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Seven Stars

Cancer Therapies
Treatment Options
and Ways of Living
utilizing Synergy Effects
Excerpt from the original book
Yuanxing Zhai, Jrgen Waltersson

A popular scientific representation

of alternative and complementary approaches
utilizing synergistic effects
of multiple combined methods
for the prevention and treatment of cancer


Yuanxing Zhai, Jrgen Waltersson


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Autor: Yuanxing Zhai graduated from Hubei College of
Traditional Chinese Medicine and supports her father, Dr. Zhai

Runhua, the inventor of Ai Tong Ling, highly anticancer

herbal decoctions, in his clinic.
Jrgen Waltersson ist langjhriger Meditierender, Ingenieur
und Autor im Gesundheitsbereich sowie Meditationsberater.
Urheberrecht: Dieses Werk unterliegt dem Urheberrecht. Die
Vervielfltigung, bersetzung, Bearbeitung, Verbreitung und
jede Art der Verwertung auerhalb der Grenzen des Urheberrechtes bleiben vorbehalten und sind nur in den Grenzen der
gesetzlichen Bestimmungen des Urheberrechtsgesetzes der
jeweils geltenden Fassung zulssig.
Warenzeichen- und Markenrecht: Die Verwendung von Gebrauchsnamen, Handelsnamen, Warenbezeichnungen usw. in
diesem Werk berechtigt auch ohne besondere Kennzeichnung
nicht zu der Annahme, dass solche Namen im Sinne der Warenzeichen- und Markenschutz-Gesetzgebung als frei zu betrachten wren und daher von jedem benutzt werden drften.

by Yuanxing Zhai and Jrgen Waltersson

"Is cancer curable? Yes, it is curable ... The real

goal of cancer treatment is to return the body to a
state of natural health, in which all its organs and
systems function in tune with each other, friendly,
with full force."
Galina Schatalova, Translated from:
Heilkrftige Ernhrung, p. 155, 175
It is actually a very big
honor for me to have this
great chance to write the
book together with Mr. Jrgen
Waltersson. After seeing so
many cancer patient's life
through dying from ignorance,
I have always had a strong
feeling that I have responsibility to write something to inspire people's mind for living
a healthy life and to avoid
cancer or get rid of cancer
from their life. Perhaps the best way you can correct your life
from mistakesyou can save your life and you can live a better
life, is if you get an opportunity to read this book.

I want to share some true stories according to my

experience of treating cancer patients, based on the time while
working together with my father since I graduated from
traditional Chinese medicine university, till now it's nearly 18
In fact I want to write here about how I have realized that
cancer can be removed from human being's body and cancer
can be cured and people can be completely recovered. What
has changed my mind? Because before, my mind was like
everybody else's mind. In normal people's common sense,
cancer means death. When you read this book and see how
my mind has been changed, it may help you to change your
mind to gain a healthy life again free of cancer.
Nowadays still a lot of people's mind has been set as a
routine that cancer can't be conquered for the cancer
conquered can't be real cancer.
As a cancer doctor, my daily life facing mostly is to hear the
same question like this:"doctor, how long I can survive? Can
you predict how long I can live?" And every time I would
answer the question: "I'm not a fortuneteller, I cannot predict
how long you're going to live in this world. You are your own
life's master, you control your life's length. Of course you're
going to need a bit of luck. Because if you don't know the
correct knowledge, you may easily lose your life and also suffer
a lot of pain before dying. In an opposite way, if you know the
correct knowledge and know how to save yourself, then you
will get well again. And yes, exactly, knowledge is power. The
right knowledge changes your life, people die from ignorance
and survive by knowing - the right knowledge.
Yuanxing Zhai

In summer 2010 at the Oneness

University near Chennai in India I
met a young, beautiful and perfectly English talking cancer therapist from China, Yuanxing Zhai,
who had graduated from the Hubei
University of Traditional Chinese
The course we both visited in India was an advanced yoga training
course and everybody was impressed by Yuanxing and felt
honored to talk with her.
When I had the chance for a short talk in the few minutes
between lunch and the beginning of the next lecture, Yuanxing
told me that in her fathers clinic patients were naturally healed
by pure herbal therapy. The range of cancer types that were
treated by special herbal mixtures encompassed some of the
most prevailent cancer types such as stomach, lung, liver and
breast cancer.
Yuanxing said that in the course of time their clinic became
so famous that they were not able to accept every patient. But
Yuanxing and her father also made the experience that in some
cases cancer came back after herbal therapy. Since they were
aware that cancer is a holistic disorder that needs also an
holistic approach, they began to only accept patients who did
also agree to set their family life in order and release emotional
trauma to make the cure sustainable so that the cancer would
not come back. Today the Dr. Runhua Zhai's Traditional
Chinese medicine Clinic got so much attention in the public
that there are frequent reports in TV and newspapers about
their successful work.
This information Yuanxing narrated to me during the hot
Indian high noon pause in the shade of the dining hall seemed
to me like another precious gemstone in the mosaic of modern
holistic alternative and soft cancer therapy.

Doctors and therapists from all continents and from different

times and cultures contributed to the facets of this colourful but
homogenous mosaic.
By reading this book, you create a shift in consciousness in
the field of medicine in your personal life, but by this you also
contribute to a global shift that attracts more and more circles.
For this I want to express my deepest gratitude to you. Reading
this book has an impact on your personal view of the world you will consider levels of healing in cancer therapy as
possible that you might have considered impossible until recent
times. And with the change of many individual worldviews,
inseparably the collective world view changes.
But there is more to it: Our attitudes and beliefs have a
major influence on the unfoldment of the individual healing
potential. 2000 years ago, in the the Middle East, it has been
shown clearly that, in principle and in real life, anything is
possible. But from earliest childhood on we were taught to
ignore the experience of miracle and wonder. As Dr. Frank
Kinslow, one of the founders of healing methods grouped under
the term Quantum Healing, stated:

''The wonders that we can perform are limited only by

our consciousness. We are all limited, every one of us.
It is unavoidable. But knowing what we now know, we
can begin to slip the chains that bind our
consciousness and begin to live beyond our present
Jrgen Waltersson

Dr. Runhua Zhai and Dr. Yuanxing Zhai,

together with a healed cancer patient from the
Dr. Runhua ZHAI's Traditional Chinese medicine Clinic

Healing Cancer with Herbs and TCM

Yuanxing ZHAI

Heaven, earth and myself are

living together.
And all things together with me
establish an unseparable Unity.
Chuang Tzu

This is the story of cancer patient JunRen Peng , who has

continued to live with advanced hepatocellular carcinoma ten
years after his diagnosis. It was written in the tenth year of her
fathers cancer by his daughter AiJunPeng in June 2014
God has already allowed my father to live through the past 10
Spring Festivals. Ten Years ago, my father was diagnosed
having advanced liver cancer. That type of cancer people
usually dont survive longer than a year.
Dr. Runhua Zhai and Dr. Yuanxing Zhai have been by my
fathers side, caring for him and giving him concern since the
beginning. AiTongLing has escorted my father and has given
him a treatment of drinking multiple courses of Aitongling (his
traditional Chinese medicine decoction). Throughout the years,
whenever my father felt even the slightest discomfort, he took

one bottle of AiTongLing and it made him feel fine again.

For the past Ten Years, my father has survived with a tumor
and we have been able to live together like normal people. His
once advanced 9.5cm tumor has been reduced and controlled
to 3cm or less. My father has adapted a vegan lifestyle and
can detect how any food that enters his mouth will positively or
negatively affect his liver. He has found a normal daily routine
where he gets up early in the morning to do physical activity,
takes a midday nap, and goes to sleep at the same time every
night. On occasion, in order to stay healthy, my father takes a
foot bath, gets a body massage, or listens to Buddhist
meditation music. He also takes AiTongLing in advance once
his body senses a little discomfort as a preventative measure.
We are always prepared with a box of AiTongLing at home.
For the past Ten Years, we children have shown more love and
respect to my father than ever before. My Mother takes care of
my father on a daily basis and we children have brought him so
much joy. As my brothers and sisters have begun to have
families of their own, we have been fortunate that my father
has continued to live and see our family expand. He has been
able to work through his complications to allow his three
granddaughters to sit on his knees and show their love for him.
This has been a source of absolute happiness for my father.
For the past Ten Years, my father has developed a bold
confidence and feels like he will be able to live ten years more
without a problem! He wants to be here for his grandchildren
and hopes that he can take care of them as they grow.
For the past Ten Years, we have hoped to share my fathers
story with other cancer patients so that they too can live a
decade, or even more than ten years longer. If other cancer
patients can hear my fathers story and have the same fortune
to meet Dr. ZHAI, we are confident that more miracles will
happen and that more people will be able to live full lives.
For the past Ten Years, many people have wondered why my
father has survived. I started hearing of and meeting some of
Dr. ZHAIs other patients who also suffered from advanced
stages of cancer. I witnessed enough positive cases that
whenever someone askes me for help, I tell them to let the
world know the existence of this cancer treatment. I felt the

need to let the world know that there is a treatment to

advanced cancer patients that could save their lives.
Now, I pray that my fathers story will reach many people, and
that cancer patients through China will be helped. I want them
to be free from the burdensome shackles of cancer and
experience life just like my father has!

This was a true story as to how we treat cancer patients and

change their life and how everything happened this way in our
special pure plant treatment.
We have successful cases and failed cases which can also
bring wisdom for people behind to learn those lessons. Here
we go...!
My father has been treating cancer patients more than 40,000.
He has been dedicated to his work all his life since he was 20
years old and became a TCM doctor. Now he is 76 years old
and for so many years he has been a really hard working
person involving all his heart into his work. Every cancer
patient has their own story behind the cancer, that is why and

how they got cancer from the very beginning. By treating

cancer patients we have been through different stages.
Stage one: we treat cancer patients with our own created pure
TCM medicine. And the cancer patients get recovered from our
medicine treatment.
Stage Two: we ask our cancer patients living the life style as
we required. (We have life rules for patients to follow)
Stage Three: we help cancer patients to find out the real
reason why and how they got cancer, avoiding it to happen
Just what I wrote above about these three stages, that's how
we step-by-step treat cancer patients and then bring their
cancer life back to normal healthy life again.
Let's start from stage one: long time ago, we just gave patients
our TCM medication "AITONGLING" which was made and
invented by my father and me. Patients seemed really fine and
easily got a recovery from our medication.
Chinese Medicine has been treating cancer for thousands of
years not by focussing on cancerous cells but by dealing with
the whole body-mind system. The ancient textbook of TCM, the
Huang Di Nei Jing Di ( ), mentioned already more
than 2000 years ago descriptions of the cause, appearances
and treatment of tumors ( ). And in the Sung Dynasty (ca.
1300 AD) the ancient medical book Wei Ji Bao Shu (
) introduces the Chinese word Ai ( ), meaning malignant
carcinoma. Chinese doctors consider multiple causes of
cancer, divided into "external causes," such as toxins and other
environmental factors, and "internal causes" such as emotional
stress, bad eating habits, accumulated wastes from food, and
damaged organs.
According to this, Chinese medicine does not think of cancer
as a single disease, but as a system breakdown, an illness of
the whole body. To treat the whole body is considered as far
more important than just to treat the cancer cells. It strengthens
the patients qi and blood and removes imbalances so that the

body clear the cancer itself. In Chinese medicine a patient is

involved in a comprehensive regime including herbal
medicines, acupuncture, diet, and special exercises and
behaviour recommendations.
Especially herbal medicines play key role in this: Proponents
of Chinese traditional medicines point out that these medicines,
unlike Western drugs in which the therapeutic effects are
derived from a single compound with a well-defined target,
have synergistic pharmacological effects because each herbal
formula consists of several herbs, each with specific
therapeutic activities toward the disease or symptoms. (1)
Scientists found indications that TCM herbal medications like
our "AITONGLING", additionally to the nourishing and
ballancing effect, the anticancer effects of the herbal medicines
might be caused by apoptotic (causing cell death) molecules
mediated by the power plants of the cells, the mitochondria.1 A
Western alternative counterpart of these medical herbs is found
in the treatment with Laetrile, dealt with in the chapter Laetril,
the ''Vitamin'' of the Hunzas.
Ususally we treat cancer patients in a simple way, which is very
effective to those patients who have plain simple mind, and
especially when the cancer patients come from small town or
village. Because they dont think too much. Here we have a
very different explanation about think: in our opinion, cancer
patients are always told by doctors, please take enough rest.
They answered yes, we laying on bed for like 24 hours a day,
even have our food on the bed. Isnt it rest enough? No, it's not
enough. Because their mind has non-stop thinking, about just
everything. We require our patients have the real rest, which
means to have enough rest in their mind as well.
If they listen to our advise, keep that in their mind and heart,
follow it up and stick on it, they get well faster than other
patients who think everything in a complicated way. We ask our
patients to live a life according to this:

1Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicines

Therapy/Thieme E-Journals - Planta Medica



Dr. Yuanxing Zhai together with Xingcu LIANG, a healed

cancer patient from the Dr. Runhua ZHAI's Traditional
Chinese medicine Clinic


We have been treating patients in this way for a long time, until
we had some cancer patients come back for our help again,
even some of our cancer patients who were completely
recovered from cancer. Which caused/raised our attention: why
they came back? When you have totally recovered from
cancer, whats the main reason that you suffer from it again?
And this brings us to link this question directly to stage 2 and 3.
We have certain life rules for cancer patients to follow up,
mostly what correct food for them to eat, how to eat food (many
small tricks here: including temperature, chewing way, how
long to chew for one mouth full of food till swallowing it etc.),
what to drink, what to think, and how to keep up your mood in a
positive way; even certain kinds of food. Because those food
names and rules of life all come from patients' feedback. It
seemed to be evident that some patients took wrong food and
pitfully lost their life. We studied these cases, recorded them
and added the insights into our life rules, to avoid that more
cancer patients make the same mistakes.
Accompanying taking our medicine (Aitongling), we give our
cancer patient a list of healthy life rules, requiring of them
strictly to obey and do it as a daily routine. We also tell our
patients, if they obey those rules 100%, their cancer wont
bother them anymore. Even one day, the last moment of their
life comes, they wont die from cancer but due to, some other
The statistics from our data was that if they break 20% of the
rules, the illness came back to them to an amount of 20%; if
they break 50% of the rules, the illness came back to them to
an amount of 50%.
Here I want to tell the story of another patient, Xingchu Liang,
whose wellbeing after his healing proccess we were able to
witness since almost 10 years now. His story was also
published in the Wuhan Evening News edition form March
27th, 2002.
Cancer means death. On Jan 8th, 2001, I was truly depressed
with XieHe Hospitals medical report, showing (left part
nasopharynx) poorly differentiated squamous-cell carcinoma.

How I longed to survive! Thus I spent more than 5,000 RMB to

be treated in a certain famous hospital. Unfortunately, the
situation couldnt be controlled and my body couldnt endure
the pain any more. So I had to give up the treatment. Not long
afterward, my illness was being aggravated: my throat ached
even while drinking water, I could only eat porridge and some
other soft food. There always seemed to be some noise in my
ears and the left one has lost hearing. I couldnt sleep well,
with only 1 to 3 hours sleep a day; my face was badly bruised;
the back of the ears and the neck ached; I felt sore and weak
when walking; my fingers trembled unconsciously and my legs
would become so swollen after sitting for 3 hours. Also, I had
difficulty in discharging the body wastes by then all my
relatives knew that I was dying. The weather was getting hotter
and hotter day by day. My only delusion at that time was to
survive over the heat days, not dying in summer would be
lucky enough.
Right at that critical moment, my friend brought me a piece of
Wuhan Evening Newspaper with a news report about Dr.
Runhua ZHAIs experiences of treating cancer. His office is in
Hankou Fuxing Xincun. Suddenly, my hope was raised up
again, so my family and I found out Dr. ZHAIs Clinic
immediately. The doctor I met was Dr ZHAIs daughter and
(heir) colleague - Dr. Yuanxing ZHAI who graduated from
Hubei Traditional Chinese Medical University. She was so
young that I doubted a lot in my heart whether she could cure
cancer or not?
Dr. Yuanxing ZHAI seemed to know patients psychology. After
she read the diagnosis report of mine from Xiehe Hospital. She
listed a series of the symptoms of nasopharyngeal cancer. All
those symptoms matched exactly what I had been suffering
from. My suspicious think was turned to trust at that time.
According to her prescription, a miracle emerged within only


half a month! The most disturbing throat ache obviously

lessened. It no longer ached while drinking and eating. I could
eat rice and felt much better, my spirit become better too! I
started to believe that it would be out of question to survive this
summer if I insisted on taking medicine. By September, all my
symptoms disappeared and I could live like any other healthy
people. At that moment, an even bigger miracle occurred! Dr.
Yuanxing ZHAI confidently asked me to have a re-check up in
the hospital, I was hesitating and doubted when I went for the
reexamination------however, the report shows clearly: No
foreign body observed. Afterwards I had three other
reexaminations with the same results.
Finally I have gained back my second life. I would like to thank
great miracal Drs. ZHAI! I would like to thank Wuhan Evening
Newspaper for reported this vital life-saving information!
Liang Xingcu, Huancheng County, New Villege,
Huangpi, Wuhan
Everyone wants to be perfect. So do I. I wanted to write a
perfect chapter here about our approach of TCM and cancer.
But at the end, I have to admit that, this chapter may not be as
perfect as I wished to be. Still at least it's a start. With this
wonderful opportunity, that people can get a chance to know
cancer through another angle one step closer than before.
What also offers a chance to let people understand a little bit
that in this wide world, miracles exist, they can happen in your
life too.
In our day to day clinical experience my father and me have
experienced miracle like healings with our patients, even
though, from a certain perspective, our approach is
systematically and logically. But it is always awe-inspiring how
the body can restore to good health with a little help of some
herbs and corrective circumstances.
So if you are a patient who has already experienced those

emotionally ups and downs which effected your body and your
immune system before, or if you are an interested reader or
someone whose family member is afflicted by cancer - if you
feel the power of all this fresh new knowledge on these pages
and if you agree with us and trust us, I want to express one
With your kind heart spread this new information and
knowledge to people who need it, who dream of it and who are
open to make use of these informations together with their


Some TCM Basics

The two main factors typical for Chinese Medicin are stagnant
blood and the blockage or accumulation of chi, or qi (traditionell: / modern: , pronounced chee), the vital energy
said to circulate along the meridians, or pathways, connecting
all parts of the body. Blood in this context refers not only to a
material substance but to the process of nourishing the organism, in a mutually regulating relationship with chi and
body fluids (Jin Ye , also called Moisture). So cancer
according to TCM can be seen as the result of stagnent energy (Chi) that became callous. Similar to stagnant blood that
becomes sclerotic.
The concept of meridians, acupuncture points and Chi is
more and more proven scientifically. An acupuncture point
also has a number of physiological Characteristics. In comparison to the surrounding skin tissue:
- acupuncture points have a lower electrical resistance and a
higher electrical voltage value;
- acupuncture points are more sensitive to stimuli (such as
temperature sensitivity, pressure pain sensitivity, etc.);
- they have a higher local temperature, probably due to the
higher proportion of arteriovenous anastomoses;
- the skin respiration (CO2 concentration) is higher.
- Professor Kaznachejew from the Institute for Clinical and
Experimental Medicine in Novosibirsk, USSR, explored the
light conducting ability of the human body along the meridians.
- Prof. Hartmut Heine of the University of Witten / Herdecke
found that underneath all acupuncture points is found a fascia
opening for a nerve.