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Scholarship agreement and declaration of honor

The EMMAG scholarship:

-Name of scholarship holder:
-Date of birth:
-Home university:
-Level of study:
-Target group:
-Host university:
-Academic offer:
-Duration of mobility:
-Dates of mobility:
-Amount of monthly scholarship:
-Transportation budget allocated:
The dates of the mobility period must be agreed upon with the hosting university. No scholarship will be disbursed after the end
of the EMMAG programme on July 14th 2016.

Acceptance of EMMAG scholarship:

I, Anouar MALEK, accept the following conditions of the EMMAG scholarship:
1. To immediately inform the hosting university and the EMMAG coordinating team if I decide to decline the scholarship
2. To sign a learning agreement between my home and hosting university (ONLY FOR UNDERGRADUATE AND MASTER IN
4. At master level, full-degree students with a 2 years scholarship must pass the first year; otherwise, the EMMAG
scholarship will be cancelled since the EMMAG is an Excellence program.
5. To immediately inform any changes in the learning agreement or any conditions relating the EMMAG scholarship
without valid reasons, or interruption of the mobility prior to the end date. In that case, I agree upon the termination of
the EMMAG scholarship and I may have to reimburse parts of the scholarship disbursed.
6. To send transcripts of records and diploma to the EMMAG coordinating team after the mobility period.
7. To report any interruptions to the hosting university and the EMMAG coordinating team. The scholarship will be
withdrawn during these interruptions. However, the scholarship will be disbursed during the official vacations period at
the hosting university.
8. To respect and understand the EACEA following rules:
a. Student mobility may include a placement period (max 3 months) in the same country of the hosting HEIs
partners, provided that it is preceded by a minimum period of study abroad of six months and that it is
recognized as an integral part of the students' programme. The placement should be agreed by all partners
concerned and a close monitoring of the students should be ensured.
i. Within the EMMAG project, it means that students can only do an internship of 3 months maximum
either in Czech Republic, France, Greece, Italy, or Spain after 6 months of studies at the hosting
b. In case of the interruption is due to academic reasons, as students (only at doctorate and post doctorate level)
have to study or carry out research or other activities for a short period at the home country or at other
countries which are not the ones of the institutions included in the partnership, the monthly allowance is not
paid for this period. In any case, mobility flows for students and staff between the European or between third-


country institutions involved in the partnership are not eligible. The interruption can take place only after 6
consecutive months of study at host institutions.
Monthly subsistence allowance can only be paid as from the month of arrival and covers each full month of the
mobility, based on academic grounds. If a portion of a month is more than 15 days a full month allowance is to
be paid (for example: for academic reasons the mobility duration is 9 months and 16 days then, 10 months
allowance should be paid. If the duration is 9 months and 15 days only 9 months allowance should be paid).

By honor I declare that:


I have not resided nor have carried out any main activity (studies, work, etc.) for more than a total of 12 months over
the last five years in any of the eligible European countries at the time of submitting my application.
I will not receive another EU-funded scholarship at the same time as the EMMAG scholarship.
I have not received another Erasmus Mundus scholarship for the same level of studies.
I will start my mobility period at the dates agreed upon with the hosting university and the EMMAG coordinating team.

I ACCEPT the EMMAG scholarship offered under the conditions stated above:
-------------------Date and Place


Please return this document signed and scanned to