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Brief Contents
Chapter 1 Introduction ............................................................. 1
1.1 Product Features .......................................................... 1
1.2 Applications................................................................... 2
1.3 Package Contents......................................................... 3
Chapter 2 Hardware Installation .............................................. 4
2.1 Front Panel LED Indication ........................................... 4
2.2 Operating Environment ................................................. 5
2.3 Hardware Installation Steps .......................................... 5
Chapter 3 Configuration Guide................................................ 7
3.1 Log in ............................................................................ 7
3.2 Wizard........................................................................... 8
3.3 Running Status............................................................ 10
3.4 Quick configuration Wizard ......................................... 12
3.5 Advanced Config......................................................... 12
3.6 WLAN Setting ............................................................. 14
3.7 DHCP Server .............................................................. 17
3.8 Virtual Server .............................................................. 19
3.9 Security Setting........................................................... 22
3.10 Routing Table ............................................................ 28
3.11 System Tool............................................................... 30

Instruction Manual Wireless Broadband Router

Chapter 1 Introduction









Broadband Router is a cost-effective IP Sharing Router that enables

multiple users to share the Internet through an ADSL or cable modem.
Simply configure your Internet connection settings in the Wireless
Broadband Router and connect your PC to the LAN port then you're ready
to access the Internet. As your network grows, you can connect another hub
or switch to the router's LAN ports, allowing you easily expand your network.
Our Wireless Broadband Router provides a total solution for the Small and
Medium-sized Business (SMB) and the Small Office/Home Office (SOHO)
markets, giving you an instant network today, and the flexibility to handle
tomorrow's expansion and speed.

1.1 Product Features

z Wireless Access Point, Router, 4-port Switch and Firewall, 4-in1
542R+/543R+/108R+ support detachable antenna;
z Transmission








z Support





standard;(TWL108R/108R+, support Super G mode)

z One 10/100M auto-sense port for the connection to WAN;
z Four 10/100M auto-sense ports for the connection to LAN;Support

Instruction Manual Wireless Broadband Router

xDSL/Cable MODEM for fixed or dynamic IP;
z Long distance transmissionindoor up to 100m,max 300m outdoor;and
TWL108R/R+ up to 850mLimited by the enviroment.
z Remote Web Management;
z Support








authentication protocol;
z Multi-Channel Roaming;
z Support 802.11b/802.11g auto-accommodated mode or setting by
z Auto MDI/MDIX functions;
z Support Win2000/WinXP, Linux, Novell, Mac Operation System;
z Support SSID broadcast control and access control based on MAC
z Support UPnP, DDNS function;
z Provide system security log, recording the operation status;
z Support internal users filter function at access to the internet
z Support virtual server, DMZ host;
z Internal Firewall, Prevent Hacker Attack;

1.2 Applications
TWL541R/542R/542R+/543R/543R+/108R/108R+ is designated for
the fast Ethernet, economical choice, and reliable quality, catering for
the following applications:

Ideal meet up with the demand of more extensive area in the office, or
factory ,

Ideal meet up with the area that need Non-cable or frequently Routing

Instruction Manual Wireless Broadband Router

server shifting required, such as Square, airport, and hot-spot
sightseeing area.

Easy install required for some special circumstances, such as

Construction zone, Temple, and Remote Scenery surveillance

To avoid expensive cable and installation charges in the residential

area, SOHO carrier.

1.3 Package Contents

Carefully open the enclosure and pay attention to find the following items
enclosed, if it's no included, please demand for them or call us if need.

54M Wireless Broadband Router

Power adapter

Instruction manual

Fast Installation Guide

Installation CD-R

QC Pass certificate

Instruction Manual Wireless Broadband Router

Chapter 2 Hardware Installation

2.1 Front Panel LED Indication









Power Indication
Indicating that the wireless part are
Indicating connection have
established with wireless device
Indicating correct connection of WAN
Indicating the radio signal is right
Indicating correct connection of LAN
Indicating transmitting or receiving data

Rear Panel Interface


LAN 10/100

Connect to 10/100BaseT Ethernet or

4 Ports

Connect to HUB/switch
Notice: If you press RESET more than 7


seconds, all you data you have set up

will be changed to the factory default.


Connect to ADSL or Cable MODEM


AC9V/1.0A Power Jack

Instruction Manual Wireless Broadband Router

2.2 Operating Environment


Ethernet and wireless networking available

Twist-cable connects the LAN port with the Local Network Area
(LAN)'s PC terminals, for wireless Series Adapter, please refer to
the users manual.

XDSL/Cable Model or broadband inlet the outer internet services

to the Port WAN of this device.

IE5.5 ,Netscape 6.1 or higher

Support Windows, Linux, Netware Platform,which complied with

TCP/IP protocol.

Lay down the device horizonly

Keep it away from any heat sources.

Keep it dry away from dust, moisture

2.3 Hardware Installation Steps


Please connect the LAN port of ADSL/CABLE Modem to the WAN port
of the Wireless Broadband RouterWAN LED Indicator light when
properly connected .


Please connect the LAN port of Wireless Broadband Router to

Hub/Switch. (LAN LED Indicator light when properly connected).


Please connect your computer to Hub/Switch or connect your computer

to the LAN port by Ethernet cables directly.


You can connect wireless router by wireless LAN adapters. To do that

please search the wireless router through the configuration software of
wireless LAN adapter or WINDOWS XP s Search the available
wireless network function and establish the connection with the

Instruction Manual Wireless Broadband Router

wireless router.
The follow is the network topology:

Instruction Manual Wireless Broadband Router

Chapter 3 Configuration Guide

3.1 Log in
After connecting the wireless router with PC, please click Internet
Explore and input (The default IP of the router) then
the following login screen will appear .The default user name and
password all admin

Fig 1
If this page doesnt appear, please check your PC as following;

Please check your PC to make sure if there are WinGate, SyGate

software etc. If so, please delete such software(s);

Please change the Internet browser settings of tools-internet

optional-connection as Never Dial Up and uncheck all the 3 options of
LAN settings;

Make sure that the IP address isnt occupied by other PC


Instruction Manual Wireless Broadband Router

of the LAN;

Please change the your PCs IP address as and

Subnet mask: Gateway: or set your
computer as obtain IP address automatically. If your user name and
password are right, the following screen will appear;

Fig 2
There are ten tabs: Running Status, Wizard, Advanced Config, WLAN
Setting, DHCP Server, Virtual Server, Security Setting, Routing Table,
System Tool, and Logout;

3.2 Wizard
The wizard section is designed to get you using the wireless router as quick
as possible. In this part you are required to fill in only the information
necessary to access the internet. Once you click on the Wizard, you should
see the screen as below.

Instruction Manual Wireless Broadband Router

Fig 3

In the section you should select one of three types of connection that to
connect your wireless router to your ISP;
1 Select PPPoE if your ISP requires the PPPoE protocol to connect you to
the Internet(Your ISP should provide all the information required in this

User Name: Please fill in the ADSL User Name provided by your ISP.

Password: Please fill in the ADSL password provided by your ISP.

If you access internet by dynamic IP, you can obtain IP address from the
ISP automatically.

3 If you access internet by static IP, namely you have the fixed IP address
provided by your ISP, you need fill in the following:

IP address: The ISP give you an IP address connected to the WAN.

Subnet mask: The ISP gives you a Subnet mask connected to the

Gateway: Please fill in the gateway provides by your ISP.

Please fill in the DNS server provide by your ISP.

Standby DNS server: Options, If your ISP give you two DNS server,

Instruction Manual Wireless Broadband Router

you can fill in its IP address of the other DNS.
Click Next when you finished the configuration above.

Fig 4
Note: You must reboot your router to make the settings effective
after you save the settings.

3.3 Running Status

This section shows the running status.

Fig 5-1


Instruction Manual Wireless Broadband Router

Fig 5-2

Fig 5-3

WAN Port Status

This section displays the current status, including Link Status, WAN IP
address, Subnet mask, Gateway, DNS, Second DNS, and Link Type..

LAN Port Status

This section displays LAN ports IP address, Subnet mask, DHCP
Server, NAT and Firewall Status.

This section displays the Running Time,sytem Time,Client
Count,Firmware and Hardware version .


Instruction Manual Wireless Broadband Router

3.4 Quick configuration Wizard

Please refer to 3.2 Wizard

3.5 Advanced Config

3.5.1 LAN Setting
This section configure the basic LANs parameters.

Fig 6

MAC Address: The MAC address of this router in the LAN,


IP address: The IP address of this router in the LAN. The default

setting is: can change it according to your
Note: If you change this IP address, you must use the changed IP
address when you log in this router next time ,and all default
gateway of the LANs PCs must be set


same as the IP

address otherwise all PCs will fail access internet.


Subnet mask: The Subnet mask of this router in the LAN. The default
setting is


Instruction Manual Wireless Broadband Router


WAN Setting
You can change the setting parameters of WAN. The screen will
change according to the difference ways to access internet.

Fig 7


MAC Address Clone

Fig 8

Instruction Manual Wireless Broadband Router


This section can copy the MAC address of the current masters
computer into the MAC address of the WAN port(or you can change
it by hand),If you are not very clear how to fill in the MAC address of
the WAN, youd better use this function.(At this stage, to share an
ISP account, if your ISP have registered the Masters Mac Address



Fig 9

Select Enable: the setting of this DNS will take effect.

DNS Address: To add the DNS IP address provided by your ISP

Secondly DNS Address: Optional, If your ISP give you two DNS server,
you can fill this in the other IP address of the DNS

3.6 WLAN Setting


Basic Setting
This section config the basic wireless network parameter.


Instruction Manual Wireless Broadband Router

Fig 10

SSID: The Service Set Identifier in the wireless LAN. Only the clients
who pass the identity validation can access the wireless network.

Wireless mode: 802.11b802.11g or Mixed can be selected

Channel: Select the appropriate channel from the list provided to

correspond with your network settings.

Disable SSID: If you do not want to broadcast the Router's SSID,

please select this, otherwise, your wireless clients will detect the SSID
broadcast by the Router, and can associate with.


Instruction Manual Wireless Broadband Router

3.6.2 Wireless Security Config

Fig 11

Security Options: disable, or using WEP ,WPA ,WPA2 or

WPA_WP2_Mixed Encryption type.

WEP Setting: if you select WEP, the WEP setting will take effective.

Authentication: You can select Open System which allow any access
or Shared Key based on the WEP encryption mechanism.

Encryption Length: 64 bit or 128 bit.

If you select 64 bit please enter 10 Hexadecimal Digits or 5 ASCII

Characters. The 128 bit Key must be 26 Hexadecimal digits or 13
ASCII Characters

You only can select one effective key but you can save 4 keys.

Instruction Manual Wireless Broadband Router


Key: Please enter key here and pay attention to the size and effective

WPA Type:You can select AES (Advanced Encryption Standard), TKIP

(Temporal Key Integrity Protocol) types for WPA.

WPA2 Type:You can select AES type for WPA2.

WPA(WPA2) Key: Please enter key here and pay attention to the size
and Effective scope.

Key life:Please make a period of validity for your key.

3.6.3 Wireless Status

This can shows the linked clients status:including the MAC address,
Operating Mode,Running Status, etc.

Fig 12

3.7 DHCP Server

3.7.1 DHCP Server Config


Instruction Manual Wireless Broadband Router

Fig 13

DHCP Server: If you select Enable, The DHCP function will take

IP Pool Starting Address: The starting IP address automatically

assigned by DHCP server.

IP Pool Ending Address: The Ending IP address automatically

assigned by DHCP server.

Lease Time: setting the available time for the IP address assigned by
Note: Before use the DHCP function, make sure of all TCP/IP setting
have been setup as Automatically Obtain IP address.


DHCP Client List

The DHCP Client List can fix the specified MAC .Namely, The DHCP
Client List assign relevant IP address for appointed MAC address.


Instruction Manual Wireless Broadband Router

Fig 14

IP Address: Please enter the IP address of corresponding LAN.

MAC AddressPlease enter the MAC address of corresponding LAN.

When you finish the setting above, please add and save it.

3.8 Virtual Server

There are 4 items in this manual: Just click one of them, you can set
the relevant function.

3.8.1 Virtual Server

The virtual server defines a service port, all the service access
demand to this port will be reorientated to the server of LAN
designated by IP address.


Instruction Manual Wireless Broadband Router

Fig 15

Server Port: The service port to the WAN provided by the router.

IP Address: The IP address of the computer working as the server in


Enable: Only you select this item the rules setting by this Device can
take effective.

There are some ports of common protocol. You can select one of them
and then select a series number in the ID and click ADD, and then the
port will be added automatically into the List. You also can add the
ports by manual which arent listed on the common service port.
Note: If you configure a virtual (Service port: 80), you need configure the
Remote WEB Management of Wireless Security Configure to other
Ports such as 8080, otherwise there will be a conflict. This function will
take effective after the wireless router reboot.

Instruction Manual Wireless Broadband Router

3.8.2 DMZ Host

Fig 16

Please enter the IP address of the computer which will work as DMZ
Host in the DMZ Host IP address and then select Enable and click
Save to save the setting.

3.8.3 UPnP Setting

This Device has been designated to compatible with the Most
advanced uPnP, (universal plug and Play), this function will be
required the terminals installed Windows XP/ME (Directx 9.0) upper or
other software that support uPnP, with this uPnP, the Visual server in
the LAN, can apply routing request to authorize a remote terminals
(not in the Local area) to access into the Visual server at the certain


Instruction Manual Wireless Broadband Router

Fig 17

3.8.4 UPnP Port table

When you start UPnP function, please clickRefresh then you can
see some port switch information.

Fig 18

Remote Host: The description of the remote Host which

receives or transmits response.

Public Port: The port of the router for UpnP.

Private Host Description of private host.

Private Port The port of the private host.

Protocol Display TCP or UDP protocol.

Duration Time responding.

Comment UpnP Map info.

3.9 Security Setting

There are 7 sub menus of Client Filter, URL Filter, MAC Address Filter,

Instruction Manual Wireless Broadband Router

Prevent Network Attack, Remote Web Management, WAN Port Ping
and Special Application Filter under the Security Setting menu.
3.9.1 Client Filter
You can control access to some ports of the Internet of computers in
the LAN by data packet filter function.

Fig 19

Enable client filter:Enable the data package arisen in the following

table is forbidden allowed to pass but others will be allowed to pass.

IP Please fill in the IP address of the controlled computer in the LAN.

Blank means controlling all computers in the LAN. You can choose an
IP address scope.

Please fill in the TCP/UDP port. Blank means control all service ports.
You can choose a port scope.

Type: Select the protocol of packet blocked (ALL includes TCP/UDP).

Duration: To input the starting and ending time of the filter rule

Instruction Manual Wireless Broadband Router


Enable: Enable this filter rule.

Save: Click to finish and save setting.

E.g. if you want to forbid the computer (IP address: to
browse websites during 8:00-16:00 and block the computer with IP receiving emails ,you can configure the filter list as below:

Fig 20

3.9.2 URL Filter

Use the URL filter to manage computers in LAN for the accessibility to
certain websites in specified time.


Instruction Manual Wireless Broadband Router

Fig 21

Enable URL Filter.: turn on/off this function

IP: Input the IP of the computer in LAN to be managed, or leave it

blank to control all computers, or an IP range to manage a group of

URL String: Input full or part of the domain name to be filtered or leave
it blank to prohibit accessing any website.

All computers in LAN

with designated IP as above can not access to the websites containing the
URL string.

Enable: To enable the URL filter.

Save: To save the settings.

Note: You may restart your client utility, or run net stop
discalced in its MSDOS window to have the settings effective, due
to the DNS cache function of Windows


Instruction Manual Wireless Broadband Router

3.9.3 MAC Address Filter
For better management of the computers in LAN, you can use MAC
Address Filter to manage the accessibility to internet.

Mac Filter: Select enable to activate it.

Filter Rule:

To select Filter out or Accept for disable/enable the set

MAC address to access the wireless network.


MAC address: Input the MAC address of the computer to be managed.

Comment: Input the brief description of the computer.

Action: Add the MAC address of the computer accessing the router
into the MAC address list.

Save: Save the settings.

e.g.: If you have all the computers except the computer with MAC
address 00:05:5D:5C:80:4E access internet, you can set the MAC
address filter table as below.

Fig 22

3.9.4 Prevent Network Attack

Prevent Network Attack: System start prevent network attack when
enabled. The bandwidth is limited when network attack is monitored,
and you can find the IP address of the host that launched the attack by
click System Log tab of System Tool.

Instruction Manual Wireless Broadband Router

Fig 23

3.9. 5 Remote Web Management

This part is the setting of the web management port or router and the IP
address of the computer in WAN that will remote manage the router.

Fig 24

Enable: To enable remote web management.

IP Address: The IP addresses of the computer in WAN that will

remote web manage the router.

Port: The port of the router for the remote web management.


The default remote management port of the router is 80. In case

the port is changed (e.g. 8080), to log in the router for remote web
management, you should type URL as IP:port (i.e. http://

Instruction Manual Wireless Broadband Router


The default IP of the computer that conducts the remote web

management is, which means no computer can log in to
remote manage the router. In case the default IP is changed (i.e., only the computer with the designated IP
( can log in and remote manage the router.

3.9.6 WAN PING

Ignore Ping data from WAN Port: Computer in WAN cannot ping this
router while computer in LAN.

Fig 25

3.9.7 Special Application Filter

Enable this function to block the usage of MSN and QQ.

Fig 26

3.10 Routing Table

Click the submenus Routing Table and Static Route of the menu

Instruction Manual Wireless Broadband Router

Routing Table to configure respectively.

3.10.1 Routing Table

This section displays the system routing table info.

Fig 27

3.10.2 Static Routing Table

Fig 28

Destination LAN IP: IP or IP range of the host(s) to access.

Subnet Mask: Input subnet mask, normally

Gateway: The IP address of the router or host to transmit

packet to.

Action: Click Add to make the settings effective.


Instruction Manual Wireless Broadband Router


The IP of gateway should be in the same network segment of WAN

or LAN.


The subnet mask should be when the destination

IP is the IP of a host.


The subnet mask should mate the destination IP when it is an IP

segment, e.g. subnet mask for destination IP,
and for destination IP

3.11 System Tool

There are eight option items under the System Tool menu: Time,
Dynamic DNS, Backup/Restore, Upgrade, Restore Factory, Reboot,
Change Password, and Log.

3.11.1 Time
This page set system time of router; you can set the time or obtain
standard GMT time from internet;

Fig 29
When shut the router power, the time information will lose and router will
obtain GMT time automatically. Your must connect internet to obtain GMT

Instruction Manual Wireless Broadband Router

time or set time in this page so the time restriction of other function for
example can go into effect.

3.11.2 Dynamic DNS

Register your domain name with a DDNS service provider, input your
registered user ID and password, and then you can access your local server
with your registered domain name through this router.

Fig 30
3.11.3 Backup/Restore
In this section you can backup current setting or restore previous setting
Backup/Restore Steps:
1. Download a TFTP service program from our website or internet, save it to
a fixed folder and run it.
2. Input the IP address of the computer running TFTP.
3. Click Backup to generate a system setting backup file within the same
directory of TFTP.
4. When restore, we can upload the system setting backup file to the same
directory of TFTP, and click Restore, system will recover to previous
settings after reboot.

Instruction Manual Wireless Broadband Router

Fig 31

3.11.4 Upgrade
You will obtain new function by upgrading router firmware. Select the
firmware file and TFTP Server; click Upgrade till system restart
The following steps for sharing the Upgrade services:

Use IE link to, download the latest version of the

software or firmware.


Appoint one Port in the Local area Network as a TFTP server; use
the WinRAR to unpack the software to the Default directory of the


Type the IP address of the Terminals into the TFTP server.


Enter to Upgrade


After completed, the Router will reboot itself, and thats show
successful upgraded.


Instruction Manual Wireless Broadband Router

Figure 32

Noted that while in the upgrade period of the firmware or new

software, please mind preventing Power break, or turned-off,that will
result in a deadly hurt to the device. After the upgrade completed,
please reboot the device, the total period will take about several
minutes, please be waiting patiently.

3.11.5 Restore Factory Setting

Restore to factory default settings

Default user ID: admin

Default password: admin

Default IP address:

Default subnet mask:


Instruction Manual Wireless Broadband Router

Fig 33
After restore factory default settings, reboot the router to make
the settings effective.

3.11.6 Reboot Router

Rebooting router will make the changed setting effective. Before
rebooting, the router will disconnection with ADSL automatically.

Fig 34

3.11.7 Change Log Password

This section modifies the user name and password of the system
Please fill in your original user name and password and then enter your new
user name and password, then click Save.


Instruction Manual Wireless Broadband Router

Fig 35
Note: For security, it is strongly recommend that you change the
initial user name and password.
3.11.8 System Log
You can find the system record here and check whether there is network

Fig 36
Clear Log: To delete System log info.