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Special Thanks to Steven Sackett for the process Information

Ben Peters – July 2008

Important Notes: Important Notes:

-Reaction can produce hazardous fumes. Work in a well ventilated -Be aware of what metals you are dissolving. Some metals, when
area, and use a fume hood/respirator dissolved, form toxic solutions, gasses, or salts.
-Acid is corrosive, so wear appropriate safety gear (gloves, apron, -Do not leave your equipment out where others can accidentally come
splash goggles, etc) in contact with it!

Strip components Rinse well with

 off the boards water, filter

Blue Lines – General

Process Crush/Cut boards into
smaller pieces. Try to Rinse in warm
only keep gold covered HCL
Red Lines – Waste

Drill holes in
smaller bucket to Dissolve in HCL-
create a strainer, CL
place inside larger

Add components
to small strainer Filter HCL-CL

Precipitate gold
Add 2 parts HCL,
Place new with SMB
1 part H202
components into
reaction bucket
Three rinses with
Allow mixture to Water
No react 12 hours

Agitate, use spray Warm HCL bath

Are you done with Acid
bottle/tooth brush Foils for ~20 minutes
the acid?
to knock foils
loose. Add H202
or an air bubbler if Three rinses with
reaction is no Water
Yes water
longer running.
Add scrap steel
or aluminum foil
to drop base Was silver
metals Are all foils present?

Filter and wash Neutralize Acid
base metals for with Soda Ash,
Baking Soda, etc Acid No Hot Ammonium
resale, etc
Hydroxide Bath
Remove spent
boards from acid,
Allow solution to
evaporate to Rinse with warm
reduce volume Acid
Carefully remove
gold foils, place in
new vessel. Rinse
Turn final well with water Rinse with water Water
product in to
local dump
during amnesty
Filter acid solution,
pour acid back
into bucket, clean Melt,
filters out into foil success!