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Date January 31t 1975

= Name in fulF

SaTidra. Mae Bnnch

Complete address on field


nai-im. Pn-ha.l

^1|>0Q ~ Ube-rl^dia^ Mlnas Gerals. Brazil.

SmT+,h Amfi-Hea

Complete forwarding address

nh-Hs-hina M. Sftinplfty 267^ ?Qth Avenue SW. Seattle.

Washi Tigton f

Name and address of Livinglink church or churches:

Tasaq^iiah Christlaji Church

South LaJceshore Christian Church

StreetJP.O, Box 400


Street i7lf'0 S. 81<>th Street

7.nTie98Q2E RtatJfashington r.Hy


7.rnf98W stateWashington

Names and addresses of other sponsoring or endorsing churches:

Nnrmardy Gh-Hetda.n Ghnrch

Pftlfeland. Chllstlan ChtfCOh

Street 908 Sn P.OQth

nitjr Seattle

Street,757 S. l ^ h Street

7.nne Q8lh8 stateWashington P.ityTacoma

ZondOffib StateWashington

Please send along with this form copies of recommendations from churches which will encourage
other churches to support your missionary work. There are churches which will not allow a
visiting missionary to speak unless a church recommendation can be shown. Since it is impos
sible for any one person to know all Christians in the world, this recommendation by a respon
sible New Testament church is a vital help in persuading others of your worthiness and the value
of your mission. Mission Services stands ready to help you inform HORIZONS readers about
your church recommendations. Since the church is sending you to the mission field (Acts 13:1-3)
and will help provide the necessary needs oh the field, naturally the church should share the
credit in your missionary ministry. One of the ways that the church can do this is to share their
conviction regarding your missionary ministry with others. Certainly, their words will help
convince others regarding the worthiness of your work. Please help MISSION SERVICES to
spres^ your i^ws through HORIZONS, Packets and Slide library by sending your church recom
mendations as soon as possible. Thanks. Send what you have now, and the others later.

Recommendations by Christian Leaders: (List names and addresses here and enclose a copy of
each letter, thanks.)


J* Richard Ewing



8695 Marigold Street

Pity Boise


S 138th Street

Tacoma, Wash



State_2L_ Pity Tasaauah


Rfata WA


Parkland Christian Church


Taaafluah Christian Church

NormaiKiy Christian Church

South Lakeshore Chr. Church

Seattle,Wa8h 98IU8

Tacoma, Wash 98UUU

908 S<, 200th

17U0 South 8Uth Street

Name and address of hometown nftwgpapftr. Issagiiah Press

Issagmh, Washington


Name and address of other papers which nd^t ca: pry stories of your vlrork:





Place of ptrttt




Day of birth*J^_ MnnfVi

Where hapHaarf#

. Zone,




Ootiage Cfeove.Ctgastlan Chu]t-oh

rity Cottage Grove

r>af- Wavv^h iokA

L_ StateJ_Jiresoa.

On an extra page please describe any details regai'ding conversion which you might care to

mention. ^

oaptised at a young age and it wasn't until after I was married th


I began to faith and wa!^ closer to the Lord,




DiVOrced__^ WidoVcd

Date of maryjggQ March l6, 1968

Who solemnized your wedding?

Where married?


My. Ma.+>>ow Madg.thiM

List children by full name giving place, day, month, and year of birth:
(If your children have been adopted, please indicate.)

day, month, and year

Place of theii birth

Mistie Lee Bimch

Seattle. Washington


Corey James Bunnh







This infonna;tion will help with the preparation and publicity of the Missionary Picture Book,

Bom (Place)

James Lee Bunch



Portland. Oregon

July 12. 19^6


Maiden Name

Bom (Place)

Sandra Mae Purdy


Eugene, Oregon
Feb, 151 19^7

City/state 18^00 - TJberlandia. Minas Gerais





Brazil. South Amerjca

ZIP Code






2676 39th Avenue aff




ZIP Code



High School






Puget Sound College of the Bible City/State Seattle. Wa!=;hingtnn





When & Where

^re Baptized


March, 1956

Cottage Grove, Oregon


(Christian Church)




Place of Birth


Mistie Lee Bunch




10. 1Q70

Corey James Bunch

Seattle. Washington


2S, 1971



Greenwood Christian Church


Youth Sponsor

Fall. 1Q6Q -

Summer. 1Q70

Issaquah Christian Church

Assistant Insurer-Help start"chur( :h Summer, 1970 - Summer, 1971

Assistant to the Pastor (wife^
Summer. 1Q7I' - Summer. 197S

MissionariY--in Brazil

Christian wife and mother

March 11. 1Q74 to Fozcver


Starting Date

Furlough Date

Second Term

Furlough Date

Mission Location

Third Term

Furlough Date
Furlough Date
Furlough Date

Mission Location

Fourth Term



Mission Location irhP-ri^ndna.

Mission Location
Mission Location

Short summary of present missionary service and accomplishments:

(Use back of this sheet or second sheet, if needed.)

Please list places of previous Christian service and what service you did. Give approximate dates:

Service .


Youth Sponao-r

.Greenwood Chrlstiaji Church

Summer, I97O

- Summer, 1973

Assistant Tresurer
.Issaouah Glrristian Chnrob

Ki sfsi nna-rv

Sunday Sfihnni Tprfi,fibfir

n Vtrfi.'zA 1


March 11. 1Q74 to Foyevei-

SCHOOLING (high school and later):

Name of school

G-mw m^h Sohnni

Nuniber of years


GrvtWr f>^5r>n

WoTvf.hwfi.qt Gh-H.cit-iflu .Gnl 1 figft

Lane Community College


Tijiigrpna^ HP., ,

Degrees and date granted

iGgflduatcd June, I965

Eugene. Oregon 1 (Dental Assisting)

June. 1967


.Puget Sound College .of tha Mhle Seattle,. tfa.shinst.nn : ("ga^tim^ n g

What things influenced you to beconie a missionary? What is your purpose? What do you hope
to accomplish on the mission field? Your own story in some detail might be influential in leading
others into fulltime service (Use an extra sheet if you need more space):

I was mised in a dhristiaji home and my parents were a big influence* in my decision to
become-a_missionary because of their teaching and example. Also the small country
church where we attended also had a big influence and also the visiting missionaries
which always seemed to end up in our home for dinner which was always a real treat for
me and my brother and sistero I attended Christian Service camps which also planted
many thoughts for a committment of full-time service. The rest of my story is told
with my husband,on a sheet of paper Enclosed with the other information.

Describe briefly in outline form the nature of your daily duties on the field:
& muTiHiat -- keens'me ouite b u s y ,


Since this is my first term on the field I am mainly becoming cultimized by studv^y^g the
Poarbuguese language and teaching English to Brazilians,

I also help my husband with corresbohdehce and newsletters which also keeps me quite busy.

Which of the foUoydng terms most nearly describes your missionary status?

Bible College TeacherPublich School Teacher


Radio ministry.



Radio followup.

Maintenance of mission equipment.


Rnnifll wnylfAr

MusiC teacher.

Christian Service Camp,


Office work.

Name other:


Father's name and home


Stanley E, Purldv
- . Street_j^Me_

His ononpatinn. Logger


y . Deceased.
Z one



Is he a Christian? yiss^JLr.'rid.

What positions of leadership has he held in the local church?

What Christian service does he now do? (None at

Elder. Youth Snbnsor

the -present "because he iust moved to a new area"^

Outside the Church he has a great witness with his fellow workers ahd'hei^hors"*
Mother's full maiden T>aTin<a* iLoiretta Mii "MdKinnev
Living. X . Deceased.



Is she a Christian? Vph X

. -rflyrGlide


7.nnp97^3 Rtafp

Oregoh .

Her occupati|3n if employed outside the home.

What leadership positions or Christian service has she rendered to the local nhurnh:?. Sunday
School Teacher, Superintendent; Youth- Spons<o r





Where .ffpnH




Avenue Sff .

Telephone: 93^ ^ 2798





.7nnp 9811^

Rtyppf UUOO

U2nd Avenue Sff


What duties are performed by the forwarding agent Receiptinga Banking & ackpowledging all glftsa

Does the forwarding agent receive a Bfl1flry?N0

Should money be sent to the forwarding agent only?


In what form should funds be aftnt9 CHECK OR MDNEl


If funds are to be sent directly to the missionary

the field, please explain the details of how to



do it, so we can give your explanation to HORIZONS readers and others who may inquire.
Use the remainder of this sheet or an additional sheet to supply other information which you think
might be helpful to the staff pf MISSION SERVICES in preparing news stories about your ministry:

Promotional Agent:

Steve Moreland

3014 sw 316
Pedei^l Way, Washington

Newsletter Agent:

(write to Steve if you want to use our

slide 'and movie programs)


South Lakeshore Christian Church

17^0 S, 84th Street

Tacoma, Washington


(Does printing for our


' . . < J



Matt. 9:37

. . the harvest truly is plenteous,

but the labourers are few."

Dear Christian Friends,

Greetings in His Name I



One of our new interests is photography I,.Jim Sturgeon and I have a mutal
interest in this and i t has worked out-for us to have a make-shift dark room i n '

our home.

We are producing black and white enlargements and have even gone into

color processing of slides.

JJilton Daibert is a man of German ancestry who owns a photo studio near the
language school. He has helped us get the necessary supplies and equipment for
our_photography. The exciting thing is that we have been praying that he and his
family would come to the Lord, His wife is a spiritist and they often have the
spiritist meeting in their home. Last night, both Wilton and his daughter, Marcia,
came to the showing of one of the films on The Life of Christ, This is the most
encouraging sign we have seen that the spirit is working in their lives. Also he
has concented to showing the films in his own home to family and friends# Will you
pray for this family with us?

I've been sharing the Lord with a young man, Enaro, who is our teacher in the
mornings at language school. He has church back^ound, but has dropped out because
he felt ther were too- mary negative demands and, no .'-love. We have been sharing the
Rim~5:nd'liis~TamiIyl Two~yeaTs ago this "family lost two s6hs~by
drowning, Enaro is the only child left and both he and his parents are struggling
to recover from this tragedy. Pray that we can bring them to the love of Christ,
so that they will have an anchor to hold on to# Also Heluiza and Norma our other
two language teachers are not Christian and we want you to please remember them in

Incidentally, we spent $300,00 before we left the states to purchase a film in

the series on the Life of Christ, put out by Cathedral Films, This was the only one
that was not already here of those which have been dubed in Portuguese# We got to
show it a few Sundays ago and we have been shewing a different l6mm film each Sunday

hight for 5 weeks. We have a walk-in cin^tna where we project across a dirt road onto
a screen in a yard.

It is very effective.

We have had 60 to 70 attending#

We know

the Lord will use these films in a positive way in this country where there is so much
ignorance of the Word of God,

We had a young engineering student over for lunch a few days ago. His name is
Antonio and he seems to be responsive to our Christian witness. Pray with us that
the Lord would turn his life into leadership for His church and this country.


could be a strong influence for Christ.

Non Profit Org.


U.S. Postage

1740 South 84th Street


Tocomo, Washington 98444

Permit No. 27

Tacoma, Wash.

Jim and Sondy Bunch - Missionaries

Field Address:

c^o Harry Scates - Caixa Postal 387

38400 Uberlandia, Minas Gerals


Forwarding Agent:
Christina Semple
2676 39th SW

Seattle, WA 98116
Promotional Agent

ChrxBtlnc. Staaplo
Ssattl's. Ha.

Steve Moreland

All mission correspondence should be sent to Forwarding Agent. Checks can be made payable to the Issoquoh Christian Church. No
designation is required, since this is o mission account.

We still have no word that the ship is in Santos* (Still expecting it any day),
The unknown cost of getting our shipment th rough customs and here is still leaving
us a little up in the air, but we praise Gc d that He is working it all out* Three
^ "boxes of books that we mailed in February, finally arrived*
If anyone or any church would like to help in a special way, we would appreciate
a special project of complete or partial u:nderwriting our proposed extra expenses. I

think we mentioned before that the club is the only form of recreation here.

are no public parks.

The club is a co-op a nd

has nice facilities.


The cost of mem-

bership is rising and we will be able to get

_ more than our money value back when we
leave here. Scates have belonged for a few years. This would be a worthwhile project,.
We also are trying to equip our d^^room. These are several suggestions. Also we
need pictures from old Sunday School papers for the Sunday School program here. The
children that attend are grade school age and would enjoy pictures that tell the stories
in the Bible. Elaine Scates condtjS^ the priogram and has run out of material so she
would greatly appreciate anything your might come up^with.
We have started into our winter months and the nights are quite cool.

we put a curtain on our bed to keep warmt

One night

progressing nicely at school and no longer feels like a stranger. When



in Portuguese she s.metimes answers

counting to ten. - Our

busy memorizing phrases in Portuguese,
we have good teachers
and theyand

Steve Moreland has two slide presentat:uons and accompanying cassettes ready for
your use for Vacation Bible School or a misi ions presentation. He just received them.
so contact him for a date to use these.
Thought you would like to see how our xinancial situation is, thanks to your
continual suppoi*t.
Yours in His Love,

Jim, Sandy, Jlistie, and Corey






Travel Checks
Checking Account #101 250.
Checking Account #104

Personal account #103

Personal account #105


Personal account #106

Personal account #107 (film process2.04
Sarnings from Teaching English



Furniture and appliances
Rent (Housing for Feb. & March



Transportation (Taxi Rental, Uberli^dia to Brasilia and back)

Schooling for Miatie




'ortuguese Classes

Total money on hand:

Total Expenditures:



iving Room Set


ransportation (Trip to Ceres)



: ^
Doctor and Medication (Sandy<SCorey302.00

Promotion: Darkroom E(^p. &Film509.50




id and Wash Lady

pictures for Police Identification

cards. Paid Harry for phone call to
United States)



CR$ 900.00
istie's Schooling


'P^otioh" (Stamps &Stationary)

Misc. (clothing, household items,



Postage &Stamps
jEousehold Items, clothes

$ 498.04
or CR$3237 (Balance carried over to May):

TOTAL $856.00

CR$ 6.50 $1.00 American


CR$ 5563.90



Matt. 9:37

. . the harvest truly is plenteous,

but the labourers are few."

Dear Friends?

The Lord continues to bless us in so many ways. We praise Him for responding
to your prayers and indeed for encouraging you to pray.

Our car has been a real blessingj even with adding the expense of buying gas

oline at over $1,00 per gallon. The man that hit it a few months ago paid
the entire repair bill. Praise the Lordt While it was still splotched with
primer paint we took off for Rio and met ray brother. He spent nearly three
weeks with us, and was shocked at how different life is here because of the
lack of many things he took for granted in the States. When he arrived home
he said he kissed his wall-to-wall carpet I

Oon"^eyL^Si4-by t-ravfilod through Brazil in his preparation for the Traveling

-^^===^Coilege ""76-77. He was on a tight schedule, so in order to spend a few hours
with him we drove to Brasilia where he preached and then on Monday we brought
him back to Uberlandia,

The six hour drive left us with about two hours before

he had to fly on to Sao Paulo,

We love him and praise God for the work he and

Carol are doing in their -retirement.

Time is really flying here as "we "are^usy in our daily activities,


begins with Sunday morning prayer breakfast and Bible study from about 8s00 AM
until noon. These are important since here is where our leaders gain the in
sights and confidence that they need when they lead the home church meetings
in the afternoon,

Sandy, Mistie and Corey start their week at 9'30 AI'I, when they take some of our
neighbor children with them to the Sunday School in Elaine^Scsigsl-home^ They

average between 20 to 30, in these very exciting times for the children.


are very thankful for all who have responded with Bible School materials from
which they cut many wonderful Bible pictures that are terrific for visual aids.
We men often make a visit after our study and then the entire Body meets to
gether in the homes between JtJO and 4s30 PM to begin singing and praising God,

Time isn't so., important here as it seems to be in the_^tates.

A meeting gets

started when it seems right and it may go on for severar"hburs. We love the and sharing from the Bible, We continue to use the Biblia na Lingua

de Hoje , (Bible in Todays language).

The people really love to read Gods

word for themselves; a new experience for many. The Lord's Supper is always
a central part of the meetings and it is a blessing to all who participate.


1740 South 64th Street

Tocomo, Washington 96444


Jim and Sandy Bunch - Missionaries
Field Addressi

e^o Harry Scales - Caixa Postol 367

38400 Uberlandia, Minas Cerals


Forwarding Agent:
Christine Semple
2676 39th SW

Seattle, WA 98116

W,Se JscGilvroy, ISwiage!;'


Promotional Agent
Steve Moreland

All mission correspondence should be sent to Forwarding Agent. Checks con be mode poyoble to the Issoquoh Christian Church. No
designation is required, since this Is a mission account.

Sunday evenings, after the house meetings, we often visit. One Sunday a month
we have a joint meeting of the men and their wives, who are active in the prison ministry. These have been great iimes of sharing in different homes and
have always been Bible centered. We ]5ray that as we all look together to God's
Word that we will draw nearer to Him.

Jesus said,

All who listen to my.^lnstru-

ctions and follow them are wise, like a man who builds his house on solid rock,
iyit. 7 s24 We believe that our common .ove for Christ and reverence for His Word
is the basis of our unity. We pray t lat each one who is involved in this group
will respond fully to Jesus and thus juild upon the ^Solid Rock'. Many people

who we know and love have been building upon the


The "house is nice.

and we love them as we do our brother and sisters in Christ. We have so much
in common because we love the same Lo :^i.
I believe that much of the house "
can remain but i t needs to be moved t 5 a new location, high on the
with us for our friends with whom we nork. There are millions who have built

beautiful homes' on the

or even upon the "Sand

Sand ' of tho Catholic, Presbyterian, or Baptist Church,

of the "Christian Church .


...other foundation can no man lay thfl" that.

Jesus Christ. ' iuor. jjsil The bluepriints are in God's Word and "those who seek
shall find t tlany beautiful people hive discovered and used some of the right
tutorials in construction, but they hive been deceived by men, into thinking
that the foundation is

the church" a id not He who is its Head.

ilasses Monda:jLjthrough..Friday. We've discovered you do

We"v barely scratched the surface but at least
we are communicating. We don't alway^ say what we think' we're saying. We're
discovering that much of our English Language is full of hidden subtleties that
also exist in other languages. The r ^suit is that we often find ourselves saying one thing and conveying something else." Of course, most of the time it's
because we just plain goofed1

We have our

not learn a

anguage in a year.

Q'^'.Sl^sday af.ternoons after Portuguese class, I 've ^been .going ,to._ tbe prison with

my BrasiTiS 'friend, Roosevelt ^ith, and we've been teaching "a Bi&e course to
the men in our cell. We have been s e e ing'^ome growing interest and Mauricio,
one of the men in our cell, has seen lis heed to be baptized into Christ and
wants to complete His obedience to God "s Word as soon as he is released in a

short time.

Pray that licthing will c ome

between him and his trust in the Lord.

We will soon be giy;itM^i^Hifc::jAip^onias th all who have completed

course and will" shortly begin a s^u^ of the Gospel of Mark.

the first Bible

Wednesday mornings at 5 s50 AM, we have our prayer meeting of the eight men who
work with the prisoners. These men a:c
re convinced of the power of prayer and

believe this meeting to be as importaiit as the ministry itself.

Tuesday and Thursday evenings I- teacsllJ)nglish for two arid three hours respectively.
teaches an hour in the fiTt'emoon on Wednesday, Thursday, and on


have""Tbund that this timie teaching English has been a real benefit

to us, not only in learning about Braisilian yoiing people but also in the fact
that we aren't the only ones that stru ggle in learning a language I

Thursday nights are reserved.XOJC^ eur ^mily' Night'. The Lord has been blessing
"^Hese iainil^ times and we have all be<j'n growing together in His Love. Thanks
again to Wayne and Janet Rickerson and their girls for helping us get started

with weekly family times. We praise God for Wayne and his work with Christian
families, which is having impact thro\i ghout the U.S. and even here in Brazil.



The Bunch of Us ' are fighting colds because of the chilly nights; would you
boliove w<
.winterl?! Some- are-saying-ihat_it_isthe c.oldest winter
ever, and we can believe itr~ I think our blood has finally thinned out! It
is still hard to conceive that we are in the midst of winter when we awaken

each morning to a bright, clear and sunny day. By the sound of things around
our household you would come to the conclusion that Mistie and Corey have be
come full-fledged sister and brother; Mistie can't pull as many 'fast-ones on

Corey like she used to for a year and a half old, he learns quickly. AlreacJy
he is practicing to become a Brasiiiar; goalie for soccer any good goalie

always hits the dirt and rolls over after kicking the ball and our 'No. 1 star
does the same!
big swinraer and she loves it just as much under

the water as on top -justi^llke her dad. Her favoid.te pastimes are going to

school. Family Nights, and, as mentioned, swimming. It is beautiful to continue

to watch her progress with the people and Portuguese language. She is truly

our ambassador for Christ.


Love in Christ,
Sandy, Mistie and Corey


' "

October, 1975

Dear Friends;

"Que nosso Senhor Jesus Cristo mesmo, e Deus, nosso Pai, quo nos amou e que

em sua bondade nos da eterna coragem e uma firme esperanja, eiicham sens

coragoGS de animo, e tornem voces fortes para fazerem e dazerem tudo o que

e bora,'

2 Tessalonicenses 2;l6sl7

Praise God who grants us the courage to stand firm^ upon His eternal Word
that we might proclaim the "Good News" (Boas Noticias) of Chris

Anisxo began attending our meetings and reading his Bible about a year ago.
His wife, Marcolina, and daughter, mria, have boon Christians for some te
years. Arbuhd'the first bf^eT^"ar he^-wa5 really beginning to take an ac-..
tive role in the church and we expected him to accept the Lord.

revealed problems which he folt would not allow him to become a Christian.
He felt guilty because of sins in his life and felt he must reso ve es

problems before the Lord could receive him.

Oh, the pity that so many never come to know the Lord because of fear.
Thoy are afraid to stand before Him in all their sinfulness. e ,
Lord does demand repentance a genuine step in His direction and away
from the old life.


In Ma/AS.siQ.f^nd out he had cancer of the liver. He spent a


in the hospl&l and during that time he decided he wanted to be baptize .

On the morning of July 1st, Hariy Scates felt he must talk to him about
his baptism so he visited with Anisio and Marcolina and she happened to
bring up this subject. Even though ho had been sick, off and on, wo

thought he was doing well and were praying for his recove^.
the doctor had given him just six months to live. Ho said that he had
marked his baptism for July 3rd, but Harry said, W

He finally agreed if he felt up to it. The baptistry, behind the school,

was filled and heated. It was rainy and cold on the afternoon of the
second when we want to pick him up. Anisio was not feeling well an
argued with his wife and daugliter who kept insisting he should lollow
through as planned.

Ncn Profit Org,

U.S Postage

I7AO South 8^th Street

Tacoma, Wa.

address cuhfeotjon ffqitfsted


Boi: 177
iC-siriptosi5 wlisdijsns.

Forwarding Agent
Christina Semple


39th St. str

Seattlei Wa.


X 1975

Permit No. 27

Tacoma, Wash.

Interestingly, a young man who they raised, named. JoSo Batista (John

the Baptist), stressed the need of Anisio not putting off this important

step of obedience.
must obey God.

His daughter clai

d to have had a vision that he

Anisio was still thinidi

ing that the 3rd was the best day

and that he would be baptized on the J'ollowing day even if we had to carry
He reaffirmed his faith and desjjr*e to sorve the Lord.
In respect
to his wishes wo marked to pick him up at 3 s30 s Thursday afternoon.
Sandy and I, the Scates and Sturgeons had been planning an all day retreat
with fasting for July 3rd. We design^ d our day to include the baptism,
After a great spiritual experience of feasting on God's Word and sharing
together we closed our time with pray^ r. It was ten 'til 3s when we finished thanking God for the new birth tha was soon to be consimated. We and
the Sturgeions wont to the school to prepare for the baptism and Harry and
Elaine "arrivedT at Anisio's at 3s20 P. IL Marcoiina met them at the door
and informed them that her husband hacjl died {^ust 30 minutes before, at the
very time we were remembering him in prayer. The shock was great. We at
the school had received a telephone c all from someone saying that the man
who was to be baptized had died. We found it hard to believe. Jim Sturgeon
and I sent our wives and children homd and drove to Anisio's. The funeral

car arrived shortly and Jim and I werc! asked to help prepare the body. It
was our first such experience. We dro ssed it (the lifeless shell in which
Anisio had so recently lived) and then laid i t in the coffin. I remember
remarking that we had planned to lower him into a watery grave of Christian
baptism and there we were, cheated by death.from sharing in that rebirth.


Embalming is not practiced here and b Itrial is required within 2^ hours. It

is Brazilian custom for close friends and relatives to stay up all night with
the family to give them comfort. The body is kept in the home and then taken
directly to the cemetery, Harry, Elaine and Valdo, one of our house - church


leader's, stayed the night. I took S4ndy and Mistie over in the evening to
show our concern as a family. It was Jlistie's first introduction to death
and it gave me the opportunity to do ^ome teaching. She did real well and


now has a very healthy concept of deaiih and dying.

The neiSi day befbre they took the bodj to the cemetery, Harry read Scripture,
spoke briefly and Valdo prayed and we sang some songs. There were about 200
people at the house for the service.

Anisio and Marcoiina had one daughter Maria, and have raised several children,
Marcoiina and ifeiria continue particips,ting in the house church meetings. We
--..arp hoping to reach the grand-daughtei' and b^sband.
I don't know for sure what Anisio's s piritual condition was.

battle going on in his life that may have hastened his death.

There was a

We must place

him in the just hands of our loving GcJd, who knows the hearts of men.

we are seeing good coming forth from this untimely death.

The week following Anisio's death

town about thirty miles from here.^'''"Se~

our home church service.


's aunt diedi> .^ She lived in a small

, and we got word during

Valdo left ammediately with some others in his own

Later Harry and I decided we would go out and help meet the needs

of the. family. We asked I^vio, one of our men we've been trying. to build a

fire under, if.he would go' along. He agreed, and we went in my car, Mavio
had lived in Itapuraraa about 20 years ago, and still had many relatives and
friends there.

When "we arrived, about 9 P.M., the ho4se

was full of mourners, many of them

ijeeping and crying out. We sought to comfort them and iihen after about an
hour Mavio asked me to go for a walk ith him. His uncle is a dentist there,

and he wanted to talk with him.

The u ncle was gone, but there was much

activity.since an important Catholic holiday was being celebratod. There

were some special police there and we chatted with two of them and i t turned
out that one, Wagner, knew Harry and wlanted to see him, I explained the
situation of the death but he still wa nted to see Harry. The two policemen walked with us back to the house, then in past the dining table where
the.body was lying since no casket had arrived. Harry and Valdo had been
planning a time of Bible reading and p rayer, and had received permission
from some members of the family. They were waiting a few minutes to see
if we would return. VJhen we arrived, Valdo prayed and Harry read a scripture
from Psalms and was just startingt a ve pse from the New Testament, when^
j3rothexj2lLhe-jieaceased. interruDted..

Bible reading had no place there.

He was ..Infuriated and thought that

He actually became so angry that it

appeared there would be no way to relibve the situation.


But; the Lord had provided the means with a policeman on each arm, our

much complaining friend was escorted out the door. There ware no further
objectionss and from that point, the people hung on every word tnat was
read. They must have thought if someone could get that excited about not
having the Bible read, it must contain something of interest.

It was a

lesson in God's timing and provision.

We stayed on that evening until after midnight and I drove some others
out the next morning and then back to Uberlandia for the burial, We^
returned for another visit a couple of weeks later and had a great time
with our new friends.

Since then, many of the family have moved into

town, and some have attended our house church meetings. We ai^e currently
showing a series of the 'Life of Christ' and 'Bible Science' films to them
all, at the home of Grogerio, the widower. Praise God who can use death
to bring new life!



Tour fall is our Spring, and early Spring here is normally very diy and
dependable. Thus, we planned an overnight retreat at a beautiful spot on
a clear river near here for early in September,

It was a smashing success

with nearly total participation and some great fellowship and spiritual
experiences. The ones that weren't able to stay the night Saturday, came
out early Sunday to share in worship and free time.

In the afternoon, we

gathered for our Bible study time. Afterwards, we went down to a. beautiful
natural pool alongside the river and there I was privileged to baptize Rita
and Ita, and Jim Sturgeon baptized Marcia, These three had recently accept
ed the Lord and there indontific-d with his death and resurrection,

Rita is

an elderly black woman who was a friend of Anisic and his wife, Ita is a
man in his thirtios who began reading his Bible and has let the Lord lead him
to convers3on,

Fiarcia lost her husband a year ago, and is trying, to give

her family the spiritual guidance they need,

\-Je rejoice in these additions

to.the body of 5

Yesterday, at our joint church meeting, held

gx-adnation service for about a dozen who had
I have boon leading Iferia, our maid, through
completed the study. I was happy to present

behind the school, we had_a;

completed our Bible course, j
the course and she recently
her with a diploma. She is

- - reading-her Bible- daily. We-have" been-visiting with" her family in a-town-- - near here and pray they all will come to know the Lord,

We took a movie of our retreat x-j-hich included the baptisms. I decided to

show it since we were having several first-timers receiving diplomas. The
film was only two or three minutes and afterward, we had cake in celebration
of Elaine's birthday. It was during this time that one_of the-_ladies who
had received her diploma asked me if we baptized people from other churches.
She said she was Presbj'-bGrian and that they just touched her forehead with a

wet finger and called it 'baptism', After seeing the film, she wanted to,.be_
immersed. We will be having another retreat'tovjard-the end of this month, and
believe she and her daughtur and son-in-law will all be baptized,

(^thrilled that, the T.ord used iiy Jit.tilo film la such a positive way.

I was so


Tho temperature- is rising and. the rair is falling and best of all the Lord is
The children have the sniff1es because of the drastic change in the
temperature from day to day we vjild have a couple of real hot days, and

with us.

then the rains cool it off for a few h ours,

Corey is becoming a big boy and

has left his diapers behind, which ma^es Mommie real happy.

It seems hard to
believe he will turn two the 25th of Cctober. Mistie is also growing and will
be 5 on November lOth. She is in the question asking stage, and the other day
she asked if only black people die Anisic was black. Also she informed us
that cur noon time prayers should also bo in Portuguese, so that I'feria could

understand, I overheard Mistie asking Maria about death, and Maria said she
didn't want to talk about it but befc re the conversation ended, Mistied had
informedr-her--that people who Icvo Jesus will "got-to be with" Him when they "uiei
Praise the Lord, wo finally turned in our Brasilian Income Tax| only five
Our bookkeeper was precc cupiel with getting married and didn't
have time for us, so we decided to try it alone, and Jim filled out tho form

months late.

in only a couple of days with Harry's help, and tho Lord worked a miracle
we are only paying around $275, this. ncludes a small fine for being late!
Our bookkeeper (Brasilian) had it. figu red close to a $1000,,(I hope that Jim

know more than the bookkeeper!)

We are pleased to have Betty Ewing, Dijcck and Cay's duaghter, in our home for
a few d^s, and we are especially pleased to see her loving Brazil as we do.

Hi B in Lovo.

Jim, S andy, Mistie and Coroy


June 1975

September 1975

Balance Forvrard



' 681.65

Balance June 30


Balance Forward,


Balance September 3I



Balance Forward




Balance July 3I


August 1975
Balance Forward





( Make sure your address, is correct

599. 55


Balot.xe August31




for you will

eivo our Christmas
liitter. If you have f ricnds who

sl.ould be on the mailing

lo-ime to;


South LaVes",;ore
Christ.lurt Church

1740 South d4th

idcoma, Wa.


in sco,'^^

CHRISTmaSs 1975

'As the rain and snow come down from heaven and stay upon the ground to

water the earth, and cause the grain to grow and to produce seed for the
farmer and bread for the hungry, so also is my Word, I send it out and
it always produces fruit. It shall accomplish all I want it to, and pro
sper everywhere I send it,*

Isaiah 55:10-11

0 God, we are eternally greatful that 'your Word became flesh' and Christ
lived here among us and was full of loving forgiveness and truth, .e <-.n
you for Christmas which is a tostitnony of the birth of our Saviour and for
New Years which will mark 1976 years since our Lord provided for the salvationat all who Lurn lu lilm.Father,, wo thank you that this -New Ye^r

will be the 200th anniversary of the United States of America -- One

Nation, Under God, With Liberty and Justice For All. We pray that you

would use this bicentennial year to bring Americans to a renewed affx^tion of, 'In God we trust'. We give thanks that your Wo^ does xndeed
produce fruit wherever you send it and that your Holy Spirit is workxng
through the. lives of Christians around the world to give new life from

We pray in the name of Jesus your Son,


An open letter from the Bunches in Brazil to the congregations of God s

people in the Pacific Northwest, 'dedicated to Him in Christ Josus,

cl^-imed by Him as His own, along with all men everj'where who invoke the
name of our Lord Jesus Christ, their Lord as well as ours, '

This year has brought us many blessings. We have enjoyed much better

he^,t'h than dui-ing our first year in Brazil. Your support of our^work
people. We have received many letters from you folks reassuring us of
has been a real testimony, to the faith and dedication of the Lord's

your love, concern, and prayers for our family and ministry here. Wo
have also had the blessing of a car to expand our work and take a load
off our tired feet,


Our follow workers, Jim^an^Ca^ol Stur^ecnj will be home for Christmas,

They are leaving on the 18tl"r'oF'"'decembor and will be visiting about six

Thoy recently

-their, faiaily.

His name xs

Mark Edward (I'fercas Edwardo) and he was born in late September,

He has

citIzenship, both America^ and Brazilian. The Sturgeons have bought

a lot -tcLta a small hbus^ on it and have it rented out for the next sev
eral months.

VJe prayed for some time about whether or not to buy or build a home here
to escape the ridiculous of rent. The Lord never opened
that door but recently led us to invest in a_^Chacara. A Chacara is a
small farm or big garden, actually' just
land, in this case
with a small creek running the length of one side. It measures just
over 6000 square yards, and is just about
miles from the city center*
This land gives us something that is valuating with all real property
and will be a hedge against the tcjrrible inflation. We have plans to
build some kind of open shelter that will give us a place to go with
the 'house church' people for weekend retreats. We feel real good
about this investment and if the 'ix>rd should lead us to another city
we would not bo forced to soil this land as would have been the case
with a

home which would be unwise

to rent out and leave unattended


,The Scates.-are all fine.

Harry i^ busy wrapping up the school year.

We recently'received word that hii father, Erskin, President of the

Intermountain Bible College, has 5one cancer. Erskin was here with
his wife last Christmas and we lo^' them and know you will be praying
with us that the Lord would grant a miracle and extend to him many
more years of fruitful service.

I recently ^completed showing the ntire series of Life .of* Ghris;^ films
on Wednesday~evGnings" at the Secoiiid Presbyterian Cffu$'bh;'" Thoy were
very receptive and several times was asked to pray. Toward the end of
the series they asked me to bring a messag^3 and I felt it a real privilego since my Portuguese preaching had been limited to our small housechurch Bible studies.
I had a l i :.tle trouble whenever I wandered too
far away from, my notes and ran ou of words (bet you can't imagine that)

which is still possible in Portugii :se. But, I believe' the Lord used me
to communicate some special truth;; that perhaps a more fluent'vessel
could not have done.

We took .two films to Araguari, a Smaller city near here, and showed them
to the family of Maria, our maid,

It was the first time they had seen

films on the life of Christ and t: ley

are looking forward to seeing moro.

Maria- is beginning a study with me in the Gospel of Iferk, so pray that
she and. her family will respond tjj the saving message of Jesus.

andy and I were elected as Commehceinent speakers by the Graduating Class

of our English students. There a re a^ut'3? and they want us to bring
two messages, Sandy.'s in English ;ind mine in Portuguese, l-^/hen you receive
this you can- pray retroactively f Dr us on the 6th of December,


As we are" finisthing the year, we think back to the many blessings that
the Lord has sent our way. We ar -j proud to announce that our health has
been good except for a few sniffl )s here and there. The kids are growing
and just made it through their fi rth and second birthdays. They had their
yearly checkups a couple of weeks ago Corey is great except for a little
worm he has picked up, but with me dicine this problem can be taken care of,
and Mistie's only problem is overW'eight I This problem may be helped some
because she will be getting plent;' ' of exercise for she can now swim in the
deep water with little help from J)ad and Mora. Mistie was talking with Jim

and happened to inform him that,

Jesus died on the cross, and everybody

else dies on the floor.' '

Corey is quite a 'kick' and won't go to sleep without his Bible and Sesame

Street bookl

We are super oxjcj^d to have my Father, Mother and niece, Tami,

be a great Christmas! When they return

.'^here for the holidays it'Cfuly ^\|rill

to the States they will be taking back with them a now sMde.^nd mqyiG_presentation.

These should be avail

I'^breiand for information on this),

for you, too.

ble to you by

(Contact Steve

We do pray that it has been a good year

Wo also pray that 3our Christmas will be 'Bright' and that

your 'Focus' will bo on Jesus.

We pray the Lord's blessing on yot; all and are alt'oarb- looking forward to
visiting with you during our furlc ugh which will begin in February of 1977.
Yc urs at CHRISTraas,

Jim, Sandy, Mistie and Corey Bunch