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School Year 2014-2015


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I. Directions: Identify the term being described. Write only the letter of your choice
on the space provided.
_____ 1. What kind of bed rest position is appropriate for unconscious patient?
A. recovery position
C. recumbent position
B. upright position
D. semi-recumbent position
_____ 2. Which thermometer is suitable for infant?
A. digital thermometer
B. oral thermometer

C. rectal thermometer
D. sphygmomanometer

_____ 3. What is the highest agency in our country that is responsible for the
nutrition of the population?
_____ 4. What kind of activity is appropriate for young patient?
A. embroidering
C. rug making
B. scrapbook making
D. A and C
_____ 5. Which of these is a classification of diseases?
A. communicable
C. non-communicable
B. hereditary
D. A and C
_____ 6. Which diet is suitable for a person who has a malfunctioning pancreas?
A. soft diet
C. diabetic diet
B. liquid diet
D. none of these
_____7. What are the two kinds of liquid medicines?
A. suspensions and tablets
C. suspensions and syrups
B. capsules and pills
D. none of these
_____ 8. Which of the following diseases is characterized by hoarse voice?
A. gastritis
C. scabies
B. laryngitis
D. syphilis
_____9. Which of these is the process of identifying and grouping of work to be
A. action
C. delegation
B. organization
D. function
_____ 10. Which of the cooking method is applicable for old poultry such as old
chicken, old duck and old turkeys?
A. dry heat method
C. quick dry method
B. moist heat method
D. quick moist method
_____ 11. What do you call the process of telling how things are to be done?
A. directing
C. organizing
B. evaluating
D. planning

_____ 12. Which of these functions includes the production of all food items
listed in the menu?
A. food preparation
C. sanitation
B. purchasing
D. service
_____ 13. Which of these foods is eaten raw or cooked and is prepare whole, sliced,
chopped, shredded or mashed?
A. chicken
C. meat
B. fish
D. vegetable
_____ 14. Which of these services is popularly used for serving meals for the sick
hospitals or at home or in serving breakfast in bed?
A. Blue Plate Service
C. Tray Service
B. American Service
D. Filipino Service.
_____ 15. What is the measure of the space occupied by a person at the table?
A. 18-19 inches long
C. 18-19 centimeters long
B. 20-21 inches long
D.20-21 centimeters long
_____ 16. Which function includes care of physical plant, equipment and utensil
maintenance, and ware washing?
A. purchasing
C. service
B. sanitation
D. food preparation
_____ 17. Which type of service is accompanied by chef de rang and commis de rang?
A. English Service
C. French Service
B. American Service
D. Filipino Service.
_____ 18. Who is the person who oversees the entire operation of a food service
A. customer
C. manager
B. crew
D. line leader
_____ 19. Which of the following tools and equipment is used in measuring liquid
ingredients like wine, juices and water?
A. blender
C. juice squeezer
B. mixing glass
D. jigger
_____ 20. Which of these tools is used in mixing wines and other cocktail?
A. blender
C. shaker
B. juice squeezer
D. cork screw
_____21.Which of these terminologies means to enlarge a basic recipe?
A. quality cookery
C. quality recipe
B. quantity recipe
D. quantity cookery
_____ 22. Which of these stages is the first stage of beating egg whites which is
characterized by bubble formation?
A. frothy
C. stiff peak
B. rounded peak
D. fruity
_____ 23. Which of these is known as signature product of a particular region or
A. native delicacy
C. pie and pastry
B. bread
D. cake
_____24. What do you call the outer part of bread which is made up of flour,
shortening, water and salt?
A. grain
C. tunnel
B. crust
D. foam
_____ 25. Which mixture of rice flour has a thick or thin consistency that can be
A. shortening
C. dough
B. butter
D. batter

_____ 26. Among the following flours, which flour is best use in bread baking
because of its gluten content?
A. wheat flour
C. cake flour
B. pastry flour
D. all-purpose flour
_____27. Who is the one in-charge in the physical arrangement of the cafeteria.
A. customer
C. house keeper
B. counter boy
D. storeroom clerk
_____ 28. What kind of quick bread is applicable to be poured in steady stream?
A. soft dough
C. drop batter
B. thin batter
D. stiff batter
_____29. What ingredient is the leavening agent used in yeast bread making?
A. baking powder
C. eggs
B. baking soda
D. yeast
_____30. Which galapong type is either soft or thick which is manipulated by hands?
A. shortening
C. dough
B. butter
D. batter
_____ 31. Which of these provides as the structural framework of quick breads?
A. shortening
C. flour
B. liquid
D. eggs
_____32. Which term refers to the method done to expel carbon dioxide and
incorporate oxygen needed for the growth of the yeast?
A. kneading
C. punching
B. proofing
D. rolling
_____33. What do you call the material used to protect the middle finger from
A. thread
C. thimble
B. hoops
D. pounce
_____34. Which of these is distinguished by linear designs raised from its background?
A. corded
C. shadow
B. sashiko
D. padded
_____35. Which of these allover quilting designs produces a pattern of diamond shapes?
A. straight line
C. diamond shape
B. allover curved
D. criss-cross
_____36. Among these materials, which is use at the middle of the top and
bottom fabric of your quilted article?
A. batting
C. filler
B. wax
D. backing
_____37. What do you call the design which made up of repeated patterns that frame and
the motif?
A. ornamental
C. outline
B. patchwork blocks
D. border

II. Directions: Determine the food cost of maja blanca. Refer to the price list in the
box. (5 pts.)
4.00/ cup
Evaporated milk
15.00/ cup


15.00/ cup
4.50/ cup


2 cups cornstarch
1 cup evap. Milk
2 cups sugar
cup buko
7 cups cocomilk
1 tsp. vanilla
No. of yields 24 slices

VI. Directions: Enumerate the following. Write your answer on the space
5 Basic Bed Rest Positions

5 Food Courses











3 Types of Cakes

5 Basic Crochet Stitches





50 .__________________________________


It is not the position where you are standing, but which

direction you are going

Prepared by:

Ms. Arlyn P. Villanueva

T.L.E. IV Teacher

Noted by:
Ms. Benilda M. Quiaonza
Principal III

Ms. Angie Lyn F. Bas

T.L.E. IV Teacher