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April 22nd 2015



Thanks to everyone who showed up to

And made a dierence by

Itd not too late to join a group!

Simply show up and we will have a
book and study guide ready for you!

Tuesday 4/21
With Pastor Jason
7-8:00am Hot coffee and great
discussion at the church!

With Bruce Henrikson

7-8:00pm at the church!

With Pam and Jerry Unger

7-8:00pm at the church!

Video Gaming Update

Thanks to everyone who prayed and came and shared their concerns in
the Village voting to allow video gaming in Mahomet.
I am pleased to report to you that the Mahomet Village Board voted 3 to 2
to not add video gambling to the next meeting agenda for a formal vote.
If you think that your participation didnt matter I was told today that
through those who came out at least one board member changed their
mind on the matter! Praise God.
What does this mean?
It can and most likely will be back next month as an item to be voted on
again. In the interim CEFCM along with ILCAAAP (See what they do at: will be hosting sessions to educate the public on what
gambling is and why the Village Board is attempting to bring this to our

Wednesday 4/22
With Rob and Michelle Shafer
7-8:00pm join the book study at the

Thursday 4/23
With Jake Barrett

5-6:00pm join the study at the church!

Sunday 4/26
With Jim Sackett

Christian Education:

9:30-10:30am Grab coffee and a donut

and join the study at the church!

During AWANA:

With David and Gretchen Eichstedt

6:15-7:15pm Drop the kids off for
AWANA and join the study at the church!

For many months we prayed for Macey Rilea's baby to stay IN and grow, and I'm happy
to announce she has arrived! She was born Wednesday the 15th, and is a totally healthy
mama's girl! Praise God!
A great way to help a new mama is by feeding her family.
Would you and /or your family be willing to take them a meal?
All the information you need is provided on this website.
This website has the calendar which gives
Macey access to see who is delivering meals and what is
being provided. I hope we can fill up all the available dates!
Pleasemake a noteof the password before you click the link
for registering.
Last name: Rilea Password: 1506

Yesterday, Kat Blakeslee, had an free 15 minutes and she

used it to make a difference! Presenting herself before
God - Alive, Holy, and Acceptable she pushed through
what is oftentimes awkward, and amassed a whole sheet
of signatures from fellow students against video gaming!
When you see Kat thank her. Not for amassing a sheet of
names, or even pressing out into what is oftentimes
awkward, but for listening to that still small voice...
AND THEN pressing into what is oftentimes awkward,
and amassing a sheet of names. That sheet represents her
obedience, assurance, and belief that Christ is greater!
I wonder what it might look like if each of us grabbed a
sheet of paper, prayed, and then set out to make a

Theia Joy Rilea

7 lbs 8 oz and measuring 18 1/2" long

Whats Happening This

Week at Your Church?


Womens Bible Study Fellowship 9:15am

First Christian Church, Savoy

Community Groups
The Schifo Home 6:00pm
The Wright Home 7:00pm
Just Do Something 7:00-8:00pm
2 Groups meet tonight!
With Bruce Henrikson
With Jerry and Pam Unger

Wednesday 4/22

Youth Ministry 6:00pm

Just Do Something 7:00-8:00pm
With Rob and Michelle Shafer



Just Do Something 5:00-6:00pm

With Jacob Barrett

Prayer 6:00pm
Worship Practice 7:30pm



Act Like Men 7:00am

Basketball 8:30am



Christian Education 9:30am

Just Do Something 9:30-10:30am
With Jim Sackett

Childrens Sunday School

Childrens Church 10:45am
Worship Service 10:45am
AWANA 6:00pm
Just Do Something 6:15-7:15pm
With the Eichstedts

Monday 4/27

Church Office Closed

Martial Arts 6:00pm
Free and ALL are welcome!

The Key...
Romans 12:1
I appeal to you therefore,
brothers, by the mercies of
God, to present your bodies as
a living sacrifice, holy and
acceptable to God, which is
your spiritual worship.
F.B. Meyer shares that his early
Christian life was marred and
his ministry often paralyzed
just because he had kept back
one key from the bunch of keys
he had given to the Lord. The
key he kept back was to one
room for personal use where
he kept all his shame and guilt.
The effects of the incomplete
presentation of F.B. Meyer
before the Lord was found
in a lack of power, lack of
assurance, and a lack of
joy and peace. The Joy of
the Lord - Worship, begins
when we hand over the last
What keys are we holding onto
and need to give to the Lord?
Let us be a congregation and
people who fling the doors
wide open and invite the Lord
into every place and space for
the praise of His glorious