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WinGroove version 0.

9E (English version)

Dec.1 96


WinGroove is a shareware. If you continually use WinGroove for over than 10 day
s, please pay US$20 to be a registerd user. It will be inherited by future versi
ons of WinGroove.
You can use VISA card, Master card, AmericanExpress card, FirstVirtual (network
cash), checks(cheques) and cashes of various countries.
The payment will be processed by "KAGI" who is a shareware agent.
There is the "Register" program to pay to WinGroove. This program will automaic
aly generate the ORDER FORM when you fill forms in this program. If you use cre
dit card or network cash for payment, you can immediately send the ORDER FORM to
KAGI. If you use check or cash, print it and send with printed ORDER FORM to KA
GI's postal address.

******** NOTICE ***********************************************************

Today (Dec.1 96), the author has not completed all procedures with KAGI yet.
If you CAN NOT USE the internet e-mail, DO NOT PAY to WinGroove now.
Please wait for a few weeks if you can't use e-mail and it's first period of Dec
ember 96. It will maybe possible on the latter of December. The new information
will be notified in the following web page.

****** HOW TO REGIST (It's possible for e-mail users only today) *******

Run "WG Player"


Click "Help" menu to choose "About WinGroove". The "About" dialog will a


Click "Register" button.


Choose "You have not paied to WinGroove yet" and click "OK".


The explanation (about registration of WinGroove) will be shown. Click "


More explanation (about KAGI's Register program) will be shown. Click "O


Write your informations into any fields.

You can choose some payment ways from "Method" list.
Be sure to write your e-mail address into "Email".


Then, follow the direction of "Register" program.


The ORDER FORM will be created by "Register". It's possible to copy into

the ClipBoard, Print, or Directly send to KAGI via MAPI if it's available on y
our Windows.
When your ORDER FORM is arrived in KAGI, you will receive an e-mail that
"Kagi Email Acknowledge".

After 1 to 3 days, more an e-mail will maybe received that named

"Thanks for your registration *",
if your payment was correctly processed by KAGI.

Send to the author the copy of 2nd e-mail from KAGI. The author needs th
is notification to know your payment on today. The author's e-mail address is
(This notification will be unnecessary after a few weeks)
Wait for 2 to 3 days. The PASSWORD will be sent from the author by e-mai
l. The explanations for "How to enter the PASSWORD" is described in this mail.

Thank you.
Hiroki Nakayama