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OpenOffice 4.1.1 ReadMe

For most recent upgrades to this readme record, see
This record contains imperative data about this system. If you don't mind read t
his data precisely before beginning work.
The Apache OpenOffice Community, in charge of the advancement of this item, migh
t want to welcome you to take an interest as a group part. As another client, yo
u can look at the OpenOffice group site with supportive data at http://openoffic
Likewise read the segments beneath about getting included in the Apache OpenOffi
ce venture.
Is OpenOffice truly free for any client?
- - OpenOffice is free for utilization by everyone. You may take this duplicate of O
penOffice and introduce it on the same number of PCs as you like, and utilizatio
n it for any reason you like (counting business, government, open organization a
nd instructive utilization). For further points of interest see the permit conte
nt conveyed together with OpenOffice or
Why is OpenOffice free for any client?
- - You can utilize this duplicate of OpenOffice today complimentary in light of the
fact that individual supporters and corporate patrons have planned, created, tr
ied, deciphered, recorded, upheld, advertised, and helped in numerous different
approaches to make OpenOffice what it is today - the world's driving open-source
office programming.
In the event that you admire their endeavors, and might want to guarantee Apache
OpenOffice proceeds into the future, please consider adding to the venture - se
e for points of interest on contr
ibuting time and for subtl
e elements on gifts. Everybody has a commitment to make.
- - Notes on Installation
- - OpenOffice obliges a late form of JAVA for full usefulness; JAVA can be download
ed from
Framework Requirements
- - * Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8

* Pentium III or later processor

* 256 MB RAM (512 MB RAM prescribed)
* Up to 1.5 GB accessible hard diskcspace
* 1024x768 determination (higher determination prescribed), no less than 256 hue
If you don't mind make a special effort to be mindful that head rights are requi
red for the establishment process.
Enrollment of OpenOffice as default application for Microsoft Office organizatio
ns can be constrained or smothered by utilizing the accompanying order line swit
ches with the installer:
*/msoreg=1 will constrain enrollment of OpenOffice as default application for Mi
crosoft Office forms.
*/msoreg=0 will stifle enlistment of OpenOffice as default application for Micro
soft Office designs.
In the event that you perform a managerial establishment utilizing setup/a, you
have to verify that the record msvcr100.dll is introduced on the framework. This
record is needed for OpenOffice to begin after a regulatory establishment. You
can get the document from
Kindly try to remain mindful that chairman rights are required for the establish
ment process.
Kindly verify you have enough free memory in the impermanent registry on your fr
amework and that read, compose and run access rights have been conceded. Close a
ll different projects before beginning the establishment.
- - Issues During Program Start-up
- - Troubles beginning OpenOffice (e.g. applications hang) and also issues with the
screen presentation are regularly brought about by the illustrations card driver
. In the event that these issues happen, please redesign your representation car
d driver or take a stab at utilizing the design driver conveyed with your workin
g framework. Challenges showing 3D items can frequently be explained by deactiva
ting the alternative "Utilization OpenGL" under 'Apparatuses - Options - OpenOff
ice - View - 3D perspective'.
- - ALPS/Synaptics journal touchpads in Windows
- - Because of a Windows driver issue, you can't look through OpenOffice records whe
n you slide your finger over an ALPS/Synaptics touchpad.
To empower touchpad looking over, add the accompanying lines to the "C:\Program

Files\Synaptics\SynTP\SynTPEnh.ini" arrangement document, and restart your PC:

SF = 0x10000000
SF |= 0x00004000
The area of the arrangement document may fluctuate on distinctive adaptations of
- - Alternate route Keys
- - Just alternate route keys (key blends) not utilized by the working framework can
be utilized as a part of OpenOffice. On the off chance that a key blend in Open
Office does not function as portrayed in the OpenOffice Help, check if that alte
rnate way is now utilized by the working framework. To correct such clashes, you
can change the keys allocated by your working framework. Then again, you can ch
ange any key task in OpenOffice. For more data on this point, allude to the Open
Office Help or the Help documention of your working framework.
- - Issues When Sending Documents as E-sends From OpenOffice
- - At the point when sending an archive by means of 'Document - Send - Document as
E-mail' or 'Report as PDF Attachment' issues may happen (program crashes or hang
s). This is because of the Windows framework document "Mapi" (Messaging Applicat
ion Programming Interface) which causes issues in some record forms. Lamentably,
the issue can't be contracted down to a certain adaptation number. For more dat
a visit to hunt the Microsoft Knowledge Base down "mapi
- - Vital Accessibility Notes
- - For more data on the availability emphasizes in OpenOffice, see http://www.openo
- - Client Support
- - The principle bolster page offers different poten
tial outcomes for help with OpenOffice. Your inquiry may have as of now been rep
lied - check the Community Forum at or look the docu
ments of the "" mailing rundown at http://openoffice. Then again, you can send in your inquiries to use Instructions to subscribe to the rundown (to get an em
ail reaction) is clarified on this page:
Additionally check the FAQ area at
- - Reporting Bugs & Issues
- - The OpenOffice Web webpage has BugZilla, our system for reporting, following and
explaining bugs and issues. We urge all clients to feel qualified and welcome f
or report issues that may emerge on your specific stage. Overwhelming reporting
of issues is a standout amongst the most essential commitments that the client g
roup can make to the continuous advancement and change of the suite.
- - Getting Involved
- - The OpenOffice Community would all that much advantage from your dynamic interes
t in the improvement of this imperative open source venture.
As a client, you are now a significant piece of the suite's improvement procedur
e and we might want to urge you to take a significantly more dynamic part with a
perspective to being a long haul benefactor to the group. If its not too much t
rouble join and look at the client page at
Instructions to Start
- - The most ideal approach to begin contributing is to subscribe to one or a greate
r amount of the mailing records, hide for some time, and bit by bit utilize the
mail chronicles to acclimate yourself with a considerable lot of the themes secu
red subsequent to the OpenOffice source code was discharged back in October 2000
. When you're agreeable, you should do nothing more than send an email presentat
ion toward oneself and bounce right in.
- - Here are a couple of the OpenOffice mailing records to which you can subscribe a
* News: *recommended to all users* (light activit
* Main client discussion: *easy approach to prowl on
discussions* (overwhelming activity)
* General task advancement and examination list: (over

whelming movement)
Joining the Project
- - You can make real commitments to this critical open source venture regardless of
the fact that you have constrained programming outline or coding knowledge. Yes
, you!
At you will discover a first diag
ram where you can begin with, going from Localization, QA, client backing to som
e genuine center coding tasks. On the off chance that you are not an engineer, y