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Directed self learning topics

Resuscitation and Support: Acute (Homeostasis)

o Electrolyte physiology and disorders of electrolyte imbalance: causes,
clinical features
and treatment
o Acid base balance physiology and disorders of acid base balance: causes,
features and treatment
o Acute pain relief
Resuscitation and Support: Long term
o Nutrition
o Rehabilitation
o Chronic pain relief
Tumours, cysts, ulcers, sinuses and fistulae
o Aetiopathogenesis
o Clinical features
o Management
Road traffic accidents and multiple injuries
o Mechanism of injuries
o Clinical features
o Management of injuries
Peripheral vascular surgery
o Thromboangitis obliterans (Buergers disease)
o Raynauds disease and Raynauds phenomenon
o Takayasus arteritis
o Temporal arteritis
o Arteriovenous fistutae
o Arteriovenous malformations
o Haemangiomas
Surgical gastroenterology: oesophagus
o Oesophagitis
o Strictures of oesophagus
o Benign tumours
Surgical gastroenterology: stomach and duodenum
o Congenital hypertrophic pyloric stenosis
o Gastric Volvulus and dilatation of stomach
o Principles of gastric surgery for morbid obesity
Surgical gastroenterology: liver
o Chronic infections and infestations of liver and liver abscess
o Cirrhosis of liver
Surgical gastroenterology: spleen
o Congenital conditions
o Splenomegaly
o Indications and complications of splenectomy
Surgical Gastroenterology: gall bladder and bile ducts
o Gall bladder carcinoma
o Cholangiocarcinoma

o Periampullary carcinoma
o Biliary strictures
o Biliary fistulae
Surgical gastroenterology: Pancreas
o Congenital anomalies of pancreas
o Traumatic pancreatitis
o Exocrine and endocrine tumours of pancreas
Surgical gastroenterology: peritoneum
o Ascites
o Sub-phrenic abscess
o Pelvic abscess
o Retroperitoneal fibrosis, cysts and tumours
Surgical gastroenterology: small and large intestine
o Mesenteric vascular insufficiency
o Acquired megacolon
o Trauma to small and large intestines
o Blind loop syndrome
o Closed loop syndrome
o Diverticulae of small intestine
o Colonic diverticulosis
o Intestinal amoebiasis and tuberculosis
o Surgical complications of typhoid
o Tumours of small intestine (GIST)
o Faecal fistulae
Intestinal obstruction
o Intussusception
o Pseudoobstruction
o Neoplasms of appendix
o Rectal trauma
o Rectal prolapse
o Proctitis
Anal canal
o Congenital lesions of anal canal
o Anal (faecal) incontinence
o Anorectal abscess
o Fistulae in ano
o Tumours of anus and anal canal
Anterior abdominal wall
o Umbilical and paraumbilical hernia
o Epigastric hernia
o Burst abdomen/ Incisional hernia
o Umbilical sepsis, fistulae and neoplasms
o Tumours of anterior abdominal wall
Surgical endocrinology
o MEN syndrome I, II and III

o Adrenal glands: surgical anatomy, adrenal functional tests

o Disorders of adrenocortical function
o Tumours of adrenal medulla
o Urinary incontinence
o Acute and chronic infections of seminal vesicles and prostate
o Urethral stricture
o Phimosis and paraphimosis
o Varicocele
Oral cavity
o Stomatitis
o Glossitis, tongue-tie and macroglossia
o Hyperkeratosis and leucoplakia
Gums and teeth
o Gingivitis
o Epulis
o Dental caries
o Alveolar abscess
o Infections, Cysts and tumours of jaws
o Intracranial abscess
o Hydrocephalus
o Intracranial aneurysms
Parasitic infestations of surgical importance
Intracranial tumours
Parathyroid disease