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Physics Unit 3B

List of practicals
1. investigate, using primary data, recognize and make use of the independence
of vertical and horizontal motion of a projectile moving freely under gravity.
2. light gates to investigate the speed of a falling object
3. investigate, using primary or secondary data, and recall that the viscosities of
most fluids change with temperature. Explain the importance of this for
industrial applications
4. investigate and use Hookes law, F = kx, and know that it applies only to
some materials
5. Obtain the Young modulus for a material
6. investigate and explain how to measure refractive index
7. investigate and explain how to measure the rotation of the plane of
8. investigate and use the expressions P = VI, W = VIt. Recognise and use
related expressions, e.g. P = I2R and P = V2/R
9. Measure the efficiency of an electric motor (Use Past Papers)
10.investigate and use the relationship R = l/A Measure resisitivity of a metal
and polythene
11.recall that the absorption of a photon can result in the emission of a
12.Demonstration of discharge of a zinc plate by ultra violet light.All These
practicals are in detail with in note also use past papers .