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SAP Billing & Revenue Innovation Management (SAP BRIM) solution is an
integrated cross-industrial product meant for automation of the "Consume-toCash" process.

SAP BRIM solution is available as a line of industry specific products for the
following sectors:

Telecommunications (telecom providers, service providers, virtual

communications providers)

Postal and logistics organisations (postal items and parcels management)

Public sector (toll highways, tax collection management, general public


Fuel and energy sector (filling and charging station networks)

High technologies (Internet application stores, digital content

monetisation, online services, M2M interactions, media services)

Transport (electronic tickets, passenger and freight traffic, public


Financial institutions (retail and corporate banking business, clearing,


And others.

SAP BRIM is also among the top 3 global leaders in Integrated Revenue and
Customer Management (IRCM) solutions for telecom providers (see 19.11.12
Gartner report).

SAP BRIM is a modular solution, which consists of various components

encompassing specific functionalities of the solution:
Fig. 1 SAP Billing & Revenue Innovation Management components

SAP BRIM solution modules cover the following functional areas of an enterprise's

SAP Convergent Charging:


Development of billing plans for the services offered by the company

(dynamic pricing)

Product catalog management

Management of subscriptions for various services

Current customer balance management (deposits to and withdrawals from

the client's accounts)

Online billing and tracking of the services rendered

Management of the revenue distribution between various contractors

SAP Convergent Invoicing:


Storage and processing of information regarding recorded service usage

events (billable items)

Aggregation and grouping of billable items in accordance with business


Consolidation of various account flows

Deferred earnings management

Billing cycle management

Automatic payment clearing

Invoice generation

Tax management

Invoice hard copy preparation

SAP Customer Financial Management:


Accounting and taxation management of operations using a specialised

general ledger (integration with the general ledger of SAP ERP)

Customer self-service

Service fee management

Credit risk management

Collection of accounts receivable

Processing of contractor financial requests

Contractor financial disagreement management

Customer service centre work automation

Integration of SAP BRIM with other SAP systems

Close integration with SAP CRM allows full coverage of the customer service
process from the first request until the actual delivery of the service and
payment for the services delivered.
The task of managing the mutual financial exchanges with customers and
contractors is solved thanks to the close integration with SAP CRM.

Thanks to the standard integration with the specialised general ledger of the SAP
Convergent Invoicing module (based on the contract account management
solution FI-CA), the accounting of all bookkeeping operations in the SAP ERP
general ledger is performed in accordance with the RAS and IFRS.
The solution is also integrated with several other SAP ERP modules SD and CO.