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The name "OUZEL" is a common blackbird that breeds in temperate Eurasia, North A
frica, the Canary Islands, and South Asia. It has been introduced to Australia a
nd New Zealand. It is territorial and normally seen alone or in pairs, although
loose flocks may form on migration. When not breeding, several birds may also be
loosely associated in good feeding areas, such as a fruiting tree, often with o
ther thrushes.
We associate our travel agency with this bird because we believe that this symbo
lizes freedom to travel, to migrate, to go on an adventure and explore new envir
We, at OUZEL TRAVEL AND TOURS, accommodate travelers who are looking for the bes
t vacation so they can explore the beauty of the Philippines with affordable tou
r packages that will suit their needs.
OUZEL TRAVEL AND TOURS' objectives for the first three years of operation includ
To create a service-based company whose #1 mission is exceeding customers' expec
tations in a very affordable price.
To develop a sustainable, profitable business.
To achieve a 35% return rate of customers within the first three years.
OUZEL TRAVEL AND TOURS' mission is to provide memorable holidays in the Philippi
nes, social and environmentally responsible, satisfying the needs of our clients
and always exceeding their expectations at a very affordable price.
To become the leading ground operator in the region and our clients best partner,
always providing the best possible product, with the highest quality of service
s, and demonstrating faithfully our commitment towards social and environmental
expects the first several months will be used to plan trips and train staff. By
the end of year one the trips should be in full swing and will be building a sol
id customer base.
To be an IATA (International Air Transport Association) member so that we can is
sue airline tickets as soon as possible
To develop a more comprehensive travel products.
To aggressively solicit new and growing target groups.
To expand our relationship with airlines, charter flight operators, hotels, tour
operators and travel agents within the Philippines as well as overseas.
To Develop better rapport with corporate clients, senior government officials, s

ecretaries and supportive agents.

To Participate with the Philippines' Tourism Promotion Board on their sales miss
ion to sell the Philippines thus developing our reputation and image in the inte
rnational market.
To Participate in Consumer Fairs, Tourism Fairs organized by the Government or t
he Department of tourism, tourism conventions and seminars.
To Diversify the business and be involved in DOT within the country.