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APSS Unified Communications Online Test

1- You are talking to Claudine, a CFO (chief financial officer). Claudines

business challenges are to manage the business in this economy,
work with limited resources, and tightly control expenses. Which
two of the Avaya capabilities will help with these business
challenges? (Select two)

Realize cost savings through centralized management, SIP trunking, and
tail-end hop off.
Integrated legacy systems to take advantage of the current investment.

2- Using one-X Mobile to place outbound calls through the enterprise
has multiple benefits. For each subject, select the corresponding
one-X Mobile benefit statement from the drop down list.

3- You are helping Ray, a colleague, lean about messaging competitors.
He understands that some of the solutions from messaging only
competitors have more languages, or TUIs (telephone user
interfaces) than the Avaya solutions. So he wants to know which
strategy is preferred, to win against these smaller, messaging
industry specific competitors?

Change the conversation to Unified Communications, versus a messaging
only solution.

4- You are helping Francesca learn about the differences between
Modular Messaging (MM) and Avaya Aura Messaging (AAM). She
calls to ask you about a marketing document that said AAM allows
per mailbox options. She says Many voicemail systems, including
MM, allow specification TUI and language. What two additional per
mailbox differences will you mention? (Choose two)






Storage location
License type

Jim s becoming a messaging specialist and comes to you to ask about
HMS (Hospitality Messaging Server) 400. He knows that it is a fit-for-
purpose solution and it supports special features for functions such
as: guest messaging, room ready, mini-bar, and wake-up calling.
Which two statements would you use to describe this solution?
(Choose two)

The HMS 400 supports guest rooms and a limited number of staff or
management mailboxes.
Clients can use HMS 400 for guest rooms and another solution such as
CallPilot or Avaya Aura Messaging for the staff or management.

Your client contact, Kyle, is getting pressure from his IT department
to consider Cisco as the replacement for their legacy Aria system.
What are two advantages of selling Avaya Aura Messaging, over
Cisco, that will help Kyle build his case for Avaya? (Choose two)

Per mailbox choice of TUIs (telephone user interfaces), including Aria,
will minimize end user retraining.
Migration tools are available to simplify and shorten installation and
initial administration time.

The audio conferencing family of products includes Avaya Aura
Conferencing and Meeting Exchange. Which two statements are true
about the Avaya family of audio conferencing products? (Choose
two). They:

Offer strong ROI.
Include carrier class scalability and feature/functionality.

Which two of the following Avaya products support the Avaya Flare
Experience operational capabilities? (Choose two)

Avaya Aura core communications architecture.
Avaya Aura Conferencing.

Larry is becoming familiar Avaya Aura Conferencing and is trying to
understand the advantage of this Avaya conferencing solution over
competitors. What two things could you tell Larry about Avaya Aura
Conferencing? (Choose two)

Avaya Aura Conferencing architecture separates management of
conferences and management of media streams.
Avaya Aura Conferencing is a software-based, multi-modal conferencing
engine that provides seamless access to multipoint audio, web and video.

Meeting Exchange 6.2 included multiple feature
enhancements. Which two of the following are Meeting Exchange 6.2
feature enhancements? (choose two)

Microsoft Lync integration
Administration of Meeting Exchange by Avaya Aura System Manager.

The Avaya Aura Suite Licensing offers a flexible ordering
approach to address solution oriented options for Avaya Aura
customers. Three UC feature suites are offered, replacing multiple
individual licenses for UC features with simplified bundles that
incorporate the majority of customer requirements and make it easy
for any enterprise to move to video and mobile collaboration. Which
two of the following will include licensing for Avaya Aura Messaging?
(Choose two)

Mobility Suite
Collaboration Suite

You have a customer who is aware of employees relying more
on personal communication devices than the desk phones DID
service the customer has invested in. They are interested in
supporting a bring your own device (BYOD) strategy that allows
employees to use their devices and protect corporate resources and
workflow. What are two statements about the Avaya Messaging
Service (AMS) that might be of interest to the customer? (choose

With the AMS employees can continue to use devices of their choice but
still communicate via their corporate identify.
The Avaya Messaging Service empowers desktop Direct Inward Dial (DID)
numbers with ability to send and receive IP based instant messages as
well as carrier-based is. (SEM TRADITIONAL VOICEMAIL)

You are in discussions with an Avaya customer who has
expressed interest in customizing the interactions of their call
centers. You have mentioned that the Avaya Aura Collaboration
Environment is a secure, cost-efficient development platform. What
are two additional statements that you might share with the
customer? (Choose two)

Avaya Aura Collaboration Environment does NOT require prior
communications development skills.
Avaya Aura Collaboration Environment integrates Unified
Communications and contact center resources with business applications
and workflows.

Some customers are interested in the security and cost
benefits of a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) ecosystem where
all of the computing resides in the data center. From a business use
case perspective which of the following workforce types would not
be a good fit for VDI?

Unstructured Knowledge Workers

15- The Avaya Flare Experience provides a multi modal
collaboration environment. What does clicking on the collaboration
button on your Avaya Flare Experience interface allow you to do?

Start a web collaboration session so that you can share and see content.

16- Which statement about the Avaya Aura Conferencing
Collaboration Agent application is correct? The Collaboration Agent
application is a:

Browser based tool that allows you to share content, view conference
rosters, and manage conferences.

17- Anna, who is a LOB (line of business) manager at an Avaya
client, calls you to ask you about new applications and products
being installed at her company. She heard IT talking about CES
(client enablement services) and wants to know what it is and how it
might help her and her team. You would explain to Anna that CES is

A single platform that delivers rich Avaya Aura communication services
to one- X Communicator, and one-X Mobile enhancing the user
experience and client functionality

18- Avaya Aura Presence Services is a significant component of
the Avaya Aura architecture. Your client contact, Barbara, wants to
know why she would want that component since they already get
presence information through their IM (Instant Messaging)
application. Which of the following is a function of Avaya Aura
Presence Services that you would discuss with Barbara?

Provides a scalable, high-performance presence aggregation service that
collects and disseminates rich presence information between Avaya and
other third-party endpoints.

19- You are helping Julio, an account executive, prepare for his
Avaya Aura presentation to his client. Although he understands
that the architecture is a foundation for UC (unified
communications) or CC (contact center) solutions, he wants to know
what other purpose makes Avaya Aura different from other
architectures. (Choose one.)

It offers a people-centric architecture that enables business collaboration


20- In a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), Avaya VDI
Communicator addresses the UC needs of the LAN attached
knowledge worker. How does the Avaya VDI Communicator address
the quality and scalability issues of a communications device in a
Virtual Desktop Infrastructure?

Processing media on the thin client

21- You are helping a new sales person, Carol, plan her
presentation of the Avaya Auras Solution for Midsize Enterprise.
Although she can explain that it is a virtualized, single server Avaya
Aura environment with reduced capacity, she is having trouble
explaining why this is important to IT. For each feature, select the
corresponding benefit to IT from the drop-down list.

Complete Avaya Aura environment - Can support trials of the Avaya Aura
single server - A green solution with less hardware to manage and
full featured - The same familiar applications, for users or administrators,
as in the multi-server deployments

22- You are planning your client meeting with a C level officer,
Alice who is a CTO (chief technology officer). Which two statements
describe the benefits of the Avaya Aurae Solution for Midsize
Enterprise that would be of interest to Alice? (Choose two.)

Simple and faster to install because of the use of templates.
"Green" solution, using minimal rack space, which saves power and
cooling costs.

23- Your client, Claudine attended a local user's group meeting
and heard about the mobile soft client. She wants to understand the
positioning and use cases of the portfolio. What would you tell her
about one-X5 Mobile Lite?

Provides a graphical user interface for EC500 or Extension to Cellular
telephony features on Communication Server 1000 or communcation

24- You are working with Leslie, who is an existing Avaya client
with a legacy voicemail system. She asked what a current voicemail
solution, like Avaya Aural' Messaging, offers as part of a UC solution.
Which two features would you want to discuss with Leslie? (Choose

voicemail is accessible using: any phone, any web browser, desktop

clients, and even speech commands.
desktop clients can offer: visual voicemail, or display a message waiting
light as well as the number of unread message.

25- The target customers for Avaya Aura Conferencing 7.2 can
be from any vertical industry. Customers that have multiple
locations or geographically dispersed employees see greater TCO
(total cost of ownership) benefits. The customer may start with
audio or web conferencing capabilities and then enable video
without any changes to the architecture. Which of the following must
be available in the customer's environment?

Avaya Aura 6.2 or CS 1000 7.5

26- A client wants to use Avaya ACE (Agile Communication
Environment) to develop customized applications to fit their
business needs. What should you present to them to meet their

Avaya ACE IT Developer Toolkit

27- You, have a new opportunity with a customer who has a
dispersed workforce. They are interested in deploying an Avaya
Aura infrastructure to support desk phones, remote workers and
voice mail. They are very interested in providing the multi-modal
conferencing of Avaya Aura Conferencing 7. Which one of the
following licensing strategies might be most appropriate for the

Collaboration Suite licensing

28- The Avaya Aura Collaboration Environment helps
customers and developers become more competitive by using their
existing talents, skills, and ability to build high value applications
while minimizing infrastructure changes and retaining the security,
scalability and reliability of the Avaya Aura Platform. What are two
additional statements that describe the Avaya Aura Collaboration
Environment? (Choose two.)

Avaya Aura Collaboration Environment exposes an extensive array of
interfaces that developers can utilize.
Avaya Aura Collaboration Environment is a robust, scalable
applications 2 platform for the execution and management of diverse,
dynamically deployable services and applications.

29- Your client is trying to decide whether to purchase Avaya AES
(Application Enablement Services) or Avaya ACE,. (Agile

Communication Environment). Which platform is compatible with

ACE and not AES?

Communication Server 1000

30- Heather, your client contact, understands that applications like
messaging, conferencing, and presence are part of the application
layer of the Avaya Aura architecture. She wants to know why that is
important since she could have the same centralized applications
connected to her PBX. What reason will you want to discuss with

O Applications can be deployed to any user, in the network, based on need
rather than the corresponding PBX

31- Steven is preparing to discuss deployment of the Avaya Flare
Experience into a customer's environment. Which of the following
statements about the Avaya Flare Experience is correct? The Avaya
Flare Experience is:

A Software client application product.

32- Your client's LOB (line of business) manager, Edwin, like many
clients, needs to do more with less. Which three capabilities show
the Avaya Aurae ability to enhance user productivity? (Choose

contact users through click to call, click to email, etc.
know a user's availability through presence functionality
reach a user wherever they are

33- Essential or Preferred Support Advantage co-delivery offers are
available for which of these IP Office in a branch deployments?

Centralized deployment

34- The Avaya VDI Communicator is a unique client application for a
Virtual Desktop Infrastructure. (Choose one.) The Avaya VDI
Communicator can be installed:

on a Windows PC or a Thin Client solution.

35- Jeff is preparing to discuss the value of Avaya Aura Conferencing
with the customer. He is studying the value of integration into the
Avaya Aura Architecture. Which two value statements will Jeff want
to remember to discuss? (Choose two.)
Avaya Aura Conferencing:

leverages the converged enterprise network providing savings on

conferencing service provider fees and network trunking costs.
uses advanced media cascading saving WAN bandwidth.

36- A clients workforce has become highly mobile over the last few
years, resulting in difficulty to quickly and easily reach mobile or
remote users. What two messaging features would address this
particular concern? (Choose two.)

reach me/find me
notify me

37- The LOB (line of business) and IT manager both like the fact that
one-X1' Mobile allows the user to direct calls to where they are by
simultaneously ringing up to 4 devices including smart phone, desk
phone, soft client on a lap top or home phone at the same time. The
manager is concerned about control and administration
requirements. How would you respond?

There is no back end administration required by IT. Mobile users can
easily direct calls to the devices they are using

38- Anna, who is a LOB (line of business) manager at an Avaya client,
calls you to ask you about new applications and products being
installed at her company. She heard IT talking about CES (client
enablement services) and wants to know what it is and how it might
help her and her team. You would explain to Anna that CES is:

A single platform that delivers rich Avaya Aura communication services
to one- X Communicator, and one-X Mobile enhancing the user
experience and client functionality

39- Match the correct UC product on the right with its corresponding
description or value on the left.

40- You have just completed an Avaya Aurae sales course. For the
next team meeting, your manager asks you to discuss two additional
qualities that, along with support for open standards, characterize
the Avaya Aura architecture. (Choose two.)

"green" solution with a lower TCO (total cost of ownership)

multi-vendor environment

41- For Avaya Aura Conferencing when media streams are
cascaded, which two statements are true? (Choose two.)

Cascading works with both audio and video streams.
Media servers send one outgoing media stream for all remote users at a
particular media server location.

42- Architecturally, Avaya Meeting Exchange (MX) 6.2 provides both
Service Providers and Enterprise customers with an impressive
platform. Which two statements are true about an on premise
deployment Meeting Exchange 6.2 with your customer today?
(Choose two.) Meeting Exchange 6.2 will:

provide demonstrable ROI savings by avoiding conferencing service
provider cost.
protect the opportunity for Avaya multi-modal collaboration solution
migration and or upgrades in the future.

43- You are telling your customer about clients that fit into the Avaya
Aurae Architecture. What are two key value statements for the
Avaya Flare Experience? (Choose two.)

It is an all-in-one easy to use collaboration and UC capabilities centre for
your day-to-day and mobile business communications
It delivers ad-hoc and scheduled audio conferencing, video conferencing
and Web collaboration capabilities

44- You are meeting with a client's IT manager to discuss some
administration benefits. You explain that in addition to a single load
of software supporting both SIP and H.323 deployment protocols,
Avaya one-X' Communicator offers versions for which two operating
systems? (Choose two.)

Microsoft. Windows
Apple Mac

45- The IT manager, Antonio, was reading your proposal and calls to
ask you about the persistent call logs that all of the Avaya UC soft
clients share access to and how that is different from other types of
call logs. You tell him that persistent call logs provide:

O a log that accumulates data regardless of which client or device is used.

46- For each Meeting Exchange audio conferencing feature, select the
corresponding function from the drop-down list.

Bridgetalk > end user tool: allows end user conference scheduling &
profile management
web portal > conference management: allows operator interface, *0 help
capabilities, & "high touch" attendant supported conferences
CRS > system management: administration and user account provisioning

47- You are talking to an IT manager. Select two features and
benefits of the Avaya Aura environment that the IT manager would
find valuable. (Choose two.)

Cost savings associated with a customer defined, centralized, multi
application management capability.
Reduces the number of systems required for large enterprise since it
scales to 250,000 users.

48- Samantha has a client with an older Communication Server 1000.
Although they are not interested in going to an Avaya Aura
environment today, she wants to get them to upgrade to release 7.6
so they could easily move to Avaya Aura in the future. She has
come to you for assistance. What two client needs would help her
justify an upgrade to release 7.6? (Choose two.) Need for:

a current conferencing or messaging solution such as: Avaya Aura
Conferencing, Modular Messaging, and Avaya Aura Messaging
an Avaya soft client to support remote and mobile workers.

49- Although all messaging applications should be sold as part of an
overall UC solution, which two messaging products, in the Avaya
messaging portfolio, can be a part of the application layer of the
Avaya Aura architecture? (Choose two.)

Modular Messaging
Avaya Aura Messaging

50- Avaya IP Office in a branch deployment is a cost-competitive,
flexible solution. You can have as many as 2,000 branches or sites
with IP Office as a branch solution. How many users per site are