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Eloise Kunu


Moore, J. (2014,
August 26). Is
Harvesting Organs
of Black People
Becoming a
Growing Problem? Atlanta Blackstar.
Retrieved January
25, 2015.

Gilman, N.,
Goldhammer, J., &
Weber, S. (2011).
The Black Market in
Human Organs. In
globalization: Black
market economy in
the 21st century (pp.
72-82). New York:

Annotated Bibliography

Based on the document seen, organ trafficking is
This document is very
an issue every day. The problem is that, not many interesting to see from
people know about it. The documentary goes in
a black person
depth with how black corpse are being used for
perspective, but I do
organ trafficking. It is believed that accidents are
feel it is a little bit
arranged, so that organs can be taken from people. bias. Also it never
This is due the video referring to how blacks
occurred to me that
organs seems to be more genetically superior to when some accidents
others. This is not true since it is known that all
come up and no one
humans are genetically similar. An example which knows the cause that it
was made was slaves teethes being pulled out and might be an arranged
being use by whites during slavery time. The video accident. In addition
did not go much in depth as to what happens in
this video made me
organ trafficking, but the process which leads to
want to explore other
organ trafficking. This video led to more interest in views on organ
the topic of organ trafficking and how it is seen
trafficking, maybe
around the world.
from a person in the
middle east.
This books talks about all the different global
This was very
organizations which take place. To specify, chapter interesting because I
4 focus on organ trafficking and the method
did not even known
behind it. As stated within the book, the mortality
what Falun Gong is,
of people waiting on the waitlist in Europe is 35%, and after researching it
higher than that of U.S. Also it talks about how
and know that it is a
organ trafficking cannot occur, if other legal
type of meditation in
professionals such as surgeons and hospitals were china which is not
not involved. And also with the legal
allowed. This made
professionals, there are the illicit people which are me what to research
known as the middle men. These are the people
what are ways that
who set up the meeting between the donors and
other countries are
recipients and at what hospital the transplant will
basing the fact that
be taken at. Also aside from the process which
they can take people
organ trafficking is taken. The books talks about
organs. Like in Israel
the specific countries which have the highest organ it is said that people
trafficking such as Iraq. Even with that said other
dont donate organs
things mentioned is how in china, the government due to religious
takes organs of their executed prisoners without
beliefs, so what other
their saying because of practicing Falun Gong
ways will people get

Eloise Kunu

Annotated Bibliography
which is not allowed.

Smith, M.,
Krasnolutska, D., &
Glovin, D. (2011,
November 1). Organ
Gangs Force Poor to
Sell Kidneys for
Desperate Israelis.
Retrieved February
4, 2015.

This article refers to the organ trafficking that is

going on in places such as Kosovo, Moldova ;one
of the poorest country in Europe at the time and
others such as South Africa or Brazil, who
participated by allowing their hospitals to conduct
illegal organ transplants. This article goes in depth
to show how different people dealt with situations
in the black market. Example of this was when
Dorin Razlog who lives in Ghincauti was told by
one of the recruiters from a trafficking ring that he
can make 10,000 for selling his kidney. As a result
he decided to do so, since he needs the money.
With the surgery taken care of, Razlog was paid
only $7,000, $3, 000 less than expected and within
that money $2,500 was fake money. The money
eventually finished and because of this he now
lives in an abandon van, where from time to time
suffer pain from his remaining kidney. Dorin was
not the only one introduced, there were several
ones. At the end of the article, it gives a solution,
for example having more organs obtained from
deceased people. Also a stronger government was
talked about and how it needs to be implemented
to end organ trafficking.

organs aside from

getting it outside of
the country?

This truly made me

want to look into other
Middle Eastern
countries where organ
trafficking may be
predominant and the
reason why. Like in
the second source
Israel is known for its
people buying organs
from the black market
due to people not
donating because of
religious reasons.

Eloise Kunu

H.O.T.: Human
organ traffic
[Video file].
(2008). In
Films On
February 15,
2015, from

Lundin, S. (January
01, 2012). Organ
economy: organ
trafficking in
Moldova and Israel.
Understanding of
Science (bristol,
England), 21, 2,

Annotated Bibliography
Based on the documentary, point of views from
both donors, recipients and middle men were
gathered. Each people stated their situations and
what occurred. One example was seen where a
man by the name Paulo Ayrton Pavesi, brought his
son to the hospital after an injury. The doctor
stated that his child needed surgery. When the man
agrees, the doctor changed his saying and said the
child is dying. There were also attempts to kill the
child by cutting his artery. Eventually doctors
succeeded in removing the childs organ when
placed under anesthesia. Aside from this, the
middle man speaks about how they treated
everyone right and gave the donors the money
arranges. This was contradicted by donor who felt
they were deceived and used. This is due to being
lied to about finding a better job when in fact;
these men were called only to have their organs
taken out by force. China organ trafficking was
also brought to light.
This source is an article which base organ
trafficking in Moldova and Israel. This article
starts with a little background on Moldova and
Israel. It states how Moldova which used to be
well off only has inhabitants of four million.
Within these four millions, one million move, in
search of jobs. Within these jobs are illegal ones
such as the black market and prostitution. Aside
from brief backgrounds, people who had
experienced negative sides of organ trafficking
talked about their situation. This article also talks
about how illiterate people in Israel dont know
what is going on in the black market. The author
felt that the only way to truly stop organ
trafficking is to actually learn about it first. With
more knowledge gain about organ trafficking,
fewer donors will easily accept the offer of finding
a new job when in fact being forced to sell an
organ. In addition with many people knowing the
negative side, there will be fewer donors, and

Looking at this source

and the previous ones
gathered, I notice that
countries such as
Moldova, Israel and
China are coming up
in most of my
research. This may
lead me to pick a
different country.
Aside from that,
searching more about
the middle man is
intriguing especially
after viewing one
talking about the
situation and how
everything goes
I do agree with the
authors way of
solving the problem. If
people actually know
about the things that
occur in poor
developing countries,
more actions will be
taken. It is seen that
most Israel are the
recipients and not the
donors and this may
go back to their
religious beliefs about
the human body.

Eloise Kunu

Annotated Bibliography
overtime might lead to the lowering of corrupt
doctors or surgeons.

Rothman, D. J.
(October 02, 2002).
Ethical and Social
Consequences of
Selling a Kidney.
Jama: Journal of the
American Medical
Association, 288,

This article goes in depth in explaining the ethical

and consequences of selling one kidneys. Aside
from giving information in regards to who are
involve in the business, the other explains how this
issue is starting to be accepted. An example of this
was the reference to how, doctors would rather
their patients in need of organ go out of the
country to get their transplant. Once these patients
return, their money is reimbursed to them. This
portrays how organ trafficking is starting to
become an everyday thing, when it shouldnt. In
addition, the author goes about stating how the
black market is benefiting no one but only the
recipient. This is due to a recipient receiving an
organ which will save ones life. On the other, the
donor is now suffering from pain and is not strong
like before to work. As a result the donor goes
back into debt again, and losses everything. Just
like the author stated commerce in organs is a
dead-end proposition.

If the recipients are the

only one benefiting
from this black
market, then what are
organ donors actually
doing? This might be
looked into more and
it may be based on the
county. Only thing
similar about this
article and the others
is the info regarding
how the donors regret
selling their organs
just to be right back in

The different highlights show certain similarity or was inspired to be use in my paper