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Dr. John C. Stanford PhD
It is Spring and the insect world is coming alive. These pests are starting to take an
active interest in your vegetables and fruits or even worse, an active interest in the
exposed parts of you and your loved ones body. Planet Earth is amazing and it has
gifted us one of the most powerful natural products discovered by man, Neem.
Neem is the basis of EPA-approved pesticides that treats up to 200 different kinds
of pests. Unlike most toxic pesticides, it doesnt actually kill anything. Instead, it
disrupts an insects hormone balance, repelling them from food sources (like your
ankle), deterring them from eating (sometimes by blocking their ability to
swallow) and interrupting the development of eggs & larva.
That non-toxic mode of action means that its one of the safest products on the
market today. In fact, its called the called the village pharmacy in its native
India and Ayurvedic medicine holds it in high esteem. Mothers in tropical
countries around the world use Neem to treat all kinds of skin problems, including
rashes, allergic reactions and even disorders like psoriasis and eczema.
Unlike DEET, the EPA recognizes Neem oil as a safe product and does not even
set minimum tolerances for Neem oil residues when it is used as a pesticide on
food crops: The constituents of clarified hydrophobic extract of Neem oil are
long-chain fatty acids and glycerides. Long-chain fatty acids and glycerides are
Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) for use in foods by the U.S. Food and
Drug Administration (FDA).
In a separate report, an agency funded through the US Department of Agriculture
describes azadirachtin (the compound in Neem believed to be most effective in
repelling insects) as practically non-toxic, even at the extraordinarily high doses
fed to rats in laboratory settings.
How Safe Is DEET?
DEET - based insect repellants work but they may not be as safe as you think.
Consider the following quote from the Environmental Protection Agencys fact
sheet on DEET: As long as consumers follow label directions and take proper
precautions, insect repellents containing DEET do not present a health concern.
Human exposure is expected to be brief, and long-term exposure is not expected.
Obviously, they dont spend much time outdoors. Plus, if youve ever had to use
DEET after youve already gotten a bite, you know how badly it burns. Even
Walk In Good Health & Live a Neemed Life! The Neem Queen

worse, try to catch a toddler with a bite and spray something that stings every
parent has to do it, but it sure is a miserable job. If youre like most people
concerned about the long-term health of your children, pets and planet, youve
tried at least one all-natural insect repellant.
Neem oil and Neem leaf extract offer the best alternative to DEET-based insect
repellants. Multiple studies from India and elsewhere have shown that Neem
applied to the skin repels mosquitos, gnats, and other flying insects. And there is
more: Neem soothes the itching caused by previous bites and promotes the healing
of scratches, scrapes, cuts, and insect irritations.
Neem leaf extract in pure ethanol is easily sprayed on the body and provides a low
odor and non-intrusive shield against biting insects. Neem oil, when blended with
other essential oils, offers a long lasting layer of protection. Savvy outdoor folks
keep both on hand, choosing between them as needed.
No single other natural ingredient can out perform Neem as an insect repellant.
We here at All About Neem have tested Neem extract and blended Neem oil in the
most demanding situations Mexico, Florida and lake areas in the Northwest, with
no shirts, bathing suits, shorts, and sandals. Mosquitos simply do not want any part
of the taste or odor of Neem. Nothing can be more convenient than keeping a
mister of extract or oil blend with you any time you step outside.
Join the millions of people that are looking for safe RELIEF for their pets and
even themselves, using non toxic, natural and organic Neem-based solutions. We
also provide a range of people products that help you deal with lice, mites, scabies,
ringworm and even bedbugs. Take the Neem challenge! This year stop applying
potentially dangerous chemicals to your skin.

Let Nature Cleanse, Defend & Protect!

Ingredients: Witch Hazel
(hamamelis virginiana) Distillate,Water (aqua),
Bourbon Vanilla (planifolia bean) Extract,
Moringa (moringa oleifera) Oil,
Karanja (pongamia glabra) Seed Oil,
Neem (azadirachta indica) Seed Oil,
Proprietary blend of essential oils,
Phenoxyethanol & Caprylyl Glycol
Sorbic Acid
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Walk In Good Health & Live a Neemed Life! The Neem Queen