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Impact of Social Media on Political Awareness

The New Symbol of Political Awareness: Social Media Catalyst
Raizza P. Corpuz

Abstract: This paper is about the new paradigm of social media in the epochal turning point in
today’s’ time and how it is connected to the development of society in political perspective. The
purpose was to examined the use of social media by Filipino especially the young generation and
how it it’s juxtaposed with the development of political awareness in terms of different facets in
our society by the impact of social media usage. The research explored the relation of social
media used as a channel or tool or medium for awareness that brought change to one perceptive
stance in the realm of verity. This research suggests that the use of social media is one facet of
developmental awareness to the new horizon of our generation and the virtual community sets
forth an action through their involvement and freedom towards speaking one’s heart and mind in
the realm of temporal now.
Keyword: Social media, political awareness
1. Introduction

The new paradigm of social media in contemporary epoch serves as new medium for
change and development. Social media as a tool to help Filipino youth today to be politically
aware, in using the modes of social media as a medium to connect to the virtual community it
serves as a new way to be totally knowledgeable to what is happening in our country. The
generation today is the generation of cyber netizens were every mode inclined to technology,
internet based is totally inclined to their existence, their everyday living surrounds with the
virtual community that helps them to be engage and learn the language of human spirit. Towards
the changing environment technology becomes the necessity of man, social networking system
becomes a need not only wants for each and every individual. Social media plays a pivotal role
in everyday lives because of the need to belong. It definitely changes the holistic array of
political attention to our country. It helps Filipinos to shape their mind towards their capacity to
Raizza P. Corpuz, February 26, 2014 ©

Impact of Social Media on Political Awareness

engage and to their own way of extending knowledgeable capacity to connect through their
emotive and cognitive means. According to Center for European studies the three social
networking sites determine the engagement and awareness of the user towards one own
individuality through the external sphere of themselves. The research conducted to enliven the
enigmatic comportment of social media towards the development of epistemic range of the
students in tertiary level on how they use social media especially Facebook, YouTube and
Twitter. The three social networking sites used based on the survey conducted out of one hundred
participants it was the top three highest marking usages for all the participants who enjoined to
answer the queries on the survey conducted.
It also varies with Facebook is the Internet’s leading online community. Most consider
Facebook as the very image of social media. The basic idea is to offer each registered user the
chance to create a user profile with pictures and to keep in touch with their so-called “friends”, or
contacts they link to on the site. Facebook wasn’t the first of its kind: similar services already
existed in the late 1990s, but the way Harvard university student Mark Zuckenberg linked a
person’s photograph and profile to others and created a way to share thoughts, pictures and links
was completely new. It was easy for users to adapt to it. Facebook was first available in February
2004 to Harvard students. Within one year, Facebook was used in almost all American schools,
and was opened for public use in 2006. Facebook came to Finland in 2007, and at the time of
writing, it has 1.5 million Finns registered as users. The worldwide fascination with Facebook is
based on the possibility it offers to be in contact with people whose e-mail addresses and phone
numbers have changed or become outdated. But an even more important feature of Facebook is
the chance to create networks: Facebook’s activity is based solely on communities. Being on
Facebook isn’t just limited to information within a group of friends. Through groups, users can
form new networks. A user’s posting, in the form of text, pictures or both, can receive feedback
from other users in the form of the ”Like” button, and the option to make their own comments.
They can also forward the posting to their own Facebook contacts using the “Share” option. One
popular feature Facebook supports is community pages for common interests. Many political
candidates create a page for themselves, and when a user clicks on the “Like” button, that user
indicates that they would like to receive updates each time the candidate adds something to

A sort of keyword called a “hash tag” can be added to tweets to connect the current message to some other message. 140-character messages to each other. In conversations concerning society. These tweets form a current of messages that are followed in chronological order from a computer screen or some other screen. 43 % of it is male and the other 46 % are female. there is no opportunity to justify a point of view or cite sources. The Statistical range is the following: Philippine Facebook User by Age  40% are young adults aged 18 – 24  15% are teenagers aged 13 -17  11% are more mature adults aged 35 – 44 A smaller percent of Filipino Facebook users belong to the older market:  5% are aged 45 – 54  2% are aged 55 – 64  1% are those aged 65 and above Profiling the country’s Facebook users by gender gives us the following data:  46% are female  43% are male Twitter is a free. Twitter can be an interesting vessel. because its messaging form is very compact. Twitter messages are most commonly called “tweets”. like that of a cell phone. on which users can send short. In short messages. Internet-based micro blogging service.Impact of Social Media on Political Awareness The Filipinos are known to be one of the highest percentage users of social media. and all the users of the Twitter platform. According to Social Baker Statistics. and . there are now 30 million Facebook users. Its use is based on quick exchanges of thoughts and information between friends. acquaintances. making it easier to follow the messages.

changing the message and meaning of the video. YouTube is the Internet’s leading video service. the most popular videos on YouTube are music videos. It began operating in 2005. but there are also some user-made videos about personal problems that have found quite a large audience. Also popular are secretly-filmed slip-ups and witty remarks made by politicians. It would appear that technological revolutions are among the most consequential things that happen to humanity. where a video recording is mixed with a diff rent audio recording. entertainment programmers. and grew very quickly. Technological change is in large part responsible for the evolution of such basic parameters of the human condition as the size of the world population. cosmology. Based on the number of viewers. through web links or other references. materials will become stronger. YouTube users have so far been more inclined towards entertainment than politics. political messaging and conversation can be more heated and critical here than on other social media platforms. and . YouTube is also an important channel for parliamentary and regional election candidates. studies on the use of Twitter to influence voting behaviour highlight only small groups of “super users”. including governance. health care. Twitter can also be used to steer the user to more detailed content elsewhere. In 2010. with a much lower cost than TV commercials. Other aspects of society and our individual lives are also influenced by technology in many direct and indirect ways. Computers will become faster.Impact of Social Media on Political Awareness because of this. and medicine will cure more diseases. human relationships. the most watched political content has been satirical “mash-ups”. and because of this. war. education levels. (2003) the future of technology is in some ways easy to predict. Despite this. with 50 million visits to the site just by the end of the same year. The contents of satirical TV shows are also popular. and the nature of work. and the effects of human activities on the natural environment. watch and comment on what they see. and news videos. communication. entertainment. According to Drexler. material standards of living. non‐ revolutionary technological developments. perhaps exceeded in their impact only by more gradual. life expectancy. and our views on morality. However. there were already more than 2 billion visits to You.Tube every day. Twitter can be used for active political discussion. The basic idea behind YouTube is that users upload videos to the site and at the same time.

p. Grounded Theory. This approach allows not to a mere objective definition of what the social media as its ordinary context but how the relational array of the technological . it leads to contrived findings that are out of context (Creswell. web communities. 2007). Basic Qualitative research distinct from the different study such as Narrative. naturalistic approach to the world (Cresswel. and interpersonal relationships are created and maintained. The main rationale of Basic Qualitative Research is to understand how people make sense of their lives and experiences (Merriam. This involves going out to the situation or field of study.Impact of Social Media on Political Awareness human nature. Does the use of social media serve as a symbol to develop change in our country? Methodology This study followed Basic Qualitative Research in revealing the experiences of social media user in the realm of its role.23). 2007). and gathering material. A basic qualitative research involved an order to study persons in their ordinary setting. cultures. 2009. Case Study and Ethnography (Creswell. and Internet forums. Typical social media network services could be content sharing. Phenomenology. and the environment is a key determinant of the ground rules within which the game of human civilization is played out at any given point in time. I used this approach because I want to understand the relational aspect of social media to the virtual community as the extension of the societal and communal awareness. This approach allows us to probe further into the contextual area of social media usage as a tool for the development of political awareness in our country. institutions. One does not have to embrace any strong form of technological determinism or be a historical materialist to acknowledge that technological capability through its complex interactions with individuals. 'By this. gaining access. Social media are new information network and information technology using a form of communication utilising interactive and user-produced content. 1997). If participants are removed from their setting. How would social media practice become a tool for political awareness? 2. Basic Qualitative research involves an interpretative. Statement of the Problem 1. I mean that theories need to be developed and it is because there is a need to present a detailed view of the topic. I choose a basic qualitative study because the topic needs to be explored.

like a newspaper or a radio. I engaged myself in interpreting each answer of the participants in this study and identified the recurring patterns or ideas that have in the same thought and characterized it in one qualitative data. I collected the data through the basic ways of the generic techniques of qualitative comportment. The technique that I manage to engage is to determine first what is the most used social media most often use and in accordance to the interview the utmost number of usage is through Facebook. Communication is the key factors in these interactions. the tertiary level both male and female of LPU Cavite. Symbolic Interaction is a theory that looks at how people interact. These theories are symbolic interaction. social exchange theory. YouTube and Twitter. which allowed each participant to narrate and share their experiences. We use theory to provide general principles for explaining the data (Miller. I also conducted in depth scrutiny in documentation through reflective analysis. The one hundred participants in this study selected based on convenience. Related Literature Social Media. so social media would be a social instrument of communication. 1986). The best way to define social media is to break it down. Twitter and YouTube. Media is an instrument on communication. gender theory and family systems theory. It usually involves fieldwork as primarily employing an inductive research strategy focussing on process. We communicate through symbols. We communicate with each other with more than words. Merriam (1999) characterises qualitative research as understanding the meaning people have constructed in which the researcher is the primary instrument for data collection and analysis. Social Network and Communication This review highlights a fundamental paradigm that is related to social media and the new paradigm shift of its usage in achieving the goal. I prepared a data through a depth interview guide. Theories also suggest directions for research because of the questions they raise.Impact of Social Media on Political Awareness revolution becomes a medium for change and development. meaning and understanding resulting in a richly descriptive product. observations. In particular I followed the Generic Approach in doing Qualitative Research because I wanted to understand the use of social media in determining different ways of its use to the individual especially the user of Facebook. and document analysis researcher can collect data (Merriam 2009). through interviews. Symbols include not only words .

both personal and professional. if not revolutionary. It often means change in the ways people relate to and connect with others. movements and so on. And they’re not restricted by geography. We interpret or define their actions. 1981) The New Community According to Waters. They allow you to add old classmates. have specific.the software or the technology. People who haven’t seen each other in decades are re-connecting today on social networks. Google and other social places online. the debate about media effects -. (Holloman 2012). in helping people connect with each other in ways that are genuine. on the audiences who are exposed to them -. distant relatives. gestures. social networks post codes of . 4). inside and outside the organizations. so friends and family strewn across time zones can interact as though they live on the same block. and partly because the debate is motivated more by a public and governmental agenda of education. Like any community. With all the talk you hear about the Facebook. Twitter YouTube. Despite the volume of research. Twitter and the like. authentic and natural. When we interact with people. Although most members tend to use their networks to enhance existing associations. It’s all about what people do with the technology (Holloman 2012. because they can encompass a much broader range of relationships that just your immediate family. 1983) than by an academic agenda concerning media theory (Roberts & Bachen. but people. typically those transmitted by television. often detrimental effects. Social media is a collective term that describes the means of communicating and engaging with people. Social media means change in the way everyone understands how organization works. are made. LinkedIn. This is partly because the debate is more about the epistemological limitations of social science research than it is about the media in particular. we do more than simply react to them. and los-lost is compadres to your current circle of friends. Social Media is not about different websites.remains unresolv mnbed. this is a place where new social connections. censorship and regulation (Rowland. and co-workers. Social Media is not about the tools and the channels. (2010) these web-based networking services are re-defining “community” and what it means to be a part of one. it wouldn’t be too much of a surprise to think that social media is all about Facebook.whether it can be shown empirically that the specific mass media messages.Impact of Social Media on Political Awareness but also intonations. p. It’s something many people see as evolutionary. friends.

& Day. a geographical area or city. music or video clips to share information (Ross et al. Socializing and Facebook (www. Users can send private messages to other individuals. Facebook functions by allowing users to select one or more ―networks‖ to which they will belong.Impact of Social Media on Political Awareness conduct that include basic courtesies we would extend to each other in any civilized social environment Staying Connected to Family and Friends One reason people are flocking to social networks is that their busy schedule lives farflung families have made it difficult. such as a specific high school or People use social networks to socialize. Dong. Facebook users can comment on their friends ‘messages. Facebook was founded in February 2004 in Harvard University and only acting as the University OSN site before opened the site to general public in 2006 (Urista. West. There are a number of ways for users to communicate with one another on Facebook. Facebook was founded in 2006. Social networks create an online space for nurturing those connections. this is the largest social networking in the world today with more nearly 500 million members (Waters 2010). photographs and videos. are about people hanging out with each other. if not impossible. Access to the web isn’t yet universal. It’s easy to forget that social networks. Huberman. Lewis. A Wall is a space on the profile. or a company. It’s a modern combination of too few hours and too many miles that has put a historic strain on our family ties. This capability is similar to emailing (Pempek. somewhat like a notice board or a public forum where users can post short messages or add photographs. Yermolayeva & Calvert.. 2008). 2007). to stay meaningfully connected with all the people they love. at their core. 2009). Messages may also only be sent to one recipient at a time (Golder. 2009. so a social network makes sense as a family touchstone (Waters 2010). 2009). 2009). Facebook can also serve as a source of leisure due to the availability of games and applications (Kolek & Saunders. & Currie. Face book’s ember also can make use of the Wall function. Instant messaging is a text-based . but just about anyone can find a terminal with a browser and an internet connection. Wilkinson.facebook.

Social media networks have created a phenomenon on the internet that has gained popularity over the last decade. and MySpace to create and sustain relationships with others (Boyd & Ellison. that is. The vital facet of social media in the diverse events holds the scrutiny on the article. The Emerging Role of Social Media in Political and Regime Change by Rita Safranek Lyotard's account. and communicate with one another. the computer age has transformed knowledge into information. People use social media sites such as Facebook. it is part of the day today existence. North Africa and Asia. collaborate. It is very clear that the writer gave exemplification to the emerging role of social media both as a tool and as social justification of change in the societal notion. what is the positive implications and negative result that it divulge. 2007). Whittaker. Safranek focused on three social media tools such as Facebook. The social media and regime of change is his focal stance that substantively explicate the different events occurred and the connection of social media to each. the fast changing development in the realm of our society is part of changes. Living in a virtual community in today`s time is inevitable. Based on the article provided it is definitely a demonstration of what is the role of social media. although there some systems that support multiparty chat (Nardi. In how Safranek explicate this is through the different contemporary happenings around the globe specifically to Middle East. can have good success using them. content can be created and accessed with as little as a Smartphone. Twitter. Then she believes that Part of the attraction of these “big three” social media services and independent blogging is that the average person. It is changes that succumb to both ideal and real way of demonstrating the antinomy of living towards the demand of the contemporary challenges. The article elaborated the role of the internet to the social happenings. coded messages within a system of transmission and communication. The transitions of different new inventions are challenge to humanities but on how it is use that is the contribution to society. Twitter and YouTube.Impact of Social Media on Political Awareness communication tool that allows dyadic synchronous interaction between two individuals. Patti Shank (2008). & Bradner. Social media is typically defined as web-based tools that enable users to easily share information. 2000). with little or no advanced computer skills. In contemporary epoch it is then playing a pivotal role. and it can be easily .

Links to videos posted on YouTube can be embedded in blogs. There is political unrest and Social Media. “The public’s ability to coordinate such a massive and rapid response – close to seven million text messages were sent that week – so alarmed the country’s legislators that they reversed course and allowed the evidence to be presented. over a million people arrived. Text messaging.. Activists used Facebook. large numbers of people can be easily and inexpensively contacted via a variety of services. activists. Live Journal (an electronic diary ser- vice/social network). were able to organize a protest at a major crossroads in Manila. There are different events that the writer explicated about the role of social media and the regime of change around the globe that mirrors how social media plays as a medium to set forward one’s aim and aspiration of change. Facebook. "Social media also lowers traditional socio-economic barriers to commanding the spotlight. YouTube and the Internet have given rise to a reservoir of political energy that posits a new relationship between the new media technologies.. digital tools are facilitating their formation (Etling et al 38). Word had been spreading rapidly via Twitter and other online networking services. You don’t have to “be somebody” to “be somebody” on social media". and Twitter to organize pro.Impact of Social Media on Political Awareness intertwined. the impeachment trial of former President Joseph Estrada. Estrada resigned. In other words. 2011. with the help of forwarded text messages. The event marked the first time that social media had helped force out a national leader” (Shirkey). While mass popular protests are by no means a new phenomenon. But it simply denotes that its effectiveness depends on how people inside the state use social media as a means rather than an end to its goal and . the Philippines in 2001. On January 20. These digital technologies influence the formation and activities of civil society groups: mobs. and Twitter. A Twitter post can appear on a Facebook page.tests and bring attention to the political unrest in the former Soviet republic. and civil society organizations. and digital activism became recognized as a source of political power (Amin). they got the world to focus on a small. politics. Over the next few days. remote country. Twitter. Moldova in 2009. movements. Facebook. and public life” (Giroux). I will scrutinize and explicate it through dividing posits the writer demonstrated. . Although the protestors failed to prompt a change of leadership or a new election.

The technology that fast moving and fast changing the same as time with its infinite value. Some people’s everyday experience is that technology changes too fast from their comfort (Green.Impact of Social Media on Political Awareness purpose. Facebook and Twitter have their place in social change. But social media has helped such groups discover one another and break the psychological barrier of fear between them. 2010). According to Castells in his conceptualization that the new political movement is applicable to Arab countries where religions and ethnic divides previously prevented networking because many of the Arab countries banned the creation of political parties and limited to the right to associate or create civil rights groups. Social media always comes with a catch: It is designed to do the very thing that isn’t particularly helpful in high-risk situation. New media can have an impact firstly to transform individuals and give them new competencies that empower politics. the important role of emerging social media to promote change and political regime constitutes an antinomy that can serve as a means towards achieving its end to demonstrate development in the government. Secondly the way that the new media draws external attention from citizens and governments outside the country or region to the place that is experiencing protest or conflict. ethnic and cultural groups could meet and interact. This meant that there was a little space where religious. Efficient way to transfer skills and information. The firs this threat the tool are themselves ineffective and the second is that they produce as much harm to democratization as good because repressive governments are becoming better at using these tools in suppress dissent. the two arguments about the idea that social media will make a difference in national politics. There are some negative array that social media implies based on the article. Thus. 1. but real revolutions take place in the street. reminding us that each and every new invention is neither good nor bad on how . Efficient and cheap way to give information 2. Conveys to members the highly motivating realizations that they have big numbers 3. There are three uses of social media in accordance to this article.

a sky above and a land below. but also because the users of these computergenerated environments create a lot of content in the form of educational displays. It’s true that a visitor to a virtual world might be able to fly around in that sky. and los-lost is compadres to your current circle of friends. and co-workers. distant relatives. The New Community According to Waters. It can help the reader to enliven the many quandaries towards the new media in our tempo spatial world. and look both ways before crossing the street. (2010) these web-based networking services are re-defining “community” and what it means to be a part of one. roads and rivers. shops and theatres. What is a Virtual World? A virtual world is a three-dimensional computer environment designed to stimulate the fundamental aspects of the real world. Although most members tend to use their networks to enhance existing associations. because they can encompass a much broader range of relationships that just your immediate family. this is a place where new social connections. both personal and professional. social networks post codes of conduct that include basic courtesies we would extend to each other in any civilized social environment. user-planned . Visitors (the flightless ones) must open doors. They allow you to add old classmates.Impact of Social Media on Political Awareness we view and look at it towards its need. There are different approach and exemplification the author elaborated. People who haven’t seen each other in decades are re-connecting today on social networks. There’s an up and a down in a virtual world. friends. a forward and a backward. navigate stairs. And they’re not restricted by geography. Virtual worlds fit under the social media umbrella because of the critical role social networking plays in many if these environments. but it’s still a sky ruled by sky physics. to mimic real life. Virtual worlds can be elaborately realized environments. Everything guide to social media is innovative book in terms of how the author Waters explicate his ideals on how social media works. so friends and family strewn across time zones can interact as though they live on the same block. are made. Like any community. its usage and influence to the users. with detailed towns and cities.

Remindo. Even though much of the worst hype around social media marketing is already dwindling. which allows companies to take advantage of the collaboration potential of a social network. Tumblr. Mobility and New Devices Social Media are going to be appearing on a growing number of mobile devices. Sonia Livingstone (2003). mobile devices are almost preferred platform. in communication. or about 100 million people. the audiences made available for marketing campaigns by social networks and other social media services will just keep getting better.Impact of Social Media on Political Awareness tours. they’re essential. such as location sharing. There are already numerous iPhone. Mobile phones have become the new computing platform. Social Networking Becomes a Business Tool Chatter is an example of something called an “internal social media platform”. and for some social media. For microblogs. And others are beginning to appear. such as Twitter. The big social networking players are sorting out the market. and blogs. in the individuality of a person and in the society. Facebook has reported that 25 percent of its users. blueKiwi. Sonia Livingstone’s theory on the New Media supports the study in determining the power of social media in relationship. Users have already seen the nascent rules of social media marketing surfacing and establishing guideposts. not to mention clothing. Social media is transforming the way companies communicate with their customers. p 189-190). and that’s nor a fad. Niche players are emerging. tools and amenities for other users (Waters 2010. in world games. access the social network primarily through mobile devices. and Android social media apps. Blackberry. Social Media Marketing Explodes Facebook has nearly 500 million members and twitter has moved beyond its 10 billion tweets. and even Microsoft’s SharePoint support these kinds of services. but a trend. NASA has one called “Spacebook”. studies on children’s relationship to new media . and Jaiku. Companies like Jive.

wikis. Social media is the umbrella term for a range of online content that includes blogs. Social Network and Communication . and the services that make both accessible to just about anyone with a web browser. and social networks. face book and MySpace. photo and video sharing. Social media is giving every human being in modern society the tools to communicate and form communities in ways never seen before (Waters. LinkedIn). opinions). According to Waters (2010). social bookmarking. dig). 2010). Social media is at the intersection of communities and tools. but also gives them the opportunities to go beyond that with that. free from the tyranny of geography.g. These include social networking.a web based service through which people interact socially. Social network. location sharing. video and photo-sharing. online reviews (yelp. such as Facebook and MySpace. flickr. and virtual worlds. and to find out about activities of other users. bookmarking sites. to learn about social events. creating a kind of online community. and virtual worlds (second life. (YouTube. It includes blogs. It gives people the ability to connect with each other across the planet. wikis (WebPages for collaboration). blogs (personal online diaries). web shots) social bookmarking (delicious. Social Media. (2010). world of war craft) Waters. The gratification received from this social information helped users feel that they were a part of a peer network of knowing what was going on about events and activities (Quan-Haase. wikis. Social media means an umbrella term for all user generated content. Interactions via the computer facilitate communication by allowing users to keep in touch with family and friends in a convenient way. (Facebook. MySpace. It is significant to find out that social media is a tool in establishing social awareness to the community in today’s epoch. Social media fulfils different communication needs for different users. E. social news.Impact of Social Media on Political Awareness environment. 2010). It lets people communicate via the written and spoken word. there are top ten things everyone should know about social media and one of these is that social media and social networks are not synonymous terms. social networks. It is an umbrella term for all user content generated by users of those applications. photo sharing services.

it wouldn’t be too much of a surprise to think that social media is all about Facebook. like a newspaper or a radio. Media is an instrument on communication. Social media means change in the way everyone understands how organization works. We communicate through symbols. (Holloman 2012). but people. It often means change in the ways people relate to and connect with others. have specific.the software or the technology. if not revolutionary. It’s all about what people do with the technology (Holloman 2012. so social media would be a social instrument of communication. gestures. We communicate with each other with more than words. we do more than simply react to them. We use theory to provide general principles for explaining the data (Miller. 1986). inside and outside the organizations. Communication is the key factors in these interactions. Social media is a collective term that describes the means of communicating and engaging with people. Social Media is not about the tools and the channels. Twitter and the like. Social Media is not about different websites. This is partly because the debate is more about the epistemological limitations of social science research than it is about the media in particular. It’s something many people see as evolutionary.Impact of Social Media on Political Awareness This review highlights a fundamental paradigm that is related to social media and extending networks. typically those transmitted by television. These theories are symbolic interaction. censorship and . Symbolic Interaction is a theory that looks at how people interact. Despite the volume of research. the debate about media effects whether it can be shown empirically that the specific mass media messages. Theories also suggest directions for research because of the questions they raise. movements and so on. authentic and natural. The best way to define social media is to break it down. Twitter YouTube. 4). social exchange theory. We interpret or define their actions. With all the talk you hear about the Facebook. on the audiences who are exposed to them -remains unresolved. gender theory and family systems theory. often detrimental effects. When we interact with people. LinkedIn. in helping people connect with each other in ways that are genuine. Symbols include not only words but also intonations. p. and partly because the debate is motivated more by a public and governmental agenda of education. Google and other social places online.

1981) Augmented Reality is real technology that superimposes computer images and some audio over the real world in real time. where indi. letting ourselves to be inside the progressive array and succumbing the grace of life in the realm of the world that technology is for people to use in upgrading the way of life. 2009a. as a country possessing liberty we are capable of leading ourselves to change. allowing us to be part of social change. Lampe. Ellison & Steinfield. Results and Discussion 1. innovate and invent a new paradigm of development in societal facet.viduals meet. How would social media use turn out to be a tool for political awareness? Political awareness is the political participation towards political engagement in the perceptive analysis of this study. We should remove doubts in trusting what the world can offer to us better realize its use and make it as a tool for the social change in our country especially the influence of social media to our daily lives. and interest in behaviours related to political discourse.Impact of Social Media on Political Awareness regulation (Rowland. share. Development in a country the same as ours reminded us that we should be in lieu with the demands of generation. 2007. (2012) interpersonal informational trust and openness are used to predict three aspects of use of the Internet for political communication purposes perceptions of online activities as a valid form of political participation. it can help us to establish the sociological. economical. Social media platforms. The ability to interact with the symbols of technology reminds us that the genuine potentiality of man involves innovation towards the changing time in contemporary world. Social media spaces include SNS. Social Media today plays a vital role in a community where we are all form part of. 2011). political and cultural aspect of how Filipinos use social media to promote change in status quo. provide spaces where individuals share political opinions and information (Pew. According to Himelboim. discussion forums and blogs. 1983) than by an academic agenda concerning media theory (Roberts & Bachen. and discuss a . next to serving entertainment and social surveillance needs (boyd & Ellison. media use for purposes of political information. 2006). Thus. In this medium whether it is a technology that elevate innocence and ignorance but if we will scrutinize its use. however.

It is a way to demarcate the realm of reality but the fruitful equilibrium of both ideal and real stance in the field of information especially towards a new adaptive measure of being aware. there are fifty males ( 50 ) and fifty (50) females who answered the survey. The tertiary level students in Lyceum of the Philippine University-Cavite firmly affirm that it has an impact on their political awareness that is happening to our country. Seventy percent (70%) based on the tabulated answer firmly affirmed that they accept social media as a means towards political awareness while 30% doesn’t . Sweetser & Weaver Lariscy. Among one hundred participants (100) there are fifty-eight answered Yes that social media is a tool to change the status quo on our government and twenty participants (20) doesn’t believe in such. Porter and Daniel.Impact of Social Media on Political Awareness wide range of issues (Kapla & Haenlein. Almost seventy percent (70 %) accept as true that social media helps them to be aware on what is happening to our country. Advances in information technology (IT) are bringing about changes in contemporary society that pose new situations requiring interconnectivity (Roy. It is not only the medium used to develop the different perspective on the use of social media helps the study to substantiate the claim the social media has an impact to political awareness of the young generation in this moment in time. All of them replied that they used social media as a means to communicate and to be aware to what is happening in our country. Samovar. There are (100) one hundred participants engaged in the study all are tertiary level students from first year to fourth year in LPU-C. studies show they also serve social interaction needs. 2010). sixty percent (60%) affirmed that social media serves a as a tool for change in our present government. there are distinct point of view on how they understand politics and awareness. it serves as the most convenient way to acquire data’s because it is easier to use because of their mobile phone they can easily access to Facebook that posted news and current events that is happening to our country. which require some level of information or opinion interaction (Papacharissi & Mendelson. 2008. The verity of internet lies within the changing environment. Both male and female believes that among the choices of social networking sites Facebook is the leading social media sites that has the highest number of users with seventy eight (78) participants followed by YouTube with fifty one (51) students used and lastly Twitter with (43) forty-three users. 2013). Based on the surveys and interviews conducted Political awareness tackles a variation of perspectives. 2007). Whereas social media spaces can be exclusively used for unidirectional information flow.

According to the survey and interview conducted the virtual community serves as a tool for political awareness among the youth today. However. Personal political identities are constructed through political action and the appropriation of political symbols on SNS. In the Second People Power Revolution. Virtual Community is a new developmental community that extends social activism in a silent mode. Pertierra 2006). There are different assortments that social media can offer to the user. It is a tool that empowers the individual people to deliver the different sides of the story. According to Hjorth 2011. Rafael 2003. mobile phones became both a symbol and a tool of democracy. 2002. the mixing of SNS. and one of the benefits that social media can offer to humanity is the power to influence and to reinvent the momentarily setting. Rheingold 2002. which led to the ouster of President Joseph Estrada. Lastly. Their generation serves as netizens who is not passive anymore to what is happening around us especially to the political aspect that is visibly demandable to be aware and part of because it can afflict all communal facets of one nation. the communal array that is a bridge to exercising both freedom and acquisition of change. they agree that social media can help to improve our country societal condition especially in political array because of political awareness the number of participants agreed upon are (70%) percent while the (30%) percent still believes in the traditional activism of rally rather than silent activism on the social media.Impact of Social Media on Political Awareness agree on such. It is a tool that symbolizes the avant garde of sign in the realm of true Filipino identity. The very essential facet of social media is how it used by many Filipinos to seek truth and justice. and identity construction is unproblematic. and texting was prominent in the political application of communications networks (Pertierra et al. Sixty eight (68) participants also agreed that social media especially Facebook is a tool for dissemination of information to demonstrate assembly and gatherings in the street the same as what happened on One million march in Luneta. politics. positive though these developments may be in Bennett’s terms. to promote assemblies that can enliven the shield of oneness towards changing the status quo. Many respondents in the focus groups remain sceptical about how much impact this solidarity and online political discourse can have in the offline world. .

since the author wants to be identified as owning that comment. The first change specific to social media is the (1) anonymity of its agents. These eight central stages supported the different perspective of the participants that I interviewed and the stances that resulted to almost in compatibility of the study conducted by Toivo. (N. The text brigades using the new media through texting they also use internet messaging that demonstrate d the Edsa revolt during the historical change in polity that regime. Use of the writer’s real name makes the message stand out (for example. Those who communicate need to be able to appear with their own names. This section deals with eight key changes it has produced. it can also sometimes lead to “flame wars” and avoiding responsibility. which means that those who write and comment often use nicknames or aliases. Engaging with social media is a communal activity. According to Toivo. social media new power of political influence. The secrecy can be inclined to the way Filipino wants to expose the Political anomalies that is happening to our country especially what happened in the recent case of Napoles it was first posted on the Social Media. As rappler. The caption that posted on the net last 2013 was entitled “An open letter to Janet Napoles that was the beginning of the hot topics about the picture posted with the two senators Bong Revilla and Jinggoy Estrada. The facets sought to explicate the different scenario in the Philippine politics and it was then supported by different scholars in Political awareness and political development in societal and communal array. one of the social media site online news added a caption on the picture Janet Napoles rubbing elbows with . During the hottest issue that bomb the whole nation about the PDAF Scandal of our government there are many personas that used aliases. Even though anonymity provides an opportunity to comment on delicate issues. symbols and unknown just to protect them and just to flaunt and share what they know on the net by helping the investigation but also protecting themselves. so it’s important to understand that influencing social media is a much more diverse and difficult task than working with traditional media.Impact of Social Media on Political Awareness There are different political events that shaped the mind of the Filipinos towards the implication of social media to develop change in the status quo. Social media has changed the way people communicate.D) Social media and societal communication have eight central changes. in the “Letters to the Editor” in newspapers).

William Davidow. The very convenient and easiest way to know is through the help of social media and as I conducted the interview many believes that the very source of new information is not anymore the old media which is the television but the internet especially Face book. where media use. The fourth change is (4) speed. News and information are spread more quickly than ever this was through Face book that the news. In just one click on the net and simply browsing the Face book every single happening around the globe can easily be captured. but can flue several different media side by side. Also connected to this changed information environment is the fact that it is not possible to participate in every conversation. out of (100) one hundred participants 85 of them accept as true that Face book. The second change is the (2) richness and diversity of information social media provide. abruptly spread towards the online community. The third change is (3) omnipresence – there are no longer any isolated places or hiding holes. describes the current era using the term “over connected”: we are too oft en and too quickly in contact and can’t process new information adequately due to . The private and public lives of society’s most influential figures have merged and become public space. There are different ways.Impact of Social Media on Political Awareness local politicians implicated in Pork Barrel Scam. YouTube and Twitter help them to outsource the richness of the information the new media community offers. Many politicians has had to face the fact that a phrase taken out of context or a joke they told during a private conversation has been recorded by outsiders and quickly made public on the Internet. The modus operandi can be thought of as remediation. Users are no longer dependent on a single source for their news and other data any more. In both negative and positive posits many politicians are using the internet and social media to connect with the people. modify and reorganise contents gathered from other media. an engineer and technology investor.rappler. and the demand for speed can also lead to reports without any confirmation. modes and methods to engage and use the new media. Taken from (http://www.

in the United States. He cites the example of the modern stock exchange that has become a particularly fickle monster due to computerisation and automation. if inaccuracies are found. and their relationships to each other. The fifth change is the (5) multitude of roles that users assume. In just a click away those who was interviewed believes that fast changing effect delivers the users to know more what is happening around the globe especially in our country and most especially the political happenings as given exemplification was the One Million March and silent activism regarding PDAF issues. Through the use of social media the information set forth the world can easily be transferred through the users. some of the so called traditional mainstream media have abandoned the promotion of equality and pluralism. The sixth change is the move from (6) objectivity to subjectivity. even though this false information has been repeatedly refuted. “Google anak google” one line that pertains to how fast we can seek and retrieved information through the use of Wikipedia. For example. is a Muslim. Wikipedia. which doesn’t really have a main editor. There are different advertisements sought to extend how Internet world can change the way people live. The lack of a clear hierarchy is characteristic of social media. Over 20% of Americans still believe that Obama is a Muslim. One case observed across different social media platforms has been the rumour that the current president of the United States. A good example is the online encyclopaedia. Barack Obama. inspectors. The object in itself is the Computer or the new media used of social media through internet connections but still the perceptive analysis of human being is still the important facet of . the theories or even in just a simple meaning of the word.Impact of Social Media on Political Awareness haste. but an army of tens of thousands of writers. and editors. supplement the article in question and correct perceived mistakes alone. There are different ways that social media used to a fast changing developmental process in the users life and one of those facets include the speed of information. to whom at Wikipedia should complaints be directed? The e answer to this: don’t complain! Instead. Google and some search engine by simpky typing the words or lines and can easily grasp what they want to know especially the historical background. So.

combined with affordable soft ware. one can easily create and edit impressive presentations. 1. Social media isn’t just text. for example. The seventh change is the new (7) ability to combine different kinds of recorded information in very flexible ways. audio. pictures. it is technically difficult to interfere in even in the most radical web-distributed propaganda. With today’s compact cameras. information sharing (receiving/providing information and generating ideas) 2. On the other hand. Twitter and YouTube it simply denotes that it helps the user to be informative and aware on the things that happens around. but traditional censorship cannot keep up with ever-changing web pages. There are three major factors for the use of social media that play a pivotal role for Filipino user especially for tertiary level student of LPU-Cavite. A government can attempt to restrict the content of social media. social purposes (retrieving personal information about others or themselves. tightly control their citizens’ use of the Internet and social media. On the basis sought to define and describe the used of social media especially the three chosen social media.Impact of Social Media on Political Awareness the developing realm of its usage. and animation. In our country the very controversial Cyber Crime law was then decided to be constitutional and towards the accepted phenomena of internet used our government is doing their principal role to eliminate the unethical usage of it and develop laws that can promote the principle foundation of change through technological revolution without harm. making appointments and generally keeping in touch) . sound recorders. chatting. Facebook. The eighth change is the (8) near absence of traditional methods of regulation. video. sharing for educational purposes (for learning. but all of these combined. laptop computers and other mobile devices. problem solving and sharing school work) 3. China and Saudi Arabia. How the users perceive and accept the usage of social media helps them to be subjective on how one can understand the reasons and essence of it especially the social preference of political awareness.

2.Impact of Social Media on Political Awareness That is the result of ideology and hegemony that creatively indulge with the virtual community on the cyber space and extending the social awareness towards exchanging information. to know how the social. sharing and being part of disseminating the different topics especially what is happening to our society. The virtual community helps them realize the essentiality of their capacity to be engaged and to be part of the political arena. how it helps them to engage and interconnect with the people around the globe. It doesn’t necessarily for leisure purpose only but engaging through time using the internet makes them aware and opens their mind to reality locally and internationally. The internet serves as an extension of their everyday living.” Note that it is not the content or use of the innovation. The participants explicated that nowadays it is already a sin not to know and not to be aware to what is happening to our country especially through the help of social media. Does the use of social media serve as a symbol to develop change in our country? McLuhan. it is not simply an echo that needs to be heard but truly the voice of one towards the total responsive ideologies. we can journey to other countries with just one click. The space which travels us into the past. the internet helps them to be aware and realize their being towards the world and towards their community. political and economic community changes does. In a reflective analysis of the interview conducted and through surveys the participants completed their qualitative remarks on how social media helps them to be aware in the political aspect in virtual community. shares and likes help them to be heard. Towards the rapid news interplays with different social networking sites especially the role of Facebook to the young generation substantiate my claim that truly social media helps to demonstrate change in their political mindfulness. that in just one click everything is possible to see and read. “the change of scale or pace or pattern” that a new invention or innovation “introduces into human affairs. The simple comments. It help them to be involved at the same time it develops their sense of response to the evolving community of change. but the change in inter-personal dynamics that the innovation brings . their being conscious helps them to be involved and engage in their simplest ways possible. (1999) tells us that a “message” is. we can reinvent the societal facet that needs to develop through our submission in the virtual community. Based on the research conducted the different answers varies on how each participants view the use of Social Media.

This suggests that political representation is likely to be biased in favour of citizens with higher education and incomes. the other senses will change intensity too. here is his theory step by step: People adapt to their environment. Developing the political knowledge and political behaviours in using social media Facebook YouTube SOCIAL MEDIA Twitter In the use of social media as a tool for engagement in developing the impact of its use social media became a common interest in the metaphor of its symbolism. As McLuhan sees it-in the simplest terms. smell. The same as the symbol used through the social media as a means to enliven the ideology of the user it demonstrated that towards the usage of it. (2) discriminate between political parties and their programmes. Developing their modes of empirical knowledge 3. hearing. The idea of the self . and taste. The impact of the channel of communication is a symbol for developmental awareness of one individual netizens towards the new paradigm of technological revolution in this contemporary epoch. whatever it is. Political participation towards political engagement is a political awareness in the perceptive analysis of this study. 1. Thus. Knowledge and understanding about becoming informed citizens 2. hearing for example. and (3) select the party most likely to implement their desired preferences. The same as the use of the new media it explicated that it becomes a symbol that people use to the transfer of political enlightenment. citizens are only effectively represented in parliament and government if they are able to (1) articulate their policy preferences. If something steps up the intensity of one sense. but perhaps the change in tourism that the production may encourage.Impact of Social Media on Political Awareness with it. with a certain balance of the five senses: sight. how much citizens know about politics and to evaluate the consequences of low levels of political knowledge for democratic regimes. touch. Empirical research from the 1950s demonstrated that citizens are often uninformed about politics and party programmes and do not have an opinion of their own on important issues. the Responsible Party Model. According to one of the most influential theories of political representation. the message of theatrical production is not the musical or the play being produced. to try to regain a balance. Whether this is indeed the case critically depends on being able to determine. in a valid and reliable manner.

commentaries. and participation from the ideal facet towards reality. social media is a tool towards its user from the transfer of thoughts there is a change in perspective and there is an action and awareness. cyclical pattern as a medium and informative ways to deliver change the political awareness.Impact of Social Media on Political Awareness towards the other that it is more centripetal. Perception Political Participation Political Information Political Discourse Through perceptive use of social media the user becomes aware through the occurrence of events around the virtual community. the political participation sought through sharing. SOCIAL MEDIA FACEBOO YOUTUBE TWITTER . engagement. Twitter and YouTube. likes and even dislikes of the posts from the three major social media in Facebook. The political information helps to deliver a political discourse that result to political dimensional catalyst that symbolizes change in the objectifying role of social media through its subjective range use by the netizens.

At least five major features are easy to identify: 1.) 4.g. This study suggests how Filipino . Social media and online political communication is an interpersonal awareness. search engines.Impact of Social Media on Political Awareness MEDIUM/ TOOL SOCIAL AWARENESS POLITICAL AWARENESS Conclusion The idea of individualism from communalism is the ideology set forth in explaining how social media becomes an essential piece of study in contemporary time. Social networking and social interaction 2. Openness 5. etc. The use of different providers (e. Participation 3. The right to belong within the community of technological revolution were internet is not only a wants but a need. Collaboration (between both users and user groups) In contemporary Philippine development the use of social media in contemporary issue plays pivotal remarks because technology used by Filipinos and it serves as a medium and tool for developing one’s awareness to the objectifying principle of reality. the wisdom to belong towards the virtual community until the verity of realistic mode. blog spaces.

. I differentiate between public attitude as either “good” or “bad”. Awareness engagement development of one’s thinking towards the evolving change to societal-political perspective. Political Awareness maybe defined as the extent to which the public is aware of the politics prevalent in the society. from traditional to contemporary way of thinking political interest.Impact of Social Media on Political Awareness especially the young generation netizens uses social media in political participation. Politically aware society possesses the following characteristics. By acting as source of sharing and discussing information social media essentially increases the political awareness of the public thereby moving the public towards the quadrants lying in the high political awareness half. Professor Simon Baddeley. Public attitude determines the extent of integrity with which public is able to evaluate and take actions having a political aim. access to elite opinion. According to Sharma 2012. “foundation and contemporary knowledge of politics. forum to discuss individual opinion” Public integrity maybe defined as the extent to which the public is able to look at the long term and societal implications of a political action thereby ignoring the short term personal gains. 2012 adds the perspective of how social media and public attitude affect the movement of the public from one quadrant to another.

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