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Read and spell the words. Then, colour the
Unit 1
1. Word: moo
Sentence: Cows moo.

Unit 4
6. Word: please
Sentence: Please open the door.
Unit 5
7. Word: may
Sentence: May I help you?

Unit 2
2. Word: hello
Sentence: Hello, nice to meet you.
Unit 3

Unit 6
8. Word: duck
Sentence: Dilly Duck is sad.

3. Word: morning
Sentence: Good morning, teacher.
4. Word: afternoon
Sentence: Good afternoon, Encik Karim.
5. Word: evening
Sentence: Good evening, my friend.

Unit 7
9. Word: head
Sentence: This is my head.
10. Word: shoulders
Sentence: These are my shoulders.

11. Word: knees

Sentence: I can bend my knees.

17. Word: hands

Sentence: I can clap my hands.

12. Word: toes

Sentence: I can touch my toes.

18. Word: fingers

Sentence: I can snap my fingers.

13. Word: eyes

Sentence: I see with my eyes.
14. Word: ears

19. Word: clean

Sentence: My shoes are clean.

Sentence: I hear with my ears.

20. Word: dirty
15. Word: mouth

Sentence: Do not dirty the floor.

Sentence: I eat with my mouth.

21. Word: wash
16. Word: nose

Sentence: We wash our hands before we eat.

Sentence: We smell with our nose.

22. Word: wipe
Sentence: Please wipe the windows.
Unit 8

23. Word: mop

Sentence: Please mop the floor.

Unit 9

29. Word: six

Sentence: There are six ducks on the farm.

24. Word: family

Sentence: I love my family.

30. Word: seven

Sentence: There are seven days in a week.

25. Word: father

Sentence: My father has a car.

31. Word: eight

Sentence: Are there eight caps in the sack?

26. Word: mother

Sentence: My mother likes to cook.

32. Word: nine

Sentence: There are nine cats on a mat,

27. Word: brother

Sentence: Alis brother is five years old.

33. Word: ten

Sentence: We have ten fingers.

28. Word: sister

Sentence: Rajus sister wears a dress.
Unit 10

Unit 11
34. Word: Sunday

Sentence: Today is Sunday.

40. Word: August

Sentence: Our National Day is in August.

35. Word: Monday

Sentence: What day comes after Monday?

Unit 13
41. Word: blue

36. Word: Tuesday

Sentence: I have a blue mug.

Sentence: What day comes before Tuesday?

42. Word: yellow
Unit 12

Sentence: Mei Ling has a yellow vest.

37. Word: birthday

Sentence: When is your birthday?

43. Word: green

Sentence: The plants in the garden are green.

38. Word: January

Sentence: My birthday is in January.

44. Word: red

Sentence: I like the red strips on the flag.

39. Word: February

Sentence: Farahs birthday is in February.

45. Word: white

Sentence: My teeth are white.

Unit 14

51. Word : classroom

Sentence : There are many pupils in the

46. Word: sorry

Sentence: I am sorry, father.

52. Word : chair

Sentence : The chair is made of wood.

47. Word: thank

Sentence: Thank you, my friend.

53. Word : desks

Sentences - Please arrange the desks neatly.

48. Word: welcome

54. Word : school bag

Sentence: You are welcome.

Sentence : My father bought a new school bag .
Unit 15
49. Word: toy
Sentence: My favourite toy is a big red robot.
55. Word : whiteboard
50. Word: boat
Sentence: I have a big blue boat.
Unit 16

Sentence : My teacher writes on the whiteboard.

56. Word : coloured pencils

Sentences :I use coloured pencils to colour the

Unit 17
57. Word : canteen
Sentence : Anita buys the drinks at the canteen.
58. Word : library
Sentence :There are many books in my school

Sentence : There is a bottle of jam on the dining


63. Word : fruits

Sentence : We should eat more fruits every day.


59. Word : office

Sentence: The clerk works in the office.
Unit 19
64. Word : vest
60. Word : toilet
Sentence : Please teacher, may I go to the toilet?
Unit 18
61. Word : buns
Sentence : My mother buys the buns at the bakery.

Sentence :The school prefect wears a blue vest to


65. Word : hat

Sentence :The farmer wears a hat when he works.

62. Word : jam

66. Word : dress

Sentence :The lady buys a beautiful dress at the

71. Word : rabbit
Sentence : The rabbit has soft and white fur.
67. Word : jacket
Sentence : The expensive jacket is made of leather.

72. Word ; fish

Sentence : Arjun keeps his pet fish in the aquarium.

Unit 20
68. Word : sleeps

Unit 21

Sentence : The black cat sleeps in the basket.

73. Word : circle
69. Word : running

Sentence : Circle the correct word.

Sentence : The boys are running around the field.

74. World : rectangle
Sentence :A rectangle has four sides.
70. Word : mice
Sentence : The mice like to eat cheese.
75. Word : triangle

Sentence : Draw a triangle on the paper , said

Puan Lili

79. Word : branches

Sentence : The durian tree has big and strong

76. Word ; square

Sentence : The box is square in shape.
80. Words : worms
Sentence : I use fat worms as baits when I go
Unit 22
Unit 23
77. Word: flowers
Sentence : There are many colourful flowers in the

78. Word : leaves

Sentence :The banana leaves are green and

81. Word : cows

Sentence : The cows are in the cowshed.

82. Word : milk

Sentence : Baby drinks milk.

83. Word : farmer

Sentence : Mr Lim is a farmer.

90. Word : raft

Unit 24
84. Word : shirt

Sentence : People used to travel on a raft.

Sentence : My father wears a shirt to work.

91. Word : yacht
85. Word : belt

Sentence : The yacht is at the harbor.

Sentence : I have a black belt.

92. Word : bullock carts
86. Word : shopping
Sentence : We had fun shopping at the mall.

87. Word : lunch

Sentence : We can see bullock carts in Melaka.

Unit 26
93. Word : tiny
Sentence : I have a tiny thimble.

Sentence : I have rice and chicken for lunch.

Unit 25

Unit 27

88. Word ; walk

94. Word : crocodile
Sentence : My friends walk to school every day.
Sentence : A crocodile is a reptile .
89. Word : trishaw
95. Word : lion
Sentence : We had a trishaw ride around Penang.

Sentence : A lion is a fierce animal.

96. Word : elephant

Sentence : An elephant has two big ears and a

97. Word : monkeys

Sentence : Monkeys swing from tree to tree.
Unit 28

98. Word : earth

Sentence : What must we do to save our earth?
Unit 29
99. Word : beach
Tania played with her sister on the beach.
Unit 30
100. Word : Goodbye
Sentence : Goodbye and happy holidays to my
friends and teachers.