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Reasons for Cuban Missile deployment:

1.Issues of Bay of Pigs invasion:

Cuba being only communist nation in Caribbean,was under constant threat of USA
invasion as highlighted in Bay of Pigs incident.Deployment of missiles by USSR would
have granted a deterrence against US hostilities.
2.Gaining strategic Military base by USSR :
while USA had deployed its ICBM missiles in Italy and Turkey under close target to
Moscow , USSR had no such close missile deployment excluding Sakhalin which had
access to only two US states.
3.USSR desire of controlling whole Germany :
With this strategic military advantage USSR thought of getting upper hand in negotiating
control of Germany.
4.Lack of long range ICBMs to USSR and issue of accuracy of missile targets further
increased need for missile base close to US territory ,which Cuba provide answer.
With these reasons USSR covertly deployed Nuclear missiles in Cuba.After initial
pretention of USSR ,the whole incident came to knowledge of USA when its Spy aircrafts
captured images of the same.It led to panic situation in USA .It was direct threat at the
neighborhood of USA and contrary Monroe Doctrine of hegemony in Caribbean .USA
announced that it would stop any nuclear war head moving towards Cuba and will
destroy the same.After series of negotiations both sides decided to ease out tensions.
However USA remained skeptic of Cuba.
Recent developments of thawing ties between both countries will have good impact on
Economic and Political scenario in the region as:
1.Cuba being traditionally agriculture based country and good market has potential of
providing opportunity for business faculty of both countries
2.With Cuban politics moving away from traditional communism to democratic
socialism ,it will forge strong alliance between both countries .
3.With Cuba being member in various Economic and Political blocks in Caribbean and
South America and reducing USA hegemony in the region ,it is in best interest of both
countries to move away from old hostilities.
4.Strong presence of immigrants in some USA states ,is further pushing for better ties.

There is a continuum starting from a sense of identity and togetherness as a nation
which in some cases culminates into fascism, the stages being:
ethnicity->shared identity-> nationalism -> extreme nationalism -> fascism

Though various countries may undergo this process in the unique ecosystem of their
socio-politcal and economical environment but there have been enough instances
across history to exemplify that right from the inception of the westphalian notion of
statehood and national sovereignity, there have been some common threads which
can be traced in all countries undergoing the phase of extreme nationalism of fascist
variety. some of the most prominent being:
1. creation of an exclusivist idea of nationhood
this is not accomodative of heterogentiy, be it the nazis or the fascist regimes of
modern times
2. intolerance and resorting to violence for suppression of dissent
genocide is the ultimate culmination of this aspect of extreme nationalism/fascism.
3. charismatic leadership
from hitler to mussolini and mao to stalin, there are leaders who energise the masses
and make them belive their superiority over "others" and create notions to feed
extreme nationalism.
4. youth and its role in fascist movements and regime is a very peculiar and
significant one and has been frequently emphasised in various studies. the leaders
too appeal to tap the energy of the youth and shape the movement giving it an
ideological as well as action aspect: a romantic idealism that does not shy away from
However, this being said, we cannot ignore the uniqueness of each country and the
socio economic and political realities which finally shape these movements in a
unique manner. the economic condition and resources at disposal, the internal
stability of the state, the international clout of leader, type of political system,
functioning of non state actors are among various other factors that would ultimately
decide the final form in which extreme nationalism would manifest itself.