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M/M Bert Bureros



Forwarding Agents

K/K Bob Fraitt

P.O. Box 49
3515 Aparri, Cagayan

I'-iEDFORO, ORbGJi\i 97501

273^ S. River Road

Grants Pass, OR 9752?

January 1992

"Already? Yes, again we are looking forward to another year. As I think back over 1991* 1
realize more and more how the Lord helns us each day and in every situation. Isa. ^0j28-31
says *Do you not know? Have you not heard? The Lord is the everlasting God, the Creator of the
ends of the earth. He will not grow tired or weary, and his understanding no one can fathom.
He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak. Even youths grow tired and

weair.'', and young men stumble and fall; but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength.
They ml]

soar on win~s like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not

be faint, * "ow the Lord has shown us in this last year that
He does things the way He does. And how many, many times he
carried us on when we thought we could go no longer. He has
his weak earthen vessels and showed His power and that He is

we cannot fathom his wisdom and idiy

has increased our strength and

worked in so many ways through us,

the everlasting God. He has used

you, our rraver and financial oartners to work His work in this land and through this ministry.
VJe praise and thank Him for each of you and your faithfulness.
Praise for the year 1991s


Kanv of our children received theLord and were baptized.

They are in different stages of

growth and still need our prayers.


Fuch was done on the chapel building and we are able to use it for the ACE school.
We were able to get the contract with ACE and can start our school.
Our permanent resident visas were granted, even without our court appearance.
We were able to acquire more property for the camp in Cebu. Though the Lord has provided
funds we have payments yet to meet.


mch spiritual growth and much progress on the coraiminity of Ganzano, and generous help from


Tbe Lord, through the government has provided us with another carabao (pregnant) to start"

IDES after Ganzano was struck by a strong typhoon.

a carabao herd for the Home (a carabao is a water buffalo).


We have been snared from natural disaster.


We have seen much spiritual growth and the Lord working in our lives, in ourselves, among
the staff, and among the children.
10. Good health and strength even idien others in our area have suffered much sickness.
11. The Lord's constant provision of our needs, through you wonderful people. There have been
times lately when funds have been a bit short, but the Lord has provided in other ways,
such as good crops, local donations, or borrowed funds.
12. T^;e Lord's constant protection over us in the midst of unrest.
FAi-.ILy UPDATa; Two of our children have left our family after living

with us for 3 years.

Mia came to us one week old, an illegitimate

baby by rare, and has gone to live with a doctor and her family idio

brought her to us to begin with.

sweet, intelligent girl.


|B ^

We miss Kila very much, such a happy,

She is near us so we hope to see her.

HB\ 3''


se ed of our Lord has been planted in her and we pray that we will also
have a chance to continue watering it. Pray that they will see the
need for her to have spiritual teaching and bring her on Sundays. Fray
that we will also be able to reach to the family with the Word of our


Lord, Manuel Viloria, who came a few months old, left right after his f'-P't"/-' \

Lth birthday.

He is being adopted by an aunt, who is also adopting the

other E children in the family, vdio lived with us in the past. They are

a good Christian family and it makes the separation so much easier, vdien they are going to Christian homes. Pray for Manuel's adjustment and for

quick action on the paoers.

"His mother is a


Ysmael came at

Christian and the husband, left her and the

3 children without "any means of support.



The husband is a US Navy man.

In the last 3 months we have increased by 2 children.

2 mos.old.

but he has no income.

They are living with^her

So she brought the baby to us ^ile she

works. He was just being, fed rice water. Jay-R. 3 weeks old, is an
illegitimate baby, a real darling. His mother was very, very weak and
sick, and unable to work and was not caring for the baby. The people in whose bourse she was
staying were caring for him, but also have their own family. Jay-R was just the right size and
attitude t 0 nlay baby Jesus for Christmas. Slept through the whole program. The mother is
interested in Bible study, so pray that her heart will be touched
She had some Christian teaching in her early childhood.

In Bagabag they have received P.J., 7 mos. old.

whose father was killed in a logging accident.

by the love of our Lord.

He is actually the younger brother of GLa, -

F.J. is number 6 or 7 in the family.

He is a

sweet little boy.

IIVTERPS In Oct. Fiichelle, from Idaho, arrived. She is a trained monitor for ACE, but since we
are not yet really into it, she had been helping just in the hands-on care of the children,
which is s big help.
Pray for her adjustment and for the working of the Lord in her life.
In early Hov. Iteve Lbite from New Zealand joined us. He has been having some Bible studies with
some of our young men, and working a kind of discipling program with them. He also gets in
volved in the lives of our kids in m.any ways, fray for him as he seeks how the Lord would use
him in the future. ?Te is definitely interested in continuing to work in the Philippines.

December is a very busy month around here. With many nro?rams and gettir? ourselves ready for
Christmas, we need the extra strength from the Lord. We oraise the Lord for the good Christmas
that we had.

At first the sririt was not a good one, but with orayer we had a vrcnderfulChrist-

mas. We baked coodies, made presents, decorated, --ut on programs, and enjoyed a delicious
meal. The boys and girls have a contest between them for decorating their rooms for Christmas.

The girls won this year, with a final decoration of a live Nativity. 'What a beautiful express
ion of the meaning of Christmas, the gift of God's Son, our Savior. Thank you to all of you
who made our Christmas a part of your Christmas, and gave to help us


We had ourchased and butchered a cow earlier, at a very


special orice, and had kept the two back hams for Christmas. One we
barbequed over the coals and the other we baked in the oven. It was
tender and delicious.

We also had fried chicken and butchered 3

It was a feast we were able to share with several visitors,
parents and carolers.
We had the joy this Christmas of having our daughter Sherry Ann and
her two bea utiful daughters here with us for a week. We also have
our daughter Gloria living near here with her two handsome boys. It


was a joy to have them all here for Christmas.

5"''- L

All of our other

children were home except Maureen in the deaf-blind school, Jessie

doing his internship for Medical Technician, James Paul, idio attends
deaf school, and Gerry, who had gone to be with his parents.




1. The Bagabag (satellite) familythey are still looking for


Bagabag they also had all their children home, and were given a spec-

ial Christmas party by the members of the SIL (Wycliffe Bible Translators) located in Bagabag. That was a special blessing for them.

-d sf

n.-l S


M '

another building and they need a chaplain.


The Efevidsons (managers of the satellite home) as they prepare

Jay-A and mother

for furlough in June.


Cindy (former intern from New Zealand) as she considers returning to the Philip-^ines and
how she may best serve the Lord.

The governmentelections are coming up here and there are changes taking place in the

government right now, as well as peace and order problems.

Our young people to be strong in the Lord. We all know temptations face our young people.
The young ones in this Home have a unique situation in that being from the Home they are
"different",and they want to be accepted, so that makes the temptations even stronger.
Our needs to be met, as th Lord has promised nad has told us to ask from Him. we pray His
blessings on you who share so generously with us.


health and strength as we continue on.

That we may obtain a school permit from the Department of Education.

They are not yet

familiar with our type of school.


As we come into a new year may we all pray that our lives will shine brighter with the love
of Jesus Christ and many will come to know the joy of having Jesus as their Lord and Savior,
because of our being able to share that love with them.

Again we want to thank each of you for your wonderful love and faithfulness in supporting this
ministry through giving and prayer. We could not do it without you. Please continue to hold us
up in prayer and join us also in praising the Lord for all He has done.
In Christian love,
Bert and Mary

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Foi^ardine Agents


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July 1992

M/^5 Bert Bureros

P.O. Box ^9
3515 Aparri, Cagayan


To Our Dear Friends; There have been many CHANGES in the Cagayan Valley Children's Home families
this summer. Main Home: 5 children went home and one moved to Bagabag. Jhessie Jhon went to

live with his mother after being here for more than 6 years. He came as an infant, and how "we
miss him. It was a blessing to be able to visit him last month when I was in Manila. His mother
is attending Bible study and services, so his spiritual training will continue. Marlon and Jenn
ifer. 5 ysr residents, went home with their mother and joined their older brother and new baby
sister* Tlie mother had married again and the husband has accepted the children well. They have
been waiting to go home and were happy to go. The mother is a Christian and they attend the
church in their place. The other girl, Mary Grace. Age 10, chose to stay at the Home and to study
in our school. The mother will help with her expenses. Nelson, a Negrito boy who came at 1 yr.
old, severely malnourished and weak, and with cerebral palsy, went home with his parents after
being here l-j years. He was just about ready to walk when he left and we pray that he is doing
fine and walking now. Ysmael. whose mother brought him after the father seemingly abandoned them.,

went home after 6 mos.

The husband had gone abroad illegally^and so was not able to contact the

family. But he came home and all is fine, so Ysmael had gone home. He is also in a Christian fair
ily, for which we praise the Lord. It always hurts to let them go, but the pain is lesser if they
are in Christian homes. Joyce had the opportunity to go home with her mother, (who is also a

Christian now) but also chose to stay at the Home, to study in our school, go to the Christian highschool and then majrbe on to Seminary. Vfe praise the Lord for her desire to get a Christian edu
cation and to serve the Lord. Our girl Lani has moved to Bagabag Satellite Home after it was
found out her sisters were living near there. She is very happy there.
Satellite Home: Avelyn. who has been with us for 7 years, has been able to go home. Her mother

was planning to get her before the earthquake (about 2 yeaps ago) but their home and place was
pretty much wiped out so they were not able to get her until last month. Dona. 18 mbs. resident,
was able to return to her family. Her mother had died after she was born, and now the older sis
ter can care for her and the father can support them. Maureen, the deaf/legally blind girl who
has been studying in special schools, has been taken home by her older sister. She has learned a
lot and is a young lady now. They are happy to have her back home.
Both homes have received one child. Reynaldo. 6, joined us last month. His younger sister and

brother have been here about 2 years. The mother had cerebral malaria and is caused brain damage
and the father has tried to care for the two older boys and the mother. Now the oldest boy is
living with relatives and they are sending him to school. This is a Christian family and Reynaldo
is a good boy. Pray for their mother's healing. In Bagabag 19 mos. old Joxter has come to stay
a while. Bie mother is sick and cannot care for the baby. If the father took care of the baby
then there was no one to work for food. Now the father can work and get money for medicine for
the mother as well.

FURL0U(2i TIME; In early June, Dick and Kay Davidson, managers of the Satellite Home,left for 6
mos. furlough.

Please keep them in your prayers.

their place as manager and is doing fine.

Cindy Moreton, from New Zealand, has taken

Pray for her as well. Wa praise the Lord for this

strong Christian girl that He provided to meet this need.

CHRISTMAS ^N JUNE Eldon and Sie Potts again brought a group of people and provided a wonderful
party, gifts for all the children, and many goodies. The fellowship and sharing were a great
blessing. The grouo also went to the Bagabag Home for a party there.

VISITORS Joy Perry from Taiwan came for 3 weeks . She was a great helper and a friend for the
children. Mike May. from New Zealand, came for 2 months. He is a good worker and is looking for

ways to serve and Lord and other people. Ann Jaynes was sent to us with the support of the Milwaukie Christian Church in Milwaukie, OR. She is a special education teacher and came specificall
to helo us with our handicapped kids.

The only handicap is that her time has run out. What a

great help and encouragement she has been, especially for Dolores (cerebral palsied) and in help
ing us to see the need for communication and hew and easy ways to make it possible. We are look

ing forward toa return of Ann to help us more. A heartfelt thanks to the Milwaukie church and

Ann for this special "contribution". Anyone else ^o would like to donate their special talents
and services is welcome.

ANGELS REJOICE 11 One of the most special and exciting things that has happened was the baptism
of our boy Arnold. Arnold has been with us since he was almost 4. He turned 17 in April. We

have been praying for him for quite some time concerning his relationship to the Lord. What a

rejoicing there was as he made the step forward to share his desire to accept the Lord Jesus
Christ as his Savior and to be baptized. A couple weeks later Alfredo and Jody approached Bert

about being rebaptized, as their baptism, done when they were young, was more of a "keep up with
the other kids" type of thing, with no real commitment. So they were also baptized. We praise
the Lord for their decision and I am pleased with the change in their lives, especially Jody.
Keep them in prayer.

SCHOOL BELLS School started in mid June. Here at the Home we have 15 in kindergarten and 33 In

our own school, using A.C.E. Qirrirulum (Accelerated Christian Education).

Ten of those are in

ABC's, or Learning to Read program, which Mary is teaching and the others are in the regular

PACE work. There are 9 young people in high school: one in Bagabag, 4 boarding out at the
Christian High School in the Province of Isabella, and 4 studying in the local high school. In
Bagabag.. there is one in kindergarten and 6 in elementary. Wb praise the Lord for our 4 seminary
students: JoAnn and Arnold in Manila Bible Seminary and Jody and Magie in Aparri Bible Seminary.
Charito is studying part time in Seminary and taking Midwifery at a local college here in Aparri.
Jessie is about to graduate as a Medical Technician from Siliman University, and is now in Manila

preparing for his Board exam. James- Paul (deaf 1) is also in the Christian school for the deaf
in Tuguegarao (about Ij hrs. away).

Our OUTHEACHES into the Negrito and someillocano groups are growing and going well. There are
more and more olaces asking for preachers and help, so keep this need in your prayers. Ganzano
is doing well, and their crops are doing well. Pray for no typhoons to hit, but for the rains

to come.

New works in Dagupan and Baracuit are building their chapel buildings.

Thanks to thof

of you who make special designated offerings to help these special evangelistic and social

iMISSION YOUTH CAI^IP Dave White has continued working on the camp in Cebu. The youth camp had
more than 25O in attendance. They have also had other meetings and retreats held there. The
designated funds for the camp have come to an end for now, but we are praying for the Lord's
supply in the future. Maantime Dave is working with the church and encouraging others and
holding Bible studies, etc. Please keep him in prayer as he deals with culture shock, discouragements, joys, etc. He is pretty much alone there, as a foreigner, and sometines, it is
a bit difficult.

But that is when you learn to trust the Lord more.

It was found that Mary's father had cancer and had surgery in May. Praise the Lord that all
indications are that the surgery was successful and the cancer has all been removed. Bob is
still recuperating, and improving as should be. Vfe would appreciate your prayer for him as he

continues to regain his strength.

There are so many things to be thankful for. These last few months have been busy, and at timef
frustrating, other times filled with joy and happiness. How we praise the Lord for each of

these as x^e learn to trust in Him more and to s^e Him working in all situations. "Do you

know? Have you not heard? The Lord is the everlasting God, the Creator of the ends of the
earth. He will not grow tired or weary, and his understanding no one can fathom. He gives
strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak. Even youths grow tired and weary,
and young men stumble and fall; but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength.
They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not

Isa. ^0:28-31.

What promises to all as we serve the Lord, in His strength and power. Thank you again so much
for all each of you have done to make this ministry, in its different areas, possible.



The Davidsons on furlough

Our children who are students,




especially those studying outside.

All of our young peoole to be true

strong in the Lord.


as he reviews for the Board :

to follow and serve the Lord.

For my father's successful surgery

and Hugh Kafton's successful hernia

surgery and quick healing.


For general good health for s^l_the

children ^d staff



The needs for our school, for books,

monthly expenses, etc.


For the daily operating expenses of

The good summer


For our newly baotized boys.

For continued healing for Mary's

father and both parent's strength

as they serve as forwarding agents.

The Lord's continued supplying of

our needs, throu^ you* our own crops
and animals, and others who help.

the Home and the other areas of



For the decision of our three boys


For the chance that we have to serve


the Lord in many different ways.

For the Lord's grace and love for us
that He makes us His children and

provides salvation for us through

His Son.

In His love and service,

Bert and Mary






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Forwarding ^^ents

rcOG.'L V/'.Liii u.-.RloTx.-^i

b./h Bob Pruitt

2784 So. River Ropd
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T .0. Box 49
3515 A'oarri, Cagayan

i'-:bDFOAD, ORRGCi^ 97501

October 1992

Our Dear Friends;

bi/i'. Bert Bireros


14R0 SC. C/'fLV'Lii;

"Praise the Lord, 0 my soul,

all your sins and heals all your diseases,



and forget not all his benefitswho forgives

who redeems j'^our life from the pit and crowns 2^ou

with love and comr-assdion, who satisfies your desires with good things so that your youth is
renewed like the eagle's . . . For as high as the heavens are above the earth, so great is his
love for those who fear him." Fsalra 103:2-51 11.
Kow wonderful is our Lord's love for us. ^e see it so many times and in so many ways. One of
the biggest ways we see Kis love is through you, our brothers and sisters in Christ, who are so
faithful and generous in your prayer and financial support. How thankful we are for each one
of you and your partnership vdth us in this ministry of bringing help and Christ to these 123
chilcren, to the staff, and to many Negrito communities. Thank you for helping us.

In our Homes thet^ have been changes.

In Lal-lo,

at the main Rome,

our older boy

Alfredo is no longer vath us. In the last newsletter I mentioned that he had been re-baptized
and he had been doing very well. But he gave in to the temptation to steal, and having been
warned of this several times, he racked bis bag and left. He is a good boy but has a real prob
lem with stealing. He is living with a neighbor, an older sister paying his room, and takes
care of his own food and is continuing in school. He is also at Sunday services quite frequently.
Fray for him, that he will continue to walk in the way of the Lord. He is 17 years old.
We have received 2 new children, Regie 18 months, and Rachelle, 4 years old. They have an
older sister and brother who are living icitb other relatives near their parents. The father
used to make charcoal and a year ago suddenly lost use of his legs and has been bed-ridden.
Consequently, his muscles have atronhied end he even has a hard time sitting up. The mother has

been trying to suo-^ort the family by being a laundry woman, but they were really hard up. Pray
that we will be able to help this family, besides caring for the children.
We are very hanpy that our boy Jessie has graduated from Siliraan University as a medical tech
nician. He just took his board exam, with the sup-^ort of our prayers. Miile Jessie was in
Fanila studving for the exam our boy yirgilio, 5 years old, started having seizures. Virgilio
had had a shunt out in when he was 3 years old and had meningitis. He came to us at 2 years
old, and had no problems until August. We were able to get Virgilio to iXianila (the Lord working
that out) and into a good government hospital where he did receive a new shunt. He was in
I'ianila a month. The Lord again showed His power and love by keeping Virgilio alive and working
in the hearts of doctors to help in his care and financial needs. Also much help was given, by
other Christian grouos who help people with food and medicines who cannot afford them. "We really
had no place in our tight budget for these kind of expenses and God took care of the needs. The
surgery was completely free, we had to supply the shunt and medicines, which was a big chunck.
Virgilio has a way to go now to recover his motor skills, etc., but we know with the Lord's
help he wil] do well. After Jessie finished his exam he was able to help our nurse, Marilyn,
who was with Virgilio, and another member of the staff, and was also able to observe Virgilio's
surgerya real blessing for a boy hoping to be a doctor someday.

In tsagabag Satellite Home 2 children, (^alita and Rosalie, both 3 yr's. old, have gone home. Gia's
mother became a Christian after bringing Gia to us 2 yrs. ago, so we are happy Gia has gone to
a Christian home, we think Rosalie's mother and her husband are not Christians, But they are
living near one of our churches so we hope they will be receptive to the pastor and his message
of Christ. In Bagabag tbev have another baby boy, Fidelito. who is 14 mos. old, but looks and
acts more like a 4 month old, as be is severely mal-nourished and neglected.
He is growing and changing quickly.

There are 7 children but the father is

a drunkard and the mother busy trying to find ways to feed the family.
The baby has lived on rice water. Pra^' we can bring Christ to them as well.
We also moved Rio from the Lal-lo Home to Bagabag as his mother lives near


there and has been wanting to visit her son, but has no money for fare.

In our last newsletter we told that Dick and Kay E&vidson,

who have been managing the Satellite Home, had gone home on furlough.

Cindy Foreton from Hew Zealand came to run the Home while they were gone.

It has been found that Dick has prostate cancer that has spread to his
back. Dick is trying an experimental medicine that seems to be producing signs of improvement. He feels well and thev continue some travels

on behalf of the Satellite Home and their support. We know the Lord has
the power to heal and ask .your prayers for them.

Their goal is to re-

turn to serve at the Hoir.e at Bagabag.

We are very thankful that Cindy is willing to stay and ask your praj^ers
for her as she applies for a new visa, and also for her personal support,
as she as yet has little regular support.





I ^


The Fbilippine Fission,under Charles and Roberta Selby, is

building a hos-^ital in Ararri, which will be a complete hospital.


anxious we are for the dav it will be finished t Fray for the funds to


continue the buildin? and for the equipment and for the Lord to send the
Christian staff neededeither Filipino or foreign.

If the hospital had

been finished and a neurosurgeon here we would not have had to send

Virgilio to b^niU,

Wbat a blessing the hosnital ^.-ill be to us. and to

Fidelito & mother


- Ti iKo

many, many other people who do not get proper medical care because of lack of money to buy

medicines and pay hosnital costs.

BANANAS AND tllCE We recently had a typhoon but are so thankful it was not strongonly blew
over the banana trees. Usually we have lost our bananas to the storms before they matured. We
praise God that this year, because of no early storms in our area, we have been able to har
vest many bunches of bananas, and there are still some that survived the storm. The storm
carried a lot of rain and there was good flooding, including our own rice fields. We had al

ready harvested some and we prayed for the watejr to recede quickly, which it did, and all our
rice was okay. Again we praise the Lord for that and for the good harvest.
EVANCSILISiyi We also praise the Lord the work among the Negritos is going well.

Besides the main

work in Ganzano we have been able to reach other Negrito communities as vrell. There were 2
baptisms in Caoisayan, a new area, and 5 more are to be baptized soon. Several of these areas
are being reached by ones who have become Christians as a result of the first work in Ganzano.
Thank you so much to all of you who are helping in this special area of ministry. Because of

the economic condition many of them are very we^k and sickly and have been coming to us for
food and medicine. Pray funds will stretch far enough to meet all these needs.
The CAr^jP oroject in Cebu has stopped for now, as funds have run out. i-fliile Dave "white was there

they were able to build toilets and

showers and put up a session hall/chapel.

Now there are

services being held in the chapel every Sunday lafternoon. Please keep this project in your
prayers. We are very thankful to Dave for his work and donations for the camp, as well as
others who donated. Dave is now working on another island near there, helping a church.

HELPERS Mike Kav. who was visiting from New Zealand, has gone home and is praying about his
future, wanting to serve where the Lord wants him. 'fie apr-reciate his help and influence with

the children. Angie Richards, from Marquette, kl, has come for about 6 mos. to work with Cindy
at the Satellite home.

She is a student who decided to come.

We are thankftil for her help,

and ask your prayers for her as she adjusts to k different culture.
THANK YOU again so much to each of you for your help in making this work possible.

and thank the Lord for each one of you.


We do praise

We knoV that some of you are really giving sacrific-

We ask your prayers for us so we will be very wise in the use of the funds and that they

will stretch far.

The whole world is having money concerns, but we know God can bless your

gifts to go far. Because of the fluctuating rate of exchange and increase in prices the funds
don't do what they used to. Bat the Lord takes what you give and blesses it to meet our needs.
Thank you all so much for all your love, prayers,

and gifts.




The needed funds



Dick and Kay Davidson

All our young people to be true


Special VBS and camp offerings to meet


special needs

to the Lord

13V~0ur~Taithful supporter^and prayer partners

Virgilio's hea ling and return

of strength
Cindy's visa and support



Good harvests

Virgilio's life and how the Lord supplied

the needs


Typhoons without strong winds

God's wonderful love, care, and provision

for all His children.

In Christ's service

Bsrt and Mary Bireros

From the Forwarding Agents;

It you desire

to make special offerings for the Homes for Christmas, those funds should be

and received by us by November

We i%dll also be glad to facilitate funds for Cikdy Moreton. What a blessing she is free to
stay there while Dick receives treatment!
Thank you for all you do.






Non-Profit Organization
U.S. Postage Paid

Permit No. 5^1

Medford, Oregon