
beyond it. Time, it heals everything. Sometimes we cannot get the answers of everything and in
the search of immediate answers, all we get is frustration. Life has given us time and all it wants
in return is time. By giving time, we can allow the questions to be answered in a beautiful
manner and this is the beauty of life. People call it uncertainty and risk but I call it a beautiful
surprise. Knowing yourself is not possible to be done overnight. Though I used to be impatience
but the classroom teachings of the Individual Behavior in term I, has helped me so much to get
the answer of many questions. In my life there are only two kind of things. First category
includes those which are in my control and second includes those which are not in my control.
Those which are in my control are again divided into two category, weaknesses and strengths.
No one can claim that he has no weakness. Weaknesses and strengths are relative to each other
and one thing cannot be eliminated to make other one more significant. In order to know myself
more clearly, my first step should be to identify my strengths and weaknesses and accepting the
truth that weaknesses cannot be vanished completely. I can only minimize and suppress them. On
the other hand, those factors which are not in my control, will definitely affect me positively or
negatively. In this case my dominant strategy should be to rely on my strengths with a
Being at XLRI should be one of the happiest moment of my life but I wasnt. I am not writing
this for the sake of marks or making a good impression but the classes taken by Prof ISF reintroduced me with myself. It is not possible for me to get everything in the life. Of course
failures bring sadness in life but it is my life. I cannot let anything make it sad. I know that I

cannot succeed in everything but I believe I will succeed in my life. My current status in this
process of succeeding in life is trying my best to be the best of what I am capable of becoming.
Thank you for making us writing this PLP. I started it with an intention of writing it for the name
sake only. Knowing myself is the most difficult task but this is the best and most beautiful thing I
can do for me. I am going to keep this document forever. It is the real me.