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Those In Need

Building 174, Block F-1U, Pitampura

New Delhi-110088, India
+91 9711158343, +91 9910666100 |

Organization: Those In Need
Sponsor: DFractals Advisory Services Pvt. Ltd.
Position Available: Business Development Intern
Start Date: 1st June, 2015
Location: Home-based, Delhi/NCR (India)
Duration: 7 weeks
Functional Area: Business Development
Stipend: INR 5,000
Number of Positions Available: 2
Deadline: 30th April, 2015

About Those In Need
Those In Need is an organization that recognizes, appreciates and intends to channelize all
those small efforts we make to give back to the society. It aspires to serve as a junction
between those who are in need and those who believe in contributing to address those
needs. In effect, it seeks to connect and direct the efforts of various NGOs, self-funded
societies and individuals working in their personal capacities.
Those in Need and its partners seek to fulfill the following objectives:

Hub of the wheel:

To create a network connecting various NGOs, societies to needy individuals through the
course of social networking, online/offline events
To use campaigns as a means of information dissemination and to create social
awareness among the different sections of society
To update with various social, cultural events organised by various NG0s and self-funded
Instant help programs:
To seek help for those who are in instant need of your help

Environment | Animals Rights | Violence | Disasters | Discrimination | Education |

Homelessness | Poverty | Sex and Relationships

Those In Need
Building 174, Block F-1U, Pitampura
New Delhi-110088, India
+91 9711158343, +91 9910666100 |

One of the ideas behind Those In Need was to create a common platform for showcasing
work of all kinds of NGOs, self-funded societies and different on-going campaigns. By
providing a universal portal for people from different interest groups we are currently
bridging the gaps for people who wish to join different Not-for-Profit organization working
under various issues, such as (but not limited to) Environment, Animals rights, Violence,
Disasters, Discrimination, Education, Homelessness, Poverty, Sex and Relationships. The
purpose remains to reduce the search-cost of volunteering for the society, and achieve
higher participation in events and work, that can have an impact on the society. We also
encourage our members to apply for internships and volunteer program within the civil
Our work so far has included conducting surveys to understand the challenges faced by
volunteers in Indias social sector; meeting with entrepreneurs, NGO-heads, volunteers,
lawyers, businessmen, marketing experts, economists, academicians to understand the
deficits and develop a more informed service framework for Those In Need; partnering with
over 60 NGOs and self-funded societies; organizing weekly events across NCR; networking
with volunteers; developing and initiating a profit-making business model for Those In
Need; and reaching over 20,000 young people every month.

About the TIN Internship Programme

Those In Need is partially sponsored by DFractals Advisory Services a strategic Global
Development Advisory firm that partners with the public, private, social and financial sectors
to find innovative and practical solutions to global development challenges and converge the
gaps between the rich and the poor. With the objective of improving socio-economic
outcomes across the world, DFractals is a proud sponsor of Those In Need (TIN) Internship
We are currently looking for 2 young dynamic professionals to support our team for
business development, strategy, growth and expansion. We expect the interns to work from
home, while all logistic support, if necessary; will be provided by Those In Need. Being a
mutually beneficial arrangement for the interns as well as the organization, the TIN
Internship Programme will be structured and the intern will be accountable for deliverables
discussed during the signing of the contract. The work of the intern will be regularly
evaluated and could form one of the bases for a placement offer with Those In Need.

The intern is expected to fulfill, at least, the following key responsibilities:

Developing presentation and publicity material

Working around TINs market strategy to enhance reach, client-base and participation
Connecting with NGOs across Delhi and presenting the idea of Those In Need
Expanding the associations between Those In Need and the civil society

Environment | Animals Rights | Violence | Disasters | Discrimination | Education |

Homelessness | Poverty | Sex and Relationships

Those In Need
Building 174, Block F-1U, Pitampura
New Delhi-110088, India
+91 9711158343, +91 9910666100 |

Developing and managing an excel-based database

Adding 80 NGOs to Those In Needs current database and online portal
Contributing, coordinating and editing articles for TINs blog

Who can apply?

We are looking for a dynamic, enterprising young individual, who is enthused by challenges
and is thrilled to view the output and impact of her/his work. We expect the shortlisted
individuals to have the following qualifications, experience and qualities:
A Bachelors Degree in Management, Business, Communication, Commerce, Economics
or related field from a top-tier college/university
Professional experience in marketing, research, analytics, social or other relevant sector,
or a Masters Degree, or exceptional academic qualifications and proven leadership
Enterprising and entrepreneurial mindset, demonstrated as a student or working
Exceptional interpersonal, communication (written and verbal), organizational and
presentation skills
Excellent networking and negotiation skills, demonstrated by the candidates past
Ability to challenge conventional wisdom, think innovatively and use a result-oriented
approach to solve practical real-life problems
Proficient at MS Excel, Word, Power Point
Willingness to share insights, and to lay bricks for a better society
How to Apply?
Interested candidates are encouraged to apply for this programme, by emailing a CV (1
page) and a short Cover Letter (450 words) to Mr. Abhishek Saini at before 11.59 pm, 30th April 2015.

Additional Information
We are a small team with no rigid hierarchy and an open culture. We promise to offer you a
challenging environment full of opportunities. The entire TIN team being young and dynamic
will support the selected candidates throughout the internship programme. The programme
shall provide the interns with sectoral exposure, social marketing experience and
innumerable opportunities to formulate and implement strategies and make decisions. For
any questions regarding the application or to know more about the organization, please feel
free to email us at and visit our website:

Environment | Animals Rights | Violence | Disasters | Discrimination | Education |

Homelessness | Poverty | Sex and Relationships