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Daniel Dias!

Phone: 0 64540 6266!
Rapenburg 103, 1011 TW !

Audio technician
31 years old
Living in Amsterdam, Holland"

To be able to use my skills and knowledge in the audio visual industry.!

Qualifications Summary"
! !

Solid experience in audio recording for drama, ENG, and music production.!
High level of professionalism with strong emphasis on detailing, accuracy and
quality, have worked in award winning productions!
Experience and knowledge of music production !
Can work under pressure, have worked 7 years in live recordings.!

Working experience:"

Working at Rede Globo TV Network, one of the largest commercial TV network in the
world as audio technician in award-winning TV programs, broadcasting to Brazil, and
another 115 countries around the world, with millions of viewers.!
I worked 6 years recording drama, reality shows, and live events using multi track
recorders, analog and digital mixers, operating boom and lavalier microphones and Pro
Tools systems, assuring high audio quality in many award winning productions.!
Emmy 2009 - Caminho das Indias (best novel)!

Emmy 2012 - O Astro (best novel)!

In 2012 to 2013 i worked in TV Globo journalism as A2 microphone operator, assuring high

quality standards for audio recording and transmission for Brazil and almost whole world in
live news programs and live sports streaming to million people everyday.!
(Nominee) Emmy 2012, 2013 - Jornal Nacional (news)

October 2013 to April 2014 I worked for the novel Pecado Mortal as microphone
operator, recording dialogues and all sounds for the scenes in studios and outdoor field

recording, broadcasting to Brazil, Cape Verde, United States, Japan, Mozambique and

March 2014 I worked as audio operator to Mundo Fox channel (United States) recording
the documentary Milagros de Jesus, Broadcasted to Latin American people in United
States, at Mundo Fox Channel)!


June to July 2014 !

I worked as A2 (audio assistant) to ESPN International, for the FIFA World!
Cup -Brazil, using broadcast equipment and technologies:
microphone and IFB signal flows, wireless PL systems, mix minus, intercom devices and !
all associated hardware and software, and broadcast routers.!
I worked in live broadcastings to all Latin America and Miami, communicating in English !
and Spanish.!

References furnished upon request.!

Strong sense of audio quality, practice with mixers and recorders!

Massive experience with microfones of all kinds (boom microphones, lavalier, music
recording equipments) and audio equipments !
Editing and post productions skills (Avid, Pro Tools, Logic, Adobe Premiere, etc.)

English,Spanish and Portuguese. Learning Dutch.


College graduate in Film (in progress) !

January 2007 to December 2009 at Universidade Estacio de Sa, Rio de Janeiro

AVID - Non Linear Video Editing . SENAC ,2012!

Camera Operator. AICTV (Academia Internacional de Cinema e TV) ,2010.!

Cinematographic Language. AICTV (Academia Internacional de Cinema e TV) ,


Audio (phisics of audio, acoustics,)!

IATEC (Instituto de artes tcnicas em comunicao), 2007 .!
Audio (equipments, recordings, and operations)!
IATEC (Instituto de artes tcnicas em comunicao), 2007