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Currently, the vast majority of mine is established by utilizing slurry filling

station not to mention different pipelines to acquire towards the drilling

mud agitator. The leading disadvantage for this method is the fact that the
nicely slurry filling stations are situated inside the far location, so it
requirements very extended pipes. So it really is easy to plug in the
transmission procedure. Because of the adoption connected with slurry
filling stations plus by grouting method and also equipment relating to
different pipelines, it is simple to recognize the aim regarding fire fighting
at this moment. Together with the technique is frequently updated using
the growth and development of fire prevention relating to coal mine. So
the clay grouting technology will become the primary way regarding fire
fighting inside the mine.
Especially in the achievable emergency for blowout, it need mix
configuration weighting material in a short period regarding time.
Therefore, drilling mud mixers should be used. The mud mixer is a sort of
gear which can match using the handle system for oil drilling strong. Jet
mud mixer is mostly utilised for fire prevention together with fire grouting
concerning coal mine. It belongs to the fire prevention extinguishing
equipment concerning coal mine. Due to the fact the coal bed is simple to
combust, we must adopt the corresponding fire prevention coupled with
extinguishing measures. The approaches connected with fire fighting are
slurry filling, aerosol resistance not to mention nitrogen injection aim.
Grouting is really a conventional implies regarding fire prevention handle,
and then this method has the advantages of economy, convenience
together with reliability in mining approach. Clay grouting technology is
mature, plus the grouting fire-fighting has long-term reputable impact. It is
the preferred means relating to fire fighting.
Jet mud mixer is special equipment to prepare and increase the drilling
fluids weight by adding and mixing bentonite, change the fluid density,
change the mud density, viscosity, and dehydration. The effect is more
prominent matching with Shear Pump. Jet mud mixer is a unit used
together with the solids control system for petroleum drilling and
horizontal directional drilling(HDD). The unit includes one sand pump, one
jet mixing hopper and one jet mixer that are installed in a base with pipe
valves. It is safe and stable and can be moved conveniently.
Jet mud mixer matched with well drilling solids control , mainly used in
weighting drilling mud , changing the density , viscosity , water lose , etc .
If it is used with shearing pump, the effect will be more excellent , it can
be designed twin jet mud mixer according to customers requirements .
The mud mixer is extensively utilized in business and also city sewage
therapy and the aerated grit chamber. It also is utilized for modest sewage
treatment, industrial wastewater remedy and aeration pond. Meanwhile,
the jet mud mixer is also applicable to the sewage treatment plant
together with industrial process about mixing with liquid suspensions.
KOSUN jet mud mixer is used to make and mix drilling fluid to change the
density and viscosity. This device can satisfy the fluid weighting and
mixing of solids control system for 1500m-9000m drilling.
Working principle

The drilling flow into the jet pump with certain pressure, in the jet pump
fluid spouts out from jet nozzle first, then flows into shear pipe through
mixing chamber, Material will be added from hopper to mixing hopper, and
move into shear pipe with the flow. During this process, they are dispersed
and mixed. The mixture will enter into drilling fluid tank when flows out of
the shear pipe.
The shear pipe is hollow and it can expand gradually based on certain
curved surface. It is mainly used to enlarge shearing force inside the pipe
to disperse the material further and increase the mixture pressure head,
this will make it easy to enter in to circulation tank.