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NET December 2, 2009

Special Edition: The Senate Primary

Democratic candidates debate at Suffolk
Alex Pearlman rial page editor of the Herald.
Journal Staff Suffolk University Vice
President for External Af-
Sen. Ted Kennedy’s senate fairs John Nucci introduced
seat is up for grabs next month, the group, noting that Cohen,
and while many thought the who has provided political “in-
race for the next junior senator sight in the pages of the Her-
from Massachusetts would be a ald and has done so for many
long and dramatic one, it seems years” and who is a professor
that the opposite is happening. at Suffolk in the Communica-
The four democratic candi- tions and Journalism depart-
dates came together on Mon- ment, was half of the brains be-
day at the Suffolk Law School hind the operation, along with
building on Tremont St. for a Managing Editor Joe Sciacca.
peaceful round-robin of ques- Cohen started the question-
tions, not a formal debate, on ing by saying that during the
the issues facing the voters of last presidential election, young
Massachusetts, specifically col- voters came out in droves to
lege students. The debate was elect President Obama, how-
co-hosted by the Boston Her- ever, last month in New Jer-
ald and Suffolk University. sey and Virginia, those voters
Celtics co-owner Ste- stayed home. “What can you
phen Pagliuca, Congressman do or say that will bring the
Capuano, City Year found- young voters out?” she asked.
er Alan Khazei, and Mass. Because of the seating ar- Photo by John Gillooly
Attorney General Martha rangement, which from left to
Coakley took the stage with Supporters hold signs for the four Democratic Senate candidates on both sides of
moderator Shelly Cohen, edito- see DEBATE page 4 Tremont St. in front of the Suffolk Law School building during the debate on Monday.

nside Brown is 'decent' at

ournal Suffolk GOP event

News Jeff Fish

Journal Staff
is on a tight budget compared
to his Democratic opponents.
"Suffolk student manages “It was decent,” said Suf-
Mayoral campaign" pg. 3 While the candidates for folk GOP President Karl Hoff-
the Democratic primary have man. “[The number of attend-

Opinion garnered much attention re-

cently, whoever wins on Dec.
ees] were not the numbers we
were necessarily looking for.
"Suffolk's mission to provide 8 will most likely have to It’s a tough time [to hold the
access and opportunity" face Republican front run- event]. A lot of people forgot be-
pg. 6 ner Mass. State Senator Scott cause of Thanksgiving break.”
Brown to fill Ted Kennedy’s Brown began by discuss-
Senate seat. Brown visited Suf- ing domestic issues like the
Arts & folk Monday night in an event health care bill that is currently

Entertainment hosted by the Suffolk GOP.

The relatively small room
being debated in the Senate.
“[The Health Care Bill] is
"What Will We Be?" pg. on the fourth floor of Donahue not good for Massachusetts or
10 was only filled with a handful Massachusetts Businesses,”
of students who asked Brown said Brown, who said that the
questions after a brief open- Mass. health care system, which
ing statement. Each seat had was enacted in 2006, is a good
Sports campaign literature and bum- plan and “we shouldn’t get rid
Photo by John Gillooly
"Thumbs down: Please, NFL, per stickers, which Brown of our plan for a one-size-fits-all
no more Lions" pg. 16 asked guests not to take if they plan throughout the country.”
were just going to throw them
Moderator Shelly Cohen smiling before the debate.
away because his campaign see BROWN page 3
PAGE 2 December 2, 2009

GOP gears up for election

Angela Bray ney attended as well and spoke items such as body powder,
Journal Staff to about 200 supporters regard- baby wipes, and deodorant,
ing his endorsement of Brown. as the men and women over-
The Suffolk GOP has been State Senate candidates seas are not supplied with suf-
extremely active this semes- Eric Dahlberg and Brad Mar- ficient hygiene products. “We
ter, according to President ston have also visited Suffolk hope to receive photos back
Karl Hoffman, planning vari- and members are working for showing the troops receiving

Obama announces 30,000 ous events around campus,

fundraising, and now becom-
the Congressional race as well,
with candidate Bill Hudak, who
the packages right after Christ-
mas break,” said Hoffman.

more troops in Afghanistan ing involved with upcom-

ing senate and state elections.
has already spoken to the club.
“We look forward to the
Additionally, members of
Suffolk GOP tabled in the lob-
Last night President Obama addressed the nation on his plan “I think it is safe to say upcoming election and really bies of the Donahue and Sawyer
for the conflict in Afghanistan. Obama plans to send an additional that we have had a very busy have worked to get our mem- buildings, offering free coffee
30,000 troops to Afghanistan at the very beginning of 2010. After fall, and we look forward bers chances to work with each morning during collec-
18 months, the troops will be brought home. He also promised to continuing with the mo- these candidates and their tions. The club also co-spon-
to bring all troops home from Iraq by 2011. Obama’s reasoning mentum we have going into campaigns,” said Hoffman. sored one of Program Council’s
for sending more troops to Afghanistan, however, is because he the spring,” said Hoffman. The Suffolk Republicans “Meel n’ Reel” movie nights,
believes the security of our country is at stake. “These are the Suffolk GOP is contribut- are coming right off the heels of allowing them to collect dona-
three core elements of our strategy," said Obama, a"a military ef- ing to the U.S. Senate Race, their annual Care Package Drive, tions at the door of the event.
fort to create the conditions for a transition, a civilian surge that welcoming all candidates to which recently concluded. The “Through all of these efforts
reinforces positive action, and an effective partnership with Paki- come to events and speak to all drive collected monetary dona- and the eagerness of the faculty,
stan.” Obama hopes this will destroy the Taliban and al Qaeda interested students. The club is tions benefitting service men administration, and students of
and bring back peace. He made a point in his speech to address currently working with Scott and women stationed over- Suffolk University, we beat our
Afghanistan and mentioned that it was not America’s intention Brown, a Republican running seas. Approximately $900 was goal of $600,” said Hoffman.
or interest to occupy the country. “America seeks an end to this for Sen. Kennedy’s seat, who raised. The club’s budget cov- Hoffman also mentioned
era of war and suffering,” said Obama. “We will seek a partner- spoke and answered ques- ers shipping fees and materials. that Suffolk GOP is consider-
ship with Afghanistan grounded in mutual respect—to isolate tions at Suffolk on Monday. Approximately 100 pounds ing holding the Massachusetts
those who destroy; to strengthen those who build; to hasten the Nine Suffolk GOP mem- of items are donated per $300, Alliance of College Republi-
day when our troops will leave; and to forge a lasting friend- bers volunteered at the fund- according to past years, result- cans Spring Convention at Suf-
ship in which America is your partner, and never your patron.” raiser and meet and greet for ing in Suffolk donating about folk, saying it would be “great
Brown’s campaign, which was 300 pounds this holiday sea- publicity for our University.”

POLICE BLOTTER held in Wrentham. Mitt Rom- son. The care packages include

Wednesday Nov 25
Suffolk Democrats support
2:17 p.m.
Capuano, prepare for election
150 Tremont Matt McQuaid Suffolk Democrats President for the job and he would be
Journal Staff Kristen Diamond. “We’re going able to fill Ted Kennedy’s seat.”
Received a report of a student infraction at 150
to be doing a lot of get-out-the- The Suffolk Democrats have
Tremont St. Report filed. With the special election vote work over the next week.” been coming out in full force to
for the late Senator Edward The decision to choose do everything they can to help
Sunday, Nov 29 M. Kennedy’s seat only a week
away, campaign activities have
Capuano was made after careful
consideration by the SU Dems.
Capuano to win the primary,
as the winner of the primary
11:29 a.m. been kicking into high gear. “After hearing all the candi- on the Dec. 8 will most likely
There are four candidates run- dates speak, we really thought be the successor to Kennedy’s
Law School
ning in the Democratic Primary that Mike spoke to us the most, seat, considering Massachusetts
Requesting a car be towed because it is block- for the Senate Seat: Attorney he was the most qualified can- is a Democratic stronghold.
ing the loading dock. Report filed and Risk General Mar- Diamond
Management was notified. tha Coakley, empha-

“He’d be someone of his own

Representa- sized the
10:40 p.m. tive Michael efforts the
10 Somerset
Received a report of a possible drug violation
business- mind, not just another person SU Dems
have em-

at 10 Somerset St. Unit 35 responded. Report

man Steve
Pagliuca and
in congress." ployed on
filed. City Year no’s be-
Founder Alan half, stat-

Monday, Nov 30 Khazei. The

Suffolk Democrats have chosen didate, the most experienced
ing, “We
hosted an open mic night at Suf-
to endorse Michael Capuano. with being in the house over folk, we phone-banked for him,
5:42 p.m. "We basically listened to the years. Basically his voting had a few meetings on Beacon
10 Somerset [representatives from the Dem- record spoke to us. He voted Hill. We’ve had some members
Odor of marijuana on the 12th floor of Miller ocratic Campaigns] and we against the Iraq war, the Patriot working at the headquarters of-
decided that we were ultimate- Act, and we felt as though those fice in Cambridge helping out
Hall. Report filed.
ly going to endorse Michael were two strong stances,” said there, getting out the vote effort.
Capuano. We were lucky enough Diamond. “He’d be someone of This week we’ll continue to do
6:50 p.m. to have him come to Suffolk and his own mind, not just another that, and we’ll be working hard
150 Tremont have him speak two weeks ago, person in congress. We thought at the polls on election day.”
Odor of marijuana coming from the 4th floor of and now we’re just gearing up we would support him because
150 Tremont Street. Report filed. for the primary on Dec. 8,” said he would be the best candidate
PAGE 3 December 2, 2009

Suffolk student manages mayoral campaign

Derek Anderson paign manager May 1 and served involved. We just knocked on they’re running, and I think Warren’s campaign alongside
Journal Staff on his campaign until Nov. doors, made phone calls af- that shows a really positive Johnson. She was in charge of
when he won,” said Johnson. ter phone calls,” said Johnson.and good part of democracy.” volunteer coordination and
Suffolk’s political touch As a campaign manag- “I got the opportunity to According to Johnson, was also in charge of Elec-
stretches farther with sopho- er for Warren, he worked in go knocking on doors with working on a local campaign tion Day operations dur-
more Pat Johnson who recently is very differ- ing the Warren campaign.
has worked on the Setti War- ent from a na- “[Warren’s] campaign
ren campaign, the mayor-elect tional campaign. was unique in a sense of or-
of Newton. His experience “In a national ganization. It was a positive
working with political cam- campaign you’re team that worked really, re-
paigns dates back farther than just kind of just ally hard,” said Costello.
Warren’s campaign; Johnson’s a small piece of Costello’s interest, much
had his share of experience the pie, where like Johnson’s, has also al-
working as the President of you work on one ways been present in her life.
the College Democrats of Mas- small task. A lo- “I’ve always been really in-
sachusetts since April of 2009. cal campaign like terested and passionate about
Johnson started his political this, you’re part politics,” said Costello. “It’s a
work by co-founding a Young of it. You have way to make a change in society.”
Democrats chapter in his ju- your foot in every When asked about fu-
nior year of high school. He different faction ture projects, both Johnson
then volunteered for the Obama of the campaign,” and Costello said they would
campaign in his senior year, said Johnson. continue to do political work
working in Mass. and New Johnson has now, but the future is un-
Hampshire. Soon after he got always been in- told and they were unsure.
an internship with Mass. Demo- terested in poli- “I’m not set on this for the
cratic Party, working with John tics, dating back long run, but on the short term,
Joseph Moakley 2008. Now a to his high school I enjoy it,” said Johnson. “It’s re-
Political Science major at Suf- years. He was ally an amazing time we have
folk and a member of the Suf- Photo by Pat Johnson inspired by Gov- right now. Even in both par-
folk Democrats, Johnson is the Johnson with Setti Warren night of the Sept. 15 Preliminary election, at ernor Deval Pat- ties, there are a lot of young
President of the College Demo-
City Hall as results were coming in. rick’s campaign in people, new people getting into
crats of Massachusetts, work- multiple areas, from event- [Setti] quite a lot,” said John- 2006 where he realized it wasn’t office. There are a lot of new
ing on multiple campaigns, planning to fundraising. son. “That was really fun and difficult to get involved. He people, a lot of diverse people,
most recently on Setti Warren's. “One of the things I worked really inspiring too, because was motivated to mobilize as a a lot of young people running
“In November, two weeks really hard on was develop- you get out there and you see Democrat under the Bush Ad- for office and I think that’s real
after the Obama campaign, I met ing an internship program for a candidate that works really ministration and felt they were exciting. As long as that’s hap-
Setti Warren. I started working high school students for the hard that’s running for the right a reason to get into politics. pening, it fun to be a part of it.”
for him part-time in Feb. 2009, campaign. In Newton we got reasons that believes in the city Megan Costello, a Suf-
then started full time as a cam- a lot of high school students and believes in the regions that folk alumni, also worked on

Scott Brown speaks to Suffolk students

see BROWN page 3 dependent thinker, leader and business.” Brown acknowl- women’s rights. He described said he was in support of it,
voter,” said Brown before he edged that there may be some the Afghan society as “a soci- referring to the incident of the
Brown said that the health opened himself up to questions. school closures because of their ety so controlled that it’s prob- Sudbury man who planned to
plan has lessened the burden The first question con- failing standards or the econ- ably not worth living over there shoot people at shopping malls.
to the state and insured 98 cerned the trial in New York omy and stressed that charter for a lot of people.” Brown “That would not have been
percent of Mass. residents. He of alleged terrorist Khalid schools were necessary for stu- pointed out that the candi- stopped if not for the Patriot
thinks that if different states Sheik Mohammed. “I think it’s dents in failing school systems. dates on the Democratic side Act.” He also said that there
want to adopt a similar plan the worst mistake we’ve ever Brown was asked about “disagree with the President.” needs to be more communica-
he would be willing to help made,” said Brown. “It sets a his position on the troop surge Brown also expressed con- tion between government agen-
and would not be opposed to precedent for military prison- in Afghanistan in light of the cern over Iran’s nuclear ambi- cies. According to Brown, all of
Federal aid to those states. “I ers. He’s an enemy combatant speech that President Obama tions, stating that it “makes the agencies had information
believe that everyone should and he should get no sense that 9/11 would happen, but it
have health care. It’s just the a military tribu- that Iran slipped through the cracks be-
manner of how we get there.” nal like every would cause of lack of communication.
Brown then talked about
the economy and the need to
[other military
“Every time we sneeze we w a n t
Brown spoke for roughly 20
minutes before he had to leave
“streamline the red tape and Brown was need to check with China to energy,” for a radio appearance on WBZ.
enforce regulations” on Wall
St. “Barney Frank and Chris
also asked why
he supports char- see if we can wipe our noses.” because
they al-
“It’s good to see that both
sides can come to a campus and
Dodd said ‘no’ to Bush,” when ter schools when ready get their views across,” said
he told them to enforce the they take mon- h a v e SGA President Brian LeFort, re-
regulations. Brown said that ey away from v a s t ferring to the Democratic Senate
this contributes to the cur- public schools. would give the next night. amounts of oil in their coun- debate that took place at Suffolk
rent state of the economy. “A charter school is a pub- “We need to win this one. try. Brown suggested that earlier on Monday. “I have to
While speaking about the lic school,” said Brown, citing People seem to forget 9/11,” strict sanctions on Iran be give credit to the Suffolk GOP.
economy, Brown mentioned the that they are funded by pubic said Brown, who supports the implemented and that Rus- It’s not easy to get a candidate,
amount of U.S. debt owned by money. “I believe in choices troop surge and gave Obama sia and the European Union especially the front runner.”
China. “Every time we sneeze and there are schools [in Mass.] credit for relying on the gener- will have to “jump in.” Although Brown is the
we need to check with China to that are failing. Quite frankly, als on the ground. He talked When asked about the Pa- presumptive Republican nomi-
see if we can wipe our noses.” competition is good. It’s good about the importance of free- triot Act, Brown said that it nee, he will face Jack E. Rob-
“I have a history as an in- for education. It’s good for dom in the area, particularly needed to be “tweaked,” but inson on the Dec. 8 primary.
PAGE 4 December 2, 2009

Democratic consultant
Dems answer students' questions talks about primary
from DEBATE page 1 responsible for paying off $12 gliuco and Capuano both noted
Jeff Fish she has more name recognition.
trillion worth of debt. What that they would only allow it
Journal Staff When asked about Steve
right sat Pagliuca, Capua- will you do to make sure that if illegal aliens weren’t tak-
Pagliuca’s and Alan Khazei’s
no, Khazei and Coakley, each those companies that have re- ing up spaces from residents.
With only one week left prospects of winning on Dec.
answer session began with ceived federal bailout or stim- Next, a viewer who called
until the primaries that will 8, Marsh said, “It’s hard to see
the candidate seated after the ulus money are being held ac- himself “Taxed to the Max”
decide the two nominees to them prevail.” Although Pa-
one who answered the ques- countable? Will you reassure asked if the candidates could
replace Ted Kennedy’s Senate gliuca has the most ads of the
tion before. Thus, Pagliuca an- us that congress will stop giv- name one thing that Bush did
seat, Democratic consultant four candidates, he does not
swered the first question first, ing money to the same compa- right, which garnered a large
Mary Anne Marsh spoke to have the visibility he needs.
and then Capuano answered nies that have already failed?” chuckle from the audience.
the Journal to shed light on the According to Marsh, a poll
the second question first. Khazei called the debt “un- Both Pagliuco and Capuano
race and the Democratic can- recently conducted by the Bos-
Each of the candidates conscionable” and suggested answered nicely about kept
had similar answers, although that part of his plan, should he promises. However, Khazei
each had stand-out observa- be elected, is to return to Clin- named Bush’s strengthening
tions. Pagliuca called young ton-era tax rates. Coakley said of AmeriCorps, his giving of “All of [the candidates]
have embraced Ted
voters “cynical” because of that “Washington was asleep more money to AIDS relief in
recent problems with govern- at the switch,” and noted that Africa than any other Presi-
ment. Capuano pointed out
that in this election in particu-
hers was one of the first Attor-
ney General’s offices to go after
dent and removing the stigma
of using food stamps, now that Kennedy, but they know
lar, young voters’ individual
votes mean more because they
Goldman Sachs and predatory
lenders. Pagliuca said that he
so many Americans use them.
Coakley, on the other hand,
they’ll never get another
might not get another chance has been on the ground, creat- snidely remarked that the only Ted Kennedy, but they will
to elect a senator. At least “not
until you’re
ing jobs and called for a plan thing she could think of was
that Laura and all fight to get people back
President Bush
“did a good
to work...”
K h a z e i job raising
pointed out their twins.”
didates aspiring to fill the seat. ton Globe said that 40 percent
that many None of
Marsh works for the public of Mass. voters said that it’s
issues like the candidates
affairs firm the Dewey Square very important to have Ken-
genocide support the
Group and has worked on nu- nedy’s traits, while 37 percent
in Sudan troop increase
merous Democratic campaigns, said it was somewhat impor-
or climate in Afghani-
two of which were for Sen. Ken- tant, so that’s 77 percent of
change can stan, although
nedy. Marsh is remaining neu- voters that want the next Sena-
be dealt Khazei was
tral in the primary and work- tor to have Kennedy’s traits.
with by sen- the only one
ing as a Democratic strategist. “All of [the candidates]
ators and its who offered
“Every candidate needs have embraced Ted Kennedy,
young peo- more insight
to make sure that they get but they know they’ll never get
ples’ futures into why he
Photo by John Gillooly their voters out there,” said another Ted Kennedy, but they
that are at doesn’t, citing
Marsh, discussing what each will all fight to get people back
stake. Coakley echoed Khazei’s with a strong central govern- that we need to first help fix
candidate must do to win. to work,” said Marsh. “They
sentiment about futures of ment regulator. Capuano point- the country’s corrupt regime
The frontrunner of the all bring something different
education, student loans and ed out that he is the only one and offer assistance to Pakistan.
race is currently Mass. Attor- to the table. Capuano has gone
health care being at stake. of the candidates who instead Katie, another online view-
ney General Martha Coakley, to great lengths to define him-
The next question was of saying what they will do, is er, asked how the candidates
who, according to Marsh, must self like Kennedy in speech-
posed by the first of three Suf- reporting his record of what planned to make college more
“maintain her lead and con- es and public appearances.”
folk student panelists, senior he has done, such as voting affordable. Coakley, Pagliuco
tinue the momentum she’s got” After the primary, the
Manny Viega, Editor in Chief against Bush-era tax cuts and and Khazei all said that they
in order to win on Tuesday. Democratic nominee will most
of the Suffolk Voice. Viega calling for regulation of Wall wanted to increase Pell Grants
Marsh cited a Rasmussen likely run against Republi-
asked if the candidates sup- St. “This isn’t a new issue.” and search the federal budget
poll that had Coakley win- can State Senator Scott Brown.
ported the health care bill, see- Lolita Bumpen, a junior PR for the money to make college
ning by 15 percent and said “It’s important to continue the
ing as “many recent college major, citing that Cambridge affordable to anyone who want-
that only a very small turn- campaign and get big support
grads are living without health was the first city in Mass. to ed to attend. Capuano, how-
out might change those num- in the general election, said
insurance. They can’t find lower the voting age to 17, ever, spoke about his personal
bers. “[Capuano] is behind Marsh. “[The winner] will have
jobs that provide it and they asked the candidates if they problems with his son’s student
Coakley, but seems to have to run again in 2012, so it will
can’t afford private insurance would consider this measure. loans, and the extra mortgage
the momentum. He’s pray- benefit them from Dec. 9-Jan.
options that are available.” Capuano was the only candi- he took out on his house. “I’m
ing for a blizzard on Dec. 8.” 19 to get as many people to
Capuano started off by assur- date who opposed the idea. the only one on this stage that
Capuano is hoping for come out and vote as possible,
ing the audience, saying he Cohen, reading from no- has gone through this. It’s criti-
a low turnout, according to and help them politically pre-
voted for the bill in the House. tecards with questions from cal and it’s very, very real.”
Marsh, so he can “pull voters pare [for the 2012 election].”
Khazei strongly responded to viewers online, brought up All in all, there was no clear
out of his congressional dis- As for Tuesday’s most likely
the question, saying that as a to the stage by junior Cidney winner, as the event wasn’t a
trict.” If there is a high turnout, victor, Marsh said, “Look at the
senator, he would repeal anti- Carver, asked for a quick real “debate.” However, all the
Coakley will likely win because polls. It’s Coakley’s race to lose.”
trust exemptions for insurance lightening round of “yes or candidates gave some surprise
companies, forcing better com- no answers,” which none of answers and came out having
petition in the marketplace.
Both Coakley and Pagliuca
the candidates adhered to. better informed their audience
The first question was re- on their positions on the issues.
Don't forget to go out and
said that they support univer-
sal health coverage as well.
garding illegal aliens getting A real-time blog with
in-state tuition to go to school commentary by Suffolk stu- vote for your candidate for
Allison Brito, a senior inter-
U.S. Senate on Dec. 8!
in Mass. All four candidates an- dents during the debate can be
national relations major, asked, swered in favor of illegal aliens found on the Herald’s website.
“Our generation is being held getting in-state rates, and Pa-
PAGE 5 December 2, 2009

Meet the candidates: Dems on the issues

All photos by John Gillooly

Alan Khazei Stephen Pagliuca Martha Coakley Michael Capuano

Why did you decide to run for U.S. Why did you decide to run for U.S. Why did you decide to run for U.S. Why did you decide to run for U.S.
senate? senate? senate? senate?
Alan co-founded City Year, which Steve's experiences of public ser- As someone who grew up in a mid- “I’ve been talking to people in Mass.
inspired President Clinton to cre- vice and a successful business career dle class family in Western Mas- who want people who can com-
ate AmeriCorps, which has resulted have shaped his vision for the coun- sachusetts, she knows that fami- bine the philosophical view com-
in 575,000 Americans to contrib- try’s future and make him uniquely lies are struggling and need help parable to Ted Kennedy with abil-
ute 700,000 hours of service. Alan qualified to represent Massachu- now. She will hold corporate Amer- ity to get something done. I’m the
wants to take his years of service setts in the United States Senate. ica accountable for their actions. only person with that combination.”
as a private citizen to Washington.
What makes you the most qualified What makes you the most qualified What makes you the most qualified
What makes you the most qualified candidate? candidate? candidate?
candidate? As one of the Managing Directors of Martha has gotten real results for our “I have 20 years of experience in
Alan has helped create four piec- Bain Capital and co-owner of the Boston families. She has put away child sex pred- legislative forms; not only in the
es of national legislation. As a pri- Celtics, Steve has experience with busi- ators, protected our seniors from abu- [U.S.] House of representative, the
vate citizen, Alan already has expe- ness and creating jobs, which he will sive nursing home operators, and stood State House of Representatives,
rience working with Washington. bring with him to the Senate if elected. up to the big insurance and pharmaceu- City Council, the PTA, anything.
tical companies that drove up the cost [None of the other candidates] have
What are your stances on: What are your stances on: of our healthcare and committed fraud. ever worked in a legislature at all.”
Health Care? Health Care? What are your stances on:
Alan supports passing the Senate Steve’s core principles for health care What are your stances on: Health Care?
health care bill and is the only candi- reform are to ensure coverage for all Health Care? “For real health reform [the bill]
date to offer a comprehensive plan to and control escalating costs through the One of Martha’s top priorities is reform- need to do two things, stabilize cost
increase health care access, improve implementation of a strong public op- ing our health care system so that all of health insurance, and increase
quality and lower costs by address- tion, changing incentives and increas- Americans have access to quality, afford- amt of health care. Without one or
ing the major sources of inefficiency. ing efficiencies in the current system. able health care. Martha supports a pub- the other it is not health reform.”
lic option and would vote for the bill that
Afghanistan? Afghanistan? recently came to the floor of the Senate. Afghanistan?
Alan opposed sending more troops Steve supports President Obama’s ef- “I think we should come home. We
to Afghanistan in a major ad- forts to gather all the facts before making Afghanistan? have accomplished our mission. Al
dress at Harvard in November his final decision on the strategy for Af- Based on what Martha knows now about Quada is no longer in Afghanistan.
and presented his Ten Point Plan ghanistan. However, he is wary of send- the President's planned troop increase, We have accomplished our mis-
for Redefining America’s Mission. ing more troops to Afghanistan with- she does not believe that we should sion. We should no longer be there.”
out a compelling strategy that outlines send additional troops into Afghani-
Education (specifically higher educa- how they will be used and the strategic stan. She believes we should begin the Education (specifically higher educa-
tion)? goals their deployment will support. process of bringing our troops home. tion)?
Alan supports investing in char- “To me it’s accessibility. [College] is un-
ter public schools, increasing teach- Education (specifically higher educa- Education (specifically higher educa- affordable for too many kids. We need
er pay and accountability, expand- tion)? tion)? to knock down prices by increasing
ing the school day and year and Our education system needs to focus on Martha believes an array of strategies federal grants, lowering the price of
paying for the full cost of college improving education for both the stu- should be employed to help students af- student loans, making it simpler, and
for each year of community service. dents and the teachers. Steve believes ford higher education. As Senator, she providing more options. [The cost of
we need to provide schools with more will support an expansion of college tax education] is putting a significant bur-
What plans do you have to help turn resources to ensure that every child has credits, growth of public institutions of den on too many kids going to college.”
the economy around? the opportunity to learn and to grow. higher education, and efforts to strength-
Alan Khazei proposes an innova- en the community college system. What plans do you have to help turn
tive New Jobs Stimulus that will cre- What plans do you have to help turn the economy around?
ate over 7 million jobs. Alan supports the economy around? What plans do you have to help turn “Two things—one, we have to put fi-
Job Creation Tax Credits, increased We need to put people back to work the economy around? nancial system under thoughtful regu-
tax benefits, and support for small and to fix our financial regulato- Martha calls for stricter regulation of fi- lation and two; the government needs
businesses and fully funding the Ed- ry system to ensure that we don’t nancial services and greater consumer to create jobs. Private entities are not
ward M. Kennedy Serve America Act. face another crisis like this again. protections, including the creation of a going to do this. Only fed government
Answers courtesy of Answers courtesy of steve Federal Consumer Protection Agency. is willing and capable to do that.”
PAGE 6 December 2, 2009

St a f f Editoria l
Many around campus these dent David Sargent will show. dent Sargent’s office, both SGA
Suffolk’s mission to provide
access and opportunity
days have seemed cynical and While having Nucci, Flan- President Brian LeFort and
down, which is no way to start nery and Brown come to an- Vice President Nick DiZoglio I would like to take this opportunity to respond to your article
off the holidays. Why are the swer students’ questions and have said that they’re “hope- “Suffolk’s next challenge’’ (Nov. 17) as it categorizes Suffolk Uni-
students of Suffolk so depressed hear their complaints is a step ful” that President Sargent will versity’s enrollment statistics.
and snarky? Well, mostly it’s be- in the right direction, Presi- agree to appear at the forum. The average entering grade point average of the current fresh-
cause of the combination of a dent Sargent and VP Stoll, who If he doesn't, sadly, it man class was 3.0. This includes the 100 new undergraduates ad-
boring, wordy, and silly defense are the two people students on will show a lack of respect mitted conditionally, to whom Suffolk University provides extra
of President Sargent’s salary by this campus are most famil- for the voices of the students academic support. When did a B become a “mediocre’’ grade? The
Provost Barry Brown last month iar with, need to be present. at this university, which will entering grade point average of our honors students is 3.94.
and the critical and slightly Without Sargent and Stoll, undoubtedly make this PR The university and its academic entities have won accolades
mean articles about Suffolk this whole exercise by the SGA nightmare that Suffolk's in from sources ranging from The Princeton Review, which has listed
that have recently run in the will likely make little differ- the middle of even worse. Suffolk in The Best 368 Colleges for six years, to US News & World
Boston Globe and Boston Herald. ence. Sargent needs to address What it comes down to now, Report, which in 2009 ranked the university in the top tier for mas-
SGA is seeking to rectify the student population in per- as this issue of the Journal is go- ter’s programs.
these situations and clarify son to ease the collective pain ing to print, is that President Entrepreneur magazine and The Princeton Review rank the
what exactly is going on. Next of knowing that his 2007 salary Sargent hasn't said that he won't Sawyer Business School’s undergraduate program in entrepre-
week, an open SGA forum will amounts to the tuitions of 103 attend the forum, but he hasn't neurship among the top 25 programs in the United States, while
be held in the C. Walsh The- undergraduates at this univer- agreed to either. And he needs to. the Financial Times ranks the business school’s executive MBA
atre. Vice Presidents Nucci and sity and speak to us directly President Sargent needs program among the top 95 worldwide.
Flannery have already agreed about how he feels, how the to face the students and let us I am proud to be a part of a dedicated staff that has enrolled
to come, as well as Provost money is being spent, and why know that even though Provost thousands of students over the past 20 years while remaining true
Brown. However, the SGA is it’s justified in the first place. Brown apparently speaks for to our mission to provide opportunity and access. There are people
still unsure about whether Vice After a number of invita- him now, he still cares about us. behind every application, with individual stories to complement
President Nancy Stoll and Presi- tions and phone calls to Presi- their grades. I know that we will never forget to treat each appli-
cant with individual attention and consideration, conscious of their
individual strengths and their promise for future success as dedi-
cated, hard-working, productive citizens.

Marguerite J. Dennis
Vice President, Enrollment and International Programs
Suffolk University

As published in The Boston Globe's Letters to the Editor, Nov. 24, 2009

I wish I could just

express my...

D537, Tuesdays
@ 1 p.m.
PAGE 7 December 2, 2009

Indie music is independent no more

Ethan Long to them. Bands such as Boston’s and became extremely popular independently? A band that is David Bowie, who played with
Journal Staff own Pixies, as well as other for bands to promote them- helped by a label isn’t indepen- them during a televised concert
bands such as Sonic Youth, were selves. Blogs and other web- dent, in fact, they’re very depen- in 2005. Although they’re still
The 1960’s gave us the be- able to record and distribute al- sites would check these bands dant. At some point, the term considered “indie” music, they
ginnings of psychedelic rock, bums independently at shows out, since most of them were “indie” became less about pro- aren’t that independent and
the 1970’s gave us punk rock, or through word of mouth. recording at home or small stu- duction and more about genre. rely heavily on the label for pro-
and the 1980’s gave us hip-hop. Before long, scenes across the dios and uploading their music Bands labeled “indie” range so duction costs and distribution.
The 90’s started the jungle beat world saw bands releasing to such web pages as Myspace. far apart in terms of style and So, since indie music no
and boy band crazes, and this their own albums without the com. These bands were inde- production that there shouldn’t longer refers to the way origi-
decade, while I’m not sure what help of corporate interference. pendent, but started to be eaten really be an umbrella term for nal indie artists produced and
to call it, maybe the "double The world them. You distributed their music, is it re-
oh’s," gave us “indie music.” saw the rise can’t group ally that appropriate to refer
of previously a band that to such a huge range of artists
"A band that is helped by a
This is where my problem rests.
See, by reading each other type independent uses syn- as “indie,” whether they still
of genre, one could be able to
figure out what type of mu-
bands being
picked up by label isn’t independent, in fact, thesizers
and growls
are independent or dependent
of labels? I mean, I would still
sic they should expect. Hip-
hop would have rhyming over
major labels
and “selling-
they’re very dependant." in the same
genre with
consider bands that have done
everything themselves as “in-
beats, while boy bands would out.” This is bands that die” bands, but it’s hard to see
sing in unison about love and another prob- use lifeless why bands on major labels such
how they just got paid. What lem I have. female vo- as Sony (The Ting Tings) can
should one expect from a band If one enters the music busi- up by critics who had stumbled cals and tangy guitars. Yet, still be labeled as indie bands. I
labeled “indie”? What does the ness, aren’t they trying to make upon them. So long were the for some reason, they are. heard “That’s Not My Name” on
term even mean anymore? See, a living? How can one make a days of word of mouth; the in- Arcade Fire, whose popu- radio stations all the time, and
the term indie has changed living in a business without ternet took the world by storm lar song “Wake Up” was heard saw the video on MTV count-
meaning in the last decade or earning substantial amounts of and sharing ideas, music, and across the country in the ads less times. Sure, they might
so, and now it’s just ridiculous. money? Why be mad at some- tons of other things became as for Spike Jonze’s “Where the have started out as an “indie”
Indie rock was originally one selling out when the whole easy as the click of a button. Wild Things Are,” started out band, but they’ve turned into
the label of music made by point of trying to become a Certain bands were received as an independent band, releas- a mainstream pop band, and
bands that were under the ra- successful musician is to be so well that they were picked up ing their first EP by themselves. should be relabeled as such.
dar of most, thus being inde- able to support yourself while and signed by major labels, yet Soon enough, they were picked Stop labeling things
pendent from major labels. The doing something you love? are still considered indie artists. up by Merge Records (Spoon, that aren’t independent
bands could record and release Anyways, my main beef: the Well here we go. Isn’t the whole Conor Oberst) and supported as “indie” because it just
products themselves, often with label of “indie” genre music. Af- idea of an indie artist the fact by them. Eventually their mu- doesn’t make much sense.
a low-fi, do-it-yourself quality ter time, the internet came along that they’re producing things sic was brought to the ears of

France and Switzerland hinder religious acceptance

Derek Anderson news article). The ban has of the burka is not a religious reason to make a law banning ing France and Switzerland.
Journal Staff been made because the peo- problem. This is an issue of a them. It’s a huge infringement It’s a close minded decision
ple of Switzerland have in- woman's freedom and dignity. on religion and shows intoler- that I can see causing prob-
I’m not quite sure what has terpreted the minarets as This is not a religious symbol. ance to Muslims in general. lems in the very near future.
gone wrong with France and “political-religious claims It is a sign of subservience; it France and Switzerland
Switzerland, but they should to power.” Apparently, it is a sign of lowering. I want need to reconsider. And it
immediately fix the discrimi- really matters that Mus- to say solemnly, the burka needs to happen quickly. It
nation they’re making law. Re- lim people are coming is not welcome in France," shows these countries in a
cently, Switzerland has banned to Switzerland to pray Sarkozy told lawmakers, ac- horrible light and seems to
the building of new mina- at these towers. Clearly, cording to be a global step backwards.
rets (distinctive architectural this is a plan by the Mus- This makes no sense what- Not all Muslims are
spires that accompany Islamic lims to gain global domi- soever. To ban burkas is also terrorists and
mosques) and France is work- nation. Give me a break. banning the practice of the thirst for global
ing on a country-wide ban of This censorship not Muslim religion. It is not a power. Ter-
full body burkas. The idea of only makes the coun- question of woman’s rights. It rorists take
even considering these actions try look horrible, but seems painfully obvious that if from every
blows my mind. It seems like will damage the tourist Muslim women that wear bur- culture,
hundreds of steps backwards pull and business in the kas were, in fact, offended and includ-
from where we are now. The country as well. Nothing degraded, they would remove
acceptance and understand- good could come from them if they lived in France.
ing of culture and religion such a ridiculous law. It’s the general principle of
will be halted by these radical France is a whole tradition. If Muslim
laws made by these countries. different story. They women want to wear
Switzerland’s ban on mina- want to outlaw bur- burkas, why not? Let
rets has surprisingly been vot- kas from being worn, them. It’s not degrad-
ed into action by the right-wing as President Nicolas ing if they want to
SVP (Swiss People’s Party). The Sarkozy told lawmak- wear them. There’s no
government has said that they ers that they
wish the people would vote were not
against the ban because it will welcome
cause "incomprehension over- in France.
seas and harm Switzerland's " T h e
image"(from a problem
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The poetry of David Ferry

Marissa Holt
Brayden Varr
translations in a monotonous
voice, but is still audibly im-
poetry is often very personal.
“Living and dying, one
Journal Staff pacted upon the audience. Ferry way or another [has] been
had assurance in his voice and true in my poems from
Poet and writer David Ferry meticulously spoke each word. the beginning,” said Fer-
recited some of his poetry and He delivered a well-prepared ry about common themes
translations to a small audience reading to an eager audience. included in his poetry.
in the Suffolk University poetry  He began with translations Other translations, such
center on Nov. 19. Although the of the Odes of Horace, including as those from The Aeneid,
setting was a more intimate one, the comical eighth ode of the were read. Ferry made these
the experience was enriching. second book, “To Barine,” and old texts easy to understand
Appearing before a pre- the 16th ode of the first book. even if one is not familiar with
dominantly older crowd, teach- “It starts so amusingly, them. His translations provide
ing assistant Mitch Manning [and] then the intensity of a way for more people to be ex-
and Professor George Kalo- the poem is so fantastic.” posed to these ancient works.
geris introduced Ferry.  The said Ferry about the 16th ode. Ferry has a well-estab-
poet was described by Kalo- Eventually Ferry moved on lished career through his
geris as having a “tradition of to recite his own poetry start- work as a poet, writer, and
keeping the words simple and ing with “Street Scene.” One translator. He has published
clear” with a “meter always in of the most moving poems in- multiple books, which were
tune with how people speak.” cluded in the group was “The on sale at the end of the read-
After his introduction, Fer- White Skunk.”  Initially, this ing. Refreshments were
ry took to the podium with a poem had the crowd laugh- also served and many stuck
hoarse voice and strong pres- ing, but the underlying sadness around to talk to the poet and Photo by Brayden Varr
ence. He delivers his poems and was soon conveyed. Ferry’s socialize with one another.

What Will We Be?

Risking street cred with mainstream label
Shoshana Akins The artist’s previous al- very pleasing, the possibility
Journal Staff bums have been a strange mix of a sell-out hangs in the air…
of random paths. His fourth By the middle of the al-
Being called a freak isn’t album, Niño Rojo (Young God, bum starting with “The First
seen a compliment to most peo- 2004), asserts his true journey Song for B,” that fear is dis-
ple, but for members of the new into freak-folk. He then he di- pelled as Banhart’s charm-
freewheeling, bongo-banging, verges off onto a dusty coun- ing yet deadly warble kicks
beard-growing genre of freak- try road with his next album, in for an ominous love tale.
folk, they take it as a word and Cripple Crow (XL Recordings, The album continues in a
continue on their merry way. 2005), and later meanders into mish-mash of influences and
A leader in this genre is the unknown with Smokey rhythms; some 1950s beach
Devendra Barnhart, a Spanish- Rolls Down Thunder Canyon rock there, a bit of Hendrix
speaking California art school (XL Recordings, 2007). With sounding riffs here, a dab of
dropout whose unique tim- What Will We Be, each song is jazz over there. A gipsy ar-
bre and interesting compila- its own adventure, taking you ray of instruments is used to
tions have been lighting up the from the beach to the moun- create this sound with every-
hipster scene for the past few tains to a city street corner thing from the dark smolder-
years. His newest album, What in the span of three minutes. ing bass in “Rats” to a simple,
Will We Be (Warner Brothers, The beginning of the album sunshiny tambourine in “16th
2009), dropped a few weeks ago Image courtesy of Warner Brothers doesn’t seem to be that monu- & Valencia, Roxy Music” and
to great responses, even though mental in its leaps of emotions even to random bird caws
some had originally doubted "What Will We Be" but instead takes little skips throughout the various songs.
it due to the album’s unchar- down different trails. From Even through all this mix-
acteristic corporate support. Nick and Nora’a Infinite Play- so. Maybe it is because of this the jingling, percussion-filled ing of genres, What Will We Be
What Will We Be is Ban- list, Banhart has never re- new partnership with a major first song, “Can’t Help Smil- has a purpose in mind: to take
hart’s first album with a major ally hit it big and doesn’t company, or maybe he has de- ing” to the true, easy walk- you away. Follow that lover
label, an act that is usually un- seem to be dying to do so. cided to comb down the hair, ing folk melody, “Goin’ Back,” into the sunset, go cha-cha on
speakable among this crowd. For once, Banhart has made start wearing a shirt, and begin What Will We Be appears to that table, sit out and watch the
Though he snuck into main- an album that is universally di- to sing words that actually can have turned Banhart into a clouds. Just let go of everything
stream music with his song gestible, dancing on the line be distinguished as English. dirty, long-haired Jack John- and let it all hang out. After all,
“Lover,” on the soundtrack of of fault or fortune by doing We hope not. son. Though enjoyable and what we will be will just be.
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Oscar season is 'Up in the Air'

Image courtesy of Cold Spring/ Paramount

Ethan Long film, plays a company man released a couple of mov- firings to the internet. Gregory of making people smile. The
Journal Staff who has been told by Clooney ies, in addition to becoming introduces Natalie Keener, a theater will laugh up any-
that his time at the company a married man and a father. young woman, top of her uni- thing from an awkward ex-
Ryan Bingham lives above has ended. Reitman told the Bingham, played by versity class, who has just start- change to the clever wordplay.
everyone else, and he likes it. Journal during a recent col- George Clooney, certainly has ed to integrate digital resources Mixed with beautiful shots
It’s only fitting that Jason Reit- lege roundtable, that “I hope his times with the women – but into the company. The charac- of locations around the Unit-
man’s next film, after his 2007 JK is in every movie I ever just that, nothing more. While ter, played by Anna Kendrick ed States, if there was ever a
hit comedy Juno, would be make.” Many directors use travelling, Bingham runs into (Rocket Science, Twilight), proves movie that makes one want to
more of an adult film, dealing the same actors repeatedly one woman who calls herself to be the exact opposite of Bing- travel, this would be it. From
with a man who just doesn’t because of the comfort and Bingham “with a vagina.” They ham. While he enjoys traveling 30,000 feet in the air, Bingham
want to settle down, but wants safety it gives them. “Woody end up sleeping together; prid- around the country with no goes everywhere, although he’s
to continue his life “Up in the Allen and Alfred Hitchcock ing themselves on the different certain future, she has moved never really been anywhere.
Air,”(Cold Spring/Paramount, had these beautiful women, traveler’s clubs they are a part in with her boyfriend and is “He’s seen America, but he
2009) as the title suggests. and I have JK Simmons.” of. Alex Goran (The Departed’s enjoying the settled life as she hasn’t seen America. He’s seen
George Clooney (Ocean’s Reitman also discussed his Vera Farmiga) has just about awaits her future with him. every city, but he hasn’t re-
Eleven, Batman and Robin) plays usage of crew he previously as many membership cards Keener’s new system will be ally seen them,” Reitman said.
a man who can never stay in worked with, and the fact that to different traveling compa- bringing all of the companies’ Bingham barely ever ven-
one location for long. He is sent he's known most of the crew nies as Bingham does, and the employees out of the air and tures out of the hotels he stays
across the country to various since high school. “It’s impor- luxury they both are able to into the chairs. Bingham, being in, yet he tells others that he’s
locations, hired to be the man tant for me to be surrounded by have with those cards are what the old dog of the company, isn’t surrounded with people. He’s
who has to terminate employ- people I love and people I trust.” brings them together. Her job, too pleased, but they let him a man who is all over, but in-
ees at countless different com- Up in the Air has been a too, sends her around the coun- stay in the air for a bit longer. side, alone. He enjoys being
panies. His reason? “People do hyped film for this year’s Os- try at all times, so she never Soon enough, Bingham is on the run from a settled life.
crazy shit when they’re fired.” cars, as it is one of the few has time for any kind of home again alone in a hotel, staring If timely issues and clever
The movie, adapted from worthy movies coming out life. Both quickly cross refer- out the window as snow falls writing are what you want
Walter Kirn’s 2001 novel of this season. The journey Reit- ence each other’s phones, look- in whatever nameless city he to see at the movie theater,
the same name, starts off with man has taken since the early ing at each other’s schedules is staying in that night. At this then Up in the Air is a breath
a montage of Bingham’s fir- preproduction of the film re- to see when they will be close point, the movie really doesn’t of fresh air for you, as Oscar
ings, as the ex-employees stare ally spans his career. He start- enough to see each other again. seem to be going anywhere, and season is starting. Up in the
back at him asking, “Why?” ed writing the script seven We soon meet the others that’s certainly what Bingham Air is very entertaining movie
Certain actors, such as the years ago, way before Ellen in Bingham’s life, as he heads feels like. For a man who trav- that will make you chuck-
recently popular Zach Gali- Page ever graced her fat suit. home for a company meeting. els for a living, he must feel like le as well as fear the future
fianakis, were written in for “When I started writing His boss Craig Gregory, played his life is truly going nowhere. job markets that students all
parts as terminated employees. it, I was a single guy living by Arrested Development’s Ja- The film plays up com- across the country are joining.
JK Simmons, who played in an apartment,” Reitman son Bateman, is updating the edy well, with Bateman and "Up in the Air"
Juno’s father in Reitman’s last said. Since then, Reitman has company and taking all of the Clooney mastering the craft opens nationally Dec. 11.
PAGE 10 December 2, 2009

staff Making vampires un-cool

SOUNDS Tom Logan
Journal Staff
about it, starts a “just friends
but I also kind of like you”
relationship with Jacob (a.k.a.
Twilight, or as it should be being a tease), then goes run-
known, The Adventures of Mary- ning back to Edward. There
Sue and Sparkles the Vampire, is was something about a vam-
an over-hyped piece of literary pire named Victoria that want-
garbage written by Stephanie ed to kill Bella but that never
Meyer about a young girl that really went anywhere. Then
falls in love with a vampire…. again, this is Stephanie Meyer,
that sparkles. New Moon (Sum- so it’s really not surprising that
mit Entertainment, 2009), the this movie had little to no con-
second book in the Twilight flict in it. Also some parts of
saga has recently been released the movie just seemed wrong
into theaters. To answer the and unnatural. Like when
first and obvious question, yes Bella discovers that Jacob is
the movie does indeed follow part of a werewolf pack, a sup-
the book, unfortunately this posed secret that no one could
Jimmy Cliff isn’t a particularly good thing. ever know about, the other
"The Harder They Come" First of all, the movie had members of the pack act very
A perfect soundtrack to a almost no likeable characters. nonchalant like it was no big
great film. From Jimmy Cliff The protagonist, Bella Swan, deal. The werewolves them-
to Desmond Dekker, to Toots was a whiny, self-centered brat selves weren’t anything spe-
and the Maytals, here is what that couldn’t function properly cial either. When one thinks of
helped bring reggae music to without a boyfriend in her life, werewolves they expect a half-
the world. going so far as to endanger human, half-wolf hybrid. In-
her own life over a guy that stead, what you get is….really
dumped her. She leads on her big, regular-looking wolves.
friend Jacob (the only likeable But then again this is Stepha-
character in the entire movie) nie Meyer and if someone can
but then immediately runs ruin vampires with the notion
back to Sparkles (a.k.a. Edward Image courtesy of Summit Entertainment
that they “sparkle” in the sun-
Cullen), the second he shows light, then it’s also not hard
back up in her life. Edward, the to believe that they would
love interest in this crap-fest, this movie is the acting. Kris- happy, very sad, and very angry ruin werewolves as well.
was absent from most of the ten Stewart is once again dis- and frustrated. Also, in some of So in the end, the only
movie. The only times he ever playing her almighty singular the dialogues, the characters people that will probably end
really shows up is when Bella facial expression. Robert Pat- weren’t even looking at each up liking this movie are Twi-
is risking her life and he advis- tinson looks like a cross-breed other. Not to mention the script light fans and they’ll probably
es her against it in ghost form. between a homeless man and read like a bad soap opera. see it regardless of what peo-
The minor characters in this a corpse. Taylor Lautner was The plot of this movie ple say about the movie. For
Modest Mouse movie were all superficial and, by far the best actor, which is sucked mostly because nothing everyone else this movie is a
"No One's First and You're for the most part, irrelevant. not saying very much since he really happened in this movie. crappy romance movie and an
Next" Another big problem in tends to switch between very Edward dumps Bella, she cries even crappier vampire story.
An Inventive, intriguing, and
ridiculously odd I can't get
enough of.
-Derek Anderson While you were out: 'Curb Your Enthusiasm'
Matt McQuaid with the Seinfeld cast to make a disease for his own perverse It can also be said that many
Journal Staff reunion show, with David’s ul- revenge, Larry flips a coin. times Larry means well. Larry
terior motive being he can cast Many are quick to criticize pays for his niece’s college tu-
On Nov. 22, Larry Da- his ex-wife Cheryl in the show Larry’s actions and manners as ition, and goes as far as wear-
vid’s hit HBO series Curb Your and hopefully win her back. selfish, petty, immature and ob- ing panties so he can protect a
Enthusiasm wrapped up its The genius of Larry David noxious, but how many of us secret for Jeff. Larry means well
seventh season. While the ex- is that he does all the things we find ourselves wanting to do when he has a friend of his pre-
ploits of Larry David and com- want to do, but don’t because the same thing Larry does, only tend to have a disease to reas-
pany may not have delivered it’s not appropriate in polite finding we lack the courage to sure Michael Richards (Kramer)
as much Seinfeld as people society. Larry offers to help out follow through? When Larry and lets Leon stay in his house
originally expected, the sev- his friend Marty Funkhouser scuttles off his best friend/man- even after his family leaves.
enth season of David’s hit se- with his mentally ill sister, but ager Jeff Greene’s daughter at a In short, season seven of
ries still delivered more than when Funkhouser asks him party because listening to her Curb provided a great deal of
enough laughs to compensate. if he was serious about his of- sing is painful, no one can deny laughs while simultaneously
For those not familiar with fer, Larry responds, “Of course his actions are rude, but does making us think about the un-
Jefferson Airplane the show, Curb Your Enthusiasm not!” Larry’s blatantly self-serv- anyone want to listen to her conscious social conventions
"Surrealistic Pillow" follows the daily life of Seinfeld ing attitude is also a constant awful renditions? Larry overre- surrounding our everyday
Where the f*ck is Grace Slick co-creator Larry David as he source of humor. Larry dates a acts when he screams at a slow lives. Not everyone may agree
nowadays? breaks social conventions and woman in a wheelchair solely golfer to hurry up (subsequent- with Larry’s unconventional
-Matt Altieri routinely offends and angers to get himself into an exclu- ly causing the golfer to die) but approach to dealing with peo-
everyone around him with pet- sive concert, and when decid- how many times have you been ple, but his complete disregard
ty and bizarre antics. The story ing whether to do the Seinfeld frustrated by someone taking for etiquette shows an audac-
arc of season seven focuses on reunion and win back his wife, too long to do something and ity that is hard not to admire.
David getting back together or let a TV executive die of lime wanted to do the same thing?
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The Wilbur Theater: where music and fun go to die

Clay Adamczyk the PA system was built with are located a few yards from
Journal Staff only comedy in mind, but even the end of the stage, making
with TVOR’s horn section, the the vocals almost inaudible to
I admit that I wouldn’t sound was never quite full. anyone trying to get close to
know if the Wilbur Theater is a After that one time, I their favorite band. It’s frustrat-
nice place to see comedy. They vowed to never return to the ing to say the least, but what
do have Bob Saget (of all peo- Wilbur Theater. I thought it happened next is intolerable.
ple) this week, but the Wilbur is would take nothing less than When Sonic Youth broke
without a doubt the worst ven- a Fugazi reunion or Ian Curtis into “Death Valley ’69,” a song
ue in Boston to see loud music. returning from the dead and that SY dug deep to bust out,
My disdain toward the theater only performing at the Wilbur the audience simultaneously
began with a TV on the Radio to bring me back to that piss- erupted in to a dance frenzy.
concert last fall, and the experi- hole again. Then Sonic Youth There was a lot of jumping
ence was far from pleasurable. had to play there two nights around, but it was nowhere
First off, the security is ex- back-to-back. I was trapped. I near a mosh-pit. Still, it was
tremely pushy. They rush you sucked it up and bought tickets enough for one fascist dance-
in, leading you through two or for both nights. Needless to say, nazi of a bouncer to crush ev-
three ticket checkpoints, and at Sonic Youth was amazing both eryone’s good mood. Not only
the end they take your physical nights. A bad venue can’t really did he come in grabbing people
ticket, making if difficult if you take away from a bands sheer telling them to “calm down!”
save them as keepsakes. No big awesomeness, but the Wilbur but also remained in the cen-
deal yet right? Next, patrons tries. I get there the first night ter of the crowd to make sure
learn that there are three levels and am lead through the same the dancing didn’t start again.
of general admission, so even round after round of ticket How could this be? I was ab-
if you think you will be on the checkpoints, only there are a solutely flabbergasted. It was
floor up against the stage, you few more now that they start- “Death Valley ’69!” It was
may be corralled into a small ed serving alcohol. No thank Sonic Youth! Who couldn’t
pen behind the floor, or worse, you $6.00 Bud Lite, but at least dance? How could they stop
standing in the back! Different this time my general admis- us? The Wilbur Theater knew
colored wristbands mark these sion ticket put me on the floor. who they were booking for
sections and you will be ejected I took my place at the front two nights, what did they ex- Photo courtesy of takomabibelot/flickr
if caught hopping sections. You of the stage and was blown pect us to do, stand still? With
accept defeat with the pigpen away at how full the music a band that is unforgettable,
of general admission and try sounded compared to my pre- the way the Wilbur handles
to enjoy the show while the vious experience. This time, live music performances is un- If you never see this lobby before one of your
under-filled floor taunts you. however, it was only because forgivable. Hopefully bands favorite bands then consider yourself lucky.
Even all this wouldn’t be so I was hearing sound directly will wise up to the Wilbur’s What a waste of a beautiful building.
bad if the sound quality were from the bands amps. It turns awful atmosphere and book
a little better. I don’t know if out the theater’s PA speakers themselves somewhere better.

Celebrating poetry Do You Like Music?

Houlihan & Marchant
Tom Logan Looking House (Grey Wolf Press,

Journal Staff 2009), as well as a few from
his other book, Full Moon Boat
This week, Suffolk Univer- (Grew Wolk Press, 2000). He
sity was blessed with having spoke mostly about the barbaric
the honor of two celebrated nature of war, of the courage it
poets, Joan Houlihan, as well takes to stand up to those who
as our own Fred Marchant, to would make war and say, “I will

talk about their new books, have nothing to do with this.”
as well as give a few readings. Merchant read very compelling
First up for the evening was anti-war not only the physi-
Joan Houlihan to talk about her cal sense of war, but all war
newest book, The Us (Tupelo between the mind and spirit.
Press, 2009). The Us is a collec-
tion of poems that detail the

Then write about it!

lives of a neo-lithic tribe called
“The Us,” and their struggles
with a neighboring tribe known

Meetings Tuesdays at 1PM D537

as “The Thems.” This story is
narrated by Ai, the protago-
nist, who is highly revered in
the tribe. Houlihan read parts
of the book detailing the tribe’s
struggles with “The Thems,”
the tribe’s rituals and hardships,
and the tribe’s exodus from
the island they were living on.
Fred Marchant read a few
poems from his new book, The
Image courtesy of Grey Wolf Press
PAGE 12 December 2, 2009

Crossword Puzzle: 60. Squeezes

61. Gamete (3,4)

Delia's Picks For when class is boring 62. Spiritual leaders

2. Excitedly
On Campus 3. Edible mollusk
Distinguished Scholar in Residence Robert Brustein will
4. Saucy
be conducting a reading of his play Mortal Terror on Mon- 5. Hebrew fifth letters
day, Dec. 7. Brustein is the founding director of the Yale 6. Button-shaped top of
Repertory and American Repertory Theatres. The read- the mescal cactus (6,8)
ing will take place at 4:00 p.m. in the C. Walsh Theatre. 7. Floated
8. Vetch seed
Off Campus 9. Manipulates
10. Mysterious aerial
The month of December has finally arrived and what bet- objects
ter to kick off the Christmas season than the annual tree light- 13. Sniff
ing ceremony in the Boston Common from 6 p.m.- 8 p.m. 14. Relating to wind
Come enjoy holiday entertainment such as carolers, perfor-
15. Increased
mances and Santa. Mayor Menino flips the switch on Dec. 3.
17. Thermoplastic yarn
19. Young wolf
23. Curses
24. Harm seriously
Easy Sudoku ACROSS 34. Thereto (2,2)
25. Zest
28. SW New York city
1. Automobile suspen- 35. Terrace (abbrev) 29. Town in S California
sion component (10,5) 36. Smart 30. Pierces with horns
11. Exultation 37. Said to attract atten- 36. Polite
12. Child who has no tion 38. Moved back and
home 40. Passed easily forth
13. Zooms 42. Small amounts of 39. Carried
14. Middle Ages eques- land girdled by water 41. Middle Eastern sail-
trian shield 43. Strike forcibly ing vessels
16. Welding gas 45. Eat between meals 44. Right of precedence
18. Management 46. Extra tax 48. Meek
19. Company 47. Demanding scratch- 49. Corncrake
20. Untidy ing 50. Internal environ-
21. Mint cocktails 52. Negatives mental control
22. Detriment 53. Circulate 51. Place of learning
26. Remain 56. Immature animal 53. Duct for smoke
27. Small tuned drum 57. Supernatural being 54. Supports
31. Scandinavian 58. Supplications 55. Hop dryer (Brit)
32. Commander 59. Coarsely ground 58. 21st letter of the
33. Diver foodstuff Greek alphabet
PAGE 13 December 2, 2009

Sports briefs
Weis era over in South Bend
Charlie Weis' oft-tumultuous tenure as head coach of the
Notre Dame football team is over, as he was fired earlier this week
Men's hockey after finishing this past season with an unremarkable 6-6 record.
Dec. 2 vs. Curry, 6:20 p.m.
Weis arrived at Notre Dame fresh off of great success as the New
Dec. 4 @ Wentworth, 7:30 p.m.
England Patriots' offensive coordinator, and was expected to
Dec. 5 vs. Assumption, 5 p.m.
at Steriti Rink in the North End
Men's basketball bring the Fighting Irish back to greatness. He led the team to back-
Dec. 3 vs. UMass-Boston, 7:30 p.m. to-back BCS bowl game appearances in his first two seasons, but
Dec. 5 vs. Johnson & Wales, 3 p.m. went 16-21 since then. According to, the 21 losses
Women's basketball Dec. 10 vs. Nichols, 7:30 p.m. in three seasons are the most ever by the Notre Dame football pro-
Dec. 2 @ Endicott, 7 p.m. gram in any three-year span. Weis, who had six years left on his
Dec. 3 @ Curry, 7 p.m. contract, finished his Notre Dame career with a record of 35-27.
Dec. 5 vs. Lesley, 1 p.m.
Dec. 8 vs. Regis, 7 p.m.
Iverson to return to the Sixers?
Team standings Just a few weeks after he was supposedly mulling retiring from

Men's hockey Women's Men's professional basketball, Allen Iverson met with the head coach
and general manager of his former team, the Philadelphia 76ers,
basketball Basketball
for over two hours in Dallas on Monday. Reports on
suggested that the two sides were talking about Iverson making a
1. Albertus Magnus 0-0 return to Philly, as the Sixers' starting point guard, Lou Williams,
1. Wentworth 3-0-0 1. Norwich 0-0
2. Emerson 0-0 is expected to miss significant time with a broken jaw. Yesterday,
2. Curry 1-0-0 2. Rivier 0-0
3. Norwich 0-0 Iverson was slated to meet with John Thompson, his former coach
3. Nichols 1-1-0 3. Simmons 0-0
4. St. Joseph's (Maine) 0-0 at Georgetown, who said last week that he intended to try to talk
4. Suffolk 1-1-0 4. Suffolk 0-0
5. Suffolk 0-0 Iverson out of retiring. Iverson has never won an NBA title, and
5. Johnson & Wales 1-1-0 5. Mount Ida 0-0
6. Mount Ida 0-0 likely won't get the chance this season if he re-joins the Sixers:
6. Becker 1-2-0 6. St. Joseph's (Conn.) 0-0
7. Rivier 0-0 the team is currently in 13th place in the Eastern Conference.
7. West. New England 0-1-0 7. Emerson 0-0
8. Salve Regina 0-2-0 8. Emmanuel 0-0 8. Emmanuel 0-0 Jeter named SI's Sportsman of the Year
9. Lasell 0-0 9. Lasell 0-0
10. Johnson & Wales 0-0 10. Johnson & Wales 0-0
Under a month after leading the New York Yankees' to their
11. Pine Manor 0-0 MLB-leading 27th World Series title, shortstop Derek Jeter has
12. St. Joseph's (Maine) 0-0 *All standings are
another award to put in his trophy case: Sports Illustrated's
13. Albertus Magnus 0-0 current as of Dec. 1.
Sportsman of the Year. Jeter was selected by the magazine on
Monday, and in winning the award he became the first Yan-
kee to receive the honor. Jeter hit .334 this past season, while
belting 18 home runs and driving in 66 runs. He also had
30 steals, won another Gold Glove and passed Lou Gehrig to
become the Yankees' all-time hits leader. Sports Illustrated
has been naming its “Sportsmen of the Year” since 1954. Last
year's winner was American Olympic hero Michael Phelps.

Messi named Europe's top footballer

Argentine striker Lionel Messi was awarded the Golden
Ball as the European Footballer of the Year earlier this week in
what was one of the most lopsided votes in the history of the
award. Messi received 473 points out of a possible 480, and fin-
ished with 240 more points than second-place Cristiano Ron-
aldo. Playing in Spain's La Liga for Barcelona, Messi led his
club to a Champions League title, a La Liga title and a Copa
Del Rey title. Barcelona is the first Spanish-league team to win
all three, known as the “treble.” Messi scored a remarkable 38
goals in 51 matches over the course of the year, while also agree-
ing to a contract extension to remain with Barcelona through
2016, one that will see him earn around €9.5 million per year.

Kansas in top spot in Coaches' Poll

Kansas, 5-0 on the young college basketball season, were
the top team in the latest ESPN/USA Today Coaches' Poll. The
Jayhawks were followed closely by another Big-12 team, Texas,
which moved up to the second spot. The rest of the top five was
rounded out by three 6-0 teams: Villanova, Kentucky and Duke.
Michigan State, ranked second in the last poll, fell down to ninth
after losing to Florida late last week. Purdue (5-0), Syracuse (6-0),
West Virginia (5-0), Michigan State (5-1) and Washington (5-0)
round out the top ten. Kansas and Texas are slated to play each
other in February in what will likely be one of the biggest games
of the season, one with huge NCAA Tournament implications.
PAGE 14 December 2, 2009

Point/counterpoint: Rask or Thomas?

With Thomas faltering, time to give the Thomas has proven that he can
youngster Rask a chance to prove himself be the number one
ing over Thomas at this point. last season's achievements. Matt West net and played well enough to
Dan Ryan
The problem is that recently, The Bruins are current- Journal Staff squeak out a shoot-out victory
Journal Staff against a tough division op-
Rask has been outplaying ly blessed with a “problem”
Though the head coach and Thomas. While it's true that that many teams would love The Boston Bruins have ponent. With the win, the B’s
general manager may be deny- Thomas has been hobbled by to have: they have two goal- dealt with their fair share of are right back in the mix, cur-
ing it, there seems to be a bit the aforementioned undis- ies who, at the moment at injuries so far this season, with rently one point behind Buf-
of a goaltending controversy closed injury, he was healthy least, seem capable of carrying Milan Lucic, Marc Savard and falo in the Northeast division.
brewing down on Causeway enough to dress for each game the starting-netminder load. Tim Thomas missing signifi- Trying to be tight-lipped à
Street. Coming off of a season Rask started, meaning he Thomas has the proven track cant time. As a result, they have la Bill Belichick, Thomas, head
in which he won the Vezina could have played if needed. record of the past two seasons yet to catch fire and win at a coach Claude Julien and the
Trophy as the league's best In his most recent start to back him up, while Rask consistent rate like they did rest of the Bruins staff have
goalie, Tim Thomas was ex- against the Ottawa Senators, has played better as of late. last season. Thomas, in par- been mum on the severity or
pected to shoulder the bulk of Thomas allowed a goal on the The B's brass have insisted ticular, has struggled this year, even location of the injury.
the load in the Boston Bruins' For the team, and to some
crease, with youngster Tuukka extent the fan base, pushing
Rask serving as his back-up. Thomas out the back door in
Many in the B's organiza- hopes that Rask will evolve
tion and fan base are extreme- into one of the better goal-
ly high on Rask. With that in tenders in the league is a bad
mind, some scratched their idea. At this point in his young
heads when Thomas was re- career, Rask is not ready to
signed to a four-year, $20 mil- handle full-time duties, hav-
lion deal last April. It wasn't ing only started a total of 16
so much the money that was games in his short career.
an issue, but the length of the When a team wins or loses
deal: Thomas will be 38 when games, the first person every-
the contract expires. With Rask, one looks at is the goalie. For
the Finnish Phenom, wait- Thomas this season, many of
ing in the wings, why sign the team’s losses were a result of
Thomas for that long of a term? their sluggish offense not gener-
Thomas' slow start to the ating enough scoring chances to
season did little to quiet a seg- win games at a consistent rate.
ment of B's fans who wanted When Savard, a guy who
Rask to get his shot at the num- Photo property of goaliej54/WikiCommons Photo property of Dan4thNicholas/WikiCommons plays a Sidney Crosby-like
ber one job, and when Thomas role on this team with his crisp
was sidelined recently due to The Bruins currently have a great "problem": two strong goalies. The question is,who passes and ability to read the
an undisclosed injury, Rask should start: the proven veteran Tim Thomas, or the upstart rookie Tuukka Rask? ice as well as anyone, went
not only seized the opportu- down, the team lost an edge.
nity, but took it and ran with it. first shot he faced. The second that there is no “goalie contro- looking inconsistent and some- Scoring has been a problem
Rask dropped his first game goal he allowed was not his versy” and that instead Thom- times shoddy in net. Last year, and as a result more pressure
against the Islanders, a 4-1 loss fault, as it came on a power as is 1A and Rask 1B. However, of course, was his coming-out has been heaped on Thomas.
that featured a putrid effort by play that turned into a 5-on- with Rask playing much bet- party, as he won the Vezina Even with his struggles
the team as a whole. However, 3 disadvantage when Patrice ter as of late and appearing to Trophy as the best goalie in the this year, Thomas still has a
Rask started and won the next Bergeron was felled by a slap grow more confident with each NHL, while posting impressive fairly-respectable 2.36 GAA.
four games, all of which were shot. However, with the B's start, Claude Julien should be, statistics (his .933 save-per- With the return of some of
on the road. Rask was the los- holding a 3-2 lead with under to use a hockey cliché, “riding centage and 2.10 goals against their top guys, the B’s are fi-
ing goalie in last Friday's 2-1 20 seconds to play, Thomas al- the hot hand,” and letting the average were career highs). nally getting healthy (minus
shootout loss to the Devils, lowed an infuriating goal to youngster play until he falters. With Manny Fernandez Lucic, who recently hurt his
but he played well enough to the Sens' Milan Michalek to What's the worst that holding down back-up duties ankle after coming back from
win. In the six games he start- tie the game. The goal came could happen? If he does ex- last season and young stud Tu- a previous injury). In addi-
ed while Thomas was on the as Michalek was nearly below tremely well, the B's could be ukka Rask primed to battle him tion, they are getting produc-
shelf, Rask went 4-1-1, and al- the goal line, and he simply faced with deciding whether for minutes, Thomas thrived tion from guys like Michael
lowed a total of 13 goals for a flicked the puck on goal. The or not to deal Thomas and while leading the Bruins to a Ryder and Patrice Bergeron,
goals against average of 2.17. puck squirted through Thom- make Rask, the “goalie of the their first regular-season East- the latter of whom has had one
On the season as a whole, as' legs, and the game was tied. future,” the goalie of the pres- ern Conference championship of the best starts of his career.
Rask is 7-2-2 with one shutout. To his credit, Thomas took ent instead. If he falters quickly, since the 2001-2002 season. This The Bruins are better off
His GAA of 2.02 is second-best the blame for the goal, and the B's can insert the proven, year, with his numbers down a with a platoon of Thomas
in the NHL, and his .929 save bounced back to win the game Vezina-winning Thomas back bit, pundits are quick to jump and Rask, who have varying
percentage is third-best. In com- in a shooutout. The point is, between the pipes, knowing on Thomas for not perform- styles but, when healthy, can
parison, Thomas has a record of though, that Rask has played that they have a fully-capable ing up to lofty expectations. both be very effective. Mak-
6-6-3, a save percentage of .915 better as of late, and led the B's back-up waiting in the wings. A lot of Thomas’ struggles ing a judgment this early in
(15th) and a GAA of 2.36 (10th). during what was arguably their One thing is for sure: Rask's can be attributed to the mys- the season can be danger-
Thomas is tied for the league best stretch of the season thus full potential will never be real- terious injury he has been bat- ous. As we saw last year with
lead in shutouts with three. far. Thomas has been deemed ized if he doesn't get a chance tling. After missing the previ- the Pittsburgh Penguins, you
As the numbers show, the number-one goalie, and one to start regularly. With his ous six games before Saturday don’t have to play at a perfect
it's far from a slam dunk to has to wonder if it has anything play recently, he's earned that night’s overtime win against level all season, just when it
say that Rask should be start- to do with his contract or with chance, and he should get it. Ottawa, Thomas returned to matters in March and April.
PAGE 15 December 2, 2009

Catching up: basketball and hockey updates

Men's basketball off to fastest Suffolk hockey undefeated at home, but off to an
start since '99-'00 inconsistent start
Salve Regina in their home the Rams blow another two third period, preceded by 19 in
Dan Ryan Dan Ryan
opener by a score of 73-71. goal lead before Ryan Fitz- the first and 20 in the second).
Journal Staff The Rams undefeated run
Journal Staff patrick scored eight minutes The Rams did have a play-
The Rams started off their ended last Saturday, as the team The men's hockey team into the third period to give er honored by the league for
season with a 91-45 loss to the suffered an 85-50 defeat at the had an up-and-down week, the Rams a lead they wouldn't his performance, as Fitzpat-
University of New Hampshire, hands of MIT. The Rams cur- losing two out of three games. relinquish. Jeff Rose turned rick was named to the ECAC
a loss that doesn't count against rently sport a record of 4-1, and The team started off the in another stout performance Weekly Honor Roll after scor-
the Rams' record and serves as they have yet to start the GNAC current stretch of games with between the pipes, allow- ing two goals: the aforemen-
little more than a chance for portion of their schedule. a 5-4 loss to Johnson & Wales, ing just two goals on 27 shots. tioned one against SNHU,
the team to cut its teeth against Coming up huge for the an ECAC Northeast oppo- The team couldn't keep which was a game-winner,
some high caliber competition. Rams early in the season have nent. The game saw Suffolk the momentum going, how- and one in the loss to Babson.
Despite the pre-season loss, the been two youngsters: fresh- climb out of an early two-goal ever, as the Rams fell in their The Rams, who remain
Rams came flying out of the man center Matt Pepdjonovic deficit to take a 4-2 lead in the next game at Babson College, undefeated at home, will put
gate, starting the season with and sophomore guard Mike third period. Johnson & Wales losing by a score of 4-3. Bab- that perfect mark on the line
a four-game winning streak. Gibbons. Both were honored then scored three unanswered son fired a veritable barrage when they welcome Cur-
The Rams started off the by the GNAC on Nov. 24 for goals in the game's final 15 of pucks on the Suffolk goal, ry College to Walter Brown
year by beating Eastern Naza- their performance over the minutes to win the game. as Ryan Mula and Rose com- Arena tonight at 6:20 p.m.
rene College on the road, and past week. Gibbons received The Rams got two goals from bined to make 51 saves on 55 The game will be the first
followed up that win with Player of the Week honors af- Andrew Flynn and one goal shots (Rose replaced Mula of two-straight ECAC North-
two straight victories in the ter averaging 18 points over each from both Pat Welch and in the first period, and saved east games for the Rams,
New England College Invi- the course of three games, in- Niles Moore. Welch also as- 45 of the 46 shots he faced). as after the Curry game the
tational Tournament (over cluding one game in which he sisted on one of Flynn's goals. The Rams managed to fire squad will travel to Went-
Maine-Presque Isle and New scored 35. Gibbons was also The Rams followed up the just 16 shots on the Babson worth to face the Leopards at
England College). The Rams named to the New England loss with a 3-2 win at home net. In comparison, the few- 7:30 p.m. this Friday, Dec. 4.
won their first three games College All-Tournament Team. vs. Southern New Hampshire est amount of shots Babson
by an average of 14.3 points. Pepdjonovic was named University. This game saw had in a period was 16 (in the
According to the Suffolk GNAC Rookie of the Week after
Athletics Department, the averaging a double-double (17.7
three straight wins marked points and 12.7 rebounds) in
the first time a men's bas- the Rams' three victories. Pepd-
ketball team had started the jonovic was named to the NEC
season 3-0 since 1999-2000. All-Tournament Team as well.
The wins didn't end at The Rams will be in ac-
New England College, how- tion next tomorrow night
ever, as the Rams returned when they take on UMass-
to Beacon Hill and beat Boston at home at 7:30 p.m.

SU soccer programs
receive academic award
Dan Ryan, Suffolk accom-
plished a rare feat in having
Journal Staff
both it's men's and women's
Despite the fact that their soccer teams selected for the
seasons drew to a close weeks award, as only 97 colleges and
ago, Suffolk's men's and wom- universities in all of college
en's soccer teams and their soccer (Divisions I-III) had both
coaches received a prestigious programs honored. One of the
award earlier this week: both 96 (other than Suffolk) was
teams were given the National the Rams' cross-Common and
Soccer Coaches Association of GNAC rivals, Emerson College.
America (NSCAA) Academic/ The women's team, which
Adidas College Team Award for was honored for the second-
the 2008-2009 academic year, straight season, had a team
according to a release on the GPA of 3.00. The men's team
Athletics Department website. had a team GPA of 3.07.
The award is given to Nationwide, there were 326
squads whose team GPA is women's programs honored,
3.00 or higher on a 4.00 scale. compared to 141 men's pro-
The NSCAA has been giving grams. A complete list of the
out the award each year since colleges receiving the award
1996. The NSCAA is, according can be seen on the NSCAA's
to its website, the largest asso- website (
ciation of coaches in the world.
According to www.GoSuf-
PAGE 16 December 2, 2009

Thumbs down: Please, NFL, no more Lions

After years of futility, it's time to let another team play on Turkey Day
do anyway strictly out of mor- and have now lost six straight existence; in contrast, the Dal- ting the Detroit Lions play on
bid curiosity. This is a team Thanksgiving Day games. las Cowboys, one of the most Thanksgiving. They’re a more
that once lost 19 regular season In their long and putrid his- storied NFL franchises, have dysfunctional group of individ-
Turkey, stuffing, yams, pie, uals than your crazy extended
family; those are just some of family who you only see on the
the many traditions that come holidays. Goodell should let a
along with the Thanksgiving good team like the Colts or the
holiday every year. I, along Patriots have an annual Thanks-
with pretty much everyone else, giving Day game, I mean come
look forward to Thanksgiving on, they are the “Patriots” right?
every year because it is a relax- And if the Lions continue
ing holiday that allows me to re- to get the opportunity to play
flect upon my many blessings. on Thanksgiving Day every
Unfortunately this year, I year, at least people around
was forced to watch another the world can take solace in
tradition that has been taking the fact that if the tryptophan
place for quite a while, one Photo property of Dave Hogg/WikiCommons in the turkey doesn’t make
that needs to be stopped as you sleepy enough to take a
soon as possible. The “tradi-
Even Detroit fans have grown tired of the franchise's losing ways, which same say nap after dinner, then watch-
were started by the since-fired Millen. Is it time to let another team take center stage ing the Detroit Lions sure will.
tion” that I am referring to is on Thanksgiving?
being stuck watching the De-
troit Lions play what they refer games in a row, (in comparison, tory, the Lions have won their made the playoffs 29 times in Agree with Alex? Is
the New England Patriots once division only three times (most their 49 years of existence, and
to as “football” year after year.
the New England Patriots have
he way off? Email
Being exposed to the De- won 21 games in a row, while recently in 1993), won four
troit Lions every Thanksgiving also winning 18 games in a NFL championships (the most reached the playoffs 16 times feedback to suffolk-
is like watching a car wreck: row in a single regular season). recent one coming in 1957) and in their 38 years of existence.
you don't want to look at all the The Lions are 3-32 over their have made the playoffs a total It’s time for Commission-!
damage they’re doing, but you last 35 regular season games, of 14 times in their 75 years of er Roger Goodell to stop let-

Despite young team, Leyden still Intramural basketball

expects hard work and success rosters due by Dec. 3 Roster forms for next all undergraduate students.
Lady Rams only returning two upperclassmen spring’s intramural basketball
season are still available, and
Teams are made up of five
to eight players, and all games
roster to lead them to success until after the new year, with all rosters must be submit- are played 5-on-5. Any team
Alex Mellion
this season. The roster has the first GNAC game coming ted by Dec. 3. Roster forms that forfeits two games will be
Journal Staff are available in the Athletics eliminated from competition.
only two seniors, as the rest on Jan. 9 at Simmons College.
of the girls on the team are ei- The Lady Rams are one Department Office in room League playoffs are usually held
Coming off of a 14-12 sea- ther freshmen or sophomores. of the youngest teams in 204 of the Ridgeway building. after spring break. For more
son, the Suffolk women’s bas- “Senior Mara Dreiser has the GNAC, and whether Games are played in Re- information or with any ques-
ketball team has high hopes blended in beautifully, she that will help them or hurt gan Gymnasium, and will tions, email Coach Cary McCo-
for this coming year and is both athletic and versa- their chances of being suc- be held throughout spring nnell at
hopes to continue the suc- tile, and fellow senior Laura cessful remains to be seen. semester. Last year’s sea-
cess that head coach Ed Ley- Thompson has set a support- “We are new and we are a son saw over 15 teams par- -Dan Ryan
den has experienced since ive tone as captain,” Leyden work in progress, but it's not ticipate. The league is open to

Second SU table ten-

first coming to Suffolk in 1994. said. “Sophomores Julie Con- an excuse to lose,” said Ley-
In his 14 years as the Suf- rad, Kristie Hayner, Mary den. “We expect to be ready
folk coach, Leyden has had Garon and Andorra Salaices for the GNAC schedule and
only three seasons where the
team finished with an under
.500 record (the 1994-95 sea-
are also much improved and
have benefited from practic-
have every intention of play-
ing into the second day of
nis tourney tonight
ing and playing last year.” the GNAC tournament.” A number of campus or- The tournament is spon-
son, the 1996-97 season, and Leyden also mentioned ganizations are combining to sored by the Student Gov-
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“Last year, we lost four The Lady Rams have gotten by another road game at Curry in the fourth floor lounge More information can be
games by three points or off to a 2-2 start, losing to Mont- College on Thursday at 7 p.m. of the Donahue Building. found under the “Univer-
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