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Cloud computing is a style of computing where massive scalable IT-enabled capabilities are
delivered as a service to external customers using Internet technologies. Cloud computing is
becoming popular for describing Web-based applications that are stored and accessed via the
cloud of the Internet. Cloud computing saves data, settings and licenses on a central server, not
on local machines. It holds great promise as a way to reduce power requirements by reducing the
number of servers required to run applications with the help of cloud computing.
The best examples are Google Apps desktop productivity tools, Amazon and Microsofts live
software suite. Cloud computing is very beneficial for business as it offers their best features
such as client/server, elastic flexibility and outsourcing. [Bort 2013]
Cloud computing service provider has three different models or types in this area i.e. IaaS, PaaS
and SaaS
IaaS: IaaS stands for Infrastructure-as-a-Service. It delivers infrastructure of computer such as
storage area, platform virtualization network etc. Today companies have no need to buy network,
equipments etc. but they only need to purchase fully outsourced service IaaS.
PaaS: PaaS stands for Platform-as-a-Serivce. PaaS service is very reliable and lesser the need to
buy layer for software and hardware.
SaaS: SaaS stands for Software-as-a-Service. SaaS is becoming popular for describing Webbased applications that are stored and accessed via the cloud of the Internet. [Mandlik 2013]
Advantages of cloud computing
1. As moving from monolithic systems to cloud computing bring a lot of changes in IT
infrastructure. Cloud computing is very beneficial for IT companies where workload is shared on
different servers so cloud computing is the use of multiple server computers via a digital
2. There is rapid delivery in IT services which further lead to increase in efficiency of business.
This increased efficiency can lead to improve in IT business.
3. Workload of the application is divided on different servers so performance increased
automatically, which also increase the overall speed of application. The process of ordering in IT
services which can take lot of weeks to complete an order and involve lot of departments are
now decreased to few click of mouse.
4. Cloud computing method is cost efficient as rate of accessing data via cloud is much less as
compared to other accessing services.
5. The backup of data and recovery is very easy in cloud computing method as compared to old
way of storage.
6. In cloud computing service, there is no issue of storage out of space. It provides unlimited
storage capacity to their customers. [Viswanathan]

Disadvantages of cloud computing

1. Organization who is going to implement cloud computing must be very careful about
selecting appropriate applications.
2. The security and privacy using cloud as data is major issue. This issue is major for
manager while sharing sensitive data on cloud terminal. Management is not sure whether
there data is secure or not as it is accessed by unauthorized users. In order to secure client
server, password is developed on private data access. Management is working on security
and privacy issue by applying encryption techniques while data transfer.
3. Storing data on cloud terminal are sometimes prone to attacks by hacker such as stealing
of data, spreading of virus, loss of data etc. This attack can be prevented by using security
measures on cloud server.
Example of cloud services that Amazon provides are following:
a. Clod computing capacity to business
b. Amazon has more names in retailer field than in the field of Technology
c. Large businesses are using the feature of AWS i.e. auxiliary unit without having to increase
their hardware and associated TCO.
d. Elastic compute cloud which helps the firms to calculate data on very large scale as compared
to computers. [Cheng 2010]
Comparing Cloud services usage of Amazon with other competitors
The main competitors of Amazon are Microsoft, EBay, and Google in the fields of selling
product, business 2 business, business 2 customers and advertisement. A major field where the
three are racing for dominance is data storage. Each is building a data center for this purpose.
These two big areas are cloud computing and utility computing.
Comparing Amazon with Company
This company is working similar to Amazon as customer relationship management to bring
business online and used tools and software as a service model.
Customer Relationship Management: CRM system as similar to Amazon is
divided down into various parts i.e. Sales, Service & Support, Marketing, Content, views and
Analytics. []
Today market gets new opportunity due to cloud computing. Cloud computing can minimize the
company expenditure on hardware and software, technology ahead and maximize the efficiency
and agility. There is hardly any investment for infrastructure in terms of software/hardware when
we use cloud computing. Rather there will be mostly operational costs for using cloud computing
services provided by someone. In traditional systems, a lot of capital is invested in the beginning
of a project before the system is designed or benefits can be understood. High risk associated
with IT projects can cause a lot of wastage of money invested if the project fails to work as

expected. High capital investment can be avoided using cloud computing and thus these
problems can be solved.

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