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Hello Sue,

I've a few questions about your flyer and I'd appreciate if you could spare the time to answer them. I
appreciate the sources provided are hastily improvised, however if you can provide data from independent
sources to the contrary I'll be highly impressed.
There's one question for each of the four points on the reverse of the flyer so here goes;
1) Why are you so worried about immigration when the benefits brought by immigrants far outweighs the
cost? ( Is it fair to
assume that your issue is not with the population count but more to do with your parties dislike for anyone
who isn't white and European?
2) Most sources claim (for example; that the NHS will require an additional 8 billion a year, so the 3 billion your party offers would
simply not suffice. How do you reconcile these two figures? Are you also aware that 364 x 55 million (the
daily EU membership fee) is closer to 21billion, given that this is the case, why aren't you pledging the 8
billion estimates are calling for, or even better, putting additional money into the NHS so that it can improve
on "the bare minimum" it needs to continue existing?
Could it be because while the membership fee may cost 55 million a day, it returns benefits of close to 50%
that figure through rebates and other financial stimuli?
This would still leave some 10 billion, plenty for the NHS, yet you pledge a third of this figure. Why?
3) Scrapping income tax is a ludicrous idea, income tax currently represents approx. a third of the countries
GDP at a staggering 550 billion (figure taken from this report from a few years
ago, note in the 4th paragraph
that this percentage has remained largely static for 5 decades, arguing that things have changed in the 2
years since will not suffice). Income tax is also hardly an issue for the poor, a demographic your party
keenly target, making this offer to them is providing an economic straw-man and is of no value to anybody.
Can you please explain to me exactly how you'd offset the losses in income tax? (By the by, exiting the EU
would also dramatically increase the cost of most of our business with other countries, are you aware that
financially these policies would condemn the nation to a far worse economic crisis than that which we've
suffered in the last decade?)
4) See the above points, 30 million a day on top of the 55 million a day for EU membership is still not
remotely close to covering the deficit caused by scrapping income tax, let alone the other impacts your
parties policies would have on the financial state of the UK.
As I've labored the issue of how economically farcical your policies are, I'll change tact for the final
question. Britain, Great Britain as we like to call ourselves, was built on tyranny, it was built on an Empire
than enslaved and killed millions upon millions, over the last century, particularly with the birth of the UN
and the EU we have become a force for good in this world, offering aid to those we can, and although we
occasionally misinterpret our role and overreach our objectives, doing more harm than good in the process,
THAT is the Britain we should be proud of. That is the Britain that doesn't look down on others except to
help them up, the self-aware Britain that appreciates the advantages given by our ancestry and feels
suitably ashamed AND proud of it, that wishes to use those advantages for good. So my final question is
How do you sleep at night?
Yours sincerely,
John Tushingham