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Omar Awadh AL Mandhari

P.O Box 247 /P.C 130/Al-Azaiba

Phone: +968 96326180
Al kuwair, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman
A diploma holder in Electrical Power Engineer from Caledonian college of engineering
seeking for a position in a well-established firm too gain more theoretical and practical
experience in the job that will enable me to learn and interact more technology beneficial to
my country and community, also to build my engineering skills in Electrical power engineer to
develop a career as a manager.

2015 present Diploma of Engineering (BEng) Honors in Electrical power engineer
Caledonian College of Engineering, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman
Key Modules: Utilization of Electrical Power, Technical Mathematics,
Circuit Theory and Analysis, Mechanical Principles, Electro-Mechanical
workshop and Electronics engineering.

2010 2012


GPA: 2.7
Foundation Certificate
Higher College of Technology, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman

Jaber bin zaid high school Certificate

Al wuttayah, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman

Key Subjects: Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, And English

Percentage: 69%

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May June 2011

English Language Course

British Council, Al Inshirah St,
Muscat, Oman

Key Papers: Technical English

for Engineers, Communication,
Presenting Reports and

I am a good Team worker. I have become a member in Royal Oprah House in
May,2014. We had an event and I worked with a group of Omanis to Organize the
event for instant : our role was to make sure that everything are set in the stage to start
their show without any delays and making sure they come out fast to the stage after
they are finished form their phase one performance. After they are finished I and the
team start Organizing again when they leave the stage.

I have good communication skills. Apart from Arabic, I am also fluent in English which
allows me to interact with people in the region. I can translate from Arabic to English or
the other way around to people for example: I was in the airport picking my dads up,
and found this foreign. He was lost and seeking for help, he asked an Omani guy was
standing near him but he didnt understand what he was trying to say. I went to the
foreign and asked him wither he needs help. He explained to me what he wants and I
guided him to what he should do.

I am proficient in Microsoft Office Applications as well as the ability to program using

computer languages such as C and C++ as manifested by my achievements and very
satisfactory ratings in my computer. I am also good at ORCAD and MAT LAB in order
to design a circuit, running simulation or make a matrix calculation.

Electrical and
measurements lab
February17-21 June,
Caledonian College
of engineering
Sultanate of Oman

Skills acquired: Learned how

to design circuits by ORCAD
software and the purpose of
using an amplifier.

A site visit to United Gulf Pipe Manufacturing CO.LLC

October16, 2014, A
Al Rusail, Sultanate of Oman.

Skills Acquired: Learned the

process to manufacture the
pipes, what these pipes are
made of and the method they
are using to weld
2 ofpipes

A site visit to Suez- Operation and maintenance Oman L.L.C

October23, 2014
Al Rusail, Sultanate of Oman.

Skills Acquired: Learned how

they are running the turbines,
what kind of fuel they were
using and the method they are
following for cooling down the


Organizer for even in Royal Oprah House, Muscat Oman, 2014
Won a tournament in a video game in Oman Bowling Center,
President, ASME Student Chapter, Caledonian College of Engineering, Muscat, Oman,
Active Member, ASME Student Chapter, Caledonian College of Engineering, Muscat,
Oman, 2015.
May, 2014
Volunteered to help in Royal Oprah House in organizing an Event
August, 2012 Volunteered to distribute water to labor workers in al kuwair,Al ghubrah and


Interested in Electronics, how they work and how they are designed. Reading Electronic
gadget magazines., Watching online courses through youtube. Playing outdoor sports like
basketball, table tennis, chess and Solving IQ Questions. Sometimes i watch a stream from
twitch TV about a tournament going on for instant video game tourney or basketball tourney.

Nationality: Omani

Date of birth: 11/Aug/1990

Marital Status: Single

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Ms. Malathi Bangalor Nagaraj
Senior Lecture
Electrical & Computer Engineering
Caladonina College of Engineering

Mr. Muhammed kunhamu k

Senior Lecturer
Electrical &Computer Engineering
Caladonina College Of Engineering
AL Hail,Muscat,Oman

Al Hail,Muscat,Oman

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