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Chatham Township (1405)

This municipal chapter is an element of the Morris County Wastewater Management Plan
prepared by the Morris County Department of Planning and Development in accordance
with N.J.A.C. 7:15.

Chatham Township was incorporated in 1806, however, in 1897 Chatham Borough seceded
from Chatham Township. Madison and Florham Park soon followed, leaving Chatham
Township at its present geographic size, as of the year 1900.

Chatham Township is located in the southern portion of Morris County and encompasses
approximately 9.4 square miles. Approximately 35% of the Township consists of protected
open space and recreations areas, including the Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge,
Loantaka County Park, and Passaic River Park. The remaining land within the Township
consists mainly of residential uses with a small portion zoned for commercial use. The
Township zoning designations are shown on Map 4M.

The Census Bureau estimates Chatham Township had a population of 10,159 in 2008. The
population has remained very steady showing growth of less than one percent (1%) since

Following are some important considerations for this municipality with respect to
wastewater management planning:

• Chatham Township is considered a non-urban municipality.

• The municipality is not located within the Highlands Region.

In this document the following terms are used frequently:

• EDUs – Equivalent Dwelling Units • GSA – General Service Area –

- a measure where one unit is represents the area to be served by
equivalent to wastewater effluent residential septic systems. NJDEP
from one dwelling unit. NJDEP refers to septic systems as
defines a dwelling unit to mean discharges to groundwater with a
any building or portion of a design capacity of less than 2,000
building, permanent or temporary, gallons per day.
used or proposed to be used as a
residence either seasonally or • GW – groundwater
throughout the year. Most often,
EDU is used in reference to a • HUC11 - Hydrologic Unit Code
single family home. consisting of 11 digits – a United
States Geological Survey (USGS)
• gpd – gallons per day, a unit of standard designation for
flow measurement.


Interim Draft Wastewater Management Plan for Morris County (12/31/09)
Chatham Township

subwatersheds delineated based minimum lot size to calculate the

on topography. number of EDUs possible for a
given area.
• HUC14 – Hydrologic Unit Code
consisting of 14 digits – a USGS • Non-discharge areas - areas where
standard designation for additional wastewater generation
subwatersheds delineated based and/or discharge are prohibited.
on topography.
• SSA – Sewer Service Area –
• mgd – million gallons per day, a represents the area to be served by
unit of flow measurement. a centralized treatment facility.

• NDM - Nitrate Dilution Model – • STP – Sewage Treatment Plant

The NDM) is required by NJDEP
and follows the calculations • SW – surface water
methodology developed by the
New Jersey Geological Service • WMP – Wastewater Management
(NJGS). The NDM uses the soils Plan
type to estimate the minimum lot
• WPCF – Water Pollution Control
size needed to provide enough
recharge to dilute nitrate to a
specified target. This method is
• WPCP – Water Pollution Control
intended to be a guide for
estimating the impact of nitrate
from septic tanks on groundwater • WWTP – Wastewater Treatment
quality. The NDM uses the Plant
Existing Infrastructure
The existing wastewater collection and conveyance infrastructure within this municipality
consists of the following:

• Collection System – Chatham Township is developed along the southern and eastern
portions of the Township. The collection system and associated trunk sewers convey
flow from these populated areas primarily to the Chatham Main WPCP.

• Pumping Stations – There are a total of three pumping stations in the Township.
Two are located in the southwest portion of the Township along the Passaic River.
The third pumping station is located in the eastern portion of the Township.

The existing major wastewater treatment facilities located within the municipality include:

• Chatham Township WPCP #1 (Chatham Main) – this is the wastewater treatment

facility serving a majority of the Township.


Interim Draft Wastewater Management Plan for Morris County (12/31/09)
Chatham Township

• Chatham Township WPCP #2 (Chatham Glen) - Chatham Township has indicated

they plan to close this facility and convert it to a pumping station. Flow from this
future pumping station will be directed to the Chatham Main facility indicated

Tables 1a and 1b below include additional minor facilities in Chatham Township regulated
through NJDEP that have individual New Jersey Pollutant Discharge Elimination System
(NJPDES) discharge permits. Table 1a shows facilities indicated as discharge to
groundwater (DGW) and Table 1b shows facilities indicated as discharge to surface water

The existing treatment facilities are illustrated on Map 2M.

Interim Draft Wastewater Management Plan for Morris County (12/31/09)
Chatham Township

Table 1a: NJPDES (DGW) Minor Permit Facilities within Chatham Township that Discharge 2,000 gpd or more

NJPDES Permit Receiving Contact Permitted Existing Future

Facility Discharge
Permit Program Stream or Classification Permittee Organization Block Lot Flow Flow2 Flow2
Name Category
Number Code Aquifer Name (gpd) (gpd) (gpd)

NJ01034381 Chatham GW No data No data Thomas Chatham No No No data No data No Sanitary

Twp Ciccarone Township data data data
NJ0168114 St GW Quaternary II-A Meg M. St. Huberts 142 4 2,000 2,000 2,000 Sanitary
Hubert's Age Struble Animal
Animal Alluvial Welfare
Welfare Deposits Center
1 The County has solicited input regarding this permitted facility from NJDEP. It may be a dormant permit and subject to removal from this table.

2Flow indicated is daily maximum flow


Interim Draft Wastewater Management Plan for Morris County (12/31/09)
Chatham Township

Table 1b: Additional NJPDES (DSW) Minor Permitted Facilities within Chatham Township

NJPDES Permit Receiving Contact Permitted Existing Future

Facility Discharge
Permit Program Stream or Classification Permittee Organization Block Lot Flow Flow1 Flow1
Name Category
Number Code Aquifer Name (gpd) (gpd) (gpd)

NJ0020281 Chatham SW Passaic FW2-NT(C2) Paul Salem 63 21.01 30,000 9,160 9,160 Sanitary
Hill STP River Donovan Management
(Park Co
1Flow indicated is monthly average flow

Interim Draft Wastewater Management Plan for Morris County (12/31/09)
Chatham Township

Environmental and Other Land Features

The countywide Environmental Features are shown on maps 5A & 5B.

The Township is bounded on the south by the Passaic River. Throughout the central portion
of the Township, a significant portion of the Township hosts the Great Swamp National
Wildlife Refuge and educational areas. The Great Swamp includes multiple wetlands,
streams and waterbodies. The northern portion of the Township includes Loantaka County
Park and Fairmont Country Club.

Delineation of Service Areas and Planning Integration

Sewer Service Areas
The following are the sewer service areas within Chatham Township. The existing areas
served and future SSAs are shown on Maps 2M and 3M, respectively. The facilities
providing treatment to these service areas have an associated facilities table in the

• Chatham Township WPCP #1 (Chatham Main; NJPDES NJ0020290; DSW) – This

SSA includes a large part of the southern and eastern sections of the Township.

• Chatham Township WPCP #2 (Chatham Glen; NJPDES NJ0052256; DSW) – This SSA
includes a small area in the southeast section of the Township. Note: Chatham
Township plans fold this service area into the service area for the Chatham Main

• Molitor WPCF (Madison-Chatham Joint Meeting; NJPDES NJ0024937; DSW) – This

SSA includes approximately 30 parcels along the north side of Shunpike Road,
bordering the Borough of Madison.

The following represent smaller defined service areas within Chatham Township. These
facilities do not have an associated facilities table.

• Chatham Hill STP (Park Central STP; NJPDES NJ0020281; DSW) – The sanitary
sewer service area includes a small area in the southeast portion of the Township just
north of River Road. This service area serves a garden apartment complex.

• St. Huberts Animal Welfare Center (NJPDES NJ0168114; DGW) – The sanitary sewer
service area includes the St. Huberts Animal Center located in the north portion of
the Township on Woodland Road.


Interim Draft Wastewater Management Plan for Morris County (12/31/09)
Chatham Township

General Service Area

General Service Areas (GSAs) consist of those areas with discharges to groundwater of less
than 2,000 gallons per day (i.e. residential septic systems) that are neither designated for
sewer service nor as non-discharge areas.

Coordination and Compliance with the New Jersey Highlands

Regional Master Plan
The Township of Chatham is not located within the New Jersey Highlands Region.

Future Wastewater Demand and Facilities

For the purposes of evaluating capacity and future sanitary flow rates, full build-out of
undeveloped or underdeveloped land in the Township was evaluated based on the zoning
and development potential of land parcels within Township. Build-out calculations were
performed for major wastewater treatment facilities and were not required for the minor
facilities listed in Table 1a and 1b above.

Sewer Service Area Wastewater Capacity Analysis

Table 2a presents the results of the Build-out Analysis within the SSAs indicated above after
the Chatham Glen facility is converted to a pumping station, with all flow conveyed to the
Chatham Main facility.


Interim Draft Wastewater Management Plan for Morris County (12/31/09)
Chatham Township

Table 2a: Chatham Township Build-out Table (SSAs)

Total Flow
Major Capacity Attributed to Existing Total
Total Residential Non-
Public Allocation/ TWAs Septic Projected Remaining
Existing Build-out Residential
Wastewater Permitted Approved Systems Build- Capacity
Flow Flow Build-out
Treatment Capacity But Flow out Flow (mgd)
(mgd) (mgd) Flow (mgd)
Facility (mgd) Unconnected (mgd) (mgd)

Chatham 1.1551 0.863 0.095 0.069 0.076 0.029 1.132 0.023

Molitor N/A 0.007 0 0.0003 0.001 0.0003 0.009 see facility
WPCF table
1 As indicated by Chatham Township.


Interim Draft Wastewater Management Plan for Morris County (12/31/09)
Chatham Township

Treatment Works Approvals (TWAs) approved by NJDEP for unconnected projects within
Chatham Township consist of the following:

Table 2b – Treatment Works Approvals

Facility Unconnected Flow

TWA (mgd)
Valle Estate Chatham Main 0.0200
Giralda Farms Pump Station Chatham Main 0.0750
Total 0.0950
None Molitor WPCF 0
Total 0

A majority of Chatham Township is served by the Chatham Main Facility. With the
Chatham Main facility re-rated to a capacity of 1.115 mgd, Table 2a shows Chatham
Township has sufficient wastewater treatment capacity to match the expected build-out
potential within the Township.

The capacity of the Molitor WPCF (Madison Chatham Joint Meeting) is shown in the Facility
Table located in the Appendices. The Molitor WPCF has sufficient capacity to treat the
expected flows from Chatham Township.

Undeveloped and underdeveloped parcels are shown on Map 3M.

Flows for the additional minor facilities in this municipality are anticipated to remain the
same through at least the term of this WMP.

General Service Area Wastewater Capacity Analysis

Table 3 presents the results of the Build-out Analysis within the GSA. The GSA is shown on
Map 3M.

The breakdown by HUC11 subwatershed is shown below.

Table 3 – Chatham Township Build-out by HUC11 (GSA)

Build-out Potential (Equivalent Dwelling Units)

Using Nitrate Under Municipal
HUC111 Deficit
Dilution Model Zoning
02030103010 432.47 121.80 310.67
1The Build-out potential within this HUC 11 is for that portion within the municipal boundary. It
does not represent the entire HUC 11 boundary within Morris County and only represents the
portion of the HUC11 within Chatham Township.


Interim Draft Wastewater Management Plan for Morris County (12/31/09)
Chatham Township

For Table 3, equivalent dwelling units were calculated by adding [potential residential flow
(gpd)/350] + [potential non-residential flow (gpd)/500].

The General Service Area (i.e., septic) build-out capacity analysis for Chatham Township
was based on the 2.0 mg/L statewide standard for the target concentration of nitrate in

The Morris County Park Commission (MCPC) has indicated the need to develop new
facilities in the Passaic River County Park with the future flow anticipated to be 4,500 gpd.
The flow for this proposed facility has been included in our buildout analysis and is
accounted for in Table 3. The proposed SSA for this facility is shown on map 3M.

Following are the results of this analysis shown in table 3 for Chatham Township’s portion
of the HUC11:

• For HUC 02030103010 the build-out results based on existing zoning is less than the
number of potential EDUs generated by the Nitrate Dilution Model (NDM) for septic
capacity, and therefore, no change in zoning is required.

NOTE: Where the number of EDUs generated by zoning is greater than the number of EDUs
generated by the NDM, zoning build-out and NDM will be run for the entire HUC 11 to
determine if the entire HUC 11 has sufficient nitrate dilution capacity to accommodate full
zoning build-out.