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Bora Makar


PROJ102 Project Proposal

Identifying Strategies for an Intelligent Agent

That Can Play Angry Birds Autonomously
Written by Bora Makar
Supervisor: Esra Erdem

Bora Makar
In this project, we will be doing research on intelligent agents that can play
the game Angry Birds, and will specifically work on AIBirds to create an intelligent
agent that can successfully play the game. To do this, we will first understand
what an intelligent agent is, then design the requirements of the system that we
want to create and finally experiement with different algorithms and approaches
to come up with a system that can play the game on its own.
As the need and uses of computers increase, the desire to create an
intelligent computer also increases. Today, computers are able to do proof of
mathematical formulas or find the solutions of different puzzles or games where
the rules can be described very clearly as mathematical steps. These are
remarkable achievements, yet we want computer to be able to do even more;
like creating the next important physics hypothesis given all the work done until
today, or decide on what is the right thing to do in any given situation. The sub
area of computer science that is interested with these kinds of questions is called
artificial intelligence.
In this project we will use an existing program called AIBirds, which
provides some tools to create an intelligent agent that can play Angry Birds. We
will design the system in such a way that the system shall be able to complete
any level of Angry Birds and do so as efficiently as possible, meaning that it will
try to get the maximum possible score each time. Although this is the final aim,
we will start by making an system that can initially pass first levels, then improve
it so that it can pass levels that require different and more complex strategies,
and lastly we will try to improve it so that it will do what it does efficiently as well.
The purpose of this project is to identify strategies for an intelligent agent
that can play Angry Birds autonomously and without human intervention, and
design such an intelligent agent. This will in general serve to better the intelligent
agents existing today and find ways to make better ingelligent agents in the
future that can solve similar problems.
Project Steps:
First, we will do research about what an intelligent agent is. This is to have
a general idea of what we are expected to deal with while trying to come up for a
strategy for the intelligent agent we will design. Once we have enough
knowledge about the intelligent agents and specifically intelligent agents that
can play Angry Birds, we will try to analyze the game to come up with different
strategies that would be successful in different levels. Finally, we will apply the
strategies we have come up with to try and create an intelligent agent that can
play Angry Birds autonomously, and without human intervention.
Responsibilities of Individual Members:

Bora Makar
As being the only member of my group, I will be doing all the work
described above.