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October 2007

News and Views from the Child Protection Project

Jeffs Found Guilty on Two Counts
Sentencing Phase Underway
T he jury deliberated sixteen
hours before handing down
their verdict. Jeffs was found
garding the young woman.
During jury selection 5th Dis-
trict Judge James L. Shumate
The CPP after examining a
number of court cases discov-
guilty on two counts of rape as commented that while the FLDS ered that Judge Shumate has a
reached after an accomplice in Utah. Sentenc- knows polygamy is contrary to record of handing down light
16 hours of ing will take place November state laws, members have en- sentences to sexual assault of-
deliberation 20th. gaged in “civil disobedience”. fenders. In one case, a defen-
The central point of law in the He equated their actions to Afr0- dant was sentenced to five years
jury’s instructions was whether Americans who “refused to sit in while the sentence was sus-
Jeffs “enticed” the young pended to 18 months of proba-
woman, then 14, into marriage tion. It appears that polygamists
Washington Co. and sex with a 19 year-old receive preferential treatment
Attorney under Judge Shumate. The CPP
Brock Belnap’s cousin.
professionalism After jury deliberations be- is concerned that Jeffs will like-
commended gan, the young woman, now 21, wise receive a light sentence.
revealed her identity as Ellissa Jeffs will be tried next in Mo-
Wall. She is to be lauded for her have County, Arizona on eight
courage in standing up for her counts in two separate cases
convictions when hundreds of related to alleged incest and
Judge James the back of the bus” or to drink sexual misconduct with a minor
young women from Colorado
Shumate’s from water fountains desig- for arranging marriages be-
City were denied justice.
nated for coloreds only. The tween two underage girls and
criticized The Child Protection Project comments were made in con- relatives of theirs.
(CPP) recognizes Brock Belnap, text that polygamy should not
Washington County (Utah) At- After being tried in Arizona,
be considered by jurors. The CPP Jeffs will face federal charges of
torney for his commitment and found this remark offensive to
professionalism in handling the fleeing to avoid prosecution on
Afro-Americans and calls for Utah sex charges. ▲
case and sensitive matters re- Shumate’s removal from the

Inside this issue: Write Judge James Shumate November 20th March
On what sentence Jeffs should receive St. George Courthouse
Jeffs Convicted 1
In your letter include your relationship A peaceful march is
Director/Editor Messages 2 to the convicted and how he has affected planned on Jeffs’ sentencing
date in front of the 5th Dis-
Healing Circle 2 your life. trict Courthouse in St.
Contact information: George, Utah.
Jenny Larson’s Book 3 Theme: Our determina-
Honorable Judge James L. Shumate tion and demand for
Fifth District Courthouse stronger sentences for sex
The Landscape 3
Washington County offenders.
220 N. 200 E Make your own signs
Welfare 4
St. George, UT 84770 keeping to the theme of
child abuse issues and de-
Documentary Film 5 Salutation:
manding justice for children:
Dear Judge Shumate: “No probation for child mo-
Freedom Poem 5 lestation.”

Q&As 6
Polygamy News and Views Page 2

Child Protection Project From the From the

Executive Director Editor
T he Child Protection Project is dedicated to raising
awareness about issues of child abuse within polygamy
and other religious organizations. We are particularly inter-
With the conviction of I recently visited Colo-
rado City and Hildale and
Warren Jeffs in Utah, I am
ested in how institutions, especially churches, ignore child concerned that he will re- was impressed with a few
abuse reporting requirements; and thus cause unnecessary ceive too light a sentence things in particular. I was
suffering and pain to children and families. Our religious insti- (see lead article). surprised that few people
tutions must be good corporate citizens because their man- were walking about given
I have visited various
date as tax-exempt, beneficial and charitable organizations the pleasant weather that
women’s shelters for ideas
requires that children entrusted to their care be safe. day. They were obviously
to incorporate into a transi- remaining within their
One major focus of our organization is to expose the
tional facility for women homes, separated from the
abuses inside polygamous groups in an effort to free the vic-
and children escaping polyg- outside by eight-foot walls.
tims and also to demand action on the part of government
amy. I liked Maggie’s Place These high walls sur-
and law enforcement.
in Phoenix, a center for way- rounded many of the
The CPP works in alliance with… ward pregnant young houses and most were of
Justice for Children functions as the voice of the abused women based on Catholic truly innovative design. The
and neglected child. Their purpose is to advocate and inter- Social Service principles . layout of the town is de-
vene on behalf of the abused and neglected child at any stage If you hear of any prop- scribed in ‘Colorado City
of an abused child's case. Eligible children are victims of docu- erty for sale such as an Landscape’ on page 5.
mented criminal abuse. JFC’s advocacy for a child is not de- apartment complex, senior I was happy to meet the
pendent on a court appointment. Therefore, the advocacy for home or cluster of small directors of the Healing Cir-
the child's safety and protection can become a reality long dwellings, please let me cle. They are inspiring peo-
before the case even goes to court. ple truly dedicated to their
know. At this point, I am in
Individuals call asking for assistance and guidance through the preliminary stages of
looking for a property that In the next issue, we will
a system that is often overwhelming, especially due to the
would provide a viable solu- report on the sexual assault
emotional and traumatic events that are taking place in an
cases involving the “Lost
abused or neglected child's life. Often, protective parties tion for a transitional facil-
have nowhere else to turn through the maze of bureaucratic ity.
Your feedback to Polyg-
agencies and a legal system that is often stacked against the Flora Jessop amy News and Views is most
child. ▲
Credits are due to the
Deseret News, Salt Lake City
Tribune, Prescott Daily Car-
rier and the New York Times.
Coaching at the Healing Circle Doris Miller

A healing setting on a
hillside of Hildale, Utah
provides coaching for polyg-
women and men and
women from forced mar-
riages and plural unions.
sticks” to help them express
their hurt and anger about
being trapped in polygamy.
amy survivors. A labyrinth of A campfire surrounded Future plans call for shel-
trees, bushes, terraces and by the healing circle rests on ter in a large teepee. The
edible plants makes for an the lower terrace of the directors are in need of of-
environment fostering heal- property. On an upper ter- fice equipment and a laptop
ing from the fear based cult race a garden of heirloom computer. So far their com-
of polygamy. vegetables features Navajo pensation has been received
The center directors offer red seed watermelon. The through bartering.
individual and group ses- atmosphere is definitely low Directors of the Healing
sions. They do not provide key. Circle can be contacted at:
counseling—coaching is In a past pow wow creat- P.O. Box 840752
their mission. Their goal is to ing a safe environment, Hildale, UT 84784 ▲
serve disempowered women were given “talking
Page 3 Polygamy News and Views

Jenny Jessop
Larson’s “From
Colorado City Landscape
Brainwash to
Hogwash ”

ong be-
fore the C olorado City is a tiny,
scenic community di-
vided from the rest of the
Latter Day Saints (FLDS) in a
trust called the United Effort
and red soil. Most of the
roads are still unpaved.
Some homes are grand, with
started pay- country by the Colorado The UEP was based on stately brick, spiraling stair-
ing any attention to the po- River and Grand Canyon in the concept of a “united cases, ornate fences and
lygamists of southern Utah, an area called the Arizona order”, created in 1831 by multiple entrances. Others
“Aunt Jennie” stood up to Strip. Joseph Smith, the founder are tiny, run-down trailers.
them. This book is her ac- Unfinished houses appear
Colorado City is the
count of growing up in the as massive honeycomb
most populous town in
polygamist community, of shells looking to be con-
the isolated wedge of
escaping from its influence, structed almost haphaz-
chalky red desert north
then of doing what she ardly.
of the Grand Canyon and
could to aid other girls out. south of the Utah bor- Eight-foot walls, many
The narrative is simple der. Situated in the Ver- of innovative design, in
and honest. "Aunt Jennie" million Cliffs many of front of the houses keep
just tells it like it is. Her sense which are studded with the women and children
of humor and upbeat world juniper, the town strad- separated from the out-
view come across very well. dles the two states, ma- side world.
If you want a simple, terializing out of no- Few children play or
straight shooting witty ac- where along a barren ride bicycles along the
count of what life growing stretch of highway. dirt pathways. Pets are
up in a polygamous commu- Its seclusion is no ac- forbidden.
nity in the 1950s was like, cident. When main- The sun has bleached
then there is nothing better stream Mormons were the color of the landscape
than Aunt Jenny’s forced to renounce po- as if to destroy the life of
“Brainwash to Hogwash”. lygamy in 1890 in ex- the land.
She is a delightful lady and change for Utah state- The buildings so de-
she has written a delightful hood, many refused to void of life are analogous
book. give up the practice of to the vacant stares of
Jim Ashurst polygamy. Instead they set- of the Mormon Church.
women and children peering
Goodyear, AZ tled into this isolated area. Members deeded everything
through the windows of
to the church and received
Colorado City and the their houses. The wind
To order her book call: according to their needs.
adjoining community of Hil- sounds like the cries of vic-
1-877-536-6999 dale, Utah comprise the land The UEP land is covered tims awaiting justice that is
held by the Fundamentalist by a patchwork of pavement long overdue.
$19.95 plus $3.50 for ship- ▲
ping and handling

“Human progress is neither automatic nor inevitable…

Every step toward the goal of justice requires sacrifice, suffering, and struggle;
the tireless exertions and passionate concern of dedicated individuals.”

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Polygamy News and Views Page 4

Fleecing the Taxpayers

Welfare, Medical Care and Food Stamps Commentary

H ow would you like for

the state to pay your
food bill, especially if you
are estimates based on 2002
The Arizona Health Care
one to one.
In the well-publicized case
of Tom Green and his five
I t is the opinion of the edi-
tor that welfare benefits
extended to the polygamists
had dozens of mouths to Cost Containment System wives in Utah, the state should be greatly reduced.
feed? Would $2,000 a month (AHCCCS) program provides documented that the Green A deeply concerned and
be OK? This is not uncom- most of the medical insur- family received $647,000 informed public in Arizona
mon among the FLDS. Some ance for residents in Colo- between 1989 and 1999. Re- and the US could apply pres-
families get more. rado City. In 2002 more than fer to the chart below show- sure for welfare reform—
Among polygamists only 4000 residents were en- ing benefits paid to plural applying to Colorado City—
the first marriage is legally rolled, costing the state wives and their children. in aftermath of the system
recognized – after that about $8 million a year. Fundamentalists call fleec- overhaul in the mid-nineties.
they’re called “plural mar- Thirty-three percent of ing the government New reform could limit bene-
riages” or “spiritual unions”. Colorado City and Hildale "bleeding the beast" in re- fits on the number of chil-
So, even though a man may residents receive food taliation for government dren. Restrictions on the
have five wives and 40 kids, stamps, compared to 6.7 crackdowns on Mormon set- number of children covered
the state considers most of percent in Arizona and 4.7 tlements in the nineteenth by welfare benefits in New
them to be in single parent percent in Utah. This costs century. Jersey in the late nineties
families. The concern on the the state and federal govern- reduced the birth rate.
In 1996 Congress passed
part of the state and federal ments over $3 million a year sweeping welfare reforms Under this proposal the
governments is the number for those in Arizona, that is including a lifetime limit of polygamists would be unable
of people living together. in Colorado City. five years for receipt of to support their large fami-
Thus women, as single par- Colorado City gets back benefits. However this re- lies on entitlement pro-
ents, are usually eligible for about $8 in benefits for form was not applied to wel- grams. Perhaps then they
food stamps, child care and every dollar paid in state fare system for Colorado would drastically reduce
medical care. taxes, while for the rest of City. ▲ their contributions to the
The following numbers Mohave County it’s about prophet and FLDS church
leaders in order to support
their own families. ▲
Food Stamps, Cash Assistance, Medical Care and WIC1 - 2005
For a plural wife (treated as a single mother) with 1 to 9 children

Single Mother Single Mother Single Mother Single Mother Single Mother
+ 1 Child + 3 Children + 5 Children + 7 Children + 9 Children

Food Stamps $249.00 $449.00 $649.00 $849.00 $1049.00

Cash Assistance $249.00 $449.00 $649.00 $849.00 $1049.00

Medical Care Value undetermined

WIC1 Formula, milk, bread, eggs, cheese and cereal, dried beans or peanut butter

TOTAL $449.002 $898.00 $1298.00 $1698.00 $2098.003

1. WIC (Women, Infants and Children) provides Federal grants to States for supplemental foods,
health care referrals, and nutrition education for low-income pregnant, breastfeeding, and non-
breastfeeding postpartum women, and to infants and children up to age five who are found to be
at nutritional risk.
2. An additional benefit will be given for a disabled child.
3. Example: For a husband and 5 wives with 9 children each, the total benefits
would be:
5 x $2098.00 = $10,490.00 per month excluding medical care and WIC.
Page 5 Polygamy News and Views
"Damned to Heaven" Documentary
Features Cult Survivors Freedom…
The documentary film, Arizona. Elliott and Gula had Hoping for a miracle, waiting for the day
"Damned to Heaven," was the foresight to begin filming Wishing I was not afraid, searching for a way
shown at the Electric Thea- months before Jeffs' capture Keeping all that pain inside, like all the others do
tre in St. George, Utah on came to the attention of the Begging for a fighting chance, freedom from abuse
September 20th. The viewing American public. The docu-
was followed by mentary contains exclusive The children that surround me, all scared from what we live
a question and interviews with Our mothers and the father, this lifestyle forced to give
answer session former cult survi- The threat of “Blood Atonement” eternal damning of our souls
with panelists vors, many of For failing to obey the prophet, every edict we are told
Flora Jessop, whom came for-
The fifth grade is the limit, us girls need no more
Buster Johnson, ward to tell their
The boys must forego schooling too; it is labor they are for
Jenny Jessop story for the first
If you try to leave and get away, “Apostate you become”
Larson and film- time.
Forever giving up salvation, a traitor, unloved and shunned
makers Pawel
Gula and Thomas Elliott. The film was also shown When the girls reach twelve, to the prophet they are shown
Buster Johnson is a Super- at the Tamecula, California To wed some old man, the only choice they’ve known
visor on the Mohave County International FilmFestival Required to bear a child, one in every year
Board of Supervisors. Jenny September 12 - 16th. Jessop For building of a kingdom, full of poverty, abuse and fear
Larson is the author of From and Johnson sat on the dis-
Brainwash to Hogwash (see cussion panel. The sister wives are jealous, the husband does not care
review on page 3). The film premiered at the Feelings are forgotten in these women who now must share
“Damned to Heaven" is 47th annual Krakow Film A home of hate and loneliness, and often of shame
the story about the polyga- Festival in Krakow, Poland, When children fail the prophet, it’s the mothers they blame
mist religious sect on the May 31 - June 5, as one of 10 You wonder what I speak of, can it really be this way
Utah and Arizona border, (out of 300 submissions) Where the male is the owner and the women without say
headed by self proclaimed that appeared in the World It is “polygamy” I reference and the horrors are all true
prophet, Warren Jeffs. Co- Panorama program on hu-
And I am but a lucky one of the survivors, who are too few.
directors Elliott and Gula man rights issues. The Kra-
conceived the film, which kow Film Festival is one of
by Flora Jessop
details the sexual and physi- the oldest and most re-
cal abuses of polygamy as spected documentary film
well as marriages of under- festivals in Europe. ▲
age girls in Colorado City,

Women Committed to Psychiatric Facilities

Psychotropic Drugs Given to Make Them Subservient

T o curtail women and

young girls from acting
on independent ideas, the
ment. They are sent to the
police who drive them to the
Northern Arizona Regional
doctor to be of danger to
themselves or others, the
women are admitted involun-
distraught is not a compel-
ling reason for admitting
these women to a psychiatric
threat of commitment to a Behavioral Health Facility tarily on a 72-hour hold. They facility. We question the
psychiatric facility looms (NARBHF). Previously they are administered high doses judgments made by the in-
heavily. The FLDS use the would be of psychotro- take doctors.
nineteenth century term transported pic medica- To make them more sub-
“mental institution”. in the school tion. servient to their husbands,
Women who are stripped district’s In the women in the FLDS are given
of their children become very plane. CPP’s view Lithium and Prozac. Licensed
distraught and are candi- Assessed the state of nurse practitioners prescribe
dates for psychiatric commit- by the intake being very the medications. ▲
Polygamy News and Views Page 6

C hild Like the tiger we fight turning sexual predators into prey.
P rot ect io n
P ro je ct
Are the public schools teristic of our modern age? There are also polyga-
open in Colorado City and Women are seen carry- mous communities in
Contact Flora Jessop: Hildale? ing up to three cell phones. Pringle, South Dakota and
Executive Director Yes, but few children Women clad in the long Idaho. Some FLDS have
P.O. Box 71038 attend. The problem is that dresses were seen in St. recently moved to Mes-
Phoenix, AZ 85050 the parents do not support quite and Las Vegas, Ne-
George and Las Vegas wait-
602.373.0793 vada. Property in Mancos,
their children attending ing to buy the iPhones late Colorado held by the FLDS
school. The FLDS believes June.
that education breeds re- is unoccupied at present.
Send tax deductible donations to: They use iPods to listen
bellion. Mexico’s state of Chihau-
Child Protection Project to Warren Jeffs’ sermons.
There will be quite a hua is home to the historic
c/o David Gould, CPA Where are other polyga-
555 S. Flower Street, Suite 4510 few children enrolled in polygamous colonies of
mous compounds located? Colonia Juarez and Colonia
Los Angeles, CA 90071 first grade, but few com-
One of the two largest is Dublan.
plete through the end of near El Dorado, Texas Has the United Nations
the school year.
named “Yearn for ever been informed about
Is there a com-
Also: ing of age cere- the abuses of mony for boys in human rights in
the FLDS? Colorado City? Linda Walker,
At age 12, boys
in the FLDS take former director
Discover your own claws— of the CPP, stud-
their priesthood
Become your own hero... vows. They pre- ied the high child
Be a survivor of experience pare for this death rates in-
event through- side polygamy.
Not a victim of circumstance.
out their child- She reported her
hood and adoles- findings to local,
cence. state and federal
Accompanied officials without
Doris Miller, Editor
by his father, a boy meets much response. Zion” (YFZ). Designed for
Ron Miller, Associate Editor with the Prophet privately. In February 2004, she
near seclusion of its inhabi-
The boy takes a blood oath wrote the United Nations
tants, the compound is
to kill and die for the High Commissioner for
being built up rapidly.
Prophet. Human Rights. The high
The other largest is lo- death rates of children
Back issues available There is no family cele-
cated off the Idaho border were documented from
bration of this event as the
in Bountiful, British Colum- graveyard burials and lim-
FLDS do not want it known
bia in Canada. ited death records.
who is initiated into the
Call to action priesthood.
There has been traffick-
An appeal was made to
ing of girls between Colo-
Share Polygamy News & He will also tithe $1000 the international commu-
rado City and Bountiful for
Views with friends and to the FLDS by signing over nity to protect the rights of
a long time. Since 2001
family his paycheck to the people in these polyga-
there has been significant
Make a contribution for prophet. mous communities. No
movement between com-
the Transition Center Do the polygamists use significant response was
electronic devices charac- received. ▲

Write the editor

To find your federal, state and local officials:

Write your legislators