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Muhammad (P)– A Mercy to The Worlds

The Pioneers of Islam

Written By Abidali Mohamedali based on a Lecture by Sheikh Mansour Leghaei

The very existence of the Islam we have with us today is as a direct communications are recited to them they increase them in faith, and
result of the sacrifices and courage of the first people who accepted in their Lord do they trust.”(8:2) The do not cower and change their
and protected this fragile religion. It was their unflinching support name, get rid of their identity as Muslims or become embarrassed to
and bravery that let Islam flourish and grow to what we have today be Muslims, NAY, they fight and stand up and are courageous and
for their trials and tribulations pale in comparison to what is faced by brave and proud for their blessings.
anyone in this day and age. Islam was never easy to practice as even
Allah, in the Quran, praises these pioneers of Islam saying “And (as
then the oppressors tried all they could to suppress the truth as much
for) the foremost, the first of the Muhajirs (migrants to Madinah) and
as the oppressors today are trying with all their might to suppress it.
the Ansars (Helpers- citizens of Madinah), and those who followed
To illustrate this, a man came to one of the companions of the Prophet them in goodness, Allah is well pleased with them and they are well
(P) after the demise of the Prophet (P) and told him how he wished to pleased with Him, and He has prepared for them gardens beneath
have lived at the time of the Prophet to have seen his face. The com- which rivers flow, to abide in them for ever; that is the mighty
panion turned to him and told him never to wish that for he would achievement” (9:100). The people referred to as ‘those who followed
not be able to predict whether he would have been a hypocrite or a them in goodness’ are those who, even in this day and age, follow
coward in front of 40 years of wars, thousands of casualties and brutal their examples and have faith and sacrifice for the sake of Islam as the
oppression prior to that. This paper will focus on highlighting the pioneers did. Allah in surah Waqiah verse 10 says “And those fore-
contribution of these pioneers of Islam, in order for us to gain courage most (in Islam) will be foremost (in Paradise).” The pioneers of Islam
and fortitude from them and to make them our role models. and truth in places were Islam has not touched are also included in
THE BEST COMPANIONS this especially those who were in absolute minority and still protected
their religion and did not assimilate the ignorance of where they were.
Quite contrary to the miscon-
ception that Shi’a scholars do There is a significant The Pioneers of Islam ……………….. 1
not pay heed to the compan- condition though that
ions of the Prophet, historical the companions of the Editorial………………………....…….. 2
narratives and Shi’a books Prophet had to satisfy
speak extensively of the brav- to gain this reward. The The Walking Dead…...………………. 4
ery of the companions of the mere fact that they
Prophet especially the very lived at the time of the The True Story of Jesus (AS)– Jesus
first ones. There is a chasm of Prophet or they talked will return with Imam Mahdi…..…….5
difference between the com- or sat with the Prophet
panions of the Prophets and (P) does not automati- Days of Hope …………………………...7
those of the previous Prophets cally make them true
a point clearly illustrated in the companions. The sim-
Importance of Dua……………………. 9
time of Prophet Musa asked ple condition is that
his companions to fight, Allah from their embracing of Where is My Knowledge……………...9
says in the Holy Quran (5:21-24) “ O my people! enter the holy land Islam to their eventual
which Allah has prescribed for you and turn not on your backs for death, they remained Tafsir of Surah Fath………………… 10
then you will turn back losers. They said: O Musa! Surely there is a loyal to Islam and to the
strong race in it, and we will on no account enter it until they go out Prophet. Numerous com- Profile……...………………………..…12
from it, so if they go out from it, then surely we will enter. …They panions of the Prophet,
said: O Musa! We shall never enter it so long as they are in it; go who were loyal to him Shattered Dreams …………………...12
therefore you and your Lord, then fight you both surely we will here throughout his life, aban-
sit down.” This was a dramatic demonstration of the faith of the com- doned Islam for worldly
panions of Musa. Even more dramatic was the hypocrites who were desires after his death.
the disciples of Jesus one of whom even betrayed him even though we The articles published in this paper are
This serves as a very
not the views of Al-Fajr or any particu-
do not believe Jesus was crucified. On the other hand almost all the poignant and clear exam-
lar Islamic centre but of the Author.
companions of the Prophet (P) were extremely loyal and unflinching ple to us, to consider what
Please handle with care as it contains
having fought over 40 battles in only 9 years! It is said of them that we will end up as. Will names of Allah and His Prophet
even if the whole world was against “Those only are believers whose we loose our faith before
hearts become full of fear when Allah is mentioned, and when His (Continued on page 2)
????? ??? ? our death, or will we stand steadfast till then tive, chronologically he was still the first and
end? Some of the companions of the Prophet the closest to God and the first monotheist.
I greet you with a heavy heart. The past
were by far closer to Islam and greater in their However, to discuss the pioneers of Islam it is
month has seen innumerable atrocities be- contribution to and their faith than some of us the people who supported and accepted him
ing meted out to innocent women and chil- can even hope to be, but yet in the end aban- as Prophet that need to be analysed.
doned Islam for their worldly desires. There is
dren with the well used, arrogant, mislead- ALI (AS): THE FIRST MUSLIM (IN THE
no room to be proud of ourselves for the
ing and downright illegal pretext on the COMMUNITY OF THE PROPHET(P))
game of life is not over yet! This message
’war on terror’. The irony of using terror to comes directly from Allah where He says in It is a fact that the very first Muslim in the
the Quran, “Those who believe and mix not community of the Prophet that is unani-
stop terror, or the hypocrisy of the so called
their belief with wrong, for them (only) there mously accepted by all historians save for a
‘civilized’ nations of the world reeks of is security and they are the guided.” (6:82) minority of known biased historians. One of
greed, imperialism , colonization and geno- the most outstanding Sunni historians Hakim
cide. The fact that majority of the peoples of Naishabouri in his book al -Mustadrak alas-
In order to study the pioneers of Islam it is Sahihain, says “I do not know of any dispute
the world have been duped by the propa-
essential to know who the first Muslim was. amongst the historians that Ali bin Abi-Taleb
ganda serves to show that perhaps there is a There are two interpretations of the first Mus- (may God be pleased with him) is the fore-
fundamental flaw in the way we perceive lim one is in general in terms of submission to most of all in Islam, though they dispute
Allah and the other after the advent of Islam about his age.” The range of his reported age
our society. The spin doctors have so con-
or the complete package given to the Prophet. varies from 7 to 35 both extremes being
vincingly brainwashed the society that now From the Islamic perspective, the first Muslim unlikely with the most likely being the age of
the evil is considered good! in the universe was the Prophet (P) himself. 11-13yrs. Some of those fringe scholars have
The question then arises that if the religion of suggested Abu Bakr was the first, a assertion
Where does the fault lie? I believe it lies in Musa, Isa and all the Prophets was Islam that shall be discussed in this paper as it has
each and every single person. Most are con- (Jesus never called his religion Christianity major repercussions, the first being that the
nor did Musa call his Judaism and no evi- first Muslim would have a higher rank in the
tent with living their lives on the fence or
dence exists that any Prophet actually names hereafter and secondly should deserve the
ignoring what does not effect them until it successorship of the Prophet (P). A book writ-
his religion), how was the H. Prophet (P) the
does, but their response is more zealotry first Muslim? Although they did introduce ten on this issue by Ayatollah Amini by the
then measured, the very action that fuels Islam, they did not name it such simply be- name of ‘Ghadir- Fil-kitaabi wa Sunnah” (
cause the package was incomplete. It was ??d??? ? ?T???? ? -???? ) is an extensive study of the
the fire of rage and hatred! It is a promise
only when the final package of Islam after its topic. It is suggested that the discussion that
from the Prophet (P) that the Islam shall be begging with Adam was competed after the follows clearly and concisely solves the prob-
the victor. This conflict can be likened to a last Hajj of the Prophet (P), did Allah reveal lem without having the need to extensively
soccer match, the enemies may score a few that ‘This day I have perfected your religion quote and rebuke false sources of hadith.
for you and have chosen Islam as your relig- IMAM ALI (AS) WAS NEVER A NON
goals in the beginning but they WILL loose
ion’. MUSLIM
at the end! The focus therefore is how we
All the previous prophets acknowledged they There is immense proof to suggest that Imam
respond to it and how we live up to the were Muslim but none claimed to be the first Ali (AS) was never a non-Muslim and there-
challenge. Will we stand up and tell the Muslim. There are several examples of this in fore talking of his ‘conversion’ to Islam is a
people of the truth or will we cower behind the Quran referring to Prophet Nuh (P) for redundant argument. There are several au-
instance who says “And I have been com-
our ignorance or our fancy cars and houses? manded to be of the Muslims.” (10:72). thentic ahadith that support this claim:
The key lies in educating and changing our- Prophet Nuh (P) was amongst the very early • Holy Prophet (P) himself asserting this
selves so as not to fall into the same traps of prophets yet dose not say that he is the first point says “The foremost of all nations
Muslim. In addition Ibrahim and Ismael (P) were three, in a blink of an eye they never
greed, materialism and love for this world
after finishing the building of the Kaaba said disbelieved in God, the three are Ali (AS),
our enemies have fallen into, lest we be- “Our Lord! Make us two Muslims Ashab Yaseen (Habib the carpenter at the
come the very embodiment of the enemy (submissive) unto You.” (2:128) and also in time of Jesus) and Mu’min –aale Firawn
we are fighting! another instance, Prophet Yusuf (P), who (who rescued Moses from Firawn). They
prayed to Allah to “Cause me to die as a Mus- are the most truthful. Ali (AS) is the most
This issue is dedicated to all the martyrs lim.” (12:101). virtuous of them all.” All these people
who have so bravely given their lives to submitted to Allah even before their re-
It was only when the Prophet (P) came did
spective prophets declared their missions.
protect themselves and their families Allah put the words that he is the fist of the
Muslims where He says “Say (O Muham- • Imam Baqir (AS): under the interpretation
against the very heartless scum of the earth
mad)!... And I am the first of the Mus- of ‘those who believe and did not mix
and the dwellers of the pits of hell. And to lims.” (6:162,163). This is a whole encompass- their faith with wrong’ says: ‘This ayah
all those who continue giving their lives ing statement indicating that he was the first was revealed with regards to Imam Ali
of the Muslims EVER even though he is the (AS) as he never made any partners with
until the day when Imam (AJTFS) shall re-
last of the Prophets chronologically! The sec- God ever and he never worshiped lat and
appear and rid the world of oppression and ond interpretation that he was the first to
tyranny. have the complete package of Islam perhaps
can be used to explain this. Commentators ??? ???????? ? ??s ? ????? ?? ?????????????? ?? ???
Wassalaam though have suggested that the H. Prophet ? ????? ? ? ????????? ? ???? ???s
Abidali Mohamedali - Editor (P) was the very first manifestation of God • Imam Ali (P) was worshipping God along
(Al-Fajr 1(4)). Looking at it from that perspec- with Prophet Muhammad (P) for many
Al– Fajr ????? 4(6) Pg 2
years before the advent of Islam. After already embraced Islam before him, but his or to remain with him. Zaid turned to his
the death of Abu Talib, Imam Ali (AS) Islam was better than ours!” I should be father and told him that he had seen such
was brought up in the house of the Holy made clear that the father of Muhammad, noble character in this household that would
Prophet (P), a fact no historian has any Sa’d, is comparing himself to Abu-Bakr, and rather remain with the Prophet as a slave
dispute about. If it is now accepted that therefore this statement is not universal nor then go home to his parents! His father, be-
the Prophet was already divinely ap- can be universally applied. The fact that is ing deeply offended, disowned his son.
pointed and was a Prophet before he universal and fact was that Abu-Bakr was Since then, the Prophet (P) adopted Zaid as
became a messenger, Imam Ali (AS), certainly NOT the first Muslim. his own son. Being so close to the Family of
being brought up in that he was the Prophet, he was the fourth to accept Is-
‘following the footsteps of the prophet KHADIJAH (AS) lam. He was martyred in the battle of
like a little camel follows its It is a known fact that the second person Mootah two years before the demise of the
mother’ (Nahjul Balagha) would cer- after Imam Ali (AS) to embrace Islam was Prophet(P).
tainly be a muwahhid too. A fact sup- one of the four ladies of paradise as narrated
ported by Ima Ali saying ‘for seven years ABU-DHAR AL-GHIFAARI
by the Prophet himself. There is no dispute
before the advent of Islam, I was praying that she was the first Lady to embrace Islam, Abu Dhar was one of the most prominent
with the Prophet’! the Prophet (P) said and to this date stands as a pure role model companions of the Prophet (P) and is con-
“for seven years, angels were bringing for all Muslim women. It is most certainly sidered to be the fifth person to accept Islam.
mercy and blessings on us for at that possible for women as well to achieve the His real name was Junda Ibn-Junadah as he
time there was nobody on earth praying highest status in the eyes of Allah. was from a sub tribe of Kanaan called Ghifar
except Ali(AS) and myself” These seven and therefore was given the name of Abu
years is referred to before the advent of JA’FAR BIN ABU-TALIB
Dhar Al-Ghifari. He is considered to be one
Islam for after Islam, Khadijah, and other Ja’far, the brother of Imam Ali (AS) was the of the Hunafaa (from the root Hanif mean-
companions of the Prophet were also third person to embrace Islam. About this ing monotheist) before the advent of Islam.
praying behind him, being that the com- fact, there is some dispute whether he was His conversion to Islam was hilarious and
mand for prayer was one of the first laws the third or the fourth being that the time made the Prophet (P) smile every time he
to come to the Prophet. difference between the third and fourth was heard the story. Abu Dhar narrates that in
? ????? a few days and according to some narrations
?? ???? ??? ? ?? ? ?? ? ? ?? ???? ???? ?? ??? his tribe they had an idol called Munaat, to
a few hours even. There is an inclination for whom most would pray to and seek bless-
????? ? ?µ ??S????? ß ??? ? ?µ ????
historians to support his being the third per- ings from. Once, early in his life, he had a
• Imam Ali (AS) was around the cave of son to embrace Islam. It is narrated that once problem in his life and decided to give some
Hira when the first revelation de- Abu Talib, in the very early days of Islam, milk from his camel to this idol so as to alle-
scended! (Al Fajr issue 5 vol. 4) (narrated entered while the Prophet was praying and viate some of his pain. He kept the container
in Nahjul Balagah). The first to accept Imam Ali (AS) praying on his right. Abu- of milk in front of his idol and stepped back
the message of Islam was therefore not Talib ordered Ja’far to pray behind the to recite some supplications. As he was recit-
Khadijah but rather Imam Ali (AS) Prophet on his left. It was from then that ing, a fox entered the room and started lick-
Ja’far became Muslim. ing the milk! Having finished it, the fox uri-
• Imam Ali (AS) himself says “I am the
nated on the idol, wetting it from top to bot-
most veracious, and if anyone claims Ja’far was very close to the Ahlul Bayt and
tom! He sat there flabbergasted at his igno-
this is a slandering liar” therefore refer- was referred to the Prophet himself as one
rance and his false belief, that his ‘god’
ring to Abu-Bakr as ‘siddique’ is an in- resembling him in both appearance and
could not even stop his own creatures from
sult to Imam Ali (AS). action. He is the same one to whom the
urinating on him! Since then, he abandoned
Prophet (P) gave the leadership to take some
THE ISLAM OF ABUBAKR his false beliefs and began contemplating on
of the severely oppressed Muslims to Ethio-
Without prejudice or bias, an in depth study pia. In addition, his benevolence was well
of the life of Abu-Bakr reveals that all histo- known as he was titled ‘Abul-Masakeen’, As soon as he heard about the message of
rians are not unanimous about when Abu- the father of the needy. The Prophet of Islam the Prophet (P), he went to Makkah and
Bakr embraced Islam in the sequence of the (P) also said of him : “The masters of people secretly met with the Prophet (P). When
first people who embraced Islam. Some on the Day of Judgment are: myself, Ali, al- Islam was explained to him concisely, he
‘scholars’ such as Jaaiz, have claimed that Hasan and al-Husain, Hamzah, and Ja’far.” accepted instantly. He became such a loyal
Abu-Bakr was the first Muslim and there- Ja’far was martyred in the battle of Mootah follower of the Prophet that the Prophet (P)
fore deserved to lead the Ummah. The ques- at the age of 41 with his arms being severed, said of him “Among my community, the
tion then arises that why is it that during the which the Prophet (P) said will be replaced detachment of dunya (Zuhd) is like that of
‘election’ at Saqeefah Bani Saaida, did Abu- with wings on heaven. Ja’far had 3 children, Isa (AS)”. In another instance the Prophet
Bakr use this point as support of his ap- one of whom, Abdullah, eventually became (P) said “The heaven has not shadowed nor
pointment? This claim is akin to claiming the son in law of Imam Ali (AS) married to has the earth carried any one more truthful
one is more catholic than the pope! How can Zaynab (AS). than Abu-Dhar. He lives alone, dies alone
some person a few hundred years later and will be risen up alone.” The prophecy of
ZAID IBN HARITH the Prophet came true such that Usman (the
claim something for someone when he never
claimed it himself!? In fact on the contrary, Before the advent of Islam, Zaid was bought third caliph) exiled Abu-Dhar in the middle
later confessions of Umar and Abu-Bakr as a slave by Hukaym ibn Hizaam as a gift of the desert with is wife and daughter
themselves reveal that his appointment to for Khadijah. As soon as she received him, where he died there alone.
the caliphate was a mistake! she gifted him to her Husband, the Holy May Allah bless the souls of the pioneers of
Prophet (P). Since then, Zaid was like a close
It has been narrated in Al-Tabari in an au- Islam, who remained steadfast until the end
slave to the Prophet and when Zaids’ family
thentic narration from Muhammad bin Sa’d of their lives and may HE grant us some of
came to know of this, they came to Medina,
bin Abi-Waqqas who says: “I asked my fa- the courage and fortitude to defend the
found the Prophet (P) and demanded him
ther: “Was Abu-Bakr the first Muslim?” he truth especially this time of aggression and
replied “No, surely more than 50 people had back. The Prophet turned to Zaid and gave ignorance.
him the choice, either to go with his father
Al– Fajr ????? 4(6) Pg 3
The Walking Dead by Ali Al Samail
Imam Amir ul Mu'mineen Ali (AS) said: hands of one oppressor to the next, each
"He who abandons forbidding what is moulding it to their own best interests. There
wrong theoretically and practically (and is will come a day when you see little girls
indifferent while seeing vices committed) is paint pretty messages on missiles that are
a moving corpse amongst the living." destined to burn and deform other little
girls, who happen to live just across the bor-
Bihar-ul-Anwar, vol. 100, p. 94
der. There will come that day when the bla-
“There will come a day when you will not tant and horrific massacre of hundreds is
enjoin good and not forbid evil.” There will seen as the ‘pangs of birth’: the sweet pain
come a day when your neighbour hears you that comes before the delight of wiping out
cry in agony as your family is slaughtered, an entire race. There will come the day when
but turns away because helping you would you will be humiliated, robbed of your
cost too much. There will come a day when homes, killed, then asked to remain submis-
the death of innocent children is a price sive and silent, or be branded with the evil
worth paying, and the slaying of an old lady name that has become the stamp of fear and
who cannot even walk triggers no guilt in the best political tool. There will come that
the conscience. There will come a day when day when conscience is denied, and you will
your neighbour is more worried about how be amongst the walking dead. pain? What will you do when the tribula-
many dollars he can save than about how tions become great, and hope is cut off?
many of your children die. There will come a What will you do then? What will you do What will you do when the Earth seems con-
day when your neighbour watches as you when the truth you so clearly see is shifted, stricted, and the skies are blocked off?
are pillaged and consumed by fire, while he blurred, covered, cut and manipulated until
Will you gather and talk endlessly ? Or will
takes a tentative step back, afraid that a people give up all hope of finding it? What
you realise your hypocrisy and watch from
small spark of that fire may land at his feet. will you do when you are met with a blank your own miserable corner and remain si-
wall where you expected emotion? What
“There will come the day when you will lent? Will the accusations pound you into
will you do when you are met with suspi-
enjoin evil and forbid good.” There will submission? Will the sheer volume of lies
cion when you so needed help? What will
come the day when you stand divided, rais- you do when your neighbour loves so much make you doubt the truth you so clearly see?
ing arms against your brother, while the Will the hypocrisy of the enemy quell the
to be deceived that he needs only a bad lie to
thieves make away with what little life you send him into his cocoon of patriotic racism? burning desire for justice? Will you become
have left. There will come the day when impotent? Will your heart die? Will it be-
What will you do when your words do not
wealthy slaves prostrate before self-made come a stone that refuses to move? Will it
reach beyond the air that you speak into?
suddenly forget love and compassion, be-
idols, and sell themselves in exchange for What will you do when the pain inside you
lavish comforts. They will wear the tag of cause hatred and greed have taken up all the
has nowhere to go, when you choke with
lackeys with pathetic pride, and with them room? Will you become a zombie, walking
frustration at your helplessness and weak-
will follow millions, deaf, dumb and blind- and talking, but rotting with the stench of
ness? What will you do when you see lie
whatever light that momentarily shines for death?
after lie, injustice after injustice, tragedy after
them is put out by ignorance and greed, un- tragedy? What will you do when you are Or will you resist? Will you hold on to the
til their eyes are charred by their own burn- told you are sub-human, what will you do pain as a sign of your humanity, will you
ing fingers so that they will never open when you are not allowed to speak, because embrace the anguish as a sign that you con-
again. whatever comes from you is fanatical and science lives, and will live, in the face of all
“There will come that day when you will see illogical? falsehood and evil? Will you trust in the
evil as good, and good as evil.” There will promise of the Almighty give you all the
What will you do when your uselessness
come that day when truth loses all meaning, brings tears to your eyes? What will you do confidence you need? Will your certainty in
and becomes a ball that is thrown from the the certainty of the Truth give you all the
when you are almost drowned in your own
direction you need?
Will you speak…with your own small voice?
Will you wake up others, slowly…until your
voices come together as one loud cry that
your neighbours can no longer ignore? Will
your pain change the world you live in? Will
your tears move the black hearts and open
the blind eyes that strangle this planet?
Will your trust in the All-Powerful and All-
Seeing endow you with power and vision?
Will it move you to move others with you?...
so that even if we are swimming against a
vicious current, we will not have left without
making our statement and presenting our
proof, we will not have left without enjoin-
ing good and forbidding evil, so that on the
Day of Gathering, the oppressors will be left
with no excuse.

Al– Fajr ????? 4(6) Pg 4

The True Story of Jesus (AS) Written by Sheikh Mansour Leghaei
Jesus WILL Return With Imam Mahdi (PBUT)
Biblical Eschatology is a study of things to taste of death’. [29:57] In conclusion, JesusChristians assumed the Quranic phrase
come. The Second Advent of Jesus is one of must return to earth to live a physical life ‘those who follow you’ equals Christians.
the eschatological issues in Christian theol- and die a physical death. Nothing can be farther from the truth. Chris-
ogy. Mainstream Christians believe that Je- tianity today is in essence very different
2)The People of the Book believe in Jesus
sus, forty days after his resurrection as- from the actual teachings of Prophet Jesus.
before his death
cended to heaven and he will return to Earth The followers of Jesus were those who truly
at the end of time. One of the main Biblical The Almighty Allah states: “And there will followed his teachings. According to the
references for the second advent of Jesus is be none of the People of the Book (Jews and Quran, the dogma of Trinity is in full conflict
in the Acts of the Apostles. Christians) but must believe in him before with the teachings of Prophet Jesus. Thus,
his death and on the Day of Resurrection, he how could Trinitarians be regarded as the
“Upon saying this and while they were
will be a witness against them.” (4:159) followers of Jesus?!
looking on, he was taken up and a cloud
carried him up from their view. And as they Most interpreters of the Quran agree that the The examples of ‘those who follow you’
kept gazing intently toward heaven as he above Ayah is with reference to the time of from the time of Jesus till the advent of Islam
was going away from them, two men in the return of Jesus to earth. During that time are those sincere believers who believed in
white clothing were standing by them, who there will be no Jews or Christians but those Jesus as a Messenger of Allah and followed
also said: Men of Galilee, why do you stand who believe in Jesus as a Messenger of Allah his teachings. With the rise of Islam, Mus-
gazing into heaven? This very Jesus, who and a human being. According to this inter- lims who believe in Jesus as a Messenger of
was taken up from you into heaven, will pretation the pronoun in ‘before his death’ Allah are the true followers of Jesus. The
come again in the same manner in which returns to ‘Jesus’ not a Jew or a Christian. disbelievers in return are those who never
you have seen him going to heaven.” [Acts believed in Jesus as a Prophet such as the
Shahr bin Houshab narrated: “Hajjaj bin
1:9-11] Jews or even the Christians who believed in
Yusuf said to me: “There is an Ayah in the
For the past 2000 years, there has been an Quran that I’m baffled as to its meaning. I the divinity of Jesus. Thus Almighty Allah
ongoing debate regarding the above and said: O Amir! Which Ayah is that? He said: has made the true monotheists who believe
similar Biblical passages. Many Christians “And there will be none of the People of the in Jesus as His Messenger superior in their
believe that Jesus will literally return. Others Book …” By Allah! I have ordered the execu- ideology over the disbelievers who do not
believe that the return of Jesus will not be tion of many Christians and Jews and I have believe in Prophet Jesus.
physical, rather symbolic somehow. Others witnessed their death, but none of them be- Another meaning for the Ayah is to say
suggest that the church serves the same pur- lieved in the humanity of Jesus before his when Imam Mahdi (a.s) reappears and Jesus
pose. Most of the debates rotate around the death.” Shahr said: “I said to Hajjaj: This is returns to earth, the true followers of Jesus
above phrase ‘in the same manner’ as to not the meaning of the Ayah. (He meant the who include all Muslims, Jews, Christians
whether it should be taken literally or figu- pronoun in that phrase returns to Jesus not who truly followed Jesus will be superior to
ratively. the Jews and Christians). The meaning of the
the disbelievers.
Ayah is that Jesus will descend to earth be-
THE RETURN OF JESUS IN ISLAM fore the Day of Resurrection and there will 4) Prophetic narrations confirm the descent
Muslim scholars irrespective of their de- be no Jews or Christians but believers in of Jesus
nominations are quite unanimous that upon Jesus and he will pray behind Imam Mahdi.”
Numerous Narrations in both Sunni and
the reappearance of Imam Mahdi (May God Hajjaj asked from whom I had learnt that
Shi’a sources confirm and detail the de-
hasten his reappearance) Prophet Jesus will interpretation from. I replied: Imam Baqir,
son of Imam Sajjad, son of Imam Husain, scending of Jesus at the same time as Imam
also descend to Earth from the heavens.
son of Imam Ali bin Abi Talib narrated this Mahdi.
During that time Jesus and Imam Mahdi will
to me.” Hajjaj said: By Allah, you gained it Renowned Sunni narrators such as al-
spread peace and justice on earth and the
earth will attain unprecedented peace, jus- from a pure spring.” Bukhari, Muslim, Ibn Maajah, Ahmad Ibn
tice and welfare. Jesus will be like the minis- 3) The followers of Jesus will be superior Hanbal, Abu-Dawood and many others
ter for Imam Mahdi and his main mission have narrated the Narrations of the return of
over disbelievers
will be to correct the dogma of Trinity and to Jesus at the time of Imam Mahdi and that he
clarify his humane personality and servitude Almighty Allah states: will pray behind Imam Mahdi.
to God. “And when Allah said: O Jesus! I will take Ibn Jouzi in his book ‘Tathkeratul-Khawas’
you and raise you to Myself and clear you of narrated: “Mahdi and Jesus will reunite.
The Islamic doctrine of the descent of Jesus
those who disbelieve, and I will make those When it’s the time for Prayers, Mahdi will
to earth is derived from a couple of Ayaat in
who follow you superior to those who dis- ask Jesus to lead the Prayers, but Jesus will
the Quran and many Ahadith which are believe till the Day of Resurrection. Then say: You are more preferred to lead the
narrated by both Shi’a and Sunni narrators. you (believers and disbelievers) will return Prayers. Then Jesus will pray behind him.”
The following are the most important rea- to Me and I will judge between you in the
sons for this doctrine: matter in which you used to dispute.” (3:55) According to the Narrations of his return
Jesus will break the cross and abandon the
1) Jesus is still alive The above Ayah is one of the controversial meat of the pig. He will also abolish the
As we learn in chapter 8, the holy Quran in a Ayaat in the story of Prophet Jesus. Some Jazyah for the People of the Book of his time
unique style denotes the false dogma of cru- Christian preachers use this Ayah to prove will have no excuse to adhere to their false
cifixion. The holy Quran clearly states that the superiority of Christians over the adher- principles. They have to either convert to
Allah raised Jesus to Himself. Thus, Jesus ents of all other religions whom they also Islam and hence no Jazyah will apply to
has not tasted physical death as yet. On the call ‘disbelievers’ until the Day of Judgment. them or will be executed by Jesus. Jesus will
other hand, ‘every creature shall have a live on the earth for 40 years before he dies.

Al– Fajr ????? 4(6) Pg 5

Imam Mahdi will pray on his body and will believe Jesus was the Messiah scorned the with the status of the People of the Book in
attend his burial in pubic. followers and the disciples of Jesus as "the the Quran. The People of the Book are some-
sect of the Nazarenes" (Acts 24:5) meaning times condemned in the Quran not merely
the followers of the one who was merely because they are Jewish or Christians. They
born in Nazareth. were castigated due to their wrong actions.
One of the theological problems about the The Quran, whilst emphasising that Chris-
return of Jesus is the paradox between this The only God-given title for the followers of tians did, theologically, go astray by believ-
concept and the seal of Prophethood. Un- the teachings of Jesus is given by Allah in the ing in the erroneous dogma of the Trinity,
doubtedly, Prophet Muhammad was the last holy Quran. The holy Quran has never re- respects and admires their good deeds and
Prophet and Messenger of God. With ferred to the followers of Jesus as Christians moral behaviour. Almighty Allah in Surah
Prophet Muhammad, prophethood ceased to (Al-Maseehiyoun in Arabic) or Nazarenes. al-Maédah (Chapter 5), Ayah 82 states:
continue. Then how could one of the previ- The term used in the Quran for his followers “And you will surely find the nearest in love
ous prophets return to earth after to the believers (Muslims) those who
Prophet Muhammad? say: We are Nasara (Christians). That
is because amongst them are priests
The answer to the above paradox is and monks, and they are not proud.”
that Prophet Jesus will not return to
earth to bring a new Shari’a Law. This love and compassion is a Godly
Thus, he will pray behind Imam Ma- gift to them, as Allah in Surah al -Hadid
hdi. In fact, Imam Mahdi who is the (Chapter 57) Ayah 7 states: “And We
12th and the last successor of the ordained in the hearts of those who
Prophet of Islam will lead the world. followed him (Jesus) compassion and
The main purpose of the return of mercy.”
Jesus to earth is in order for him to
prove to the Jews and the Christians On the other hand, however, Muslims
the truth about himself. is ‘Nasara’ meaning the helpers, the singular are commanded not to trust and make
of which is ‘Nasrani’ meaning ‘the helper’. close friendships with the Jews and the
Just like the term used for those believers in Christians.
The names by which the disciples were Madina who supported Prophet Muhammad Allah in Surah Ma’edah (Chapter 5) Ayah 51
known among themselves were ‘brethren’, and hence were called ‘the helpers’. The rea- states:
‘the faithful’, ‘elect’, ‘saints’ and ‘believers’. “O you who believe! Take not the Jews and
son as to why the holy Quran is calling the
the Christians as friends (or protectors or
adherents of Jesus ‘the Helpers’ stems from a
The title ‘Christian’ for the followers of the helpers), they are but the friends (or protec-
conversation between Jesus and his disciples.
teachings of Jesus is historically a Greek- tors and helpers) of each other. And if any
According to the Quran when Jesus began
given name not a God-given name. In Greek, his mission he asked his disciples who amongst you take them as friends, then
the adjectival ending -ianos denoted the ad- would be helping him in the cause of God. surely he is one of them. Verily, Allah guides
herents of an individual or party. So, adher- The holy Quran states: “O you who believe! not those people who are the wrong-doers.”
ents to Christ were called Christianos which Be you helpers (in the Cause) of Allah as
is developed in English to Christians. The The message of this Ayah is similar to the
said Jesus, son of Mary, to the disciples:
name ‘Christian’ was first given by the following Ayah in which relying u[on the
Who are my helpers (in the Cause) of Allah?
Greeks or Romans, probably in reproach, to The disciples said: We are Allah’s help- wrong-doer is forbidden.
the followers of Jesus. ers.” [61:14] “And incline not toward those who do
wrong, lest the Fire should touch you, and
There is no record of any disciple calling Therefore, contrary to the name given to the you have no protectors other than Allah, nor
another believer a Christian or of Jesus ap- followers of Jesus by the Romans or the Jews, you would then be helped.” [11:113] Thus,
plying that designation to himself. Luke in the Quranic title for them is a God-given
Acts [11:19-30] writes that "the disciples were name and designates their devotion to Allah. God condemns only the wrong-doers who-
called Christians," not that "the disciples ever they may be.
called themselves Christians." According to Another title used
the Acts (11:26) the title of ‘Christian’ was frequently in the
first used at Antioch for the disciples. When Quran for both the
disciples under the persecution of the Jews Christians and the
sought refuge in Antioch which was a Greek Jews, is the appella-
city, they were named in reproach by pagan tion of ‘People of the
Greeks as ‘Christians’ meaning those who Book’ which is a very
believe in the one who claimed to be the honourable title con-
Christ. In the early stages of Christianity tofirming that they his-
be called ‘Christian’ would most probably torically belonged to
equal execution. the community of the
faithful people who
Although this title initially carried some originally had a di-
negative sense, over time Christians accepted vine Scripture.
it, as to them it would be an honour for them
to be related to Christ (the Messiah; al- THE CHARACTERIS-
Maseeh in Arabic). Hence, the title was uni- TICS OF THE ‘NASARA ’
versally accepted.
In the story of Prophet
On the other hand, the Jews who did not Moses (a.s) I dealt

Al– Fajr ????? 4(6) Pg 6

The Days of Hope by Ali Al Samail

Regret is one of the strongest emotions that However if man feels regret while he is still off, those who when “there comes to them
can be experienced by man. It binds the in this world, he can, like that student, atone yet another reminder from their Lord, they
mind with oppressive chains and poisons for his mistakes by making efforts in the time only hear it while engaged in fun and games,
and contaminates every thought and every that remains for him. If he has pained and their hearts preoccupied with trifles”3. These
emotion. It is a tape of the past that plays hurt people, he can compensate them are those of us who cannot even take account
itself over and over again, and will not re- through various means, if he has sinned of the hours of the day they are given. These
spond to any attempt to stop it. At its peak, against himself and against his Lord he can are the ones who have no purpose besides
regret leaves no escape for man and leaves still repent. However, after his death, on the sleeping, eating and playing. These are the
him nowhere to go. He will screw up his day that he will be raised again to be ques- ones who in fact ruin their eternity for noth-
face, bite his hands out of frustration, lash tioned about how he used that time he was ing, they have gained neither this world nor
out at his surroundings, yet nothing seems to apportioned, “the matter will have already the next and they are the most pathetic crea-
work, and the tape of the past continues to been decided”. The eternity of everything will tures of this world.
play itself, heedless to the pain of this man. have already been set in stone and man's
Yet on the Day of Judgment all of those who
At its peak, regret drains man's spirit and final abode will have prepared. There will be
were heedless of that Day, no matter what
overcomes his will; it leaves him weak and no tampering with the past, nor any correc-
their reason, will feel an intense regret. In
waiting only for the blessing of time to make tion of deeds- the time for action will have
fact, “if every soul that has done injustice
the wound less sharp, and to present him passed. His regret on that day will be the had all that is in the earth, it would offer it
with opportunities to redeem himself and his final, ultimate and absolute regret.
That regret is born today, and nour-
Regret is a result of counter-factual thinking, ished and nurtured in this world. It is
which is the cognitive process of imagining given its existence here, because we
eventualities or conclusions other than the “live now in negligence and do not
ones that have occurred in reality. The mind believe”. The punishments we face in
travels to the past and re-traces the steps that the afterlife are not conventional pun-
led to the present situation. At one or more ishments. Rather they are a direct ef-
of these steps, it recognizes that it could have fect of actions here. Just like the pun-
made a different choice, and it goes on to ishment in this world for a mother
postulate theories as to what eventualities who consumes alcohol while she is
would have materialized if it had made those pregnant is that her child will be born
other choices. If these other possible eventu- hideously deformed, so the punish-
alities are deemed more favourable than the ments of that Day will be a direct
present one, the bitter unpleasant feeling of cause of our actions here. We will in fact see for ransom, and they will manifest regret
regret emerges. our actions almost 'personified' on that day; when they see the chastisement”.4 When we
it will be almost as if we give birth to these see the hell-fire with our eyes, we will not
Despite the cruelty of this emotion, and its only give up that companion, that money
creatures that will now haunt us on the most
depressing impact on the human psyche, it and that power, but we will in fact give up
frightening day of our lives. On that day,
can be channelled in such a way that it as- “all that is in the Earth”. This world will be
“every soul will be confronted with all the
sists man in making choices about his future. good it has done, and all the evil it has done, the cheapest thing to give up in the hereafter,
Regret leaves such a strong imprint on man's it will wish there were a great distance be- so much so that “those who do not respond
mind that when he comes to make future tween it and its evil”2. We cannot picture to Him, had they all that is in the earth and
choices, he attempts to anticipate which of the like thereof with it they would certainly
these 'creations' that are expressions of our
these choices will lead to the least amount of offer it for a ransom”5. This world, and all
evil in this life but when we see them on that
regret and makes his choice based on that that is in it, is naught but the blink of eye,
Day we will know exactly which action
criteria. The student who does not study for which will mean nothing when compared to
brought them to existence and the justice of
an examination fails, and the unpleasant its eternal successor.6
their existence. They will be like embarrass-
consequences of his failure stimulates the ing companions that will follow us around
pangs of regret. This regret will in fact be- Our Exalted Sustainer provides us with
and declare to the whole of creation, includ-
come this students’ main motivation to study warning so that we will anticipate the regret
ing the Prophets the Imams and the pious
for his next examination. He will not want to that will fill our future if we do not take heed
people of our communities that we commit-
feel the same bitter emotion again and so this now and wake up from our oblivion. Once
ted these awful deeds. They will be compan-
time he will study. our life ends and death takes its hold over
ions that we will be questioned about while us, it will be too late. Whatever has befallen
Despite the pain that regret causes, it is a we have no answers, and thus we will be them cannot be described. Pangs of death
useful emotion that can be channelled so that punished. and grief for losing (this world) have sur-
it has positive outcomes. In fact, it is a bless- We brought this eternal punishment to life rounded them. Their limbs become languid
ing from the Perfectly Wise Creator in order through our desire for this world. We ruined and their complexion changes. Then death
to assist man in planning out his future. He our eternity for nothing but a small portion increases its sway over them. In some it
warns His creation “ of a day of intense re-
of this world. Some of us ruined our eternity stands between the man and his power of
gret, when the matter shall have been de-
in order to spend some time with a beautiful speaking although he lies among his people,
cided” while “they live now in negligence looking with his eyes, and hearing with his
companion of the opposite sex, others of us
and do not believe”.1 This intense regret is ears, and with his full wits and intelligence
ruined their eternity because of a certain
everlasting and eternal; a regret that cannot about him! He then thinks over how he
amount of money that we gained through
be blunted-a burning fire that cannot be put wasted his life and in what (activities) he
foul means, others ruined their eternity be-
out, a wasted life that cannot be retrieved. passed his time. He recalls the wealth he
cause they wanted fame, glory and power.
collected when blinding himself in seeking it,
Yet there are those of us who are even worse

Al– Fajr ????? 4(6) Pg 7

and acquiring it from fair and foul sources. ing the days of hope before the approach of tisement and the matter shall be decided be-
Now the consequences of collecting it have his death, his action s will benefit him and tween them with justice and they shall not be
overtaken him. He gets ready to leave it. It his death would not harm him. But he who dealt with unjustly.”
would remain for those who are behind him. fails to act during the period of hope before
They would enjoy it and benefit by it. It will the approach of death his actions are a loss 5-Surah Ra'd, Verse 18“For those who re-
spond to their Lord is good; and (as for) those
be an easy acquisition for others but a burden and his death is a harm to him...Beware,
on his back, and he will not be able to get rid surely I have not seen a coveter for Paradise who do not respond to Him, had they all that
is in the earth and the like thereof with it
of it. He would there upon bite his hands asleep nor a dreader from Hell to be asleep.
they would certainly offer it for a ransom.
with his teeth out of shame for what was Beware, you have been ordered insistently to
(As for) those, an evil reckoning shall be
disclosed to him about his affairs at the time march and been guided on how to provide for
theirs and their abode is hell, and evil is the
of his death. He would hate what he coveted the journey. Surely the most frightening thing
during the days of his life and would wish which I am afraid for you about is that you resting-place.”
that he who envied him on account of it and will follow (your) desires and widen (your) 6-Surah Nahl, Verse 77“And Allah's is the
felt jealous over him for it should have hopes. Provide for yourself from this world unseen of the heavens and the earth; and the
amassed it instead of him, himself. Death what would save you tomorrow (on the Day matter of the hour is but as the twinkling of
would continue to affect his body till his ears of Judgment)”11 an eye or it is higher still; surely Allah has
too would behave like his tongue (and lose
We live now in the time of opportunity, in a power over all things”
their function).So he would lie among his
people, neither speaking with his tongue nor world that was created so that we could work 7-Imam Ali (AS), Nahjul Balagha, Sermon 107
hearing with his ears! He would be rotating for our afterlife and gain proximity to our
Lord. We must feel regret over our insuffi- 8-Surah Qaaf, Verse 22“Certainly you were
his glance over their faces, watching the
ciency before our Lord today, while we can heedless of it, but now We have removed
movements of their tongues, but not hearing from you your veil, so your sight today is
their words. Then death would increase its still redeem ourselves somehow, before the
opportunity passes and the world and all its sharp.”
sway over him, and his sight would be taken
by death as the ears had been taken and the avenues of worship become useless to us. We 9-Surah Al-Munafiqin, Verses 10-11 “And
spirit would depart from his body. He would must make regret the facilitator for repen- spend out of what We have given you before
then become a carcass among his own people. tance, repentance that fills the heart and spills death comes to one of you, so that he should
They would feel lonely when around him and over into action. The flames of regret and say: My Lord! why didst Thou not respite me
would move away from him. He would not remorse can in themselves wash away the to a near term, so that I should have given
join a mourner or respond to a caller (ever rust of sin from the heart; the tears that they alms and been of the doers of good deeds?And
again). Then they would carry him to a small bring can in themselves cleanse the con- Allah does not respite a soul when its ap-
place in the ground and deliver him in it to science and bring about some sort of tranquil- pointed term has come, and Allah is Aware of
(face) his deeds. Slowly, they (even) stop vis- lity. Regret, when man is dead, is one of the what you do.”
iting him!”7 worst forms of torture. Regret while man is
10-Imam Ali a.s., Nahjul Balagha,
alive, is part of his salvation and the first step
Death is the final closing of the book, after
towards repentance. Sincere repentance is the 11-Imam Ali a.s, Nahjul Balagha, Sermon 28
which man can no longer alter anything
door to forgiveness and salvation that never
about his eternal fate. On that day, the veil 12-Imam Zainul Abidin, Munajatil Ta'ibeen
closes12 while man remains alive, and regret
will be removed and man will see the true
is the key that opens that door, time and time “My God, You have opened a door to Your
reality of the world for the first time,8 after
again.13 pardon, and named it 'repentance', for You
which he will ask to be given even if a little
said 'repent to your Lord with unswerving
time to come back so that he may do good REFERENCES repentance'. What is the excuse of he who
deeds and repair the damage he caused dur-
1-Surah Maryam, Verse 39“And warn them of remains heedless of entering the door after its
ing his life. Yet he will be told that no soul
the day of intense regret, when the matter opening?”
will be delayed once its time comes and no
shall have been decided; and they are (now)
soul will be returned9. What man has sown 13-Imam Zainul Abidin, Du'a Al-Hazeen
in negligence and they do not believe.”
for himself in this world will become appar- (Mafatihul Jinan)
ent to him as soon as the last breath leaves 2-Surah Ale Imran, Verse 30 “On the day that
him, and he will reap what he sowed for the every soul shall find present what it has done “O My Lord, till when and until when will I
eternity to come. of good and what it has done of evil, it shall come back to You repentant”
wish that between it and that (evil) there
The only escape from the bitter regret that were a long duration of time; and Allah
will encompass man after death is to channel makes you to be cautious of (retribution
the regret of today into virtuous actions. Man from) Himself; and Allah is Compassionate
is advised to “Work!, Work! Perform good
to the servants.”
acts” while he is “still in the vastness of life,
(while)the books are open (for the recording 3-Surah Anbiya, Verses 1-3“Their reckoning
of actions), (while) repentance is allowed, has drawn near to men, and in heedlessness
(while)the one who runs away (from Allah) is are they turning aside. There comes not to
being called back and the sinner is being them a new reminder from their Lord but
given hope (of forgiveness)” before man dies they hear it while they sport, Their hearts
and the “ (light of) action is put off, time trifling; and those who are unjust counsel
expires, life ends, the door for repentance is together in secret: He is nothing but a mortal
closed and the angels ascend to the sky.”10 like yourselves; what! will you then yield to
enchantment while you see?”
“Is there no one to offer repentance over his
faults before his death? Or is there no one to 4-Surah Yunus, Verse 54“And if every soul
perform virtuous acts before the day of trial? that has done injustice had all that is in the
Beware, surely you are in the days of hope earth, it would offer it for ransom, and they
behind which stand death. Whoever acts dur- will manifest regret when they see the chas-
Al– Fajr ????? 4(6) Pg 8
The Importance Of Dua
‘And when My servants ask you concerning
by Sajjad Falamaki
due to his kind and caring nature, his incli- there will be no satisfaction with the out-
Me, then surely I am very near; I answer the nation towards generosity and willingness to come of du’a.
prayer of the suppliant when he calls on Me, help his fellow man, sought to ease the bur-
so they should answer My call and believe in One of the most important of these condi-
den of another. It most certainly does imply
Me that they may walk in the right tions is to supplicate with an attentive heart.
blatantly or indirectly, that he too is in need
Just like when the Quran is recited, one will
way.’(2:186) of a place to rest.
only benefit from its recitation if the mean-
Du’a is one of the most important forms of The importance of du’a has been explicitly ings are understood and the Ayah’s are con-
worship, and the most effective and pro- emphasized in one of the amazing Ayah’s of templated over. In his du’a before the recita-
found dua’s have been prescribed to man- the Holy Quran. Allah (SWT) says, “Say: My tion of the Quran, Imam Sadiq (as) says, “Let
kind by non other than the Holy Prophet (P) Lord would not care for you were it not for not my reading be one that is devoid of con-
and his Household (AS). As shall be seen in your supplication (du’a).” (25:77) Ample templations. Make me one who contem-
this short paper, it plays a crucial role in the contemplation on this ayah will help us un- plates over it’s signs and prescriptions.. Let
life of a Muslim and it is a most vital tool derstand the importance of supplication. The not my recitation be mere babbling”. It is in
which must never be abandoned. Almighty Creator of the worlds is informing fact necessary for one to have an attentive
us that he would not even consider us if it heart in order to achieve the maximum bene-
Before proceeding to delve any deeper into
were not for our supplications! If our Lord fit in all forms of worship.
the subject at hand, a clear definition of the
did not consider us, this life of ours would
term du’a must be elucidated based on how Furthermore; one must keep in mind that
subsequently be purposeless for we are all
the word is employed in the Holy Quran. In man is a finite being who resides on a tiny
its general sense, du’a means ‘asking’ and dependent upon His bounties. planet in a vast universe. Allah (SWT) how-
this may include a servant asking Allah The supplication of a believer is in fact ac- ever has Knowledge of all things, perhaps
(SWT) for His favor, Allah (SWT) asking his knowledgment of his neediness towards ones request in their du’a may actually, if
servant to perform a task or simply the ser- Allah (SWT). Hence, failure to supplicate to granted, lead the person to sin or put them in
vants of Allah (SWT) asking questions be- Allah (SWT) is an indirect form of saying a situation which could incite sinful behav-
tween themselves. For example, In the that one is not in need of His Mercy and Sus- ior. Allah (SWT) can see all aspects of a po-
Qur’an Allah (SWT) says, “And Allah calls tenance which in turn takes one to a state of tential scenario while man with his limited
you to the abode of peace…” [10:25]. Here, pride. In the Quran, the Almighty has com- knowledge cannot. I mean how many of you
Allah (SWT) is asking His servants to enter manded us to supplicate onto him, “And have missed a train? Initially such a turn of
into His domain of mercy and forgiveness your Lord says: call upon me, I will answer events could be upsetting, but very rarely do
however this ayaah by no means implies that you; surely those who are too proud for my we dare ponder what possible benefits may
Allah (SWT) is in need of mankind, on the service shall soon enter hell abased.” (40: 60)have come from missing the train. Perhaps if
contrary it eludes to the fact that mankind is you caught it someone may have robbed
In this Ayah, Allah (SWT) has guaranteed to
indeed in need of Allah (SWT). Allow me to you, or the train may have crashed 20 min-
answer the prayer of a person who calls
offer a simple analogy; imagine that a person utes into the trip. Many a time what we pray
upon him, but on many occasions it may
offers an orphan a room in his own home, for may not be what is best for us, as Allah
appear that ones dua’s are not answered or
surely such a kind act does not indicate that (SWT) says in His Holy Quran 'But it is pos-
they seem to have just been ignored. The
the one who lent aid to the orphan is in need sible that ye dislike a thing which is good for
point which is not realised is that there are you, and that ye love a thing which is bad
(at least not with regards to housing) on the
certain conditions for the supplication of a for you. But Allah knoweth, and ye know
extreme opposite. It indicates that the home
believer to be answered and that if these con-
owner must have room to spare and that he not.'
ditions are not met in the proper manner,

Where is MY Knowledge By Zaynab Kaussan

Some people do not really believe in God. They see things exist, invol- friends etc.
untary through evolution. Well, I believe that I was created for some-
The Muslim community of the globe today is approximately one bil-
thing. I believe I am from The One, created just to worship and follow
lion people. That is an impressive figure. But what to me is equally
his order. The word Islam means ‘submission to God’. Being a Mus-
impressive is that Islam today is the fastest growing religion. There
lim means following a way of life, every day in order to please God.
must be something we have to take into account. Something is right
That means that we should practice our religion ‘Islam’. I should not
about Islam in order for it to attract so many people.
live like I am the best human in the world, but a human who tries to
How much do I know about Islam and being a Muslim today ?
improve his/her knowledge, guidance and worship.
The below are some ahadith that advise us just how important it is to
You should not a Muslim because you have to be Muslim or think
seek knowledge. Imam Sadiq (AS) said: "The one who learns knowl-
that the religion of Islam is cool so you should follow it, nor because
edge and acts accordingly, and teaches it for Allah, will be called
your father and mother are Muslim but its because you truly see it in magnificently in heavens.” The Holy Prophet (P) also said: "The good
your heart and you follow it, you have knowledge and have re- of this world and the world to come is with knowledge.” Imam Baqir
searched the truth. The way God has ordered us (AS) said: "Try to learn knowledge because learning it is a good action
to follow the truth. and study is itself a worship." Imam Amir ul Mu'mineen Ali (AS)
Islam teaches and protects us from going down said: "The one who seeks for knowledge is like a warrior in the cause
dangerous or difficult roads. Our society would of religion for the way of Allah."
be more equitable and joyous if we were grate-
let’s not waste time enjoying the desires of this world and make our
ful to God for our lives and if we love our broth-
time useful. Research about your religion, in order that you are
ers and sisters as ourselves, respect others, have
knowledgeable for any trials you may face in the future. Let us all aim
the manners when talking to our families and
for paradise in the next world which we will be living for eternity.
Al– Fajr ????? 4(6) Pg 9
Surah Fath - Verses 26-29 Presented by Sh. Mansour Leghaei written by Abidali Mohamedali

Continuing on the commentary of the verses Allah to discern the difference, the word ?c? a? Imam Sajjad says “The zealotry of sinning is
of the Holy Quran in from Surah-al Fath, c?c?c?c??a? ƒ?owas used. It is for this very reason, when a person sees another doing some-
Allah has utilised the historical incident of thing bad but just because he comes from
their disdain, doggedness, and excessive
the treaty of Hudaibiyyah to drive through the same race/country regards him good. It
zeal of their own ideology they lost. They
significant messages, messages still relevant did not allow the Prophet to enter Makkah is not negative to like your community but
to this date. The treaty of Hudaibiyyah was for pilgrimage, refused to sign the treaty if it what is forbidden is if you support those
signed by the H. Prophet (P) with the pa- from you are committing a sin.” The believ-
had the name of Allah or the name of the
gans of Makkah as a peace deal and which Prophet (P) as Rasul and so on. Their fanati- ers are more deserving of the rewards from
led to the eventual bloodless conquering of cism, they did not have a good plan or any Allah. The recent example of zealotry in the
Makkah a few years later. This theme it per- common sense nor did they measure things Australian community was to make a mar-
haps most relevant to this day and age properly! The simple message is that in diffi- tyr or heroine out of Michelle Lesley who
whereby Muslims have to be smart enough cult situations Muslims must NOT jump the was caught with drugs in Malaysia simply
to broker peace deals with faith and knowl- gun and act irrationally and emotionally or because she was Australian and on the other
edge to enable victories over their enemies. think with their tongue. Although the treaty hand because certain Australians do not
have blond hair and blue eyes are not even
Allah in the next two verses gives humanity seemed to be negative for the Muslims, but bothered about because they are not part of
2 poignant messages, in the first verse Allah the supreme wisdom and calculation on the
the Australian ‘community’. Perhaps the
is condemning pride, zealotry, haughtiness ( side of the Prophet ensured a bloodless vic-
????d???) as zealots are blind to the facts. tory! In addition, Allah as a reward, sent to Australians do not have good role models
and their actions can be justified but what
Zealotry is defined as zeal in excess, fanati- the hearts of the believers peace and tran-
justification do Muslims have for acting in
cism, referring to cases where activism and quillity to calm even the ‘rebellious’ Mus-
the same manner when we
ambition in relation to an ideology
have the Prophet (P) as the
have become excessive to the point ?o??o? a????g
?c?c?c?c??a? ƒ?o?c?c?a? ?c?c?a? ƒ?oA ??????o ?? cgo?A ?K?? a??c|o ?o? a?a? ƒ?? supreme role model!?!?
of being harmful to others, oneself,
and one's own cause. Particular ?A????a? ? a?ƒO c??o?a?c?? a?A ?a?a?ƒ?I?a? as ?c?alA
?ƒ?o? ?aa? c?c??A ? a? ? ?a A ?a?a??cja?
aspects can focus on religion, poli-
tics, but can also apply to any other ^ `C ??c?a ?Ç a?a? o ? j? ? A?o
??o? ??? a? ?a??a?I?a? ?a?? cOa?I? Subhanallah, the prime exam-
ple of zealotry blinding the
area where partisanship and its
people and the governments is
related dogma are fostered and ?a? ??? a?oa?a? ƒ?oa?? a? a?ƒ?oc??A ? a?a??d Oa? ƒ??? ?a?a?C
??oA???A ? a? A?o??oaka?aI a?O ?? the massacre of Lebanon and
this pseudo ‘war on terror’.
Often, we would take sides with ?A??a?ata?? ?a? a?c?a?g ?? ??g?a? at?? a????d iO ?A?a? a?j? a??A ?A? as cO o
?a?A ? as ?c?? A ?o
??o Zealotry has so blinded the
one of ‘ours’ even if he is on the world that even the images of
right or wrong even if the person is ^ `C ?????o?C? a?g
?a? c?? c??A ? ?c? ? a?a? g ? maimed children and broken
Muslim and yet is doing something families and dead women can-
wrong, it is condemned to take his ?o?? ? ?d ??o? ?a A ?a??ƒuA?c?dOa? ƒ?o? ?c?a? ? a?A ?ƒ???? A
???A ? a? ? a?a?I? ? c|o ?oa?A? not jolt these despots into real-
side and defend him as it would ity. The Zionists have no logi-
mean defending his wrong action. ^ `C ????a? c?o ???? ? K ?? a? cal or conscious hope of getting
Conversely, even if one may not be Hizbullah out of Lebanon but
of the same faith or nationality and ?A
is honourable and truthful it is in-
?oa?ata?A?a?a?a???a?a?A ? ??o Kj? ƒ?o? ?a ?oc?c?I? A ?a?a? a??c|o ?oa? c?o??o? ?A ? c? c?c?a? C ? yet persist with their atrocities
within clear view of the rest of
cumbent that he be supported.
This attitude creates enmity and
?d? ???c??A ?A ? ? cga?A ??a??c? ?C ?oa?aU?a? c?o ??oa?d? ???aug ???A Ga?a?a?oC
? c? A
? ?C ?o?A? the world. We as Muslims have
to be calculated in our re-
anger in the heart and can have ? a?a??IÐ? a?a?? ? ?cu?ƒ?o?cga?A ??u?a?a? c?oa?a?c??o? cga?A ??u?a? a? c?? c??A ?C ? ?o?U ?I? sponse and ensure we do not
serious social and personal conse- all in the same trap as they did
quences. Allah says in this verse: ????u ? ?cGa?c?a? oc?C ??oA ? ? a?A ?c?co?A? ? ?a ? a?a?a???gu ? ?aGa?a???gA?a?a!??gA ??ƒua? and do on a daily basis. There
is CERTAINLY some signifi-
When those who disbelieved har-
boured in their hearts (feelings of) ?
C a
? ?
? ? a
? K
c a
G ?
c ?A ? a
c ?
c ?a
? ?
i ?o o
c a a
? o?A
? a
? ? a
? ?c
| o
A o
? ?oa
? a a
? a
? ?oK j
? ?
ƒo cant good that will come out of
disdain, the disdain of (the days of) this conflict and may lead to
ignorance, but Allah sent down His ^ ` ?
C ?c
u a the return of the occupied
tranquillity on His Messenger and lands just as the pagans of
on the believers, and made them Makkah were defeated and
keep the word of guarding (against evil), lims who would have ruined everything. Makkah returned to the Muslims.
and they were entitled to it and worthy of Allah as a reward attached them to the
The second message, which is ayah 27 of
it; and Allah is Cognizant of all things. ‘kalimah’ of taqwa in this context the ‘ruh’ this surah, is the final concluding message of
Allah in this verse, describing the hearts of or spirit of taqwa meaning they became the the whole incident of Hudaibiyyah. Allah
the disbelievers uses the word ?c? a? ƒ?owhich is crystallisation of taqwa! To that, Allah al- reminds us again that HE knows what we
driven from the word ‘humma’ which liter- lowed them to be victorious against the spy- do not meaning if something happens in
ally translates to ‘fever’ but as n expression ing Jews in Khaybar, allowed them to go for ones life that is out of his hands, something
means zealotry. The root is a description of a pilgrimage at the same time a year later and which was not his mistake or even did not
zealot who gets angry and ‘hot’ under the the year after that conquer Makkah! Allah in contribute to it and had a negative effect,
collar. On occasions zealotry can be good this surah is driving home the point that this surely there is some benefit in it and a clear
when it is in defence of his family and relig- treaty was supremely significant in ensuring wisdom behind it.
the safety and survival of the religion we
ion although most zealotry is considered (Continued on page 11)
distasteful. In order for have today.
Al– Fajr ????? 4(6) Pg 10
Certainly Allah had shown to His Messen- ited regions of the world was Muslim.
ger the vision with truth: you shall most Today, according to statistics, Islam is
certainly enter the Sacred Mosque, if Allah the fastest growing religion and the
pleases, in security, (some) having their second most populous religion in the
heads shaved and (others) having their hair world. 51 countries have Muslims as a
cut, you shall not fear, but He knows what significant proportion of the popula-
you do not know, so He brought about a tion. One of every 4 people on this
near victory before that. planet is a Muslim in addition it is the
fastest growing religion in the world. In
The year of the treaty, some people ques- the last 50 years, the growth rate of
tioned the vision of the Prophet (P) in re- Muslims was a whopping 235% and
gards to them entering Makkah. This verse 257.1% in Australia! Christians on the
was revealed with the message that God other hand have increased by only 47%. It those with him are(1 ) firm of heart against
may delay the blessings to test the hearts of begs the question, why is it that the world is the unbelievers, (2) compassionate among
the believers. A jurisprudential law of cut- fighting the Muslims? The more they fight themselves; (3) you will see them bowing
ting hair and shaving of the head comes the religion the more it increases! Taking the down, prostrating themselves, (4)seeking
from this ayah. Most scholars believe that it simple example of the status of women in pleasure from Allah and pleasure; (5)their
is compulsory to shave ones hair on the first Islam, it has been criticized so much but in marks are in their faces because of the effect
Hajj while others say that it is a recom- reality the proportion of women converting of prostration; that is their description in
mended precaution but pilgrims can either to Islam is even greater than that of men! the Taurat and their description in the In-
shave their head or cut their hair short. jeel; like as seed-produce that puts forth its
The universality of this religion is so pro-
From the very first instance of Islam coming found that there does not exist in the Quran sprout, then strengthens it, so it becomes
into existence and when only three people, even a single ayah that addresses only the stout and stands firmly on its stem, delight-
the Prophet (P), Khadijah and Imam Ali ing the sowers that He may enrage the unbe-
Arabs despite the fact that Islam came first
(AS) had embraced Islam, the Prophet told lievers on account of them; Allah has prom-
to the Arabs! Allah only uses the title of
Imam Ali (AS) that a time will come when ised those among them who believe and do
‘mankind’ for all humanity or ‘believers’ for
there is no house on this earth made of good, forgiveness and a great reward.
the Muslims. There is no special trick to the
wood or brick in which the shahadatain will spread of Islam, it simply is the truth! The
Allah then continues to describe the charac-
not be recited. In the next ayah Allah says: truth in itself is the most powerful attractive teristics of the true Muslims, the first two
force. It is not limited to language either being that although they are firm and non-
He it is Who sent His Messenger with the because only 15% of Muslims speak Arabic! compromising of their religious principles
guidance and the true religion that He may Despite this rosy picture, it is the responsi- and but in the personal life they are compas-
make it prevail over all the religions; and bility of every single Muslim to ensure that sionate and easy going and compromising.
Allah is enough for a witness. The third is that they pray a lot and are not
the message of the truth reaches everyone
The religion of Islam has two major charac- and more importantly we do not become Muslims for name sake. The fourth is that
teristics, the first that it is a religion of guid- zealots and fall into the same trap that the all their actions are for the sake of gaining
ance and the second is that it is the truth. enemies of Islam have already fallen into. pleasure from the Almighty, NOT from
These two tools have been bestowed upon Each Muslim is an ambassador of Islam and their boss or their friends or family or even
the Prophet (P) to make Islam prevail over as such has to defend its principles by first at the highest levels not even for the sake of
all religions. This is a promise from Allah acknowledging them and believing in them gaining heaven or getting pardoned from
and He alone is sufficient as a witness. Islam and then acting upon them. Islam is not hell. If one is fasting to go to heaven, its not
is a proselytising religion i.e. a religion that spread by the sword or by preaching and for the sake of Allah or if one does a good
must be spread just as Christianity is. This fanaticism as the media wishes us to believe, act to avoid hell has not done it for Allah
fact is so ingrained in the religion that amr- it was spread by good actions and attitudes. but merely for that ‘avoidance’. So therefore
bil-ma’roof and nahy-anil-munkar are com- The adherence to the Islamic principles in implying that even if, hypothetically speak-
pulsory in Islam and so is the encourage- our day to day lives will emanate the fra-
grance of Islam which will attract the seek- ing, there were not hell or heaven, the true
ment for da’wa. The most striking facts
which have never been paralleled in history, ers of truth. The real victory surely lies with Muslim would pray merely for the pleasure
is the speed at which Islam spread. Accord- those who adhere to Allah. of Allah. The fifth characteristic has two
ing to historians a mere century after the interpretations, the literal being that they
demise of the Prophet (P), half of the inhab- Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, and have signs of prostration on their head, the
other being that they stand early in the
morning for salaat (people who recite Salaat
Layl) and hence have a special light.
Allah uses a simile to explain the true fol-
lowers of the Prophet (P) whereby they
were only two or three Muslims (the weak
shoot) and over time, the shoot has grown
and become a strong tree with billions of
Muslims world over which will become
stronger still. This is ordained to enrage the
unbelievers! Is that not what is happening at
this very moment. They think that bombs
and threats will wipe out the drive of the
Muslims….. How sorely are they mistaken!
Allah has promised that He will forgive
them and give them a mighty award.

Al– Fajr ????? 4(6) Pg 11

Shattered Dreams Sayyid Hasan Nasrallah
It is always beautiful to see something being created, it is always reward- Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah is the
ing and heart warming to see a community coming together pulling re- leader of the Lebanese Hezbollah
sources to reconstruct their neighbourhood. We, as a society, reward and resistance movement. He was
value creators and their creation. Similarly we rarely take pride in seeing born in 1960 in the Bourji Ham-
things destroyed. We go as far as imprisoning people who destroy and moud neighbourhood east of the
take life, labelling them murders. Lebanese capital, Beirut.

It is in this backdrop in our “MODERN” world, that we watched as one In 1975, the civil war in Lebanon
nation destroyed and ripped a soul out of another while the world forced Nasrallah’s family to
watched in silence. The silence was not out of shock or surprise but it was move to their ancestral home in
due to lack of care. They watched, as many years and billions of dollars of the South Lebanese village of
reconstruction was flushed down the annals of history in few minutes Bassouriyeh where Nasrallah
with the help of the modern F16s. joined the Amal movement, a
political group that represents
One can start by laying the blame, or pointing fingers, but there is no the Shia’ in Lebanon. At that
point. Since everyone is guilty and trying to find a source of this conflict is time he was just 15-years-old and Amal was known by the name
very much like asking “How long is a piece of string?”, Furthermore we of “the movement of the deprived.” Nasrallah then moved to
have fingers have been pointed for the past 60 years, and look where we Najaf in Iraq to study Qura’anic divine sciences at a Hawza
are now. Instead, what has been achieved is that another generation of where in 1978, he completed the first stage of his studies suc-
our children will grow up hating each other, not knowing exactly why, cessfully, but his studies were interrupted when he was forced
but hating because that is the only thing you can do when bombs and mis- to leave by the Iraqi authorities. He then returned to Lebanon,
siles are falling on your head. where he studied at the school of Amal’s leader Sheikh Abbas
This conflict didn’t start three weeks ago, it was a conflict that was sim- al-Musawi.
mering under the surface. The response from both sides show exactly how A few years later, Amal elected Nasrallah as its political dele-
prepared they both were, so it was not just a tit for tat battle, but instead gate in Bikaa, making him a member of the central political of-
years of planning had gone into this and it seems it was only matter of fices. After the Israeli invasion in 1982, Nasrallah dedicated him-
when instead of if before the conflict was reignited again. self to the anti-Israeli resistance and joined Hezbollah which
mainly aims at resisting the Israeli occupation of southern Leba-
What is disheartening more than anything though is not that buildings are
being destroyed, or people are dying, as tragic as they all are, however the non in the Bekaa Valley. Despite his commitment to Hezbollah,
freighting outcome of this war is that the international community is so Nasrallah was determined to resume his religious education to
relaxed about this war. It is frightening to know that the democratic world become a religious jurisprudent. In 1989, he moved to the sacred
can watch and see the bloodshed and yet fails to call for a ceasefire. The Iranian city of Qum to continue his studies.
irony is that everyone knows they all have to sit at a table one day, but Nasrallah is married to Fatima Yassin, who comes from the
now they rather go on with the killing rather than sit at a table and negoti- Lebanese village of Al Abbasiyee. They have three children re-
ate. But then it will be too late, it will be too late for all those children who mained after their elder son, Hadi, was killed by Israeli occupa-
have died, and it will be too late for those children who will only remem- tion forces when he was 18-year-old. The forty-four-old leader
ber the bombs and the air strike sirens from the summer of 2006? said once in an interview that he reads many books, particularly
the memoirs of political figures, including the “Memoirs of
The next tragedy that comes out of this war is the UN, the most famous
Sharon” and Benjamin Netanyahu’s book “A Place under the
and vital organisation in the world of politics has once again been shown
to be also the most overrated. One doesn’t know whether to feel sorry, or Sun”, with the intention of getting to know his enemies.
feel rage at its impotence. UN was established to ensure that the world He became the leader of Hezbollah after Israel assassinated the
becomes a safer place, that countries can resolve their differences more movement’s leader Sheikh Musawi in 1992. Nasrallah is consid-
diplomatically instead of starting wars and causing genocides. ered one of the most powerful and charismatic figures in the
However, the only thing it seems to have achieved in the past sixty years Middle East. He is a leader who endlessly fights for the rights of
is to become another avenue for the superpowers to protect their interests. the Arabs and the Muslims. Under his leadership, Hezbollah
During the cold war years, UN was nothing but a playground for USSR became a serious opponent of the Israeli occupation. The move-
and USA, and since the end of that era, it has slowly lost out to US’s uni- ments’ resistance was one of the main factors that led to the Is-
lateralism policy. UN has become so ineffective, that it can not even call an raeli withdrawal from Southern Lebanon in 2000, ending 22-
end to what looks like a war in every sense of the word. But yet it remains years of occupation.
helpless and does nothing but squabbles for days over semantics. UN is Nasrallah also played a major role in the prisoner exchange deal
great and very effective in many other areas, like eradicating poverty and between Israel and Hezbollah in 2004. The agreement was de-
improving world health and other services but it is almost a failure when scribed among the Arab world as a great victory for Hezbollah
it comes to war prevention. These are tragedies because this war can so and Nasrallah was praised as a hero for achieving gains in the
easily spun out of control and become a world war that UN was suppose Arab-Israeli conflict that no other Arab figure has attained. For
to prevent. him, Hezbollah isn’t just a resistance group. He believes that it
Why is it that man consistently decides to go to war, when thousands of carries a message that depends on the Islamic belief.
years of history show that wars achieve only misery and pain? Surely, the Nasrallah also believes that Islam can solve all the problems for
pain, the blood and the angered souls will stop these so called leaders any society, but he makes clear that the movement doesn’t in-
from wrecking havoc with lives of ordinary people and prevent them tend to force people into Islam. He once said that “With respect
from starting a war, alas that is too much to expect from leaders who in to us, briefly, Islam is not a simple religion including only
guise of their people’s interest are prepared to see them die and suffer. praises and prayers, rather it is a divine message that was de-
signed for humanity, and it can answer any question man might
The reason is most likely because between an easy choice and a hard
choice, man always goes for an easy choice. Hence it is always easier to ask concerning his general and private life. Islam is a religion
destroy a nation, than it is to create a lasting peace. designed for a society that can revolt and build a state.”
Obtained from

Al– Fajr ????? 4(6) Pg 12