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I would probably go one step further: as uncomfortable as it is to entertain, it is

possible that some key figures in the "alternative" media have been co-opted,
knowingly or unknowingly with inducements to make them "comfortable"---the
Hollywood syndrome. Well financed organizations are no longer "hungry"...they rely
on "key" parts of the overall truths without dealing with the glaring inconsistencies.
The back story in my clashes with Kerry Cassidy is that, on two separate occasions, I
posted information unfavorable to a key Camelot guest. First, with Hoagland, I
debunked his Elenin theory in August 2011, in the James Horak interview. At the
time of that interview I sent Kerry information about the work of Dr. Norman Bergrun
of the Ames Space Center, with whom Mr. Horak worked in the mid-1970s. Dr.
Bergrun is quite aged, but his work has been kept alive by Mr. Horak. I pointed out
that Hoagland has no science degrees per se, and that his predictions could be
refuted by understanding the concepts of EMVs.
It was later, after I found, and began to investigate Gary Vierre's claims about
Hoagland, through Michael Vara, that Kerry wrote her blog piece defending
Hoagland---without any inquiry, or any substantiating evidence. I find it interesting
that to this day, she has never offered any other grounding to her opinions, nor
attempted to follow up on any of the claims...she simply "dropped" the matter. This
is more the work of a spin master than an investigator and reporter.
The David Wilcock story has a similar arc: Wilcock is a "darling" of the new age set,
who clamor after feel good pseudo-science and spirituality. By his own bio, we have
a direct connection between Wilcock and Hoagland:
"David was also tasked by Richard C. Hoagland to upgrade his interplanetary
climate change research to a whole new level, and this necessitated a relieving end
to the basement labor by the beginning of April. Up until the Hoagland initiative,
David had relied heavily on the work of Russian Dr. Aleskey Dmitriev's studies to
argue that our entire solar system was rapidly becoming brighter, hotter and more
energetic. Hoagland insisted that all Russian data needed to be thrown out for the
purposes of skeptical Western scientists, and every point needed to be argued from
a direct NASA study." (from
So...does this sound familiar? Richard Hoagland raises up David Wilcock from his
"basement" after Wilcock posts on Hoagland's site. Did not Hoagland promise Gary
Vierre he would not have to " worry about finances" as result of being associated
with Hoagland? Also, why did Hoagland order Wilcock off the work of Dr. Dmitriev,
and insist on accepted NASA research? When does this begin to sound like the work
of a puppetmaster (Hoagland) and his ambitious junior protg?
"David first met Billy Blake in February 2005 after a conference at a Science of Mind
center in Pasadena on Valentine's Day. The contacts David made at the Hoagland
conference, particularly through Robert Perala, led to this opportunity. Billy was
awed by David's presentation and said that if it were turned into a film, it would be

incredible. Thus, the CONVERGENCE film project was born - the realization of the
gold-medal prophecy."

I have been on record, in shows I have done with Duncan O'Finioan, as opposing
certain aspects of the fringe NESARA ( National Economic Stabilization and Recovery
Act)-style global financial resolutions---this is a vastly complicated subject, and
many savants have jumped aboard, with variations-on-a-theme since the original
work, "Draining The Swamp" by Harvey Barnard, appeared in the early 1990s.
The most famous, Shaini Candace Goodwin, called "Dove Of Oneness" was a
follower of The Ramtha School Of Enlightenment, who stated that the NESARA was
"to be implemented at 10 am on September 11, 2001, but that the computers, and
data (of the beneficiaries of the trillions of dollars of "Prosperity funds") were
destroyed on the second floor of one of the World Trade Center towers in New York
City during the terrorist attacks."
Numerous intrigues have sprung from Goodwin's later connections to Clyde Hood's
Omega Trust, which was brought down in 2000 after convictions for wire fraud,
money laundering , and tax charges. Goodwin was later discovered and discredited
by Barnard prior to his 2005 death. NESARA has since morphed into a global
conspiracy theory with tentacles that reach into very esoteric realms, that include
"Galactic Councils" (Sheldon Nidle and Steve Beckow), and has been the root for
numerous other financial reconciliation plans---many fostered by channeled entities
claiming to represent angelic or off world groups, working for mankind. Thus,
NESARA is the template for all the plans now being promoted, by David Wilcock and
Benjamin Fulford, as well as the CMN video announcement by James Martinez.

Martinez, has worked for years in the area of legally resolving people's credit
problems, he has also been a key promoter of "free energy" via cold fusion, and
his announcement of the New Global Economic Structure dovetailed with his
December 29, 2011 interview with Italian cold fusion developer, Andrea A. Ross1.
Martinez' own world view is deeply influenced, as well, by a very colorful
"off worlder", named iON, who has appeared on his Cash Flow radio show since
2009. iON, is a channeled non-human entity, voiced by a man known as "JW", and
brought through JW by prominent media figure Bob Neveritt. iON can best be
described as an ultra-intelligent collective entity with a marked southern drawl and
raunchy sensibility, whose mantra is to "take back your power." iON is also credited
with being the source of the "DNA Drops" product promoted by Martinez, Neveritt,
and Neveritt's sife, Dr. Carolyn Dean on the Wednesday weekly 3 hour version of
Cash Flow

All of this wonderfully entertaining weirdness aside, it is Martinez' somber

announcement on January 1, 2012, which ignited the wrath of David Wilcock, who
wrote that the CMN video and Martinez was a "hoax", and that Martinez was likely
"someone looking for publicity. It is also possible that this is intended to distract
people from the real issue and do it in a way that can be discredited, so people do
not believe the real story."

Kerry Cassidy's response, on her blog, acknowledged what was to become an

embarrassing conflict: James Martinez has been the subject of two interviews by
Project Camelot---the first in 2009, focused on Martinez' work with the late Walter
Bowart, the former publisher of the trendsetting, "East Village Other", and later the
author of the 1978 book, "Operation Mind Control"; which featured a forward by
Richard Condon, author of "The Manchurian Candidate". Both books were breakouts
of the genre of reporting on government-sponsored mind control projects such as
MKUltra...a genre which finds its apex in the work of Project Camelot.
While all of the above would seem "fringe" to the average man or woman on the
street, what we behold is the confluence of streams that bring together the memes
of elites financial control, deep government psy-op projects,; themes of ET
intervention, and the gestalt of a new human consciousness and liberation from the
"dark lords" of the present world system----a heady brew through which any number
of mystics can operate with impunity. This brings us to Project Camelot...the
online guerrilla video site that interviews whistleblowers and informers:
The time line is hard to pin, but the "official" bio of Project Camelot claims it started
in 2006, but it appears that Cassidy had begun her trek as a "guerrilla"
documentary maker prior to her meeting Bill Ryan. The "history" of Camelot has
been sanitized repeatedly, and key videos have been "disappeared" from the web
over the years, making any linear history of Camelot nearly impossible. So here we
can only speculate: could the "convergences" which produced the
cozy relationships between Camelot, Richard Hoagland and David Wilcock have
been forged in a manner designed to create an intel-style "pressure valve" for the
burgeoning internet interest into conspiracy theory?
We note that the NAME, "Project Camelot" has an ominous background, as well:
John Markoff (October 10, 2011). "Government Aims to Build a 'Data Eye in the
Sky'". New York Times. Retrieved 2011-10-10. "They cite the Pentagons illfated Project Camelot in the 1960s, which also explored the possibility that social
science could predict political and economic events, but was canceled in the face of
widespread criticism by scholars." (Wikipedia)

Re: Hoagland Exposed

What does it say about Project Avalon and Project Camelot. Anything with the name
"PROJECT" should ring bells. As you all know, Project Camelot was the name of a
Military Project and is a complete psy-ops project designed to throw honest (and
educated) seekers off the real trail.
Project Camelot was a social science research project of the United States Army that
started in 1964 and was cancelled after congressional hearings in 1965. The goal of
the project was to assess the causes of conflict between national groups, to
anticipate social breakdown and provide eventual solutions. The proposal caused
much controversy among social scientists, many of whom voiced concerns that such
a study was in conflict with their professional ethics.
TO UNDERSTAND MORE ABOUT THIS MILITARY PROJECT Document Number 1 The following description of Project Camelot was released on December 4, 1964,
through the Office of the Director of the Special Operations Research Office (SORO)
of the American University in Washington, D.C. It was sent to scholars who were
presumed interested in the study of internal war potentials and who might be willing
to assemble at a four-week conference at the Airlie House in Virginia in August
1965. This release, dated December 4, 1964, is a summary version of a larger set of
documents made available in August 1964 and in December 1964 [I.L.H.].
Project CAMELOT is a study whose objective is to determine the feasibility of
developing a general social systems model which would make it possible to predict
and influence politically significant aspects of social change in the developing
nations of the world. Somewhat more specifically, its objectives are:
First, to devise procedures for assessing the potential for internal war within
national societies;
Second, to identify with increased degrees of confidence those actions which a
government might take to relieve conditions which are assessed as giving rise to a
potential for internal war; and
Finally, to assess the feasibility of prescribing the characteristics of a system for
obtaining and using the essential information needed for doing the above two
A Communist Commentary on Camelot
by Jorge Montes

Chilean Chamber of Deputies, 1965

A number of newspapers, and particularly El Siglo, have been referring to a socalled "Project Camelot." What is this project? In order to define it, we shall textually
quote from an official document. [See Document No.1 above, from which excerpts
were cited.

Camelot Goes Underground

When the true nature of Project Camelot was revealed, it was forced to curtail public
operations. In reality, though, it went underground only to surface with a variety of
new covers: as government agencies, individual academics, private corporations
and, of course, individual agents. The work encompassed in the original project
would still be carried out, but the form of operation would change. Camelot
researchers were still at the stage of identifying their "would-be-attackers" and
much work remained to be done. Thus while Ambassador Dungan apologized to the
Chileans for Camelot, the CIA began to restructure its embassy network to
accommodate the hidden Camelot.
Go to this link to read more on the above -
Cassidy is a Hollywood wannabe who was brought up as a Military Child. Any child
coming out of the Military pre-schools are generally mind controlled. Perhaps a MK
Mind Controlled Puppet.
It shows all the connections between military and rock stars and satanic
involvement in the 70's and a place called Laurel Canyon. And what did most of
these rock stars have in common - A MILITARY PRE-SCHOOL. This is a fascinating
read that brings together in the web of deceit most of the leading names in the rock
industry and who controlled them.
The Camelot ideology has been very much expressed by Ryan and Cassidy in terms
of the Arthurian legend. While ties to the original legend of King Arthur, Merlin, and
the mythical Roundtable date to the period of the final days of the rule of Uther
Pendragon ---a cloaked reference to bloodline Norman rulers. The meme installed in
the original Project Camelot bears some resemblance to the focus of the present
day Camelot, under Cassidy, in a reverse paradigm; i.e.-that Camelot itself is a

molder of "alternative" perceptions guiding social changes. Esoteric references

linked to an intelligence "psy-ops" would not be a new concept in the shadowlands
of the intelligence world.
Note also that Hoagland's 2005 conference was held in Pasadena---home of JPL, Jack
Parsons, ann the infamous hotbed of occult workings where Parsons, Alesiter
Crowley, and L. Ron Hubbard ignited the modern era of dark mystery school
intrigues merging science and "majick with the "Bablon Working" ritual. (Greenfield,
T. Allen. The Rocket Scientist & The Guru: Stargate 1946.
Kerry Cassidy is very clever at reinventing her own history, and in the usage of
"memes" to embed key emotional triggers. While somewhat demurring to travels
she took with Ryan after forming their partnership, as the basis of this mythological
imagery for PC/PA, the similarities and synchronicities remain jarring.
Cassidy, especially, employs a very loose set of tactics in her research, including
what she terms as "psychic" or intuitive modes of interaction. She also bends the
normal structures of journalism by injecting her own opinions, views, and prejudices
into the the stream of questions and responses. She is notoriously aggressive in
pulling lines of questioning out of her witnesses, and often loosely threads other
:information: into those interviews to create "impressions" which would not be
inferred from the direct inquiries.

Inbox x

Terry Crane
4:40 PM (2 hours ago)

to me

1/10/12 So, with the revelation of Richard Hoagland in early December regarding his
"insider dis-information" I get a book from the library yesterday called The Cosmic
Soul by Patricia Cori. She was recommended by Santos Bonacci as I am watching his
astrotheology videos and he loves her work. I skip to a chapter in the back of the
book called "the secret government and space conspiracy" and soon learn the
author channels someone or something ( have not read the first part of the book)
because this is the first place I go in this book, bam...they (the channeled being(s))
LOVE Richard Hoagland. He is referred to as a pioneer,brilliant and an adept at least
twice and plead you to listen to him. So I check the published date of the book and
it is 2000 and 2008. I have no experience with channeled information and at this
point I do not have the luxury of testing it out personally (not really wanting to
either), but come on...7 billion people here and they pick out Hoagland??? Just
thought you should know information is still surfacing since the December exposure
of Richard Hoagland.

I see is now working on the Palin story. I wound up reading about
her MK Ultra programing at and feel terribly sorry for all
these people in this situation. I can not do a damn thing about it. It is the overall
matrix we live in that I am still trying to totally understand. It is truly mind blowing
what these beings in power have done to us all.

Just watched a documentary "Stepping Into The Fire" on Max Igan's Information
Machine. So uplifting. It is about some people who go to Peru and take
Auehuaska(the spelling is wrong I know) and are healed emotionally and physically
and their lives are changed for the good. I want some....but then I thought we
should slip everyone in DC a powerful cocktail at the same time to see what would
happen. Plants saving the world...what a great idea. Better yet...have the plants
decide who should live on this planet and who should ship out. I wanna be at that
farewell party.

I hope this brightened you day a bit.

Thanks for letting me share with you

Auburn, WA

Disclosure Imminent? Two Underground NWO Bases Destroyed
Written by David WilcockFriday, 16 September 2011 21:48
80 different countries have now formed an alliance against the Old World Order / Nazi-esque cabal.

Two huge underground cities were destroyed on August 23rd -- which may be seen by historians as the critical
moment in which the war was won.

[UPDATED next morning 9:32 am. Credible insider source confirms these accounts and adds new information!
Pleaselink to this article but do not re-post it, as it is being dynamically updated as events unfold. Posting key excerpts
with the link is encouraged.

UPDATED Monday 9/19. New info from Fulford. 87 countries are now onboard. Poland meeting was apparently

UPDATED Wednesday 9/21. No radioactivity was found in either of the bases. Method of attack still unknown.
Damage is so extreme there will be no effort to access them. Scroll to bottom of article for more.

NOTE SUNDAY 10/2: There have been significant new developments, including good intel that as many as six
additional bases were destroyed soon after the first two. A massive new article is underway but may not be out until
midweek, due to several important factors at work. Hang in there!

NOTE THURSDAY 10/6: MASSIVE NEW DEVELOPMENTS: This week, there have been MASSIVE new
developments to this story that have forced another round of serious consultations with our key insiders. Part II is
mostly finished, but the story is changing faster than we can write it.

Fulford Bio?

Bill Ryan threatens to tell truth about Kerry Cassidy!!!!! Camelot finished!

From Bill:
Look at the 27 Feb update. Read carefully. The infiltrator is John (Jack) Burns. He
works for Australian intelligence. He's got in very close with Kerry and David
He wanted to sack all the volunteers, move Camelot to a central office in Australia,
make Kerry a star, have only paid staff, and have him as the co-ordinator. Kerry
wanted to do it. I said no way, not ever.
You have no idea what's going on behind the scenes. Camelot is being taken down.
27 Feb update on Camelot. On the blog. Read it carefully.
The problems are huge.
Of course... it's a classic intel ploy, straight out of the book.
It's SO obvious.
Re Camelot being taken down, I'm going to quit fairly soon and will re-establish
Avalon as Camelot 2.0.
I have an drafted major statement called BLOWING THE WHISTLE ON PROJECT
CAMELOT. I think we're at the stage now where PR and careful political statements
won't heal anything - the only thing that works is the truth.
No... the only way the forum will be re-opened is either if the hosts will reveal the
new passwords, or if we can move everything to a new server. That's under way but
will take several days.
The entire thing is a sting operation against Camelot. everything started back in the
summer when we were attacked in multiple ways (Rense, Eagles Disobey, etc).
Soon after that we were infiltrated by John Burns. Kerry bought his story and so did
David WIlcock. He's an agent. I have audio recordings and 100% proof. Kerry will not
hear it.
David WIlcock has been trying to help... he's a good guy. But he has bought the John
Burns story. I tried to warn him..
If you think that was a fear mongering video, you can't have watched it to the end
You think I badmouth Kerry? Read the Camelot blog. I've done nothing but praise +
honor her publicly - on the forum, too. But here we have someone who shut down
the forum and deleted a video and has been taken in by an Australian agent whose

Facebook profile shows they are friends of Gordon Brown and Bill Clinton, and they
support the Likud party. Go figure.
Enough already. I'm not going to put up with this any more. If you care for Camelot,
realize that it's being taken down.
Do your own analysis. Look at all the facts. Read everything we're written.
I have to go - will be back later
Thanks, Guys


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The Establishment of the Rons Orgs
[link to]

Rons Org, as we know it today, had its inception on 12 October, 1984, when Bill Robertson,
known among his friends as Captain Bill or CBR (Captain Bill Robertson), held a meeting near
Frankfurt, Germany, to announce the existence of a new Free Zone delivery unit that promised
to deliver Standard Tech. A transcript of CBRs presentation is found in Tech Briefing 1. The
name Rons Org" was announced in a follow-up meeting two weeks later (Tech Briefing 2), an
acronym for Rons Organisation and Network for Standard Tech.
Tech 1 link [link to]

Tech 2 link [link to]

Having completed Excalibur and having obtained a major, stable EP, CBR found that the Bridge
thereafter flowed relatively easily. Using standard C/Sing technology, the remaining levels were
researched and developed in fairly quick progression. By the time of Admin Briefing 1 (25
January 1987), CBR had reached OT 16 and developed the Games Master Course, a major
level not just a course. Eight months later, in Admin Briefing 2 (29 August 1987), CBR
announced the development of further levels (the Games Series Course, the Games Basics
Course, and four Source Operations Levels), the latter going right to the heart of what it is to be
operating as a self-determined Source. A little later again, he developed VAST (Viable
Application for Source Training) and VAST Plus, and that completed the Bridge. (More about
the OT levels in the Ron's Orgs and in the Church of Scientology can be found in the article
about OT levels).

Meanwhile, the Rons Orgs expanded and flourished, and soon after completing a videotaped
series of lectures and seminars in 1990 Your Dynamics in the Nineties, Improving Conditions
in Life, Logic in Life (about the Data Series), Body Org Basics, and Exchange and Finance
CBR died in May 1991. The Rons Orgs themselves were largely unaffected, as they were not
hierarchically organised each Rons Org being a self-sufficient organisation in itself which
stayed in close communication with the other Rons Orgs: a true network that was the
forerunner of much business corporate structure in subsequent years.
After various periods of shake-down and reorganisation, the Rons Orgs continued to prosper
and the most recent rapid expansion has occurred in Russia. The Rons Orgs now operate
under the auspices of the Rons Org Committee, chaired by Max Hauri, Switzerland. Max and
his wife Erica Snr C/S were invited to Russia in the late 1990s to deliver a few basic
courses and some lower Bridge standard auditing. At the time of writing this article January
2006 there are some 2,000 people on Rons Org lines in Russia and there are over a dozen
Rons Orgs in Moscow alone. The area continues to thrive and expand rapidly and the stats are
high, with numerous OT 16 completions (one of the major levels of the Bridge) and fully trained

As per the landmark bulletin Keeping Scientology Working, the Rons Orgs set a very high
importance on training and the definition of a Rons Org includes the criterion that it must have
a courseroom; an auditor or C/S delivering standard tech, no matter towhat level, is known as a
Rons Org Field Auditor if no courseroom facilities are present.

Every Rons Org courseroom employs only original LRH materials; nothing is altered or
rewritten. Rons Org courserooms deliver every essential course such as the HQS, Hard TRs,
Student Hat, Method 1, Dianetics, Objectives, Grades, LXs, HRD, SHSBC, and all reviews
such as the PTS RD, SP RD, Int RD, Confessionals, False Purpose RD and many others.
For everyone in the Rons Orgs, the Source of the Tech is LRH, not CBR. CBR would always
point out that he did not consider himself to be source of anything, and was simply applying
LRH basics standardly and logically to the next levels beyond those developed in the Church of
Scientology at the time LRH was still alive. CBR would acknowledge LRH at the end of every
lecture, seminar or briefing that he gave, and considered himself merely as having duplicated
what LRH wanted and was simply continuing to carry the torch forward.

As such, one handles incomplete cycles and unfinished games which are further and further up
the dwindling spiral, towards the Beginning a realm in which the importance and exactness
of the Factors and Axioms becomes clear. Inasmuch as the dwindling spiral the gradually
accumulating tangle of incomplete cycles of action produces great complexity, as one
reaches back towards the very earliest games one finds oneself encountering areas of great
simplicity which nonetheless can be very highly charged. The Rons Org Bridge addresses and
handles these charges, and restores ones quality of beingness to those enjoyed and
manifested at the earliest stages of existence.
For further information on anything mentioned in this article, or to learn how to contact a Rons
Org in your area, please contact
So thus far we have found out a few things that both Rons Org and P/A use that can link them
Bill Ryan is still a believer in LRH despite the Crowley Connection. We see Switzerland come
up. A connection here is the chair of Rons Org is from that area and donations payable to P/A
are to be sent to the same country. Bill has made no attempt to hide the fact he was living there

from P/A`s website [link to]

2) Bank transfer
Name: William Ryan [Project Avalon account]
Bank: Credit Suisse
Bank address: Paradeplatz 8, CH-8070 Zurich
Account number: 1796062-70-1
IBAN: CH78 0483 5179 6062 70001

Swiftcode: CRESCHZZ80A
Bank Clearing number: 4835

The other thing i noticed here was the connection to the Fable of King Arthur . As we all should
know there was no King Arthur other then the one from Ireland. There was no round table or
Merlin, Camelot or Excaliber. It was a fable created yet both P/A use it as does Ron`s Org .Now
that fact that it is a fable and not true it should give you a good idea about Bill ryan`s reaction to
being told he was a descendent from King Arthur by Charles . He was awestruck took it all in
when the reality of the truth is if it were fact then Bill Ryan would not exist except to be an ear
mark in a book some where
So i question a few things here is that forum receiving funding from Ron`s Org as it relies on
donations to exist . Is it someway linked to that church so that donations to it are tax exempt.
Here it is plainly evident that members are supporting the forum and the running total indicates
it . Over there its all done behind the scenes no one gets to see the financial end of things.
then there is this [link to]

Page 1: List of Rons org Related Websites

These are the rons org related sites sorted by popularity:
Domain Name World Rank
Welcome to Project Camelot Portal - Projectcamelotportal Bill Ryan, Kerry Cassidy, Kerry Lynn
Cassidy, Kerry Lyn Cassidy,, Camelot, Camelot Project, Project
Camelot, whistleblower, whistleblowers, whistle blower, whistle blowers, research, researchers,
UFO, Free Energy, Energy, Alternative Medicine, Cancer, John Badwey, Badwey, Paul
Bennewitz, Bennewitz, Benniwitz, Bennowitz, Eugene Blass, Blass, Ron Bonds, Bonds, Mae
Brussell, Brussell, Danny Casolaro, Casolaro, Octopus, J. Clayton, J Clayton, Cooperson, Ruth
Drown, Drown, Frank Edwards, Edwards, Don Elkin, Elkin, Harry Hoxsey,Hoxsey, M. K.
Jessup, M K Jessup, Jessup, Montauk, Eugene Mallove, Mallove, Millbank Johnson, Johnson,
Ron Johnson, Todd Kauppila, Kauppila, Kaupilla, Kaupila, Kauppilla, Jim Keith, Keith, David
Kelly, Kelly, John F. Kennedy, Dorothy Kilgallen, William Koch, George Lahovsky, Ann
Livingston, Brian Lynch, John Mack, Kennedy, James McDonald, James MacDonald,
Macdonald, McDonald, Wilhelm Reich, Reich, orgone, Royal Rife, Rife, Ron Rummel, Rumm
[link to,] IP:, Hosting: THEPLANET.COM INTERNET
SERVICES, City: Houston

Free Zone Survivors Association - Freezone Survivors is an association of people who have
experienced the anguish and frustrations of the Free Zone or Ron s Org and wish to tell their
story. Read specific case studies. Contact those who have been part of Free Zone or Ron s
Org. Find links to other sites about Free Zone and Ron s Org. Get the truth about the Free
Zone. freezone, freezone scientology, freezone association, international freezone,
international freezone association, fzusa, freezone usa, freezone worldwide, free zone, free
zone association, the free zone association, free zone scientology, freie zone, freie zone e.v.,
ron's org, rons org, galactic patrol, sector 9, icause, aac, alt clearing technology, exscientologist, scientologist, scientology, nots, squirrel, bill robertson, capt. bill robertson, david
[link to,] IP:, Hosting:, City: Scottsdale
So keep on the look out as we do more digging to uncover more we will post it here I would like
to thank Megamud for the link to the LRH and Crowley article . I believe he posted it in the
general discussion area
A Meeting in an East Grinstead Coffee Shop
"Today I attended a mini FZ conference in EG. It was initiated by our own Clive Nicol, and Bill
Ryan. Bill is on the Ron's Org Gamesmaster course which is their OT 17, and has never been
in COS! Was a real pleasure to meet them.
There were 9 of us. It was a wonderful connecting up of people who'd mostly never met or even
e-mailed! We may have the beginnings of another FZ org....
Met an ex ED of Copenhagen, another OEC/FEBC, and one with a good tech background. She
and her partner were telling us of the opening of RO Copenhagen, where Caspar de Rijk from
RO Holland adressed 50 people.
Several had official COS certs as to SPness! Even better didn't meet, but have now contact
with a reputably superb class 4 auditor. This is a first for London and the south east of England
in recent times. Also found out that Clive is a qualified C/S!!!!
Finally one relatively new to scientology, is actually applying what she learnt on the COS
personal integrity div 6 course. That she should hold to whats true for her.
Being told she shouldn't go on the internet didn't square with that. Looks like she's heading for
her own personalised SP cert. Guess these will become standard freebies with that course!"
Terril Park
November 2005
Resource: [link to]

Originally Posted by ace

Hi Inelia

Thank you for the link you provided.

[link to]
I have noticed both you and Bill have Broke bread with the same mutual friend.
Terril Park.
Link to the forum is now inaccessible [link to]

Terril Park
Posted on February 16, 2011 by admin
"Terril Park is a particular type of Freezoner, he is not directly involved in squirreling the tech
but he thinks he has made a name for himself as Freezone PR. In other words he is
marketing Freezone snake oil and trying to sell it as pure tech. Unfortunately it is apparent he
never went to a PR or marketing class as otherwise he would have cleared the definition of
wrong public. A Freezone Survivor recently gave us some information which is shedding some
light as to why Terril Parks efforts are not unlike those of Don Quixote!!"
Terril Park

"Terril Park, the so called Freezone PR.

Terril Park is a self-proclaimed promoter of the tech outside the cos. So far so good but
where does Terril Park promote this tech outside the cos? You would think that a lover of the
tech would be trying to reach new people that dont know anything about Scientology and the
tech. Not so with Terril Park. He had a better idea. His promoter of tech career started on
a.r.s. For those of you who have never heard of it (most likely 99.99% of you) a.r.s. was a
newsgroup used by enemies and attackers of Scientology to bash Scientology and L. Ron
I know that those who are logic minded will immediately object to this saying that this doesnt
make any sense: how would a lover of the tech promote Scientology and the tech in a forum
which is dedicated 24/7 to attack and destroy the very tech he is trying to promote?
Youre right, it doesnt make sense. But when it comes to Terril Park everything is possible.
What is black becomes white and what to everyone else appears to be red to Terril Park is well
So we are most likely concerned with a reality problem. You will find now and then that
someone comes along and says this is a chair while everyone else says this is a table. It
looks like that this may well be the case when it comes to Terril Park.

But how come Terril Parks reality has become so much different than others?
A possible explanation just came in recently. A Freezone survivor sent us an e-mail giving some
insight into Terril Parks personal life.
This survivor said in so many words that Terril Park is an h-e-a-v-y d-r-i-n-k-e-r.
Well, that at least explains his disassociation from reality!"
Resource: [link to]
The best place to hide is in the open
This comes from the About Us portal located on the Project Camelot webpage:

[link to]
Project Camelot is based on an idea generated when we first met and spent the weekend in
Tintagel, England, overlooking the sea in the home of King Arthur. We named our project in
tribute to the vision behind the utopian idea of the Round Table - and have structured all our
efforts in this inspiring spirit.
WE keep seeing links to the Free Zone or Scientology faith popping in and out of Bill Ryans
endeavors. It has been shown that he believes in the Free zone Scientology philosophy. It is
still based on the L Ron Hubbards work who we have shown had a close personal relationship
with Aliester Crowley other wise known as The Beast for his use of the dark arts.
WE now see that Kerry and Bill met in Tintagel England to come together and begin their
working relationship. Supposedly the birthplace of King Arthur. Lets just examine this statement
for a second:

Late Medieval period

A castle was built on the site by Richard, Earl of Cornwall in 1233, to establish a connection
with the Arthurian legends that were associated by Geoffrey of Monmouth with the area[15] and
because it was seen as the traditional place for Cornish kings. The castle was built in a more
old-fashioned style for the time to make it appear more ancient. Richard hoped that in this way
he could gain the Cornish people's trust, since they were suspicious of outsiders. The castle
itself held no real strategic value
[link to]

So we can see deception at an obvious beginning in regards to this castle`s construction. It

puzzles me as to why this location was picked in the first place the names of Avalon and
Camelot are an obvious connection to the fable? I also wonder who it was that originally
arranged the meeting ? Who purposed the plan ? Bill Ryan? Kerry or did they purpose it
together? As we can see from this post here by Bill Ryan he seems to have trouble following
his own advice when it comes to this fable and its truth.
Re: Enlightenment: Practical steps
--------Very many thanks, Sepia - this is a really important post.
The key is to be able to differentiate between what is real and what is not.
[link to]
In the original opening paragraph I mentioned the fact that the work of L Ron Hubbard seems to
be always be showing up around the things Bill Ryan does . When one is involved in this type
of Cultic work you are taught to apply it to your everyday life
So lets look at the meeting place for just a second again to see if we can ascertain any
connection here . Both use the fable of Arthur as was shown in this post on the Ron`s Org
[link to]
Post #1

The meeting place holds another clue other then the castle it boasts a Hotel , This in itself is not
a fault but lets take a look at it anyways. It is dubbed the Camelot Castle Hotel, LOL fitting
enough for a name in that area, move along folks nothing to see here. . But wait .............lets
take a second look there is not much in this area other then the castle and the Hotel. From the
portal page we see they spent a weekend in this area and when you read that opening
paragraph who`s words do you imagine they are ? Does that sound like Kerry`s or Bill Ryan`s
way of describing things? For myself it is Bill Ryan he likes to give little clues to make the
reader or listen continue on . Kerry is the more direct one cut the crap and get to the meat and

So now lets have a look at that hotel I can imagine we can hardly wait to see it so lets pop on in

and have a peek

And here we go
[link to]

Certainly a warm charming location looks like it cost a few bob to stay there.
Lets see what else we can find out .. ah here it is under the about us section the owners
names John and Irina Mappin and a Ted Stourton. Hmmm can`t seem to find any info on the
hotel site about them funny most time you get the whole ball of wax but nothing here other then
their names. Oh well I`m sure something will turn up
What`s this no this can`t be. Bill Ryan was Kerry aware of this connection ? Was she a willing
participant to this? It would be interesting to say the least Just Googled the owners names to
find out how they came into acquiring the Hotel and found this little bit
[link to]

And from there I found this little site :

[link to]

Who is John Mappin? If you dig you`ll find some interesting stuff
Here is a little more On Johnny boy Seems he owns a jewellers oh here read it yourself . No
sorry he sold it off you may have heard of the Chain. Hard to miss it was called Mappins.
Oh here is another little bit he was sued for deceiving his best friend into handing over 77500
pounds. Why is it this L Ron Hubbard followers always want their hands in someone else`s
pockets ? Maybe Bill Ryan has the answers to that ? Also Free Zone founder Bill Robertson
stole over 50,000 thousand dollars from Co$ when he split off. We continue to see dishonorable
behavior committed by these leaders and followers of that faith Yet many seem to attach the
words integrity and honor to them ? Whats in the KOOL-AID?
Here is the story on the lawsuit

[link to]
as well if you want some reading on this group I suggest carrying on reading here at some of
the comments . Some eye opening stuff there as well
[link to]

ask yourself why does this group always seem to show up in Bill Ryan`s life . He has made his
living even before Avalon at manipulating people to achieve an outcome 27 yrs according to his
bio. And it appears the Hotel is a known site site for recruitment and training of Scientology as
sated here
"Camelot Castle Hotel is a wonderful charming, dog friendly hotel in Tintagel, Cornwall.
Sitting proudly in Tintagel overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and Tintagel Castle, the legendary
birthplace of King Arthur, the stunning 64 bedroom Camelot Castle Hotel offers rooms with
magnificent panoramic views over the rugged Cornish coastline"
wow reads straight off project avalon and project camalot page, exellent post nb, most
Ted, Irina and I and our loyal team at Camelot Castle have always been and are 100%
supportive of what the Church of Scientology and its leader has been doing since that time
More serious, however, are allegations made by past employees about their treatment by the
scientologists - from appalling living conditions to the forced indoctrination of the Polish workers
into the cult and even the 'disappearance' of those who question the cult ethos.
[link to]
sounds like a fun place to go to for a holiday (that thread from why we protest is very
interesting), just makes one wonders what else hides in plain sight ................
from another poster......
has Bill Ryan lied in his bio on Camelot.
Check [link to]
In his bio on camelot he said he worked for BAE, Hewlett Packard and Pricewaterhouse.
In his bio here [link to] there is no mention of it. He was trained
as a school teacher and went mountain climbing.

William Cuff worked for Pricewaterhouse and Hewlett Packard not Bill. (?)
Kieth Antoine worked for British Aerospace and Pricewaterhouse not Bill. (?)
who knows the truth of the matter, but it sure looks like Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy's project
Camelot portal is a front for Scientology, did you know that members of this 'religion' can get
15% commission for bringing new blood to the fold?

Posted by googlejohnmappin on September 1, 2010 6 Comments
If youve arrived here after Googling John Mappin let us introduce John Mappin to you.
Hes an interesting character. Supposedly heir to the Mappin-Webb jewellery chain, he
is now becoming infamous for pushing Scientology on guests, workers and local
people who dont want it.
Mappin is a wannabe: he wants to be a film star, musician, champion of the arts,
philanthropist, eclectic, eccentric in fact, anything but what he actually is.
He spent his privileged youth trying to move and shake with the beautiful people until
the drugs and alcohol got him down.
Then John Mappin became a Scientologist (perhaps through Narconon, one of
Scientologys front groups).
He then, as all Scientologists do, decided to save the world the L.Ron Hubbard way
and bought Camelot Castle Hotel with Ted Stourton for that purpose.
He then spent last 10 years failing to deliver his grandiose, much-spouted-worldchanging-visions for Camelot Castle Hotel. The single largest contributory factor to
John Mappins failure to run a good hotel? Using it as a means to promote Scientology.
As a fully-brainwashed Scientologist John Mappin, of course, cant accept this. In his
version of the world, everyone else is wrong from the critics who cringe at his clearlydestined-to-fail grand visions (No alcohol, Hi Tech 5* luxury hotel for Cornwall, worldrenowned centre for creative arts ad neaseum) to the outraged guests slating his hotel
in TripAdvisor and Holiday Watchdog reviews.
John Mappin now presides over a hotel thats sliding into oblivion and a dream that is

becoming more desperate as time goes by. Unable to face this reality, John Mappin is
fighting back with increasingly ridiculous PR of his own. This includes a wave of 5*
TripAdvisor reviews written in magic code designed to hide the truth from the buying
public, endless press-releases about good news and waves of spam to his enormous
email list of Friends of Camelot.
Over the last 10 years John Mappin has created a delusional world (helped in no small
part by Scientology) in which he is a knight in shining armor come to save civilization
the way Scientologists are taught that only Scientologists can. Sadly, all he seems to
have actually have achieved is to rubbish the reputation of his own business and bring
even more public criticism of the cult he belongs to.
In all the time weve been looking into this Camelot Castle Hotel business, one thing
has stood out in all the public criticism to be found online: John Mappins enormously
over-inflated, peacock ego.

John Lear-ATS CIA front. Also GLP?
MONDAY, JUNE 1, 2009
Why are there so many CIA/NSA/USAF and MILITARY SPOOKS ON GLP?
Lots of people have made the connection that Jason Lucas aka ^TrInItY^ is actually
the deputy director of an Air Force project called "TENA"...
How long Trinity has worked for the USAF is unclear, probably ever since he moved
to Shalimar.
TENA might explain why there are so many CIA and NSA and Chemtrail spooks
on TENA might just be the backend architecture
used to connect the Disinfo agents and Government spooks together... It might be
the same technology used to connect Stanford Research Institute & Tavistock with
the Department of Defense & GLP...
Click here to see a video of TENA:

TENA - Jason Lucas/Trinity's pet project.

Why exactly are most of the moderators on GLP associated with Various Intelligence
Agencies? Why does the moderator 4by2 have the same IP address as "NSA
Whistleblower" James Casbolt... Who has proven to be a hoax, his website's
underground alien base photographs were from a VIDEO GAME... So why exactly
this "NSA Whistleblower" a moderator?
Why exactly is DrPostMan a moderator too? Who is also a CIA Information Agent
who has been trolling and spreading disinfo on usenet forums for years.
Why is there a cretin named "The Guy" who is employed by the US Naval Forces,
and has posted THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of replies to every single "Chemtrail
Thread" on the site's existence?
TENA the USAF project may give you some clues about how Godlikeproductions is a
testing ground for middleware software that connects and trains various
organizations like Military, intelligence agencies & training/testing thinktanks
The fact is, Jason Lucas is a sellout.
Trinity bleeds in green...
Letters from the Editor

Project SERPO:

Colin Bennett replies to Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy. You heard of the Sopranos, now he
biggest con-artists in Ufology

Spot the difference Christmas competition 2007. Prize: a Bing Crosby CD, and a stick of
Brentford Leisure Centre

My God, I asked for information, not a reservoir full of clotted cream. For
a minute I thought I was in the middle of the White House Christmas video
talking to Barney the dog under the under the Christmas tree.
Talk about kitsch. Your wonderful personality, your wonderful wife and dog,
and your fantastic good intentions and the purity of your spotless
convictions, Jesus you could even pull Bush out of the bog with these
talents. Play the violins. For a moment I though I was with old Liberace under the cand
.You should have written for Barbara Cartland or the Queen mum before they both shut
still a chance for such a cooing voice as yours on the back of spermicide cartons, tubes
liner packs.
Who did you train with dear boy, the Luton Girls' choir or the Dixie Chicks? At times you
in Long Island's Bide-a-Wee Pet Cemetery, for the ghost of Checkers, Nixon's dog.
I asked for an answer, not a testimonial for Billy Graham or Cliff Richard with a touch of
clauses. You are "anxious to help?" Give me break, you condescending piece of suspicio
carefully, you slippery so-and-so (you are more difficult to pin down than a greased pig
chief propagandist, Victor Martinez has long decided to run SERPO as pure entertainme
sir - do you agree with him? Because if you do the debate is over and done between us
presenting SERPO and you bionic Zen-warrior as (I blush) "realities" then I challenge yo
to a debate on Pippin, c2c, or Knapp which will singe the short hairs of your dog and al
Atlanta to the Sea. On that night, Michael Savage will not receive a single phone call. T
Bennett and -what's your name - oh, yes- one Ryan.
Rejoice, sir. We've got your pictures, and we at the Combat Diaries are about to make y
you want to be (or so I am told). There will be no shortage of copy. At the moment, info
lines, dear boy. Don't worry - I too have an American wife, so I know what you are going
everybody everything they are saying of course because that might take the TV presen
say a word for example about the people you have approached and asked for money. W

org being Ron's UK org:
Or about your very private income. Thank the gods for Ms Cassidy, I say.
Colin Bennett
Author, London,
The New Fortean Times