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(2011 specification)

Candidate report template


Student number: Randy E. Rivera
Location: Borouge 3 Project, Workshop Area

Date of review: Sept. 20, 2013

Introduction including overview of area inspected and activities taking place

This inspection was to identify significant hazards and risks in the above mentioned locations/ areas and to make
recommendations and improvements. Those inspected areas were noticed that need of serious commitment from
the management to improve the area into safe working condition. During our inspection we observed the
presence of danger to life and health of the operatives due to defective lifting gear, unsafe acts and unsafe
condition of lifting operation, unguarded machines, dust and noise are not reasonably uncontrolled, poor house
keeping some of places, stacking of materials and equipment not well organized, misused of PPE such as
personal fall arrest system or harness, flammable materials stored inappropriately. These numbers of observation
have been recorded with the corresponding appropriate recommendations for early improvement.
Various observations and recommendations have been made and detailed on the attached sheets. The level of
risk, level of priority for attention is illustrated by initials H (high), M (medium) and L (low), in the second
column necessary action to be taken by Borouge 3 with the corresponding time frame to rectify. These are
illustrating to allow appropriate system of work to be planned and approached in a methodical manner to ensure
significant and effective improvements in health and safety to all employees.

Executive Summary
Borouge 3 management requires more prompt action to the issues with regards to lifting operation. The
nonattendance of competent Banks man and supervisor to oversee the whole lifting operation resulted operatives
cut corners, by using a defective and without evidence of monthly inspection of lifting gear to hoist loads.
Recommendation is to plan training for the month this is to include banks man training, this is to ensure that the
lifting activities should be carried out under the supervision of competent supervisor and banks man and to
ensure that all lifting accessories that have been thoroughly examined by a competent person and deemed to be
in a condition that is safe to use must be clearly identifiable.

Main findings of the inspection

Fire arrangement in site office it was notice fire fighting inspection of the available fire fighting equipment are
not periodically inspected , the locations are not properly labelled with relevant signage fire point. Fire exit
behind the office was not free from materials. Important information such as emergency number, emergency
evacuation lay out of the site office and competent fire warden/fighter was not displayed in conspicuous
location. On other hand no evidence of records of evacuation drills in the office to test the integrity of the

available fire fighting equipment. The solutions of this infraction are all fire fighting equipment should be
periodically inspected and maintained in operational condition. Emergency numbers, Emergency evacuation
layout of the office compound, names and Telephone numbers of fire warden/fighter should be exhibited in
obvious location. Therefore, to test the emergency procedures and legal duty of the Borouge 3 a fire drill to be
conducted within the next 30 days, evidence of Fire Evacuation Drill must be recorded and kept within
contractor site files for review and audit.
Environmental issues due inappropriate bonding, insufficient lighting, noise from poor maintenance of
machineries and dust, which created soil contamination, poor illumination, noise in the workplace and
uncontrolled dust, pose to respiratory illness of the work force. Borouge 3 should construct adequate
containment wall underneath the generator to avoid soil contamination in the ground and ensure that all
machinery and plant is serviced regularly and fitted with mufflers and sound suppressers to reduce the noise to
the lowest level where possible.
Borouge 3 should Review and monitor environment on daily basis and recommend a control measure without
delay to the Management.
Segregation of general waste, domestic, construction waste, etc. are not happening in Borouge 3 compound, due
to inadequate numbers of skip bin. In order to obtain a proper waste management Borouge 3 should establish
waste management plan.
Other issues identified during the inspection include poor housekeeping in all areas, site office, carpentry and
stacking areas.
Timbers stacked behind the carpentry area with projecting nails, inappropriate storage of Flammable materials
and Unsafe stacking of materials has been notice materials stacked more than one meter high. Prompt
housekeeping without delay would enhance production and prevent accident of the operatives. Flammable
materials should be labelled and stored in designated area properly posted with relevant warning sign Highly
Flammable and No smoking.
In addition, no label of hazardous substance and lack of information on the hazardous substance used in
carpentry area. The copy of Material Safety Data sheets (MSDS) on the Hazardous substance is not available in
the site safety office, site nurse office, Supervisor and operatives.
Recommended control measure on this infringement is to have established adequate control measure of all
hazardous substances which are pose a risk to workers health must have a manufacturers safety data sheets
(MSDS) available to be used as a guide in conducting risk assessment and to ensure Appropriate PPE, proper
storage of the substance, handling, etc.
Comprise also in the observation sheets was the issues on unprotected temporary electrical distribution boards
and without warning sign posted in the board. Distribution boards should be clearly identified with relevant
warning sign and must be kept locked and under no circumstances shall live conductors be exposed where
employees could accidentally come into contact with them.
This is to ensure that all electrical installations are secured in the office and in the workplace. A monthly Testing
and maintenance of the distribution boards should be carried out and can only be undertaken by competent
Other issue identified which was mentioned in the observation reports is inadequate inspection of hand tools,
power tools, plant, equipment and machineries. Unsafe act/ condition of those were identified in the workplaces
such as operatives using loose hammer head, chisel with a mushroom head and makeshift hand tools, Circular
saw machine was notice that operatives were cutting woods without using push stick, One generator set without
proper containment wall, Air compressor machine found the hose coupling connections were not fitted with
whip check or whiplash arrester.All hose couplings were not fitted with safety clips (kindly note as per pressure
gauge the subject compressor has a high pressure of 120 psi; they are potential source of serious injury).
Recommended preventive measure is to implement adequate review and monitoring of the workplace. Monthly
tools inspection to be carried out at the designated quarantine area by competent person. This is to ensure only
safe hand tools to be issued in the work place. Management should conduct training of operatives in operating
power tools. Recorded daily and monthly inspection report by operator prior to operate plant equipment and

The issues on PPE such as hard hat, hand gloves, eye protection are not stored appropriately in the safe storage
room found lying in the ground elsewhere in the site office. These reports have been mentioned and
recommended to conduct Training and educate operatives by means of tool box meeting regarding proper care
of the PPE and how operatives store PPE appropriately in a safe manner after use.
Unsafe acts and unsafe condition was identified as an area where attention is needed, the poor implementation
of speed limit inside the premises of Borouge 3 that have a high rate of road accident and lack of supervision
from the management during operation of work; electric shock and fire due to defective cords and wirings.
Particular areas requiring immediate attention from the management under the Occupational Health and Safety
Employers have the responsibility to provide safe place of work to protect workers from personal injury and
from ill health. Storing of materials near the building was also identified as a source of fire hazard. Poor storage
of materials creates manual handling injuries where workers have to retrieve the materials and place the
materials to storage and through this repetitive movement of body is practiced. This shows the lack of
appreciation of the need for health and safety practice. Fire and manual handling risk assessment of material
storage near welding works need to be carried out immediately in order to comply with ILO guidelines on
Occupational Safety and Health Manage Systems ILO- 2001 and to ensure safety works. Refresh training to
update knowledge in fire and manual handling training. Health and safety needs to be a high priority to manage
risks that can lead to prosecution or compensation claims which can only have an adverse effect on reputation
and financial position as well as the health and safety of people involved.

Recommendations include as a table in the following format:

Implementation of speed
inside the premises by
assigning traffic officer and
by putting speed limit

Likely resource implications

Short period of time. Costs of
stickers and bars approximately
AED 2000.

Provision of training to all

sequence of activities inside
Borouge 3 especially high
risk activities such as
working at height, confined
space entry, hot works and
electrical works.



Target date

To be conducted by a Competent
person. Approximately costs about
AED 1500.


2 to 3 days training

Provision of any necessary

protective clothing such as
high visibility vest.

Quality is required -Ansi/ CE

standard Cost approximately AED


1 week

Replacement of busted
bulbs and fluorescents along
the road and some portion
inside the premises.

Costs of bulbs and florescent (GE)

Approximately AED 300.


1 day

Provision of hard barricade

of confined space.

Cost of welding rug, bars and

cement about AED 1200.


1 to 3 days

Provision of guarding of
machine which is needed in
Every equipment such as
portable tools or power
tools, etc.

Fixed guard, Interlocked guard, trip

device and automatic guard.
Approximately AED 3000.


1 day