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Submitted by,
Name: Pankaj Sreekumar
Reg no: MY.SC.P2MCA14037
MCA Lateral IV semester

Event management is a systematic and hectic job manually. A college conducts
different fests each academic year, there are a lot of problems surrounded by it also like
manual registration, heavy and hectic paper works etc. The project entitled COLLEGE
FEST MANAGEMENT SYSTEM is software intended to computerize the activities in
managing the system. It helps out in the operations performed during fest coordination. It
is developed mainly for the database to store event and participant details including the
categories. Since the software has automated all the operations in the paper work into
digital including registration works, It will be a very convenient way and total solution to
the fest coordinators to use in ease. The project is going to be developed in ASP.NET as
front end and SQL SERVER as back end. This software helps both the coordinators and
participants of various fests by reducing all the paper works and human errors.

In this 21st century,computers play a vital role in all the fields.considering the
above fact,simple small fests and events can also be managed by computers to an extend
by helping humans in reducing the paper works and errors with the support of this
use client-server technology with ASP.NET as front end and SQL Server 2005 as the back
end, which is highly configured to accommadate the desired functions. In this project, we
are developing software, which will be capable of handling the process like registration
works,event coordination,result processing etc.. The security of the system is highly
ensured by one time passwords and reliable via other validation procedures.This
software is fully menu driven and has simple interface.. This application program is

efficient, user friendly, error free application program whih helps colleges like
institutions to coordinate events and fests easily,secure and efficiently

3.Existing system
The existing

system is fully manual and the information is stored in paper

files.There are great chance of error in case of manual handling of the information.Data
integrity problems are identified and quick retrieval of data is not possible in the existing
system.Time consuming and the existence of risk factors can be overcome to a greater
extend with help of computer aided management system.
Limitations of Existing System:
1. Time consumption
2. Lack of accuracy
3. Non reusability
4. Data reduntancy

The proposed system allows user to process multiple tasks of an event/fest
management system like participant registration, event scheduling, result publishing and
other various processes. This will drastically reduce the paper works and human errors
caused by it.It also allow to share every data to other system by networks.

User Function:
A one-time registration of the product is been set to ensure data
security by allowing user to choose a username and password for later use of the product.
Only one user is been considered to use this system and alone can be managed easily with
the help of user friendly interface. He/she can schedule the events, manage database,
allows participant registration, list publishing etc.

Processor : Pentium (IV) or higher

: 512 MB or above

Hard Disk : 40GB or above

Mother Board: Intel 815E
Cache Memory: 256k
CD-ROM:52 xs
CPU Clock: 866 MHZ
Key board: 104 keys standard key board
Monitor: CRT/LCD
Mouse: Scroll mouse

Operating System: Windows XP or higher
Web Server : Internet Information Services (IIS)

: ASP.Net

Developing tool: Microsoft Visual Studio 2008

System Architecture: Three-tier Architecture

This software provides a user-friendly approach towards the system. This system
is bound to satisfy all of the requirements easily. It is a highly reliable software and it is
the need of the hour. The program for carrying out various activities have been run and
will be successfully tested to ensure that the software developed meets the needs
satisfactorily to the user. Any user can process the COLLEGE FEST MANAGEMENT
SYSTEM without any experience in any software products. The major advantages of
software products are:
Fast retrieval of entries from database
Cost effective.
Quick implementation results.
Minimal paper works.

The software was developed in ASP.Net and SQL. It is expected to live up to the
objectives for which it was designed. In the proposed system it is sure that it must
reduce the manpower and time duration.