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What have you learnt from your audience feedback?

To make our music video and ancillary tasks successful we needed to

collate audience feedback in some way. But before we could even begin
gathering the data we needed to outline our target audience. Our target
audience is 16-24 year olds males and females with an interest in music.
We wanted our product to be enjoyable for both sexes to watch so the
music would have access to a larger audience and also because indie rock
is very popular with both genders, the Arctic Monkeys are an example of
an indie rock band popular with both genders.
Before we had even produced our music video we needed to gain
feedback from our target audience. We did this by conducting a small
focus group of two boys and two girls, so we had both genders opinions.
Our idea was only in its initial stages of development and we wanted to
see if we were going along the right path. Firstly we played them the song
to show them what our idea would be based around and the feedback was
positive regarding the video and they all liked it. After this we presented
our idea of a video based around an argument between a couple. They
liked the fact that our video was going to be related to the song in some
way rather than be some surreal idea because they felt those styles
detracted from the story of the songs. Our narrative driven idea will be
appealing to them because it is telling the story of a couple breaking up
through the lyrics of the song. They said the idea would work well with
the lyrics and pace of the song but it would have to be shown in an
interesting way otherwise they said they would get bored. This section of
feedback actually pushed us towards the idea of using a one-shot take in
our video. We asked what would make the music video appealing to them
and the main thing they all said was to have the characters featured be a
similar age to them (16-24 years old) so that they could relate. Our
casting choice was influenced by this comment; this is why we got a 17
year old and 18 year old to play our characters. They are in the age range
of our target audience meaning they can be related to in some way.
Taking this feedback on-board we went and produced our music video
and separate ancillary tasks.
So in conclusion the three main points we found from our small focus
group are:

They liked the idea a lot

The characters featured have to be the same age
The argument has to be presented in an interesting way
The fact the music video is related to the song is good

After completing our tasks we needed to gain audience feedback to

decide whether we have met the brief we have been assigned. To gain
feedback for our music video we conducted a focus group of our target

audience and for my ancillary tasks I produced a questionnaire. The

feedback from the focus group was mainly good. They said the one-shot
idea and style was noticeable and interesting to watch. This was the
reaction we were hoping for. The one shot was supposed to change the
whole feel and pace of the video; it was there to connote to the viewer the
environment youre changes whilst participating in an argument. They
also picked up in the fact that the black + white contrasted with the colour
at the beginning and end. We changed to B&W to represent the
difference between the couples public and private relationships. The
colour was there to connote to the audience they put on an exaggerated
loving relationship compared with the cold B&W of their unloving private
relationship. However there was some negative feedback as well. One of
our focus group pointed out at one point the shadow of the camera is seen
against the wall. Whilst filming this potential problem did not enter our
minds as we had a limited window to finish shooting. Another participant
of our focus group did not understand the story conveyed in the
introduction and outro of our music video. We only wanted the
introduction to be short to our music video so that the viewer did not get
bored or lose interest before the video hadnt fully started. However
looking back I could see how the story may not be completely clear at
first; the shot of the phone showing the missed call is very brief and you
have to be concentrating to see another girl had called his phone;
however the other members of the focus group understood what was
going on.
After editing our focus group together we had to decide whether all of the
feedback gained was relevant for us. On reflection the feedback
regarding the introduction to our music video was not really relevant
though I can see what he meant. The other participants of our focus
group understood the story and the situation the characters were in and
when we began to explain what the story was he soon understood and
was happy. Although he did understand it in the end it does make me
think that in future productions I will make the story clearer from the
outset. The feedback about the camera shadows is relevant to an extent.
The reason you do not see any shadows in bigger budget music videos is
because they have rehearsed the camera movements over and over again
and have access to moving scenery and lighting. Sadly we did not have
access to these tools. Even though there is a camera shadow at one point
it is only for a fleeting second. Considering we shot the one shot
sequence in a limited time frame I think we did well not to feature lots of
camera shadows. The feedback on the good points of the music video is
relevant because it shows that we [produced a music video that is
enjoyable and is interesting to watch.
Did we fulfil the brief given to us? Yes I think we did. Our brief was to
produce a promotion package for the release of an album, to include a
music promo video, together with a digipak for the albums release and a
magazine advertisement for the digipak. We have produced a music
video that was received well and enjoyed by our target audience. They

liked the one-shot section of our music video because it presented the
argument in a different way (fulfilling our initial audience researchs wish)
and it had a narrative to accompany the song.