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‘CUU LONG JOINT OPERATING COMPANY Srv RTO sty soc wEsTmoNECTSX) Glog) Seno wits FLU AND CPP \ Mommcxtoxs sneha CONTRACTOR: PTSC MECHANICAL & CONSTRUCTION N2/He LEAK TESTING PROCEDURE CLIO CONTRACT NO: CLIOC-2013-DEV-1485 Document No.: 2013-3200-1P-1004 [PSC MECHANICAL & CONSTRUCTION ‘cuioe + fos [eon 7 Towa Pron ew [wor Mola a _POTT Th SIV EXTENSION - STV SOUTH WEST PROJECT (SVSW) EPCI FOR WHP-SVSW, PIPELINES AND CPP. MODIFICATIONS: anaes a Document No. ~ Page 2 022 201s eget nn LEAK TEST PROCEDURE Revision Not Date:09-Augelt | LNO. | REV. NO. CONTENT OF REVISION DATE OF REVISION, \[a Issued for Comments osah-2004 Issued for Comments ut2018 Issued for Comments 5 ul2014 Issued for Approval 3I-tuk2014 Tse for Approval (08-Aug-2014) elolel> ‘STV EXTENSION - STV SOUTH WEST PROJECT GVSW) EPCI FOR WHP-SVSW, PIPELINES AND CPP. ‘MODIFICATIONS. Page 3 0f 22 LEAK TEST PROCEDURE Date:09-Augetd ‘Table of Contents 1, INTRODUCTION, 1.1. PURPOSE, 1.2, COMMUNICATION. 13, ASSUMPTIONS. 2. APPLICABLE CODE, STANDARD & CLIENT SPECIFICATION, 3. SCOPE. 3.1, DBEINITIONS. 3.2, GENERAL. so 4. LEAK TEST EQUIPMENT SCHEMATIC... 5. SAFETY. S.. GENERAL SAFETY STATEMENT 5.2. HSE PRIOR TO WORK COMMENCING 33, HSE REQUIREMENT... SA, LEAK TESTING SAFETY STATEMENT 6. METHOD STATEMENT. 6.1, NITROGEN/HELIUM LEAK TESTING. 6.2 LEAK TESTING REQUIREMENT 63, LEAK TESTING PROCEDURE. 64, POST CONSTRUCTION CLEAN UP. 10 10 n a 2 4 15 16 7. PROJECT CONTROL, PROGRESS MEASUREMENT & REPORTING .17 8, RESPONSIBILITY sss 8.) SITE RESPONSIBILITY. 8.2. COMMUNICATION. 83. MANAGEMENT OF CHANGE. 7 a7 18 18 EPCI FOR WHP-SVSW, PIPELINES AND CPP i 'V EXTENSION - STV SOUTH WEST PROJECT (SVSW) ‘MODIFICATIONS. Document No 201 2a Hoe LEAK TEST PROCEDURE Revision No. 1 9. LIST OF EQUIPMENT. 10, OPERATING PROCE! AL, ATTACHMENT. [ggg STV EXTENSION STV SouTH WEST PROJECT GVW) : EPCIFOR WHP-SVSW, PIPELINES AND CPP Qiyond) | 7 ‘MODIFICATIONS, 7 Page § of 22 LEAK TEST PROCEDURE = | Revision Now 1 Date:09-Augeld 1. INTRODUCTION Ld. PURPOSE PTSC MAC will perform the work scope of N2/He Service Leak Testing as part of the Facilities Offshore Piping system, This document serves as a procedure for performing the work & ensuring that operations within the work of cope are cartid out ina safe and timely manner. 1.2. COMMUNICATION Throughout the lok test operation communications shall be maintained between PTSC M&C sand CUU LONG JOC through means of + Daily Operational Log + Daily Work Pack Progress Report + Leak report ifany ‘+ Handover report 1.3, assuMPrions “The following assumptions have been made in the writing ofthis procedure. Company Supply lems = Power supply @20V, 32Amp) = Site Lighting Mechanical Completion of Process systems to be tested and Sub System Acceptance centitiate must exist, “= Worksite Permit to work system “= Worksite inductions ‘+ Site Metical Response + Medical Evacuation STV EXTENSION - STV SOUTH WEST PROJECT GVSW) PCI FOR WHP-SVSW, PIPELINES AND CPP uiond) | 7, MODIFICATIONS arenes ‘Document No.: 22 2 Page 6 0f 22 2M SRO LEAK TEST PROCEDURE = |} Revision N Date:09-aug-14 13. SCOPE 13.1. DEFINITIONS = Crane! Rigging! Scaffolding support “Deck Binding Inthe event Leak Testing is caried oflshore) Constant source of water supply 12, APPLICABLE CODE, STANDARD & CLIENT SPECIFICATION 4 ASME B31.3~ Process Piping + 2013-3200-IL-0101- Piping design specification ‘$ 2013-3200-11-0102 - Piping fabrication speifiation [Abbroain Desrpon CENT [Gauteng z [se Quay, Heal Say and Envios MSDS Material Safety Data Sheet Cos Cont of Subse Havardous oes fiw emits Work [roe esa Prise uma PA Pale Announcement raid ping & nstrmenation Diagram lone OverPessre Protein Rv Pressure Rei Valve [psv Pressre Safety Value [pew Pressure Cota Valve be Liquid Nitrogen nial Diameter Sc | Ss a Fat Sc Sandal Cubic foo payer vvT ‘Ulinsnic Valve Tet Berens anna cea LEAK TEST PROCEDURE KE ‘Test Pack Colour Ci DOD «ter tation. vatve close, Inline Valve (open). ADE siay vert rats va open YELLOW | =: Area Under Pressure mb Secondary Vent/Vent path Primary Isolation, @ seen en @) Inline Valve, fo oe |3.2, GENERAL “The process systems wo undergo Nitrogen/Helium Leak Detection aoconling. to this procedure ae a follows: Production Flowlines and Manifolds Pig Launcher Lift Gat Import Closed Drain System ‘Systm s fr leak test should be DC, PF, PG, PL, VA KAA 8 6 “The systems tobe tested wil be divided into Leak Test Packages during the pe- engineering Which will indicate paperwork service & specification. The division is managed in a EPCI FOR WHP-SVSW, PIPELINES AND CPP a ‘STV EXTENSION - STV SOUTH WEST PROJECT (SVSW) wh MODIFICATIONS od | Page 8 of 22 LEAK TEST PROCEDURE <——— Date:09-Aug-14 manner that allows each test pack tobe tested independently ftom others. ‘The Test Packages will be identified and basically corespond (0 the Contract systems. “The following describes inthe test package contents “Gives dal tcl information af Te specific Test Pack 1. ‘Test Peck Technical Infomation Tt and Color marked op PAIDS, which Indicate thetest stem linus, injection 2, Test Pack PAID Pont, monitoring pols, OPP pod ven path. relevant information tnseuction Casper test pack eguiremes [apn tae pi Ti Tg ac “Gres aad racton or work o Be 44 rapratin Cesk fat a : carried out before esting [5 Tatine/sotation of valves Gives the required postion of ALL. Valves ‘thin the Test Pack cng testng Toolbox Talk Safey Cheasr Testpack safer ssessmem heck | womeweeume | Ol aration to] a proceed with stn. Giver deta won ad est 8. Ulrasonie Valve Testing one ‘Gree ded respon of Teak rae CB rei tea) eel location and stn ofthe ek ound | 10. De-nergistion Note Tear dpresrzaton confimation ‘Gee dae craton fr work to Be 1, Reiattement Checklist carried ou on completion of testing Gives dae of weed aang ee eam en! within thet pook as SIVENTENSION - STV SOUTH WEST PROJECT GVSW) EPCI FOR WAP-SVSW, PIPELINES AND CPP “MODIFICATIONS, [Document No - Page 9 0f 22 2015-32001 1004 LEAK TEST PROCEDURE Revision Nos 1 Dates09-Aug-14 erate, whic ll Be abit pon 13, Test Completion Certiicate A a completion ofthe test 44. LEAK TEST EQUIPMENT SCHEMATIC Schematic diagram of sak Tet Pack and Eguipmens as following 's, SAFETY This section contains the minimum HSE safety requirements for the work scope to be earied out by PTSC MAC, Operations shall also be carried out in accordance with test pack | documents 5.1. GENERAL SAFETY STATEMENT ‘The PTSC MAC Site Manager will be responsible for all HSE issues during the project. However ite the msponsiilty of everyone to ensure their work place is safe. HSE issues are of paramount importance and ao action will be tolerated which violates these concepts. All ‘SIV EXTENSION - STV SOUTH WEST PROJECT GVSW) EPCI FOR WHP-SVSW, PIPELINES AND CPP uond) |? BS ‘MODIFICATIONS eee Document No- Page 10 0f 22 201 MOE LEAK TEST PROCEDURE | Revision Nos 1 Date:09-Aug-14| personnel shall adhere to HSE advice given by the onsite Company Safety Ofice/PTSC M&C Site Manager and follow the Company PTW and onsite HSE procedures 5.2. HSE PRIOR TO WORK COMMENCING The area will be condoned off using hard barriers and will be restricted to PTSC M&C qualified personnel only. Testing caried out offshore will have the addition of plywood or scaffold boards lid out covered with tapaulin sheets or simile t prevent freezing damage to the deck: Prior t0 commencement of work a JSA. will be raised. A safety briefing on N2/e Teak testing which covers the risk to all personnel will be caried out by PTSC M&C for al partes Alirectly involved. A PTW shall also be raised and a "Toolbox Talk’ wil be held atthe start of every shift after shift handover, A "Toolbox Talk will also be held prior to testing, all personnel involved in the work are to attend. The PTSC M&C Site Manager/Supervisor will bret ll personnel on ensuing work, detail the necessary HSE precautions required and review risk assessments, The meeting will include a review of worksite areas, any potenti hazards | ‘dentiied willbe incorporate into the rsk assessments 53, HSE REQUIREMENT [No other work will be permitted in cordoned off areas. The areas to be cordoned shall be the vicinity of any equipment or hoses under pressure. PTSCM&C personnel shall maintain barriers throughout the duration of the operations. “The following HSE rules wil be adhered to at all times. ‘+ Help prevent accidents and injury before they occur Stay situations which may lead to an accident or injury to yourself or others onsite + Report all incidents to CL JOC Project Safety Manager. Unsafe conuitions, tools, | ‘equipment and practices 10 be reported to the PISC MAC Safety Officer so that any | potential huzards canbe corrected before an accident or incident occurs, | tat all mes, Wateh for + No practical jokes, hotse play, drinking of aleoholic beverages or use of drugs are | allowed atthe workplace, as defined and enforced by the PTSC MAC Policy we ‘STV EXTENSION - STV SOUTH WEST PROJECT (SVSW) § EPCL FOR WHP-SVSW, PIPELINES AND CPP. Monnens oe Biases | Page 123 = LEAK TEST PROCEDURE 54. ‘+ Personnel shall watch where they walk and Keep alert to the movement of ‘© Personne! shall maintain a clean and orderly work area 4 Personne! must use protective clothing and equipment (PPE) provided for their we, ‘© Personsel will use ea prtetion & gloves “+ Onsite HSE cauipents shall be adered toa al ines, “+ Only authorized personel stall be allowed 10 operate plant and power tools. Provided all “+ Personnel shal nt stand nder lsd handled by power operated equipment ‘+ Persone! shall be rnd and aare of wh todo inthe event of an emergeey ‘+ A Site emergency plan will det a designated assembly point ‘+ Personnel shall inspect thelr Work areas at the end ofeach shift and ensue that all sir, ‘equipment and other personnel around them. They shall use hand rails when on stairways and shall not run except in extreme emergencies. hard a, safety glasses, overalls and protective boots shall be the minimum safety clothing wor at all mes when onsite -cetiee of authorized personnel who carry out leak test for CLIOC to review and approval water nittogen, diesel and clectica supplies ate shut off or secured unless otherwise instrcted. LEAK TESTING SAFETY. STATEMENT ‘Leak testing involve the aplication of pressure to systems pipe work and vessels. There is risk of failure and subsequent release of pressure enemy, i is therefere essential to take every precaution. Before commencing testing work, all equipment cerifistes shall be provided for CU LONG 10€ to review and approval. 1 is essential to be aware of the pressure in the equipments. Equipment will be regularly chheked to ensure that ao low pressure fitings or instruments have been used inthe test rig or system to be tested and that no Sings or instruments have been damaged. or ‘odified, Prior to mobilization of N2/He quads, they have been checked for safety and — —_____} STV EXTENSION -STV SOUTH WEST PROJECT (SVSW) a EPCI FOR WHP-SVSW, PIPELINES AND CPP. Cuong) | MODIFICATIONS srntayetee Document No 7 ‘ Page 12 of 2 j2013-3200-1P-1004 __ LEAK TEST PROCEDURE Revi N | Dates9-Ang-l4 ‘have been fitted with relief valves for outer and inner skins. The pump will be connected 19 a distbutor, this will be used fo ensure no over pressurization ofthe system will occur as ‘per test pack defined st pressures. Pressurized hoses will be tied down securely at regular intervals to prevent whipping in the event of failure, especially at srewed joint connections Remedial works on equipment or system will not be performed under pressure. The system must he adequately isolated and depressurized to ambient pressure according 10 the test pack technical information and primary vent points. [All ateas containing pressurized and equipment will be suitably cordoned off with barrier tape and warning signs. The aras that requite to be cordoned off will be determined by the PISC M&C Shift Supervisor in conjunction with the onsite Company Safety Officers rior (0 commencing Work. During the work only sutorized personne ghall be allowed | ‘within the cordoned off ace Ensure that access is provided forall tems to be inspected within the boundary ofthe test ack, (6. METHOD STATEMENT 6.1. NITROGEW/HELIUM LEAK TESTING “This section outlines the leak testing seope of work; all information will be taken from the specifications and drawings supplied by the CL JOC and on PTSC M&C past experience of carrying out projects of similar nature “The PAID's will be divided imo test packs and color ended for idemiffestion purposes. Test packs, subject to the Client approval, together with the methodology set out below, will form the basis, which will be used to develop a detailed leak test procedure, EPCI FOR WHP-SVSW, PIPELINI MODIFICATIONS mies 2013-3200-1P-1004 Page 13 of 22 LEAK TEST PROCEDURE Revision No.1 Date:09-Aug-t4 The Nitrogen/helium leak testing will form part ofthe commissioning ofthe process plant. A 1% helium, 99% nitrogen gas mixture will be used because itis inert and helium isa traceable gas ‘hat closely simulates hydrocarbon gos leak, In onder to obtain the 1% helium in nitrogen gs mix and cary out te Tek detection the flowing equipment wil be equi (detailed in tem 9 ¥ Liquid Nitrogen Tanks ¥ Nitrogen Pump Unit ¥ Quads Cylinders of Heium Gas Hliun Booster Pump Hand Held Helium Leak Dtetrs ¥ Unzasnic leak detestr (or rial valve checking) ¥ Leak Testing Cabin / Workshop ¥ Pressuye Gauges ¥ Chart Recorders Y Meassemnt Equipments shoul have valid altro and erticaton. esting pressure shld bea 5096-709 the range of pressure gauges or chart corer. ‘When canrying out the leak detection, all Manges within the test pack lis will be taped in separate colors to identity the individual systems for test whilst also creating a sealed eavity between flange faces so that any test gas leaking past gaskets or sels will be trapped within the flange cavity, Leak detection will be carted out by puncturing the tape and using soap to ‘onduet the bubble tet forall flangesjoint, valves, instrument ‘At 100% testing pressure, all taped joints, and valve stems will be tested withthe helium leak detector probe ta detect any leakage. All leaks found shall be recorded and reported to CLIOC and adjustments to flange bolting or fitings willbe cari out. No repairs will be eared out until the system has been depressurized or a double block and bleed has been identified by the Shift supervisor to make minor epairs. sy SIV EXTENSION STV SOUTH WEST PROJECT @VSW) EPCI FOR WHP-SVSW, PIPELINES AND CPP MODIFICATIONS, ‘Document No.: T T ] Page 14 of 22 2013-3200-1P-1004 | LEAK TEST PROCEDURE | Revision No. 1 Date:09-Aug-14 6.2. LEAK TESTING REQUIREMENT 62:1 An essential part of the leak testing project is the in depth preparation of a leak testing packages (Test Packs), These documents will deal the testing and will involve dividing the platform/plant systems into a number of test packs with reference to color coded in PAID, 622 All leak testing operations will be carried out in close lsison with the CL JOC and all personnel mide fully avare of impending leak testing operations 6.23 Each system under test will be lined up in accordance with the CL JOC spproved Test Pack, ensuring tha all valves are in the positions indicated in valve isolations. The limits of test will be cle idetified, and ian actuated valve is used as atest limit then i wl be positively held closed to ensure that it is not accidentally opened. Each Test Pack will have all system limits identified by individual tags. These tags will reference the Test Pack mumber and will sso be uniquely identified with the valve number and will cross reference with the valve isolations forthe applicable test puck. i 6.24 A recently eclibrated fitted ont the system before pressurization can commence. ot gauge of the comest range an a chart recorder if required will be 662.5 The loa test shall be performed at 1.1 times maximum system operate pressure oF 95% of the system PSV seting, whichever is lower. 162.6 All necessary safety precautions must be carried out prior to the introduction of test gus ‘The test area must be clearly “barrier off” using bunting and warning signs displayed a all points of accessleyress to test area. All unauthorized persons prohibited, Publ made with a sweep of the atea and regular communication with permit contol is to be ‘maintained. All ofthese precautions are required tobe signed off by both PTSC M&C and CUU LONG JOC on the "Notice to Energize" prior to any pressurization. 62.7 To ensure that the system under testis adequately protected against over aressurization, ‘when system rele? valves are not part of a system under test then a PSV will be provided STV EXTENSION - STV SOUTH WEST PROJECT GYSW) PCI FOR WHP-SVSW, PIPELINES AND CPP ond) 7 ‘MODIFICATIONS perene Document Nox - Page 15 of 22 2013:3200-1P yond LEAK TEST PROCEDURE | — Revision Not Date:09-Aug-14| bby PTSC M&C ontest rig, Maximum set pressure on PSV is 105% testing pressure 6.3, LEAK TESTRIG PROCEDURE 63:1 Based on velume of the test pack, pressure should be gradually increased 170 kpa (25 is attached as first step (stage), at which time a preliminary check shall he carried out including examination of joints, connections, Feaks... The System will be pressurized in stages of 25% o° the Test Pressure and allowed to stabilize before proceeting, The Test Prossure will be fold and monitored for a period of 15 minutes to commencing the leakage rate measurement, thea go 10 further step 50%, 75%. AL each stage of pressurize, it will be held of eheeking any audible leak. Once the Full test pressure (100%) is reached, 15 minutes | will be allowed fer stabilization and then the pressure topped up required (In esse of pressure dropped down of sabiizing process). 632 All leaks found forall systems must be repaired. Leaks will be repaired and retested And any tests allow will be recorded for future reference. But no repairs will be carried out until the system hasbeen fll depressurized. 633 The overall hold period at 100% testing pressure will be dependent on be amount of Joints but not lovee than I hour holding time. Connections to be test shall be wed the water Soap solution and helium detection for checking to ensure that all joints & comections have been examined freaks. 63 When leak found and need repairing, full system must be depressurize in four stages of 100%, 75% 50%, 25% and then atmospheric for adjustmentepair activites. When completed repairs, Teak areas will be pressurized with the same steps as beginning pressurization Unsl pressure meets with the previous pressure, de-solating the valve(s) for leak repair will be ‘made and testing work shall be continued for the whole package, 63.5 Ultrasonic velve testing will be conducted after reaching 100% testing pressure. Ensure that have no leakage in testing system before conducting ultrasonic valve test. Ultrasonic valve test wil be performed by creating pressure difference on upstream and dovstream of critical valve, SIV ERTENGION-STV SOUTH WEST PROJECT GSW) TEPCLFOR WHP-SVSW, PIPELINES AND CPP Gong) MODIFICATIONS sete ‘Document No. > Page 16 of 22 2013-5200-19 10 LEAK TEST PROCEDURE = ——— Revision Noa Date:09-Ang-14 upstream at tésting pressure and downstream at atmospheric pressure, After creating pressure Aitferenc, condet ultrasonic valve test by utilizing ultrasonic device, Ensure all in-line valve are re-opened to allow pressure within system to be vent off without the risk of trapped pressure upon completion of ultrasonic valve test 6.3.6 Once completion of all inert gas tests, the test gas will be de-pressurized in four stages fiom 100%, 75%, 50% and 25% with minimum minute interval in each step 63.7 All venting of nitrogen willbe via the primary vents identified on the test packs and color coded blue. Venting of possible small volumes of trapped gases will be via secondary ‘vents a identified on the test packs and color coded blue. Secondary vents will also be used to prevent gas lekage from one test pack to another which could pressurize systems not under test due to leaking valve seats {63.8 The system willbe depressurizd under contclled conditions via the designated primary vent points as shown on the test pack marked up PAID‘. All primary vents lead to the closed rain system or safe area which will have been previously tested and will be open to atmosphere via the LP. Hard bariers will be erected in the area of the LP. This area will be a "NO GO AREA" stretly controlled by PISC M&C and CL JOC during leak testing activites, 639 PISC M&C will ensure that cach leak test pack is writen with step by step epressurization procedure in order to make allowances for valve testing requirements, 63.10 PTSC M&C will also ensure that on completion of depressurizaion operations the system is at atmospheric pressure prior to signing off the final permit and handing over the system for Teak repairs, After completing leak esting, N2 shall be pumped into system a 0.5 bar inorder to prevent corrosion, 64, POST CONSTRUCTION CLEAN UP PTSC M&C will be responsible for the cleanup of the Work on completion of each shift including removal of tool and equipment and making the site safe ofthe debris. Final cleanup EPCI FOR WHP-SVSW, PIPELINES AND CPP Gadong) MODIFICATIONS eine wi STV EXTENSION - STV SOUTH WEST PROJECT (SVS) Page 17 of 22 LEAK TEST PROCEDURE Date:09-Aug-14 after thejab completion must be approved and accepted by CL JOC, [1. PROJECT CONTROL, PROGRESS MEASUREMENT & REPORTING Project Control will be by the lek testing procedures, Test Packs and the site planning. Work progress both in the PISC MA&C offices during engincering phase and while performing the ‘work on site will be reported sgsinst the respective schedules. Progress measurement and reporting wil be required by CL 10¢, \s. RESPONSIBILITY 8. SITE RESPONSIBILITY ‘CL JOC has the overall responsibility for ste operations and site HS&E issues. All PTSC M&C ersonnel are responsible for performing the work scope with diligence whilst taking all reasonable measures to minimize risk to personnel, equipment and the environment, “The PTSC MAC Site Manager is responsible for the implementation and control of the work scope, The Site Managee!Safety Officer shall ensure that the PTSC M&C HSE Management | Systems are adhered to whilst following the HSE Management System applicable to the worksite, | ‘The PTSC MAC Site Manager shall pantieipate with all relevant accidenvncident reports and follow up investigations as appropriate The PISC MAC Site Manager shall maintain the following records during all ope appropriate. ‘+ Daily Operations Repor. ‘© Activities panned, 1+ Area ofcorceris + Test Repos. SIV EXTENSION -STV SOUTH WEST PROJECT (VSW) a EPI FOR WHP-SVSW, PIPELINES AND CPP ond) OR. MODIFICATIONS sre ‘Document No: — _ ‘Page 18 of 22 SS LEAK TEST PROCEDURE Revision Now 1 Date:09-Augeld + Pressure Chats + nserument calibration erticaion + Allother equipment certification where aplicable. Following completion of each individual test pack a to CL JOC for updating of progres. 31 report will be produced. and handes! 8.2, COMMUNICATION ‘Communications will be between the PTSC M&C Site Manager and CL JOC nominated representative ‘Communication with the PTSC M&C head office will be by the PTSC M&C Site Manager via the CLJOC provided communications system ie. suitable phone emi and fa. 83, MANAGEMENT OP CHANGE i During project performance PTSC M&C and CL JOC procedures willbe adhered to at all mes. In the case where a minor change is requited by CL. JOC, an Instruction willbe recorded by the Site Manager and will be signed by CL JOC Representative prior to wotk commencing. “The work performed must follow the instuetion. A copy of the instruction must be sent to the] PTSC M&C head office for review. Should the Site Manager have any concems with the instruction then he must sek advice from the PTSC M&C head office prior to commencing work. [A significant change to a test pack (eg. test pack limitsisolations change) will require an sdditonalrevsed Risk Assessment 0 be completed. The assessment will be approved by PSC MAC Site Manager prior to commencement ofthe work. Instructions willbe reviewed by PTSC MA&C and CI.JOC to assess whether @ Variation Onder i required, Ge SIV EXTENSION- STV SOUTH WEST PROJECT GVSW) EPCL FOR WHP-SVSW, PIPELINES AND CPP ond) ‘7R. MODIFICATIONS. senate Document Noz Page 19 of 22 2013-5200-1 1 LEAK TEST PROCEDURE Revision Now 1 Date:09-Auget4 LIST OF EQUIPMENT No. | Desripton Specification uantiy | Remarks 1 | Air Compresior tt | Good 2 [Nivopen tig nk [2007 Hes, #75000 Tae | Crit ‘Nivogen Tigi al 3 [Nite sox, ooo est | ‘ood elias linda Ta = alae eS 50 irs, 200 Bar snunit | centcae | 5 _[Siteo SFY sone 150 Bar TBA 6 | Gas Booster Pump | Oupue 10000 PSI Tunit | Good Tejeaion Fines “at 7 | and accessories : 00S, 3000FS, Cala, 1 Eee ‘s000PSi, 10000P31 Sumit | Cenitieate 9 | crantecwaer | SMFS, 2000S anit | cece OPPS Contal : wo [OP Tet | Caliate Jun | testing manifold %inch unit Good 12 | Hand wos tet | Good Tisian Deestorkand - a |B unit | cate 14 | Unrasonie Detector unit | Cabbeate 15 [oxi Howe | ARRAN TOOOESE | asa | ot 16 [rece How | QiRENPT. TOOTS | gon | ead 17 | Radio Walkie Takic unit | Good EPCI FOR WHP-SVSW, PIPELINES AND CPP a ‘SIV EXTENSION STV SOUTH WEST PROJECT GVSW) MODIFICATIONS arma ‘Document No. - : Page 20 0f22 2S SIO A LEAK TEST PROCEDURE Revision No: 1 Date09-Augets 10, OPERATING PROCEDURE wo. | Print Ac Action Document 1 | Pespare amd 155] propre job safety anys form ISA form . = Raise permit for preparation “sure system complies to est ack | wa “Duce satngan ace | titel | Prepare sytem for_|regiemens Pon leak test «Prepare system joints to be tested * cary out sytem isolations «Align test pack internal valves + Fittest equipment = Note signed & issued jointly By ‘Commissioning tam. System ready for test with no further planed system Preparation checklist valve isuaton schedule Issue notice of | 3. | encegston to leak Energision notice __|test Engineer fee ks T = Hold "Toolbox meeting” Review "ISA" “Review test pack technical oe oe, information| 1g | Cany.out pretest |-Review safety plan CN reviews + Sign of preparation permit aoeuee ee * Sign on testing permit Rare “Assign personnel resting duties “Baier off area and make PA announcement - Pressrise system to nominal resnure to confirm test mits Cammy out gross Nitrogen leak est | Test pack technical 5 | Pressurise system | on system with test pressure» 72 Psi, | information Rest leaks as required Pressurisaton procedure Continue sysem presurisation in 25% ineroment,carying out audible leak tes teach i PCI FOR WHP-SVSW, PIPELINES AND CPP Gong) ‘STV EXTENSION - STV SOUTH WEST PROJECT (SVSW) ‘MODIFICATIONS, sensei 213 0010-004 Page 2 of 22 ae LEAK TEST PROCEDURE Revision N Date:09-Aug-l4 ~ Cay ont Teak test with Ne = Doctment leaks CCany out sensitive |" 200" teak location tags | EEME tet procedure © reak test + Complete and fit el location 4885 ek description report pack P&ID’s _ “Test pack technical Deesmioe Arrange for PA announcement information cece ~Depressurise system using Depressuistion ‘designated vent routes, as listed in- | procedure __| Test pack technical information De-Fnemusation notice sue ake test Sign off leak test permit 8 | reports for | Issue leak test report for remedial | Leak description report remedial repairs | repairs femetialepais | Aer Sma conning Sem 9 completed, cay | Healy for Leak description report Report operations as from” Prepare system fr leak test” Remove test equipment &reinsaie | Tes pack technical sing completed | 8 information |] 10 | Testing completed | “sue test complete cetfiatt Test complete Sign off leak test permit conifesion = Compile and issue witnessed joint reservation of system following ‘of leak High fight ll joints not compiling ‘with clients tes specifications inthe | Witnes joint register fol, for fare operational testing = Fle all operational paperwork for SIV ERTERSTON STV SOUTH WEST PROTCT SSW) a PCI FOR WH SSN, PFELINES AND CPP ‘MODIFICATIONS: Document Ni 2a IP LEAK TEST PROCEDURE Revision Ne T Final report consis ofthe allowing completed & signed documents: Copy of test pack PAID's showing test limits, witnessed joints and ‘untested joints = Copy of test instrumentation ‘Test completion ‘equipment certificates confi 12 | Compile and issue | -Copy oftest completion certificate | Test pack technical final report 5 of test pack technical information information Leak description report = Pressure recorder chart Witness joint ester + Operation reports = Witness joint register + Untsted joint register Leak and repair reports = Preservation record Pressure to be left 13 | inthe system ALCL JOC request 11. ATTACHMENT Appendices: SAMPLE LEAK TEST PACK