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Ande-ande Lumut

Once upon a time, there were two kingdoms, Kediri and Jenggala. Both kingdoms came from one kingdom that
called Kahuripan. The King Erlanggasplit the kingdom into two kingdoms to avoid a civil war. But before he died the king
Erlangga told that the two kingdoms should be put back together.
So the two kings had agreed to reunite the two kingdoms by marrying Jenggala crown prince, Raden Panji
Asmarabangun with Kediri princess, Dewi Sekartaji.
Sekartaji stepmother, Royal Kedirisconcubine, does not want ifSekartaji marry with Raden Panji because she wanted his
own biological daughter who later became queen Jenggala. So he locked up and hid Sekartaji.
At the time of Raden Panji came to Kediri to marry Sekartaji, she disappeared. Raden Panji very disappointed.
Sekartajis stepmother persuaded him to remain the wedding with her daughter as a replacement Sekartaji, but Raden
Panji refused.
And then Raden Panji wandered. He changed his name to Ande-ande Lumut. One day he arrived in the village Dadapan. He
met with a widow who was picking up the woods. She usually called as Mbok Rondo Dadapan. And here our story was

Season 1
Raden Panji
Mbok Rondo

: Excusme, may I help you?

: (just keep silent, looking up Raden Panji, though did not know any

Panji approached to Mbok Rondo, and then helped

Mbok Rondo
Raden Panji
Mbok Rondo

more. Raden

herpicked up the woods).

: Who are you? Ive never saw you before

: Im just a young man who likes to wander. (after picked up the
: I see you was having problems. I wish I coould help you, young

man. Lets go

to my house.

Season 2

(At Mbok Rondos house)

Mbok Rondo
Raden Panji
Mbok Rondo
Raden Panji
Mbok Rondo
Raden Panji

: So, how should I call you?

: They usually called me Ande-ande Lumut
: Do you have aplace to stay?
: I dont know (looked away from mbok rondo)
: Whats your prablem? I wish I could help you.
: Ive lost someone, someone I loved so much. She is my aspirant

when I came to marry her, her stepmother told me that she

wife, but

has gone. She evenpersuaded me to marry

withher daughter. But..

Mbok Rondo

: Stay here, Ill help you find your match. Peoples usually called me

Dadapan. You might call me Si Mbok. Just regard me

Raden Panji
Mbok Rondo
Raden Panji

Mbok Rondo

as your adoptive mother. Do you like a coffee?

: No, thanks
: Come on
: Well, not too sweet please. Emm.. how about find my match?

what would

we do?
Mbok Rondo
Raden Panji

: Were going to invent an audition.

: Really? Thank you, Si Mbok.

The next day Ande Ande Lumut asked her adoptive mother to announce that he was looking for potential wifes. So the
girls came from villages around Dadapan to apply Ande-ande Lumut. But no one he received as his wife.

Season 3
Meanwhile, Sekartaji succeed extricated herself from her stepmothers lock. She intended to find Raden Panji. She
wandered until reached the house of a widow who has three daughters, Klething Merah, Klething Hijau and the youngest
Klething Biru. Heres the story ..
Ks. Mother

: (open the door .. and surprised) Kids. come here!!! Help mother

(the kletings

came, and then they brought Sekartaji into the house).

A few minutes later, Sekartaji conscioused
Ks. Mother
Ks. Mother
Ks. Mother

: Where am I??
: Youre in my house, who are you? And where do you came from?
: Who am I? Ouch .. (while hold her head)
: This morning I found lying in front of my house.
: Thank you.
: You must take a break a lot. If you dont objection, you might be a

member of

our family. They are your sisters.

(Sekartaji introduced with the daughters of mother kletings, they are named KletingMerah, Kleting Hijau, and Kleting Biru)
Ks. Mother
Ks. Mother

: And you are ..

: Of course I was your mother, baby.
: Thank You .. (they hug)
: Because you did not mention your name, then as my daughter you

objection if I call you Kleting Kuning. What do you think,


would not

kleting kuning..??

: Its up to you, mother.

Sekartaji deliberately did not want her identity revealed. He did not want endanger her life for the second time.
Everyone knew that a royal princess named Dewi Sekartaji will be married with a handsome Prince, Raden Panji
Day after day has passed. Saw Kleting Kunings beauty, all kletings feel a jealous nad growing sense of hatred. Until one


Shinta Mudrikah (26)
Sakti Anugerah (25)
Tukiban (27)
Novita Dwi Susanti (18)
Novilaily Indriastuti (17)
Merlita Nugraheni (15)
Aninda Artiandewi (02)
Isya Murtafi ( )
Novita Pristiwati (19)

Sekartaji/Klenting Kuning (KK)

Panji Asmarabangun/Ande-ande Lumut (AAL)
Yuyu Kangkang(YK)/ The Guard (TG)
Nyai Intan (NI)
Klenting Merah (KM)
Klenting Hijau (KH)
Mbok Randa (MR)
The Crab (TC)


Long time ago in East Java, there were two kingdoms which were twin, Jenggala Kingdom which
was led by Raja Jayengnegara and Kediri Kingdom which was led by Raja Jayengrana. According to
the story, both of thekingdoms were in a region called Kahuripan. Before his death, Airlangga ordered
that the two kingdoms should be put back together through a marriageto avoid the war between them.
Because of that, Panji Asmarabangun who was Jayengnegaras son was married with Sekartaji who was
Jayengranas daughter.
Unexpectedly, Jenggala Kingdom was attacked by their enemy kingdom.When the war was happening,
Princess Sekartaji escaped and hid into a village far from Jenggala.

: I should go from this kingdom. Im afraid if I will make Panji have another problem if Im still in Jenggala. I
must escape to a somewhere far from Jenggala.
Sekartaji was disguised as a village girl and stayed with a wealthy widow named Nyai Intan. Nyai
Intan had two beautiful daughters. They are Klenting Merah and Klenting Hijau.


: Good afternoon. Hello, anybody home?

: Who are you, girl? What do you want from coming here? I dont know you even see you, girl.
: I dont know Maam. I just lose my way and finally I arrive here. But, I forget all the things about myself.
May I stay for some days in your home?
: Ill consider it. I should ask for my two lovely daughters opinion about you first before I give you
permission to stay here. My daughters!??
KM KH: Yes Mom!
KM : Who is this poor girl? What does she want from us?
: She lost her way and arrived here. She forgot all of her memories, and she want to stay here
KH : What? Thats none of our business, Mommy!
KM : Thats right Mom, we dont even know whether shes honest or just fool us and have a bad plan to us.
KH : Okay Mom, maybe we agree if she want to stay here. But, with a condition
KK : Ill do everything with pleasure if I may live here.
KH : Are you sure?
KK : Of course, Im sure.
KH : (whisper to Klenting Merah and Nyai Intan)
KM : (laugh) Thats a good idea!
: So, if you want to live here, you must be our servant, girl. Ill take you as my step daughter and Ill give
you name (Think for a while) Klenting Kuning. It is caused by your dress is yellow. Do you mind it?
KH : What? She becomes our sister?
KM : It is such a joke for us, make that poor girl become the Klentings too.



: Calm down, sweeties! The most important thing is that she would like to become our servant and she will
help all of our homework.
By Nyai Intan, Sekartaji was considered as a daughter too, named Klenting Kuning. At Nyai
Intans house, Klenting Kuning always told to do all the homework, such as cooking, washing, and
cleaning house. She often shouted by Nyai Intan and treated badly by her two step sisters.
: Klenting Kuning, come here quick!
: Yes Klenting Merah, what can I do for you?
: Massage my shoulders! Im so tired. Do it now! Hey, do you want to kill me? You strangle my neck!
: Im so sorry, I didnt do it on purpose.
: I dont want to hear your explanation! Go away!
: Klenting Kuning, help me! Comb my hair! You damage my hair!
Do you envy with my beautiful hair, huh?

Klenting Kuning was got angry by Nyai Intan. Every day, she always cried alone. Meanwhile, in
the Jenggala Kingdom, Panji Asmarabangun with his troops successfully repulsed their enemy forces.
However, he was very sad because his wife had left the palace. He didnt know where his wife was now.
AAL : God, please meet me with Sekartaji. Im so miss her. Where is she now? I should ask all the guards to
find Sekartaji, my lovely wife.
TG : Long live the Prince! Whats a matter, Prince?
AAL : Ask all the guards to look for Princess Sekartaji, my wife. Find her everywhere in entire villages!
After the situation in the Jenggala Kingdom was back to normal, the Prince decided to look for his
wife. One afternoon, when he was sitting in the hall of the palace, a guard came to give him news.
TG : With my respect, Sir! I'd like to convey you good news.
AAL : Do you know something about my wife? Do you already know where my wife is now?
TG : Have mercy, Sir! One of the guards just found a girl like your wife in a village. However, Im not sure she
was Princess Sekartaji, because she was just a village girl who worked as a maid with a wealthy widow.
AAL : If the condition likes that, we should make a plan. Ill disguise as a handsome prince who is looking for a
mate. Tomorrow, well go to Dadapan Village.



The next day, he went with some guards to Dadapan Village near Solo River. The village was
across the village of Nyai Intans house.
In the village, Panji Asmarabangun changed his name in to Ande Ande Lumut and stayed with an
old widow named Mbok Randa
: Im Panji Asmarabangun from Jenggala. The purpose of my coming here is to find my wife who has lost.
Ill be pleased if you dont mind.
: Never mind, young boy! It is such an honor to help you.
: Thank you very much. Ill change my name into Ande Ande Lumut for my disguise. I hope, Ill found my
wife soon.
A few days later, he ordered his guards to announce his find a mate contest to all corners of the
village. In a short time, the news of the contest spread to the village where Klenting Kuning was.
: I come from the kingdom; have an announcement for all of the girls in the village. Would you call the
other girls in this home, so the announcement enables to be heard by all the girls?
: Mom! Klenting Merah! Klenting Kuning!
: What happen, Klenting Hijau?
: So, all the girls in this home are already here?
: So what is the announcement?








: For all the girls over the world. The Prince held a Finding a Mate Contest to look for a girl who deserve
to become her Princess. The contest will be held tomorrow in Dadapan Village. This contest refers to all
the girls with no exception.
: Wow, its my chance to become famous and rich. Ill become the Princess and live in the huge palace.
Klenting Merah and Klenting Hijau were so happy hearing the contest. They would dress up as
beautiful as possible to make the Handsome Prince, Ande Ande Lumut fall in love with them.
: We should dress up as pretty as possible. If one of us became a princess, the mother would be proud
and pleased.
: Yes, and of course, well become rich and famous! Ill be a princess.
: If it so, we are rivals now.
: Of course. I dont care, because Im sure the Prince would like to choose me as her wife than you.
: Okay, just see next. Who will be chosen by the Prince later.
The contest began, Klenting Merah and Klenting Hijau wore their best clothes and beautiful
jewelry. When they were dressing up, Klenting Kuning approached them.
KK : Wow, you look beautiful!
: Of course. Hi, Klenting Kuning! Do you want to join the contest too?
: No way! You do not have any clothes. Do you want to join the contest with a dress like that?
: Thats right, you do not deserve join this contest! You better take care of all your work at home. Come on!
Go to the river to wash all the dirty clothes.
..SCENE 10
Klenting Kuning collected the dirty clothes and went into a river. Actually, she was not interested
to participate in the contest, because she still remembered her husband, Panji Asmarabangun. She would
always be loyal to her husband even though she have not heard whether her husband still alive or had
died in battle.
: Is my husband still alive? Where is he now? If he is still alive, please meet me with him, God!
When she was washing in the river, suddenly a crane came up to her. Surprisingly, the crane was
able to speak like a human and her legs gripping a whip.
: O, my lady! Go to the Dedapan Village to follow the contest! There, my lady will meet Panji
Asmarabangun. Take this whip! If at any time my lady needs some help, my lady should use it.
KK : Maybe I should try the order of Crane.
Klenting Kuning had no time to say anything the crane flied into the sky and disappeared. Without
any further due, Klenting Kuning soon back into the house and getting ready to go to Dadapan Village.
Meanwhile, the two sisters had departed first. They had reached the Solo River. They were
confused, because they had to cross the river which was deep and wide, while none of the boat that
looked near the river.
: Finally
: Yeah finally we arrive; I think its not over. How can we cross this river?
: What should we do?
: Hey, look! What is that?
How shocked two daughters when they saw a giant crab that was floating on the surface of the
river. According to the story, that giant crab named Yuyu Kangkang was Ande Ande Lumuts envoy in the
contest to test the girls who passed the river.


KM : Hi, Giant Crab! Who are you? Would you help us to cross this river?
: Hahahaha !!! My name is Yuyu Kangkang. I'll help you, but you should fulfill my requirement.
: So, what is that, Yuyu Kangkang? Say!
: No matter what you ask to us, we will fulfill it as long as we can cross this river.
: All of you should kiss me first before I take you across the river.
: Kissing you? For everythings on earth!
: Dont talk too much Klenting Merah! You have to do it!
: Yeah or maybe you want to surrender and give the chance to become Princes wife to me?
: Oh no, never! I will not give you a chance! Okay, I agree to fulfill the term.


Finally, Klenting Merah and her sisters accepted the terms Yuyu Kangkang gave. One by one
they kissed the Yuyu Kangkang. After that, Yuyu Kangkang escorted them to the opposite village.
A few moments later, Klenting Kuning also arrived at the riverbank. When Yuyu Kangkang
submitted the same requirements, a kiss, Klenting Kuning refused. She didnt want to betray her husband.
Although she refused that term, she kept forcing Yuyu Kangkang to help her cross the river. Klenting
Kuning repeatedly asked, but the giant crab was still refused, except Klenting Kuning would qualify the
: How can I cross this river, theres nothing can be used here.
: Hey sweetie, you should kiss me if you want to cross this river into Dadapan Village.
: Hey, who are you?
: My name is Yuyu Kangkang. Im sure that you are one of the girls, who will join the contest to get Princes
heart, arent you? There are also two girls and a woman join the contest, Klenting Merah and Klenting
: Klenting Merah and Klenting Hijau are my sisters. Yeah, they join this contest too. How do you know it?
Did they get there?
: Of course I know, and they have got there.
: How can?
: Like what I said, if you want to cross this river you should kiss me first.
: No, I dont want it! It prefer not to join the contest than I must kiss you!
: Its up to you. I just want to help you, but you should kiss me.
: If so what you want.


Klenting Kuning got angry. She was slapped her whip into the river and immediately Solo River
water also be regressed. Seeing this, Yuyu Kangkang became frightened and soon took across Klenting
Kuning, and even drove her up to the Dadapan Village.
Arriving to Mbok Randas house, Klenting Kuning met with her two step sisters and her adoptive
: Klenting Kuning, what will you do here? You also join this contest?
: I just want to try it. Moreover, this contest is open for all girls over the village.
: Dont you she how is your look? You are not deserved to join this contest.




The contest began. In turn, first, Klenting Merah and her siblings showed her beauty and
elegance to Ande Ande Lumut. However, none of them were selected by Ande Ande Lumut. Seeing this,
Mbok Randa was begged Ande Ande Lumut for selected one of her daughter to be the princess.
: Have mercy, Prince! I beg, please choose one of Nyai Intans daughter! There is no flaw with them, they
are beautiful and deserve become your princess.
: Thats true. Your two daughters were beautiful all. But, I still would not choose one of them. Guards!
Please call the girl who dressed in yellow here!


Apparently, the girl who was appointed by Ande Ande Lumut is Klenting Kuning. When Klenting
Kuning faced him, Ande Ande Lumut stood up from his throne.
AAL : I choose this girl as my princess.
MR : Have mercy, my son! Why do you prefer unkempt girl to them, beautiful and charming girls?
: I choose this girl, because she passed the test, which is refused to kiss Yuyu Kangkang.

Hearing that explanation, two girls realized that they were rejected by Ande Ande Lumut because
they didnt pass the test.
Meanwhile, Klenting Kuning still confused, because she didnt found her husband. However, after
Ande Ande Lumut open his disguise. Then Klenting Kuning realized that Ande Ande Lumut was Panji
KK : What? Is it real? Are you Panji Asmarabangun?
AAL : How do you know my real name?
With the magic whip from the crane, Klenting Kuning quickly transformed herself into a beautiful
princess. Panji Asmarabangun just realized Klenting Kuning was his wife, Dewi Sekartaji.
AAL : You are Sekartaji, my wife, arent you?
KK : What do you think?
AAL : So, what the guard has said about you lived in a village with a wealthy widow is true?
KK : Its a long story. Im sure I have not enough time to explain you now. Because, I know you must be tired.
Well, Im so tired too. So, how if I tell you after we arrive at the palace? Actually, I really miss Jenggala
AAL : If that is what you want, Princess.
Finally, that couple who loved each other met again and lived happily. As a thank you to Mbok
Randa, Panji Asmarabangun asked her to stay in Jenggala Kingdom. While two girls returned to their
village with the feeling of disappointment and embarrassment.