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Philana Smoot and my spouse have been together for 14 years. Were both from Illinois and work out of St. Louis Missouri we applied for an apartment in Shrewsbury Mo. Near were we work. So while we wait for feedback, we check-in at a motel that has low- weekly rates, near the Metro link bus line to save us money while we wait for our apartment. We are 5 weeks into our stay at the motel at French Village Motel in Fairview Heights Illinois up until the incident occurred May 10. 2011. 1 got off work at 4:30 pm. Got to the motel were my fianeé is to be at work an on the train by 8:30pm. Around 10:00pm I got something to eat and got ready for bed. had to be at work and on the train by 5:30 am by the next morning. 1 walked outside around 10:08 and a neighbor asked to use my phone while I was on my way to the Cafeteria. This is the only one ‘available microwave through out the whole motel that the residents share._ told her that lL be back Jet me warm up my food, Business is as usual people checking in the motel others walking around, The Police are already on the motel lot pursuing someone else. 1 ‘20 10 the neighbors to knock on the door she tells me to hold on so I sit down ina chair that sat rite in front of my neighbors door Her name was Bridget Jones She was a nice lady in her early fifty, so | wait because my food is in the microwave. There was a housekeeper that walked by me around 10:13 pm she stopped and said didn’t my owner tell ya'll ya'll had to be in ya'll room by 10:00 pm I replied your owner did not tell me anything and when I'm done taking care of my business and warming up my food then ill go in, Then she gets fussy with me. I'm not sure what the fuss is about because she’s a litle distance away from me. A cordless phone in her hand she walks away making a call and I says to her I don't know why the owner would hire someone like you with your attitude, you keep doing what your are doing and you leave me alone. A minute in a half while I'm sitting in this chair, the owner rushes up on me screaming and yelling go to your room! Go to your room! And I ask him calmly why are you yelling at me, please stop yelling at me, please stop screaming at me like I’m a dog, he’s not listening to me and I say, go to your room and get out of my face, then he yells, if you don’t want to go to your room I'll give you all your money back and you can just leave I'll give you all your money back, I reply whatever. Then he walks away, in this process my neighbors ‘who asked to use the phone was asking what is going on why is he yelling at you I replied I have know idea I walked away and went to the cafeteria got my food and went into my room I was on the phone with my fiancé talking to him about the non sense that just happened. Four minutes later I get a knock on the door I don’t answer right away cause my husband is telling me don’t open the door, you have to wake up early for work, but ‘The knocking stops, two minutes went by, now someone is pounding on the door. My husband said answers the door. So I open the door and saw that it was the police standing there. I reply just a second let me throw something on. He said go ahead. | close the door to justice my cloths, my husband said put me on speaker phone, a see want they want. I open the door within thirty seconds. Standing in front of me was two white male police officers and the black house keeper standing behind them. I say, yes, the big cop reply, How Many People Are In This Room. Puzzled , I replied, just me why. Then he hits the door really hard forceful with a black stick in his hand an said don’t try to hold the fucking door while im trying to come in. I quickly moved away from the door to keep from being hit with the door, forced entry. I quickly reply. I’m not trying to hold the door . you can come in if you want too , me stepping backwards an the two cops enter the room leaving the house keeper out side the door . The setting in side my room, the TV ‘was on and the bathroom light was on, so there wasn’t Very much light in the room. So the Big cop yells at me, put your phone down, put your fucking phone down now. I say to him, “But my husba, I couldn’t get even three words ‘out my mouth. Instantly the Big cop tells me your under arrest , I reply, Why are you taken me to jail, Big cop says, “Cause im the fucking police , an I do what T want to’ Then he grab my right arm an twisted it behind my back, then he tried to knock my phone Joss from my left hand. 1 try to yell in the phone, Baby help me they taking me to jail. ‘The small other cop tries to grab my left arm an I pulled it away from him turning around facing the Big cop telling him to wait a minute , he forced me back around by grabbing the handcuff that’s already locked to my right hand , phone still in my left hand . Both cops with there hands around on my arms, I was instantly lifted off my feet being forced to the bed, It was a pretty rough fall considering the queen size mattress had no bed railings; just the mattress and box spring lie flat on the floor. Me landing flat on my stomach, with them on top of me. Phone still in my left hand, me screaming out into the phone, there attacking me help me, come home now! The Big cop piled the phone from my hand and bashed it into the wall. I thin put my left arm underneath my stomach The Big cop says stop resisting, I said I'm not! Can you please get off me! Big cop says stop resisting or imp going to mass you. I say why are you on me , I will cooperate next thing new there was mass in my eyes , big cop reaches for my arm with less struggle from me but still doesn’t have my left arm apprehended . Saying im going to mass you again! T reply please don’t mass me again. Please stop! Then he start yelling at the other small cop, Mass her again, fucking mass her again! Small cop hesitated, but the big cop continued to yell at him. Small cop sprays the mass in my eyes an on the side of my face ‘an hair. The big cop grabs me by my hair pulling and snatching my hair out. Holding my hair in his hand also yanking pulling and bending my neck backwards for a few seconds. | was so scared! Then he crowed upon my shoulders an took his knee an centered it in the temple of my brain smashing so hard I could here the bones cracking in my face . Face smashed in to the pillow screaming, suffocating, and light headed in fear for my life. The cuffs are on, now he tells me to rise to my feet with my hands cuffed behind my back. I told the big cop, I can’t im in pain. Big cop says again rise to your feet. So he helps me up by pulling my arms up by the cuffs. Once on my feet, the Big cop shoved me out the door an into a police car. My eyes and face are on fire, still trying to focus on whets going on around me. I hear a see the housekeeper talking to another police officer. I'm surround by two or three squad cars. The owner is no where in site. The Big cop was in my room rumbling around. The housekeeper yelling franticly over and over, "she said I should be fired, because of my attitude, The officer didn’t seem to pay the housekeeper 100 much attention as she raved on. I saw that my bedroom light had been turned on an I see the Big cop grab my purse an took my wallet out, moving very fast an swift assuming he took my DLs out because he put the wallet back in side my purse, Quickly picked up my brand new three day old Add ides shoes $85 dollars a pair. Walked out the door and flung my purse back in side and close the door and walked to another squad car. Me still sitting inside the hot stuffy police car alone with all the windows rolled up. Have not spoken one word. In the car for over ten minutes now. Then I here my name come up on radio from ditch patch No Charges Negative , The big cop walks over to the squad car were Lam and says from his hand radio to ditch patch , run it again for any prior, anything... less than thirty seconds ditch patch replied back Negative . All of a Sutton Some other police officer comes rushing over, who I never seen before. He jumps in the car and rolled down all the windows and says to me I’m going to get you too the police station as fast as possible, so you can get your eyes rinsed out mama! Me not speaking a word. Off we went, halfway through the ride mumble; I think I need an ambulance. He doesn’t respond. We just arrive at Fairview Heights Police Department. We pull into the garage the nice officer lets me out of the police car then we walk into a more bigger garage area , were | see a lady standing at a computer an to the far left was the fountain to rinse my eyes. The nice cop took the handcuffs off and walked me towards the fountain and tums the water on and proceeds me to rinse my eyes out for thirty minute. Several tinutes went by an the Big Cop walks through the door , He stops and stands in the far back of the garage doors with one hand placed against his face as to say he was in deep thought about something . Then the white lady at the computer tured around an asked the Big Cop.’ what is she here for? He walks forward and says ,’Assaulting a police officer and Resisting Arrest ,then he change his mind and said ,” No , No Trespassing and Resisting Arrest . The lady turned back to the computer and be gain to type. Me standing there with a white tee-shirt blue jean short an white socks, soaked from head to toe, thinking how awfully an bizarre this sounds. The Big cop leaves the room and I never saw him again, [rinsed my eyes out for about twenty ~ five minute. Do to the fact that my family was on the way to bail me out. The lady then took me in for processing. In that time I begin to talk to her about what had happen to me. She listens with sum compassion but all she could say was I wasn’t there, Sad, mad, hurt, discussed, humiliated eyes, scalp, and face still on fire, Know sooner the nice cop walks in and says theirs some nice lady out here that says she’s your mom and she said you just started your new job and he replies now you can go to work tomorrow. I reply really.’like this. I'm on my way to the hospital if anything. My mom was there within forty-five minute to bail me out for a hundred and fifty dollars. I was never placed in a cell. The nice cop handed me my shoes, I took off my wet socks and put my shoes on. I felt something inside one of my shoes. I reached down to take it off and to my surprise; it was my DLs stuffed in my shoe. The nice cop complimented by saying those are some nice shoes, I told him thanks. He was extremely nice to me. Then I advice him that I needed to go back to the motel to ‘get my purse, my money, and some dry cloths. So he walks me out to the front were my mother is and said that he would trail us back to the motel . We arrive back at the motel. It's like a ghost town now. We park our cars, and the nice cop went inside the office and came rite back out with the key to my room. He opens the door I walk in and proceed to grabbing some of my belongings. He steps in an asked if I need some help , he grab one bag for me an I had the rest of my stuff’, I also grab my food off the table . It was Luke warm still [ explained to him this was the food I went out to warm up early and I placed it on the top of his hand and said,'see I told you, it’s still warm. He replied, ‘yeah your right. I locked the door and closed it behind me. He told me to call FHPD when u comes back to the motel tomorrow to pick up the rest of your belongings. I never saw the Owner or the housekeeper when the nice cop and I were grabbing some of my important belongings. We said our goodbyes , and My mother and I drove off and went straight to Kenneth Hall Hospital , were I meet up with my spouse . My diagnosis was physical assault from two police officers by names of Officer Montgomery and Officer Birkenhead FHPD. Blunt Head Trauma Injury, Contusion Right Face Injury, Contusion Wrist Bilaterally, Injury Contusion Distal Left Forearm Injury. This has been a very sad and rough road for me and my family. It took a mile stone to find Attorneys to help me with this case. FHPD Supervisor, FBI Agent in Springfield Illinois, NAA CP in East Saint Louis All through me under the bus with knows results. What a shame it was, and still! The Word “Knowingly” was used a lot in the statements about me, but I don’t have any knowledge of this Nonsense they describe. They have ruined my life, and I need all the help, and support to a better day! The more things change, the more they stay the same, STOP POLICE BURTALLITY!!!!!!! PHILANA SMOOT 512 CHAUDET AVE CAHOKIA ILLINOIS 62206 (618) 772-6739