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Galaxy on Fire 2 Guide

Guide Made By: Razor0217

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Primary Weapons Section:
Auto-Cannons are the fastest shooting weapons in game - if you are trigger-happy , then you are born to
wield these babies. Not the hardest hitters on the market, but they definitely make up for it with
shooting speed. A good option to consider if you prefer quantity over quality.
Micro Gun Mk1 - The simplest, cheapest gun available in its category. Weak and not as fast as you
would expect, but it gets the job done for lowest levels. Do not miss the chance to swap it for something
better however

Micro Gun Mk2 - A slightly better alternative to its predecessor thanks to increased loading speed,
however the damage is still as low as it gets. A low level weapon that's inferior to any other option.

Scram Cannon - The fastest shooting weapon the money can buy, and while the damage is still as low as
ever, the bullet and loading speed has increased tremendously, making even 2Damage inflict a lot of
pain on your enemies, torturing them with extremely frequent low damage hits. Most effective when
more that 1 is installed.

Mass Driver MD10 - the fastest shooting weapon in the game. There is no other quite like this one start shooting the target, and see how enemies HP slides down to 0 in mere seconds. This baby makes
the killing process the most pleasant. Find the blueprint in Y'mirr system on Rr-oostam station.
The materials needed, however, while not expensive, are quite diverse and will take some time to
collect. The result is quite worth the chase through if you prefer fast shooters, over heavy hitters (there
are better options still)

Railgun series are another fast shooting series in the game that fills the technological gap of fast
shooting weapon options in the game. There is no particular difference between the Railgun and Scram
cannon, they all are fast shooting low damage dealers.
64MJ Railgun - like its brother, the Micro Gun, this gun has very low damage output, and very high
frequency of shots fired. Recommended to use in pairs (at least).

128MJ Railgun - a low-to-mid game blueprint, the recourse requirement is as diverse as they get, and
the assembled result is almost inferior to market alternative Scram Cannon. Not worth the time spent
on the assemble it, unless you are hard pressed for cash.
The quantity of recourses is not a problem with this blueprint, however different categories of
Commodities demand a lot of time to look for them. Look for the blueprint in Eanya system, on Kallsta
Omba station.
Blaster Series weapons are the hardest hitting series of weapons in the game. While other weapon
types distinguish themselves by being the fastest shooting, or having the longest range - the Blaster
Type weapons on average deal the most damage per shot than any other.
EMP Blasters are a unique weapon type that hits Electric circuits of the target, rather than its hull. When
the disruption is severe enough, enemy pilot loses control of their vessel, leaving you free to take their
cargo or shoot them down while they can't move.
Enemy ship eventually recovers, however.

Luna EMP Mk1 - by no means the main weapon of your ship, this weapon excels in supporting your
fighting style and providing opportunities that no other primary weapon can offer. Deals no damage and
low EMP damage to the enemies. A very early game option, and has to be replaced by the better version
on first opportunity.

Sol EMP Mk2 - completely dominates its previous model, the Mk2 has a lot longer range and higher EMP
damage that bring the EMP warfare to the next level.

Dia EMP Mk3 - longest range, highest EMP damage, this is the best model of its kind in the game, as
demonstrated by high price mark. However the weapon is extremely useful in "Recovery" missions, but
be careful - it doesn't deal any actual damage to the enemy.

The "meat" of the Blaster Type weapons, the highest DPS armament available in the game, these bad
boys will rip your target to shred so fast it won't know what hit him. Only drawback to seemingly perfect
weapon is its range, which is trampled by majority of other weapons.

Gram Blaster - the first of its series starts off with level 7 tech and very high price. It makes up for it with
extremely high DPS, and a semi-average range of 1600m making it an extremely dangerous weapon.

Ridil Blaster - following up on the previous model, this one increases its loading speed, making it DPS
much higher than its predecessor. The only drawback now becomes the range that dropped to 1300m
that brings you very close to the enemy.

Tyrfing Blaster - almost 60DPS makes this weapon the most powerful one in the game at the moment.
The short range however it a sufficient drawback to think about an alternative, however combining this
blaster with a long ranged weapon will make your ship a universal all around fighter.

N'saan - a good DPS for lv1 tech make this an appealing weapon for beginners, but a slow loading speed
and close range along with a fairly high price and the fact that the weapon is limited to Vossk stations
somewhat discourages the buyer.

K'booskk - a good follow-up on its previous model, K'booskk still suffers the same drawback and
therefore is quite a rarity to see in a starting game. And by the time the player gets to the mid-high end
game, the blaster becomes obsolete.

H'nookk - perfect mid game weapon with a good range, high DPS and great loading speed, this blaster
will be a serious threat to your enemies. You can find the blueprint on Taygete station in Pan system.
Be aware that the blueprint requires not only recourses but N'saan weapon as well. Not a very
demanding list, it still makes you run around the universe for a while.

Sh'gaal - if you like green blasters to go with your green Vossk ship, then this thing is for you. For
everyone else who likes quality - this thing packs a pretty heavy punch, but a short range and high price
are a sufficient drawback to consider another blaster.

This concludes the Blaster Type weapons.

Laser Section - sniper rifles of space world. These weapons, while having a high damage output, lack the
loading speed and each missed shot comes at a lot higher price than any other weapon. The biggest
advantage of Laser weapons is their range - going as high as 3600m, they will deal with your enemies
before they even see you.

Nirai Impulse EX1 - one of the first weapons you will see in the game, it is a very basic model and while
it has a surprisingly long rage for its tech level, it is inferior to most any weapon on the market.

Nirai Impulse EX2 - a sufficient progress from its previous model, this laser can give its pilot a good
appreciation of a difference between Laser weapon to any other. A long range and semi-high output
with a decent recharge rate make it a good starting point for fans of Lasers.

Nirai Charged Pulse- a pincacle of Nirai series, this laser a faster loading speed than its predecessor and
higher damage, however its range is reduced to 2700m and it is still considered a low-mid game laser

V'skorr - Vossk attempt to create a laser rifle to rival the Terran armament. While succeeding in besting
the Nirai series, almost all Terran alternatives are superior to the Vossk lasers. Still, its relatively low
price makes it a good choice for beginners, expanding their curiosity in Laser weapons field.

Sh'koom - an improved version of V'skorr, it has a slightly higher damage, slightly longer loading speed
and slightly higher price, while range stays the same. Pretty much a trade between damage and reload
speed. Worth a try to feel the difference.

Berger Laser Series:

Berger Focus1 - while quite an expensive toy for its tech level, its range make it a formidable weapon. Be
careful when bringing it to the close combat fight - almost a second worth of recharge, it takes a while to
recover after each missed shot.

Berger Focus 2 A1 - an improved, more powerful model, as well as slightly faster recharge rate and
further range compared to its predecessor, this weapon is a formidable tool of destruction, however as
with any Laser - think twice before using them in close ranged fight.

Berger Retribution - the best laser in its tech level, the Retribution model improves even further, shoots
faster and deal even more damage. Not just any opponent will reach you, when you use this gun.

Berger Converge 4 - The best Laser weapon available for purchase, this sniper rifle will easily deal with
the majority of enemy force before they get close enough to you. Loading speed is slightly slower than
the previous model; however the damage output is significantly faster. Well worth the price, however it
is recommended to use it in combination with close range weapons.

M6 series - this series of weapons bring a choice to the market for all the pilots out there. While Berger
series sacrifices a bit of fire power for faster recharge rate, the M6 weapons go all out on damage and
sacrifice loading speed. It is up to your preferences, which one you like - the DPS are roughly the same.
M6 A1 "Wolf" - just as Berger series, these weapons are a long-range, slow-recharge type and while
powerful as a sniper rifles, they are at a big disadvantage when brought to close range. The "Wolf" rifle,
while a high damage output, has exceptionally slow recharge rate.

M6 A2 "Cougar"- a very powerful single shot weapon, dealing as much as 34 damage per shot, it suffers
from 1.4 seconds delay between shots fired. Its range of 3600m is as high as it gets.

M6 A3 "Wolverine" - just as description sais - this Primary weapon has the highest single shot damage
in game. As any other Laser, it suffers from long recharge rate, and the longest one at that - 1.5 seconds
between shots. Very few targets will get close to your ship after receiving several bullets from this
Berger Retribution is a very close second to this Laser, and is mainly up to users preference - either high
damage or fast recharge rate.
The blueprint for this Laser can be found in Suteo system, on Gehlon station. Not a high recourse
requirement, it requires another weapon to make it.
This concludes the Laser section.

Thermal weapons - a unique weapon, when not locked on the target - it spreads the shots, damaging
anything in its reaching area. When locked on the enemy - each shot becomes a guided projectile,
following its target. A very simple, yet extremely effective weapon in close range combat.

Thermic o5 - the simples version of thermal weapons, it gives the user an opportunity to experience all
advantages of this weapon type. While range and damage are quite low, the guiding projectile aspect of
the weapon makes it an appealing alternative to other weapon.

ReHeat o10 - a big improvement to its previous model, it has more than twice the DPS, longer range and
a lot faster loading speed, this weapon really shows the power of Thermal Fusion, the targeting
advantage is an essential part and with this model - especially worth a try. The only drawback is a high
price compared to its predecessor.

MaxHeat o20 - the best of Thermal weapons, this model provides you with extremely fast loading speed
and a good range, as well as guided projectiles. This weapon is a must for majority of close range battles.
Even the high price tag on this beauty won't discourage a battle hardened veteran.

This concludes the Thermal weapons section.

Turret Section: These bad boys can be mounted only on a few ships in the current game. Turrets offer a
unique flexibility option to the player - when if Free-view mode, you can operate the turret to shoot at
the targets on either side of your ship as well as behind it. a useful when turning around isn't an option.
The only drawback - you cannot pilot the ship while using a turret.
Hammerhead D1 - the weakest of all turrets. However with such a long range, it can be an interesting
alternative to Laser series. With a good price-to-DPS ration, this turret is a great opportunity to try out
the concept.

Hammerhead D2A2 - a major improvement compared to Hammerhead D1, this turret is much more
powerful DPS-wise, has a lot faster rotation speed/responsiveness and a huge range of fire, allowing you
to hit the target even before you see one.

L'ksaar - the best turret in the game, this one has exceptionally high price, which is rivalled only by its
enormous range, even if you could lock on a target 6600m away, it won't be there when the first bullet
reaches it. However, having all the advantages of previous turrets, and then some, it definitely offers a
new and unique battle style to any fighter.

This concludes "Primary Weapons" section.

Secondary Weapons section:

EMP Bombs:

EMP GL1 - for its tech level, this little toy packs quite a good EMP hit, while its speed isn't the best, the
magnitude of this tech4 bomb is big enough to reach a considerable area. Worth every cent if you are
surrounded - detonate this beauty near yourself to deactivate most of surrounding enemies.

EMP GL2 - a big improvement on GL1, this baby flies faster, has longer range, bigger radius and is twice
as deadly. The price fully reflects that, and even in a tight spot, will make you think twice about
launching it. The result, however, will knock out even the toughest target.

EMP GL 0X - the apex of EMP technology, this bomb has the deadliest charge yet, twice as powerful as
GL2. This one will get the job done no questions asked. While the price is sufficient to use it frequently when used, the whole field will stop moving for a while, thanks to its 37km radius.

Missiles: The fastest pieces of metal in the game, carrying a deadly charge of various proportions that
will make your enemies regret they ever spotted you - the longest range of all Secondary weapons,
fastest speed, and while not as deadly as nukes, they recharge faster, and

Edo - While it has the lowest tech level, and extremely low damage, it is still self guided and will prove
useful at first stages of the game. One very good aspect of this missile - its very fast recharge rate.

S'koonn - a self guided missile with a pretty high damage, loading speed is not particularly high, so firing
those in quick successions can be helpful even at later stages of the game. Navigation is fairly good and
while you see your target - the missile will find it.

Mamba EMP - the advantage of this missile over more powerful EMP bombs is its self guiding feature, as
well as exceedingly long range as well as high speed. pre-emptively sending a few of these, and finishing
off with a bomb will definitely leave your target stunned.

Dephase EMP - arguably the best Missile/Rocket in the game, with huge range, very fast speed and
damage second only to S'koonn, it's EMP charge on par with Mamba EMP , this missile is as deadly as it
gets - if you can afford a supply of these - you will enjoy the next battle.

Intelli Jet - while not the strongest missile, it certainly is cheap to produce in large quantities, and will
definitely aid anyone who managed to get, while few, but fairly diverse set of recourses. However, if
money aren't a concern for you - there are better alternatives on the market. The only are these missiles
excel above any other - its their speed, the fastest missiles you can find.
If you feel like increasing your "good produced" count, or want to try these out, or collecting blueprints,
you can find this one in Y'mirr system, on station K'mirkk.

Rockets: Rockets are a possible alternative compared to Missile weapon selection. While Rockets lack
the guiding system, and in general deal less damage than Missiles, lach flexibility and variety. The one
advantage is their blazing fast reload speed, which makes them dangerous support weapons, especially
in close combat. They also distinguish themselves as the cheapest secondary weapons, allowing for mass
supply quantities, and combined with fast reload speed - it becomes a formidable support weapon.

G'liissk - straight shooting Edo alternative, this Rocket has almost three times faster loading speed than
its Missile counterpart, and while its range is short - its price is low - thanks to that you can buy many
rockets, fire many times, and kill many enemies.

Jet Rocket - a slightly better Rocket than G'liisk, this one has exceptionally fast loading speed, and when
plentiful in supply, can be fired almost as frequently as majority of primary weapons, and faster than
most lasers.
The fastest secondary weapon loading speed in game.

EMP Rocket MK1 - this rocket combines in itself both the EMP and the damaging charges, both of them
weak and almost useless in mid-late game, however thanks to its fast loading speed, it can prove useful
in early game, when fired frequently. This, and all other rockets do not have guiding system.

EMP Rocket MK2 - a big improvement on its previous model, the Mk1 , this rocket, while still does not
follow its target, now packs a lot more damage for its price. It still inflicts relatively low EMP damage,
but as with other rockets, thanks to fast loading speed it can be arguably useful in early-to-mid games.

Amour Rocket - a fairly powerful rocket, but even the blueprint version does not have a guided
navigation system, it does not follow target, flies straight, and deals an average damage for an average
loading speed. It is fairly diverse, with EMP damage as well as dealing 72 normal damage.
Recourse requirement isn't very high, but for the same price you can buy almost 20 JetRockets, and
probably be better off. However, for those who want to try something new and different/challenging,
you can find the blueprint in Buntta System, on Arpalys station.

Nukes: The titans of Secondary weapons, the highest damage dealers in the game.Their category holds
the biggest magnitude of explosion. When used on a battlefield - it will deal huge damage to every
surrounding ship, be it friend of foe. The destructive power is so high that two of the strongest ones will
be enough to destroy pirate station.

AMR Tormentor: The weakest one amongst the Nukes, this bomb is still a lethal weapon of mass
destruction. With 150 damage and 20km radius of effect, it will damage, if not complitely destroy - most
targets on the battlefield. When used in sequence and detonated close to clustered enemies, there will
be nothing left, but loot.

AMR Oppressor - the strongest Nuke available on the market, it hits more than twice as hard as the
previous model, and while the recharge rate longer, the area of effect is much bigger, hitting 30km
radius it will deliver your enemies to oblivion.

AMR Extinctor - as if AMR Oppressor wasn't enough, here comes the ultimate weapon of war. With 700
damage and enormous magnitude, it will destroy any target with one strike, The pirate station takes two
direct hits from this Nuke, and to completely clear the battlefield of all ships, it takes 2-3 of these
beauties. Excellent addition to any arsenal.
A demanding set of recourses, from technology to explosives to radiation, this Nuke production will
make you run around the galaxy for a while, however the result is much more than you can expect. Find
the blueprint on L'ikirr station in Dom'bak system.

This concludes the Secondary Weapon section.

IMT Extract 1.3 - the simplest, cheapest Drill available, it is virtually impossible to get the core from
A class asteroid, but its a good start for everyday mining to build up your fortune.
IMT Extract 2.7 - not far away from the previous model, a very good laser for beginners, but you'll
have to face a choice - better yield, or better handling, which might enable you to get your first few
asteroid cores.
K'yuul - a Vossk drilling technology which enables you to easily mine cores from A class asteroids the best handling on the open market, the only drawback - the cores are about the only thing you will
get from the asteroid - low ore yield, again, makes you choose between Core mining and plentiful ore
IMT Extract 4.0X - the best drill the money can buy - Ore yield is almost twice as high as any other
drill on the market, which more than makes up for its slightly weaker handling compared to K'yuul. A
definite must for any miner out there.

Gunant's Drill is for those, who go above and beyond the existing market standard - Go to Mido
system, and visit Var Hastra station Lounge for the blueprint of - hands down - the best drill in the

Highest yield and the best handling - but it comes at a cost of time and effort to gather the required
components to assemble this masterpiece:
The next thing you get after receiving a drill is - a scanner - not only they are useful for identifying the
asteroids ore saturation, but scanners also help you find spies (mission requirement) and check the
cargo of nearby passing ships.
Telta Quickscan - the basic of basics that takes hours to lock on the target, doesn't reveal cargo
holds, and just barely shows A class asteroids on scan. The only positive aspect - it's dirt-cheap , and
therefore perfect for novices.

Telta Ecoscan - description says it all - low price and ability to scan cargo holds of other ships make
it a worthwhile investment. However - by the time you lock on the enemy target , you will most
probably be dead.

Hiroto Proscan - notice, that while this scan doesn't have any extra features than its predecessor the lock-on timing is sufficiently reduced, which makes its price go up by almost 5 times.

Hiroto Ultrascan - just as it's name suggest, this scan is the best on the market thanks to its unique
features to show class A asteroids without in-depth scanning. No hardcore miner can go without
the best scanner in the game.

The next thing that generous Gunant shared with you, was an armor plating for your ship, good old
piece of metal to protect against lasers:
E2 Exoclad - paper thin plating that will save your life several times in your first few hours of gaming.
Keep in mind that armors do not regenerate by themselves so it's best to compliment them with a

E4 Ultra Lamina - twice as good as the previous one, four times as expensive. however after your
shields are down - this peace of mediocre metal will do a fine job in protecting your ship.
E6 D-X Plating - the best plating that Terran space has to offer, good armor protection, and a high
price make it a fairly decent investment for a dedicated player.
TIP: to make the best use out of your armor - compliment it with a repair bot. It will repair itself along
with the shield, bringing your life expectancy to a new heights.

D'iol - the best armor on the market, the highest protection, and the highest rate of survival.. This
armor is a must for players that strive for "Gold Killer" medal - shields aren't enough to pull you out of
a tight spot anymore.
T'yol - an armor, that makes D'iol look like a cardboard. This beast will take on a rocket and won't
flinch. If you want an absolute best in protection, this is the way to go. Check Y'mirr System Rr'ostam Station for the blueprint.

Best armor in the game comes at a high price of blueprint and recourses needed, as well as a lot of
time mining the necessary ore, but it's well worth it.

The logical thing would be to tell more about the repair bot that was mentioned before, so, here goes:
Ketar Repair Bot - Do not be fooled by its availability and low price, this thing is an essential asset in
your conquests all throughout the game. Remember how many times shields' regenerational abilities
saved your life? This thing is made to do just that - repair the damage, and save your life. An absolute
must at any stage of the game.
Targe Shield - the first shield you will probably encounter in the game. Low capacity is compensated
by arguably fast recharge rate, but as long as it can recharge - this shield will prove to be useful again
and again (Until you find an alternative).

Riot Shield - a better shield than the Targe, but not by a large margin - the capacity is greater, but
the recharge rate is more than twice as long, good for a short brawl, but once it runs out - next to
useless in a long fight.

H'Belam - Vossk alternative to the Riot Shield. Fairly good defense balanced by an acceptable
recharge rate. A decent shield for start-to-mid way of the game.
Beamshield II - the top class shield on the market, the best one the money can buy. When going to
Void Space - its a choice between life and this shield.
Fluxed Matter Shield - vastly superior to its retail counterpart, this "strictly blueprint" masterpiece
brings your protection to a whole new level. You are no hardcore player until you have this shield to
protect your sound sleep. Go to Zepar station in Magnetar system for this beauty.

Nothing comes cheap, and most certainly not this thing - the recourses needed are diverse and
required in high quantities - frustrating and time consuming, but pays itself off almost instantly.
Looking at all this great protection options, you might think that there is nothing more for your ship to
have, and that's where pirates catch you off guard - no matter how well protected you are, if you can't
dodge the bullet - you are a sitting duck:

Static Thrust - a booster to your maneuverability (Response speed of your ship) is a noticeable
requirement after the first flight in Betty. These steering nozzles are proven to be more and more
valuable as the game progresses and quantity of your enemies increasing. The higher the percentage
of effect - the faster/better response of your ship.
Needless to say - 20% is way lower than is required - get the better model once you see one.
Pendular Thrust - making your ship 40% more responsive, and you a lot more deadly in combat.
The more responsive your ship was, the higher the response rate will be with the Steering nozzle on.
D'ozzt Thrust - the further we go, the better they get. To fully appreciate the difference between
nozzles - swap them in between missions, or remove them altogether to really feel the need for them.
This 70% model makes your ship a lot quicker and maneuverable than it was, and the dodging from
your enemies attacks that much more easy.
Mp'zzzm Thrust - notice the difference in prices between this one, and the previous, and even
through the effect increased by just a small amount - the price rocketed. However it pays for itself on
the battlefield by saving your life on a daily basis.
Pulsed Plasma Thrust - more than doubling your performance on the field, this Thrust deserves
every penny and then some. No matter what ship you are using - with this hi-tech enhancement even the old Betty would present a challenge on the battlefield.
If you are mining, trading or looting so much, that the cargo hold becomes too small - there is no
need to stop, just get yourself a compression device, and see how big your cargo hold can really be:

ZMI Optistore - the bigger the size of the original cargo hold, the greater the effect of compressors.
However, even 15% increase can matter when transporting good for a mission that didn't originally fit
in to your ship. This is the smallest model, worth using only for intensive ore mining.
Autopacker 2 - the next best thing after previous model - 25% increase has a more substantial
influence on your gaming style - seeing three digit number on your cargo hold always inspires for
some hardcore mining or trading for profit.
Ultracompactor - almost twice the size of previous model, this device really gets your trading
underway. Especially if equipped to ships like Hernstein or Cormorant.
TIP: "Space Saver Gold" medal cannot be achieved without a compression device.

Shrinker BT - the best compression device available to the market. Increasing your cargo hold
almost twice - trading never been as fast or as profitable. Even the smallest cargo hold will become
usable for looting or trading when the need arises.
As with Passenger Cabins - you can equip multiple compression devices on to your ship, increasing the
cargo hold even further.

Rhoda Blackhole - a blueprint edition of a compression device. If equipped - it makes your cargo
hold twice as big, allowing for heaviest loads of goods to be transported. This is the ultimate in
compression technologies. The best in the game.

Fairly demanding on recourse requirements, but well worth the effort as it will serve you for a very,
very long time. Look for the blueprint in Pescal Inartu system, on Festus station.
Linear Boost - a very basic booster that will increase your speed for a short duration. However these
few seconds are all that stands between you and death - even the basic booster will save your life.
Cyclotron Boost - even if slightly better than the previous model, this booster is more than capable
to get you out of trouble, and let that trouble loose on your enemies - longer lasting boost will allow
you to get behind your opponents for a perfect payback.
Synchrotron Boost - the value of this booster is undeniable and pays for every cent you gave for it this thing will get you very far, very fast. Such speed allows for countless strategies during battle, as
well as freedom to experiment.
Me'al - If you desire for speed and efficiency isn't quenched by the previous model, this will surely do
the trick - boosting your ship as much as 200% for several long and joyful seconds - this thing will
surprise even the most prepared and numerous opponent. The best booster on the market.
There is more to the game than fighting, there is loot to be collected, and that loot is worth just as
much as the battle itself, that's why tractor beam equipment is an important asset to the battle at
AB-1 "Retractor" - for some, just a burden, that's occasionally required for missions. For others
however, an essential part of income, when missions are not enough - pirate remains are sold off for a
pretty penny. This model has a slow lock-on, but after there is no one left, there is nowhere to hurry.

AB-2 "Glue Gun" - this model is two times faster than the previous one, and three times more
expensive - but it gets the job done, and loot collected.

AB-3 "Kingfisher" - Top class tractor beam, so fast that it allows loot collection right in the middle of
the fight. For those quick hit-and-run missions when strength is not enough - this model get you quick
extra cash.

There are times when you don't feel like fighting, when you want to cruise around the galaxy enjoying

the views. Well, you can have all that, and even make some cash on the side:
Small Cabin - there are missions that require Cabin equipment for passenger delivery. This is the
smallest version, and will only work for low income missions. However there's a catch - you can equip
as many Cabins as you like, 2-3 Small Cabins can fit more passengers, allowing you to transport a lot
more passengers and complete more high cost missions.
Medium Cabin - when small cabins don't cut the chase, it's time to get something bigger, this version
allows for up to 5 passengers, and with the option of fitting multiple cabins - taking on high-pay
missions won't be a problem.
Large Cabin - twice as big as its previous version, this baby can house 10 passengers at once,
restricting you from only the rarest missions. However, two of these will get you access to all
passenger missions to date.
If boosters and nozzles are not enough and you want to keep the mystery going - only the invisibility
can help you. And that's exactly right:

Sight Suppressor II - getting out of tight spot, sneaking behind on your opponents or just stealthily
flying by to the stations - whatever your need might be - don't forget to feed this baby 2 Energy Cells
per use, and it will get the job done.
U'tool - Vossk' response to Sight Suppressor - shorter duration, and faster recharge rate, as well as
lower Energy Cell consumption allows for flexible use on the battlefield.
Yin Co. Shadow Ninja - a true testament to the ninjas of old - this devices makes you invisible for so
long, that the whole fleet of enemies won't know what hit them. This device provides solid 40 second
invisibility for 5 Energy Cells - high results demand high costs. Check K'ontrr system, and look for
E'kkide station - the blueprint is sold there.

Recourse requirements are fairly high and very diverse, making you run around the galaxy for a while,
however - it dominates the market alternatives by such a large margin, that its completely worth the
chase. ( Best cloaking equipment in game)




H'nookk blaster
Rhoda Blackhole
128MJ Railgun
Mass Driver MD10
M6A3 Wolverine
AMR Extinctor
Gunant's Drill
T'yol Armor
Fluxed Matter Shield
Khador Drive
Yin Co. Shadow Ninja
Amour Rocket

Duhnu Station in Behen System

Festus in Pescal Inartu System
Thynome in Wolf-Reiser System
Kallasta Omba in Eanya System
K'mirkk in Y'mirr system
Gehlon in Suteo System
Decimus in Pan System
Var Hastra in Mido System
Rr'ostam in Y'mirr System
K'ane in Ni'mrrod System
Storyline item 50t of void crystals required to obtain this blueprint
E'kkide in K'ontrr System
Arpalys in Butta System


Ni'mrrod System
Y'mirr System Coordinates
Suteo System Coordinates
Pan System Coordinates

Aoeh in Nesla System

Lopat in Vulpes System
P'errka in V'ikka system
F'err in S'kolptorr System


Blueprint Recipes:
M6 A3
M6 A1 Wolf
Noble Gas
Energy Cells



Energy Cells
Mechanical Supplies






AMR Extinctor

Energy Cells


Yin Co. Shadow Ninja

Noble Gas


Radioactive Goods









Orichalzine Core

Khador Drive

Mechanical Supplies

Com Devices





Mechanical Supplies

Energy Cells

Intelli Jet



Rhoda Blackhole




Energy Cells

Fluxed Shield

Com Devices



Mass Driver MD10

Radioactive Goods

Energy Cells
Titanium Core


Void Crystals





Gunant's Drill
Titanium Core





The Medal List
Veteran - is given from the start.
Survivor - arrived with less than 5% of hull energy.
Geologist - mined every type of ore.
Adv. Geologist - mined every type of ore cores.
Killer - more than 250 kills.
Carrier - transported more than 200t on courier missions.
Miner - mined 1000t of ore.
Adv. Miner - mined 25t of cores.
Personal Need - bought 1000t of booze.
Barkeeper - bought every type of booze.
Garbage Man - destroyed more than 150t of space junk.
Space Tourist - visited each station.
Explorer - visited each system.
Handyman - bought every blueprints.
Engineer - finished every blueprint.
Addict - played more than 20 hours.
Workaholic - finished 50 missions.
Globetrotter - used jump gate 100 times.
Travel Business - carried 50 passengers.
Ninja - used a cloak for more than 5 minutes.
Nuclear Armament - detonated 50 bombs.
Alien Hunter - collected 25t of Void ships' remains.
Harum-Scarum - left a station without weapons or equipment.
Weapon Fanatic - mounted 4 primary weapons.
Looter - salvaged 500t of freight.
Moneybags - earned 1000000 credits.
Chatterbox - talked with 100 people.
Commander - commanded more than 20 wingmen.
Renegade - evoked hostility in one faction.
Stonecutter - destroyed 500 asteroids.
Void Terror - finished the story.
Space Saver -had 500t of free cargo space.
Naysayer - rejected 50 job offers.
Daredevil - accepted 10 missions without having asked about the difficulty.
Know the place! - accepted 12 missions without having asked about the location.
Champion- You got all the medals!


JG Planet






Pescal Inartu

lo Ombak 8
Gome C 1
Nehma 6
Valadon 3
Kallsta Omba 5
Makke S'ik 9
Dis 7
Ukka N'ima 2
Genoh 10
Kkit S'ukk 6
Decimus 9
Festus 7
Kumppa 1
S'inokk 5
Nehebru 8
Kappa 5
T'rry T'rry 3
Lopat 7
Ehna 3

Dendra Ekta 3
Nyrand 6
Neh Suhnu 4
Ko-on 5
Psa Tori 8
A'rk Oomk 6
Zepar 4
Var Hastra 2
S'porrk 3
Gesehn 3
L'ikirr 6
Taygete 9
Fejar 2
Marktesh 7
B'akka 4
Mahasa 7
Tornard 2
Ma'rrkka 4
Orcon 4
Bosmeh 7

Carme 10
Alioth 6
Neso Aehma 4
Arpalys 4
Sao Noma 8
Bak W'ok 8
Kanado 1
Heinsten 2
Narsaxa 3
Ahma Esoh 5

Nepis 7
Damarque 5
Duhnu 6
Isonoma 9
Dekato 9
E'kkide 3
Lon Nion 4
Kernstal 3
K'ane 3
Aoeh 2

Tsoj Delev 7
Kalun Amir 8

Coppolite 8
Sobotnik 5
Urda Arcturius 7
Ga'kkrr 6
Poseho 10
Suttnar 2
Me'tokka 7
Oni 6
Himo 6

Binon 10
Maissa 2
Plural Z 8
F'err 10
Gehlon 9

Emisto 9
Dima 4
Teres 4
B'errokk 9
Anesa 10

N'arrki 9
Sorox 5
Sahi 8

P'errka 4
Inari Onu 9
Siameh 1

Ba'rrtu 9

Rr'ostam 10

K'mirkk 10

G'ukkion 10 P'arrenkk 10

Epigome 8
Euclades 1
B'akrram 10
Unotok 2
Yrdal Gedal 3 Deuter IV 3
Ekrr U'rra 1
Hamina 8

Coordinates to the Systems in Red must be purchased before you can go there
Blueprints are found at the Planets marked in Green
Planets marked in Red have pirate bases nerby. The list may be incomplete. Feel free to add any you find.

A wingman is someone who flies and fights with Keith T. Maxwell for a limited amount of time for a price.
Wingmen can be hired when found in a Space Lounge. However, once the player has earned all the
medals (they don't have to be gold), wingmen will pay the player instead, confirming that they
are Maxwell's fans. A player can control his wingmen indirectly by commands. Maxwell can hire 1, 2 or 3

Wingmen commands

Fire at will - Wingmen fly near Maxwell and attack any target hostile to Maxwell.

Attack my target - Wingmen attack the same target Maxwell attacks.

Secure next waypoint - Is only avaliable when Maxwell is on the mission requiring to reach some
waypoints. Wingmen fly directly to the waypoint and attack anyone hostile to Maxwell near it.

Use EMP blaster - Wingmen attack hostile targets but use EMP blasters instead of regular

Use Laser - This command replaces Use EMP blaster and is used make the wingmen use lasers

Terran-Vossk War:
A war was fought between the Terran Federation and the Vossk Empire during the time of Galaxy on Fire
3D. It is unknown when the war started and ended. After an unknown period of time the faction decided to
declare an armistice. It is also unknown if the Nivelian Republic was involved in the war although they
were the allies of the Terrans.

Nivelian Civil War:

The Nivelian Civil War occurred sometime between 3589 and 3624 A.D. The cause of the war is
unknown, however, as a result, the then newly settled Mido system declared independence from
the Nivelian Republic and formed the Mido Confederation of Planets along with some Terran rebels
and outlaws. Although it is also unknown how much the Terran Federation was involved in the war but as
of today, the they have accepted the declaration of independence from the Mido Confederation but the
Nivelian Republic still claim the Mido system as its own and there are still many skirmishes on the MidoNivelian border today.

Void Threat:
By 3598 A.D., the Voids have already started invading and attacking various factions in the Galaxy on
Fire universe. It is unknown when the attacks started.
The Voids would use wormholes to attack stations and freighters in a hit-and-run style. Attack the
freighters, steal the cargo, and return through the wormhole to the Void Mothership.

Mido (Faction)
The Mido Confederation is one of the four faction in Galaxy on Fire 2. Its population is made up of
both Terrans and Nivelians. Its full name is officially the Mido Confederation of Planets.

Station Design
Mido space stations are generally tall and pillar like with a few projections near the middle or lower parts
of the station. They follow the same color scheme as their ships. The lounges are darker and centered
more around the bright bar to the left side. Their stations seem to be similar to Nivelian designs, except
dilapidated, as if beaten by war scars and hit by weaponry. This is consistent with the fact that Midos
consist of separatist Terrans and Nivelians, and the fact that Nivelian fleets and patrol regularly mount
assaults on Mido stations and ships.

Ship Design
All Mido ships follow an orange, brown, and grey color scheme. They usually have something resembling
wings on both sides with overly large engines mounted on them, except for their cargo ships. Mido ships
are generally cheaper and inferior to Terran or Nivelian ships, although most of them have great handling.

The Mido Confederation was founded by Terran and Nivelian rebels and outlaws during the Nivelian Civil
War. Since the Mido declared their independence, the Terran Federation has accepted but the Republic
still claims Mido as part of their territory. There are still much skirmishes along the Mido-Nivelian border.
Eventually the Eanya system, formally part of the Nivelian Republic, joined the Midorian Confederation.

The Mido Confederation's main nemesis is the Nivelian Republic. As their name implies, they are an
allied confederation of systems. It consists of only Terrans and Nivelians.
While the Nivelian Republic is at war with the Mido Confederation, much of the Nivelian population
demands a cease-fire with many protesting and signing petitions.

The Mido Confederation controls the following systems:



Nivelian (Faction)
The Nivelian Republic is one of the four factions in Galaxy on Fire 2. Its population is assumed to be
mostly Nivelian.

Station Design
The Nivelians have tall, blue stations, often with multiple pylons connected by beams. Solar panels or
radiators are also common. Their hangars have square pads, and the space lounges use mildly round
windows and cube chairs.

Ship Design
Their ships are sleek, blue, and very elegant. They also seem to all have a central, recessed cockpit with
two or more "wings" or "fins" in which engines, weapons, or even nothing at all may be present on said

The Mido system declared independence during the Nivelian Civil War. Although the Terran
Federation has accepted Mido Confederation's independence, the Nivelian Republic still claim Mido as
part of their territory. There is still much skirmishes along the Mido-Nivelian border. Eventually the
Eanya system, formally part of the Nivelian Republic, joined the Mido Confederation.

The Nivelian Republic's main nemesis is the Mido Confederation. The Nivelian Republic was once an ally
of the Terran Federation.
While the Nivelian Republic is at war with the Mido Confederation, much of the Nivelian population
demands a cease-fire with many protesting and signing petitions.

The Nivelian Republic controls the following systems:





Pirates, also referred to as outlaws in GOF1, prefer to lurk in asteroid fields and wait for their preys.
Usually pirates prefer to raid freighters but occasionally they can also be seen in dogfights with station
security forces. Pirates also raid mining ships.
Pirates are disliked by all yet it's socially acceptable to state one's wish to become a pirate to strangers in

Station Design
Pirate stations, like their ships, have a militaristic design with an olive green and brown color scheme.

Ship Design
Pirate ships tend to look less polished than all other types of ships as they are mostly put together from
parts from ships of different factions. Pirate ships are all about functionality as opposed to their
appearance. They tend to have more weapon capacity than other ships as well. Like their stations, pirate
ships are very militaristic and come in olive green and brown.

A Vossk commander once conspired with a Terran officer and the Pirates.

Terran (Faction)
The Terran Federation is one of the four factions in Galaxy on Fire 2. Its population is assumed to be
mostly Terran. They are the most powerful, seeing as they have the most systems out of all factions ingame.

Station Design
Terran station designs are very conventional, much like their ships. They tend to consist of many or one
single square/octagonal "columns", one of which will contain the docking zone, the rest containing many
utilities. An exception to this would be Io Ombak station in Aquila, which has a lone, "squashed" cylinder
with a communication station on the top of the station.

Ship Design
Terran ship design generally appears to be more conventional than the Vossk or the Nivelians, having
wings in practical places, and generally aerodynamic shapes (with possibly the exception of the Anaan or
the Cormorant). Their ships are generally considered to be quite average, with the Vossk beating them on
armor and the Nivelians beating them in handling. Though this may be an disadvantage to some, their
two special ships, the Comorant and the Anaan more than make up for this for sheer cargo space. All
Terran ships follow a gunmetal-gray, yellow, and blue color scheme.

The Terran Federation fought a war with the Vossk Empire, though an uneasy truce was formed in an
attempt to destroy the Void threat. A Vossk commander once conspired with a Terran officer and
the Pirates.

The Terran Federation's main nemesis is the Voids. The Terran Federation was once an ally of
the Nivelian Republic.

The Terran Federation controls the following systems:






Pescal Inartu





Vossk (Faction)
The Vossk Empire is one of the four factions in Galaxy on Fire 2. Its population is assumed to be
mostly Vossk.

Station Design
Vossk stations, like their ships, are mostly green and black and sleek in design. They usually look like
giant mushrooms with a large "cap" on top and cone below it with four legs sticking out. There seem to be
two levels on docking zones, larger one on top and smaller one on bottom. It appears to be the only
faction with nonvarying stations.

Ship Design
The lone Vossk ship availible for sale to the player is theH'Soc. Ships of Vossk manufacture tend to have
stronger armor than most, but at the cost of only average weaponry and decreased maneuverability.
Vossk ships tend to be more insectoid/crustacean in nature, and always have a green and black color

The Vossk Empire fought a war with the Terran Federation. A Vossk commander once conspired with
a Terran officer and the Pirates.

The Vossk Empire's main nemesis is the Terran Federation.

The Vossk Empire controls the following systems:







Mining Tips:
The instructions are shown to you right after the first take off from Var Hastra station, when Gunant
asks you to mine at least 10t of ore. Right after the last word spoken by Gunant the tip appears (you
may notice that it's a part of a dialogue):

Then you have to point your ship to an asteroid and after the target is locked, you'll see that the Fire
button is transformed to Navigate button with arrow.

Tap it and your ship will hang over an asteroid and start mining session. There appears another piece
of tutorial, explaning the mining minigame:

And after you close it - it's all about mining.

Hint: Asteroids divide into several types due to the amount of ore they contain. The D-type are the
most poor for ore and the A-type contain the most. A-type also contain a valuable core priced higher
then a raw ore, but it's rather hard to get it, so you have to equip an enhanced drill and to sharpen
your reflexes.

Standing Bonus Tip:

You will only receive a standing bonus from members of factions that you have a good standing with.
E.g. you're offered a mission by a Vossk and your Reputation is 50% Vossk, you will receive a
payment of, for example, "15,000cr (includes 50% standing bonus)". That means the base reward is
10,000cr plus 50% (5,000cr) bonus according to your reputation.

General Tips:
These hints and tips sections contain spoilers. Please do not
read any further if you do not want to potentially ruin the
story plot or your game experience!!!

How To Return To Void Space After The Storyline Is Complete

Whilst the storyline is still running, you can visit Void Space by entered wormholes that appear on the
Map. However once you have completed the storyline, wormholes like that no longer exist. So how do
you re-enter Void space?
When you are undocked from a space station, hit the button for Secondary Weapons/Wingmen/Khador
Drive. Select "Khador Drive" where you will be asked whether you want to jump into Void Space
(Yes/No). If you say "Yes", the Khador Drive will charge (this requires 1 energy cell) and you will then
jump into Void Space. To return from Void Space, simply reactivate the Khador Drive again and you will
be sent back to the station where you came from (again this will use 1 energy cell).
Note: A later update added the possibility that energy cell's appear in Mido so you don't get stuck there.
Note: If you sold your Khador drive you can get 50 void crystals at a time from Thynome

Making Money
The quickest and easiest way to make money (once you have the Kador drive) is to get a ship or
blackholes with a massive cargo area, like a Cormorant, and stock up on big ticket items - organs, rare
plants and rare animals. If you can find a place with, say, 150t of organs at $4000 a ton and then take
them to a place where you get $6000 a ton, that 150 x $2000 profit = $300,000. Doesn't take many trips
like this before you're cruising around in a Mantis.
To find out where to sell your goods, touch the i symbol next to the commodity and see where the high
price is.
NOTE: The best systems I have found to trade between are Pan(hidden system) and Wolf Reiser. Search
to find high quantities of Implants or Rare animals to sell in Pan, and then search for Organs and Luxury
to bring back to Wolf Reiser. (you could also check Aquila for Implants or Rare Animals). I have made
millions in under an hour this way, quick and easy.

Effective and Accurate Attacks

With lasers, you are advised to close the distance, and attack up close, using missiles when you can.
With the Beam lasers, you are advised to keep the target within medium range, using boost to accelerate
to an adequate range, as in close quarters, targets will often mow you down, your Beam lasers not firing
fast enough to hit accurately at close range.

Thermos are an interesting weapon to use. To make an effective attack, one must be quick with boosts,
and have a quick scanning scanner, otherwise the weapon will be rendered useless. At initial attack, keep
the opponent at a distance, to enable the scanner to make a more accurate scan. Then, the player must
use boost to close the distance. The drawing rate of the Abyss engine will not allow for more than a
certain amount of bolts to fill the screen, so it is advised to get up close as the bolts will connect faster,
will allow for a maximization of the Thermo weapon's fire rate.

Mass Drivers:
There actually is no better tactic than to go up close. Easiest to use of all weapons.

Blasters are the children of mass drivers and lasers, preserving the damage of lasers, with the increased
fire rate of a mass driver. To make effective use of this type of weapon, one must equip dumb-fire rockets
such as the Jet Rocket, or the G'Illisk. Use boosters to close the distance and fire missiles liberally, and
fire your blasters without stopping. Your blaster will paint a line of bolts across space, most, or even some
hitting the target. The rockets will make up for the lost hits, leading to a quick takedown.

Quicker Missiles:
When you boost, missiles get a brief jolt of speed, allowing for missiles to hit your targets quicker. This
can be envaluable to use in one on one jousts, as you can get 4 out of 5 missiles to hit, instead of the
nominal 3 out of 5. This also seems to make unguided rockets and bombs far faster than their normal
speed, allowing for unprecedented amounts of rockets flying about onscreen. Combine this with the
Blaster or Laser tactics to create an even more accurate attack.

Visiting the stations and systems

When you're playing, the stations you visit are marked with a checkmark, and when every station in a
system has been visited it will also be marked with a checkmark. If you remember to always check the
space lounge's of the stations you visit, this will save you much time when hunting for blueprints and
system coordinates.

Finding weapons and equipment

All the weapons and equipment in game (excluding Blueprints' ones) can be found on the hidden
systems' stations. Below is the list of all their types and where to find them:

Boosters, Thrusts - Ni'mrrod, Ekkr Urra

Rockets, Missiles - Ni'mrrod, Narsaxa

Cabins, Cloaks - Ni'mrrod, K'ane

Scans, EMP and AMR bombs - Ni'mrrod, S'porrk

Shields - Suteo, Anesa

Turrets - Suteo, Nehebru

Armor - Suteo, Poseho

Tractor beams, Drills - Pan, Taygete

Compressions - Pan, Emisto

Blasters, EMP blasters - Y'mirr, B'arrtu

Auto-cannons, Thermos - Y'mirr, K'mirrk

Lasers - Y'mirr, G'ukkion

Ore (except Void crystals) - Y'mirr, Rr'ostam

Ore cores (except Void Essence)- Y'mirr, P'arrenk


Credits: Marco -FISHLABS 3D-Artist, Idea_generator-FISHLABS Moderator, Dark_Sapphiron,

Void Destroyer, Everyone on GOF2 Wikia, and celticjedi