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Measurable Annual Goals for Transition

These are the goal statements that should be used for all students who will be 14 within the IEP cycle and above. You must plan
for post secondary training & education and employment for all students. Students 16 and older must have an independent living
goal (those statements will come at a later date).
Special Education Post-Secondary Education & Training Goals
th th th
8 9 10 11th 12th New ES Life Goal Statements
Students Skills
X X X X During an IEP meeting, (student) will identify and request (specific for
life skills) accommodations needed (see list) in his/her classes as
monitored on a weekly basis throughout the school year. (Reminder:
accommodations list needed).
X X During a meeting with the guidance counselor / transition coordinator,
(student) will review all graduation requirements, credit checklist, and
graduation plan yearly as measured by teacher developed checklist.
(Reminder: Checklist needed)
X X X X X X Upon completion of a career interest inventory, (student) will answer all
questions on a career interest inventory, identify 3 career areas to be
explored, and discuss results with the IEP case manager once during the
school year.
X X X X X Upon completion of an interest inventory, (student) will identify research,
and present information (education/ training required, salary, job market)
on 3 careers that match his/her interests measured quarterly by a teacher-
developed rubric. (reminder: rubric needed)
X X During Junior year, (student) will research and list entrance requirements
for at least 2 schools of choice as measured each semester of the school
year through a teacher-student interview.
X X In preparation for college admission, (student) will make contact with the
Disability Supports Coordinator at a post secondary level. Student will
make a list of (#) accommodations to be presented at the annual IEP
meeting for the senior year.
X X X During senior year, (student) will request all accommodations stated in
the IEP for each academic class.
Special Education Post-Secondary Employment Goals
8th 9th 10th 11th 12th New ES Life Goal Statements
Students Students Skills
X X X X X X Given an application for employment, (student) will independently complete the
application with 100% accuracy 4 out of 5 times during a school semester.
X X During classroom instruction, (student) will utilize an employability reference
card that contains personal identification information, work history, and reference
information to complete the employment application with 100% accuracy on 4
out of 5 trials during the school semester.
X X X X X X X After taking a vocational interest assessment, (student) will identify and research
one related occupation per quarter and produce a report of a job description that
includes duties, educational requirements, salary/wage range, and location of the
business while achieving a score of ________ out of ______ points as measured
by a teacher developed rubric or instructional level state writing rubric.
(Reminder: rubric needed)
X X X X X X X X Given the Classified section of the newspaper, (student) will independently
outline the ____ (specify a #) necessary steps to obtain an application for
employment based on consecutive trials in a school ____________ .(semester/
quarter/ year)
X X X X X X X X Given a job related interview scale which assesses attire, body language,
conversation and presentation of skills, (student) will participate in a mock
interview and achieve a score of ____ out of ___ points twice within a school
X X X X X X X Given ________ (paper/pencil task, kitchen task, etc.), (student) will follow
through with ______ (oral/ written, 2-step) directions with 100% accuracy, as
measured weekly throughout the school year, by a teacher-developed checklist.
(reminder- checklist needed)
X Given a request by an authority figure, (student) will comply with the request
within _____ minutes (specify predetermined time frame time) on a daily basis
with 100% accuracy throughout the school year.
X While working with others in or on _____ (e.g. Job site, classroom, community,
etc.), (student) will demonstrate _____ our of _____ cooperative social behaviors
(must specify behaviors – (e.g.., offer assistance, listen attentively, express
feelings) based on 3 consecutive _____ (daily, weekly, bi-weekly) trials.