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may use the Internet only in conjunction with a __ school-related project_________________________

assigned by a teacher and under the supervision of a teacher or other staff member. Recreational surfing
of the Internet is ______prohibited,___________, including Google images. Students enrolled in MSCR
programs may access pre-selected game sites only.


are expected to be responsible for their own behavior by following the same standards of conduct that are
expected in the classroom. Besides making good choices about how to behave, responsible behavior
means not visiting sites that contain _____ obscene, __________, __________profane___,
___hateful,________, gang-related, or offensive material.
may _ not______ use graphics that are offensive or ______ violent_______.
should never enter _ personal information _____________________________ (phone number, address,
etc.) for themselves or anyone else.
may not participate in online __chat rooms____ rooms, blogs, instant messaging, ___social netwoks __
YouTube________, , and other prohibited activities unless assigned to do so by a teacher and under the
supervision of a teacher.
should log off the system as soon as finished to provide others the opportunity to access the system;
are expected to know and follow ____ copyright __________ laws.



Students shall:


ask for permission to print;

use print _____ preview_____________ to print only important pages;
only print materials related to ______________school work________.

Students should not:

* print _________multiple _______copies;
* print materials that are not consistent with the MMSD Code of Conduct.

Students should not:

* use their school email address for signing up for various sites
(_______Facebook_________, for example) or promotions;
* lend their school email _______logins____ and __passwords ___________ to
anyone else;
* read mail or files without the owner's permission;
* use any other email account than the MMSD gmail program and may not check
____personal_______________ email accounts while at school.

Students may

that are inconsistent with the MMSD Behavior Education Plan, written or

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send messages:

that are inappropriate,, obscene, sexist, contain obscenities, or contain
inflammatory or abusive language;
to engage in __bullying____________ or harassing;
using another persons name or _____ID_______Click here to enter text.;
with attachments.

Students may not:

* change any computer settings (including exiting out of Synchroneyes and

changing backgrounds) or interfere with other peoples ability to use school
district computing and network resources;
* _____download______ or install files without permission of the teacher;
* change any hardware, software, or system settings (this includes closing out
programs that should be _______ running__________);
* use __USB______________ drives or _______headphones_________ without
permission of the teacher.